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Bad Decision Dinosaur

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“Merry Christmas, I’m in jail.”

Soul’s grating sigh crackles through the phone line. “Any other time I’d say this is cool, ‘cept you’ve stressed me the fuck out and the fact that I hear Black Star in the background doesn’t help.

Maka shifts from one foot to the other. “I’m really really really really sorr–”

I want you to know if you ever do this again, I’m just gonna straight-up call your dad.

“Mrrgh,” she concedes into the greasy payphone. In her meekest voice, she tries, “Will you come get me out?”

Not like I have a choice. How much is bail.

“A lot.”

Just yours– I’m not paying for him.

”…A lo–“

"Oh christ,” he blurts, voice colored with dread, “wwwhhhhhy is your face all over the TV? And next to my brother’s?”

She winces, shying away from the rest of the room, where her partner in crime is busy proclaiming to be the God of This Cell Block. “Um, well??”

Stop -- nevermind. I don’t…” he sighs again.  "I'll be there in fifteen.

“But! W-wait, we… we’re not exactly in Death City.”

A deathly silence rattles through the phone line and into her ear canal, heating her face with shame. “Oh, really.

Maka sucks her lower lip between her teeth. Meanwhile, Black Star bursts out of his cell with the ease of a three-star meister being held captive by civilian law enforcement, casually tripping the panicked guards on duty to stroll to the phone. He plucks the receiver out of Maka’s hand and says, “Yeah sooooo San Fran’s a real drag. The police keep tazing me like it’s gonna hurt or something.”

You’re in fucking Calif– Urgh, I hate you so much right now.

“Hurry up man, nerdy-two-shoes won’t let me bust out ‘cause it’s ‘against the law’ or whatever.”