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     Himiko hitched her breath as she arched her back in anticipation, laying down on the rather plain bed. She looked up to meet Ochako's warm, dark brown eyes, and equally flushed face. They both had been preparing for this, and where finally able to do this.


     Himiko felt ecstatic, euphoric, absolutely wonderful, and she still had on her skirt and her panties. Her face felt like someone had set it on fire, being almost painful to the inexperienced. 


     To be honest, both Ochako and Himiko were inexperienced in this sort of setting. That didn't stop them from being overly excited from the whole ordeal.


     Ochako leaned over, and delicately lifted up Himiko's skirt, the blonde still breathing quite heavily. She was also already wet and aroused, her clitoris flushing a sweet pink under her panties.


     Ochako hoped that she wouldn't be too bad at this, but, Himiko wouldn't know the difference anyways. The whole setting felt surreal, ethereal, all too real, and it was utterly fantastic.


     The brunette lightly brushed her hands against Himiko's thighs, and noticed a pair of hands slowly snaking down. She already knew that the cat-eyed girl was a hair puller, so this wasn't a surprise at all.


     Then, Ochako started to actually touch the blonde, albeit through cloth. It started out with light rubbing - the light touching felt almost like feathers. The feeling of euphoria and pleasure only skyrocketed for Himiko, grabbing onto her own hips as she didn't want to pull her girlfriend's hair just yet.


     The brunette started to be more bold with her actions, and finally, finally, moved her head down, facing Himiko's clothed labia. She didn't quite know what to do at this stage, so she just pressed her lips against a different set of lips, and moved around in a way that felt right.


     Himiko decided to be a bit bold, the immense pleasure already starting to affect her. She skillfully slide her hands onto Ochako's shoulders, gently massaging the other girl.


     At this moment in time, everything just felt so right. It was all so beautifully, effortlessly perfect.


     Ochako then decided to take it all a step further, with a light tug with her hands. Himiko's vagina met the somewhat chilly air, and she could only be described as nothing less than stunningly gorgeous.


     With a few cautious kitten licks from the brunette, Himiko was already in heaven. It wasn't much, she had no one to compare Ochako to. And, frankly? She preferred it to stay that way.


     It was over as quickly as it had started, but neither girl was discouraged. Himiko had came, albeit once, and Ochako and her were both tired and satisfied. It was quite the wonderful experience, but they still had other issues to attend to. Such as who exactly was going to do the laundry that night.


     However, the experience, although short, brought both girls so much closer together. They definitely would be doing something like this again. This pure, holy action of love is something that they would both be prepared to indulge in, once they were ready again.