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this christmas i gave you my heart

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“So what are you going to do about Taemin?”


The question makes Jimin fumble with almost dropping too much salamander’s blood into his cauldron. He looks up, staring at Taehyung with furrowed brows.


“Why are you asking me now?”


Taehyung’s got his textbook open in front of them, round glasses perched on the end of his nose as he neatly slices into the piece of batwing between his fingers with a small paring knife.


“Everyone’s been talking about how you keep turning him down. You know it’s only gonna make him try harder.”


“So word is spreading, huh,” Jimin huffs, capping the vial and setting it aside. He begins to stir his mixture. “Why does he want to go with me so bad? Why can’t he choose one of the pretty girls hanging around him all the time?”


“Because you know Taemin loves a challenge. Also it’s thirteen counter clockwise stirs before we add the batwing. Where’s the rose water?”


Jimin reaches across the table and hands Taehyung the bowl of rose water. “Well, I’m not going to say yes. I don’t want to go with him to the Yule Ball and I don’t care if he’ll be embarrassed. He can find someone who wants to go with him.”


Taehyung clucks his tongue as he adds the bat wing to their cauldrons, stirring harder so the bat wing doesn’t boil right away. “Besides, I just think he wants to get under my robes.”


“Why don’t you just tell him you’re going with someone else? Maybe that will shut him up.”


“I could tell him I’m going with you.” Jimin snickers. “Oh, but you’re already going with Jeongguk, so that wouldn’t work.”


Taehyung goes a little pink and Jimin knows it isn’t from the heat of the cauldron. “I haven’t. . . asked him yet. But I’m gonna!”


Taehyung’s had his eye on the little Ravenclaw since the beginning of the year. It would be a surprise if Jeongguk turned Taehyung down.


“Better do it fast or someone else might snatch him up~”


“Jiminie!” Taehyung whines, jostling the Slytherin with his elbow. “Shut up. I’m gonna do it. I just want it to kind be special, you know?”


“You’re such a sap. He’s, like, 14, he’ll think anything you do is special.”


Taehyung nudges him again and they begin to bicker, only ending their conversation when their cauldrons start boiling out of control and they have to quickly fix the mess before their professor grades them. As they’re cleaning, Jimin sticks his tongue out at the Hufflepuff, and Taehyung threatens to stun him if he continues.


Just another day in Potions class.





Every night after classes, before Jimin starts to study for his future O.W.L.S, he walks down with a group of Slytherins to eat dinner in the Great Hall. They all sit at their House table until dinner is served, and once it is, then Jimin’s group of friends hops on over to the Slytherin table to eat their meal together.


It was a nuisance in their first and second years, with upperclassmen trying to sway them from their fun, but now every Slytherin scoots over to allow room for members of the other three Houses. It’s good because 6th year Min Yoongi sits with them, and if anyone dares pipe up about the others sitting at the Slytherin table, he shushes them with a stern glare.


Yoongi is a fellow Slytherin and also a Prefect, whose Gryffindor friends Namjoon and Seokjin are the original group to sit at the table. Hoseok in Hufflepuff came next, and then Jimin joined them, and brought along Taehyung and Jungkook. Their common heritage brought them together and now it’s tradition for all of them to sit at dinner, the only time during the day where all seven can be in the same place.


Namjoon and Seokjin are rambling about their N.E.W.T classes to an uncaring Yoongi, while Hoseok and Taehyung are giggling to each other about who knows what. Jeongguk sits quietly eating his dinner, all big, round eyes and bunny teeth, listening closely to Hoseok and Taehyung.


Jimin sits next to Yoongi like always, elbows brushing, watching their friends converse from across the table while the other Slytherins scoot away to avoid the chaos.


He’s digging into a slice of apple pie when there’s the clearing of a throat behind him. Taehyung’s giggle ends abruptly and Jimin sets down his fork, turning around on the bench and trying to hide the crinkle of his nose when Taemin stands there in his black and green robes with a smile.


“Oh, hi, Taemin,” Jimin turns all the way around and sets his hands in his lap. “What’s up?”


“Hey, Jimin,” Taemin says, slow and easy with a smile on his lips that Jimin knows makes all the underclassmen swoon. “Can I talk to you for a sec?”


“Mm, we can talk right here if that’s alright with you.”


There’s no way he’s letting Taemin drag him up to some secluded area to ‘talk,’ and it’s pretty clear that’s what the upperclassman had in mind as he looks over the rest of the group and clears his throat.


“Just hoping we could finish our conversation from yesterday. I know you didn’t mean—“


“Oh,” Jimin cuts in, fingers tapping against the table as he quickly tries thinking of another excuse. Next to him, Yoongi rolls his eyes, plucking a dinner roll from a platter. “Actually. . . I’m going with someone else.”


“You are?” Jeongguk asks around a mouthful of porridge, letting out a muffled ‘oof’ when Taehyung elbows him in the ribs.


Yes ,” Jimin stresses, shooting Taehyung a look that clearly says ‘control him or I will.’ “My boyfriend.”


“Your what ?” Taemin has a pout on his lips, clearly unconvinced.


This is all Taehyung’s fault, Jimin decides, eyes darting to his side where Yoongi seems now mildly interested in the conversation, half of a roll still in one hand.


Exasperated, Jimin reaches out, hooking his arm around Yoongi's and tugging him closer. Their bodies bump together and Jimin squeezes around Yoongi's robe in hopes he'll get the message. “Hyung asked me yesterday if I would be his date to the dance.”


The entire table is silent for a long moment. Yoongi feels tense under Jimin’s palm. For one horrifying second, Jimin thinks that maybe no one will play along, that maybe Yoongi is going to shove him away—


But then Yoongi’s arm drapes around his shoulders, pulling them even closer together on the bench. “Got a problem with that, Taemin?” he drawls. “Go find someone else to harass.”


Jimin tries to smile apologetically. “I'm sure someone is dying to go with you, though.”


Taemin huffs like a child that’s had a favorite toy taken away. “Fine. Whatever. Min’s gonna be a terrible date anyway. You know where to find me if you want to actually have a good time.”


He opens his mouth to retort, but Taemin twists away in a flurry of robes, curious eyes fixated on him as he leaves. But then, those eyes peer over at Jimin's end of the table, where Yoongi still has his arm thrown around Jimin, sides pressed together.


“Oh god I never thought he'd leave me alone,” Jimin whispers as they turn back around, shying out of Yoongi's grasp, facing the table where they're met with shocked expressions from their friends.


Namjoon is the first to gather his wits, clearing his throat loudly to help break the silence. “Congratulations, you two. I didn’t know—“


Hoseok elbows him in the side, cutting off the rest of Namjoon’s sentence with a wheeze. “They were lying ,” he scoffs. “Jimin would’ve said anything to get Taemin off his back.”


Now with pink dusting his cheeks, Jimin clears the rest of his plate and stands from the bench, squeezing away from the group. “I should probably go do some O.W.L studying now,” he announces, gathering his few books and piling them into his arms. “I’ll see you guys later.”


He’s only about halfway through the Great Hall close to the entrance when there’s a flurry of robes and a hand on his arm, feather light but still enough for Jimin to whip his head up. Yoongi is there, books in his one hand, pressing close against Jimin as they exit the Great Hall. Confused, Jimin’s brows furrow.


“Look, Jimin, it’s okay,” Yoongi says gruffly. “I don’t mind helping you out if it keeps Taemin in check.”


“I should have checked with you first, or just not have said your name at all,” Jimin replies, ascending the first flight of stairs leading away from the Great Hall. “I just don’t want to go with him. I know what he wants.”


Yoongi easily keeps up with him. “It was worth it to see the look on his face. Like he’s never been told ‘no’ before. What a spoiled little brat.”


At that, Jimin chuckles. Yeah, it was worth it.


“He’s probably going to tell everyone, isn’t he? What am I supposed to do then, when it’s all a lie?”


“I mean, I don’t mind going with you. Not like I was going to take anyone anyway. It’s only a few weeks away. Should be pretty easy to give people something to talk about, right?”


And there, halfway down the stairs to the dungeons, Jimin stops. “Wait. You. . . actually want to go to the ball? Together?”


This, Jimin wasn’t expecting. It had just been spur of the moment, without much thought, a quick way out of escaping Taemin’s invitation. Of course it would only make sense for him and Yoongi to go together, but they aren’t. . .  a thing.


Sure, Jimin thinks Yoongi is cute, it’s obvious that he’s attractive and some Slytherins do swoon over the 6th year, but to say they’re fake dating? When they hardly interact outside of dinner and the common room?


Jimin’s blindsided himself in this situation.


“Well. . .yea?” Now Yoongi seems a little unsure. He still keeps his stride even with Jimin’s as they continue a path they’ve walked many times down to the Slytherin dormitories. “I mean, it wouldn’t be that hard. I could walk you to classes and stuff. We could go to Hogsmeade one weekend or something. . . Then after the ball we can have like a dramatic break up or whatever.”


“So. . . we be fake boyfriends for the couple weeks.” Jimin exhales and nods his head. They’ve already gone this far. Slowly, he grins. “This is the most Slytherin thing to do, you know.”


Yoongi gives him a real smile. Not one of those lazy smirks that usually graces his lips, but one where Jimin can see a bit of his gum line. “Yea, guess it is. I mean, unless you’d rather go with someone else that you actually like—“


“There’s nobody I like,” Jimin scoffs. “I wasn’t planning on going to the ball, but here we are.”


For some reason, it seems like Yoongi deflates, finger’s curling a little tighter around the stack of books in his hands. “Here we are,” he agrees.


But Jimin doesn’t notice, stopping in front of the entrance to their common room and whispering the password to enter. The door creaks open and Jimin steps inside, turning to Yoongi. “I’ll see you later, if you’re going to be around.” He pauses, before wetting his lips. “And thanks for helping me, Yoongi. It means a lot.”


“Yea, of course,” Yoongi’s squares his shoulders a bit. “I’ll see you tomorrow?”


Jimin nods. “Mhm, tomorrow.”


He releases the heavy door and it begins to creak shut. Jimin holds his books closer to his chest, exhaling deeply before descending the stone stairs into the Slytherin common room.





By tomorrow afternoon, students are starting to hear about what happened between Jimin and Taemin at dinner last night.


Taehyung had whispered to him at breakfast that people were hearing the rumors, not entirely sure what to believe. The Hufflepuff is a social butterfly, always the first to hear the juiciest gossip in Hogwarts and inform their little circle about what goes on in the castle.


Jimin’s not particularly worried; sure, he’s gotten some looks from upperclassmen, particularly the girls who had been most interested in Yoongi, but they aren’t cause for concern. He goes about his day shuffling around the castle, bundled up in his warm robes and thick scarf.


He and Taehyung are finishing up in the greenhouse, adjusting their books and scarves, chatting as they exit the glass enclosure. Taehyung passes through the door first and Jimin is behind him, but he scowls and nearly trips over his robes when the Hufflepuff stops in his tracks.


Tae ,” Jimin hisses, nudging the brunette aside, eyes landing on Yoongi leaning against the wall across from them. He blinks. “Oh.”


“What’s he doing here?” Taehyung hisses under his breath. “Jimin, what’s going on? Yoongi doesn’t have class anywhere near here. I’m pretty sure he’s supposed to be in Transfiguration.”


Which is practically on the other side of the castle.


“I don’t know,” Jimin whispers back. It’s then that Yoongi lifts his head from his book, offering a quick smile to the two before pushing off the wall. Taehyung shifts on his feet, glancing at the floor for whatever reason.


“I. . . usually don’t see you around here, Yoongi,” the Slytherin clears his throat. Is he skipping class?


“Yea, well.” Is Yoongi blushing? No, it must be the cold. “I thought I’d walk you to your next class? If that’s okay?”


Next to Jimin, Taehyung’s mouth drops open into a perfect ‘O.’


Blinking in a stupor, it takes Jimin a moment for him to work the words into his throat. “O-oh, yeah, that’s okay. It’s Charms. What about your class? Do you have one. . . right now?”


“Transfiguration is easy,” Yoongi says flippantly, taking Jimin’s books out of his hands and tucking them into the crook of his own arm. “I don’t mind walking my boyfriend to class.”


At his side, Taehyung makes a barely concealed strangled sort of noise. His mouth clicks shut with an audible sound.


Someone walking by stares at them, brows furrowed, before picking up their pace to catch up with a friend ahead of them down the hall. Word is going to spread quickly now, Jimin thinks.


“I’ll see you later, Tae?” Jimin steps closer to Yoongi, hands clasped in front of his body. After all, Yoongi stole all his books.


“Uh,” Taehyung says eloquently, shaking his head so that his fringe brushes back and forth across his forehead. “Yea, sure. I’ll see you in Potions, Jiminnie. Bye, Yoongi-hyung!”


Taehyung scurries up the stairs with a crowd of other students before Yoongi can open his mouth to say goodbye. Jimin watches him, before returning his attention to Yoongi. He has his scarf wrapped around his neck so it covers the bottom of his chin, hair ruffled by the winter breeze. He went all the way across the castle for this. . .


“I hope your grade is good in Transfiguration for you to do this,” Jimin mumbles, sticking close to Yoongi’s side as they walk away from the greenhouse in no hurry.


Yoongi chuckles, and even though Jimin can’t really see he can sort of feel the way Yoongi lifts up his free hand and sort of lets it hover in the air for a step or two before he lets it settle close to the small of Jimin’s back. “I’ll make it to Transfiguration. I’ll just be a little late, that’s all.”


It’s strangely easy, how Jimin is able to lean against Yoongi and let him guide them into the castle. His comfort must also be due to the fact that they’re boyfriends, or, fake boyfriends, and they have a facade to maintain until the Yule Ball. But Jimin would be wrong to say he doesn’t like Yoongi’s firm, but gentle hand on his back.


“How has your morning been?” Jimin asks, gaze shifting to Yoongi. Now that they’re in a crowded area, more eyes are on them.


“Was late for Potions this morning,” Yoongi murmurs. “Was up studying too late and I overslept. But I’m acing Potions too, so it’s not a big deal. What about you? How’s Herbology?”


“So smart,” Jimin teases with a scoff. Upperclassmen have more freedom after taking their O.W.L.S. “Mm, one of my easiest. That’s the class I know I’ll always have top marks in. Potions, well, I’m not the best at it. I’m better at Charms than I am Potions. Tae is also my partner so that could be why we mess up.”


“Tae’s going to be lucky if he passes his O.W.L. for Potions,” Yoongi sighs, guiding Jimin through a small crowd of first years that blink up at them with wide eyes. “But this is the last year either of you have to take it. I know Tae would be happiest if he could just take Care of Magical Creatures all year round.”


“He owns more than one copy of Fantastic Beasts,” Jimin chuckles. Taehyung is the star pupil in Care of Magical Creatures and if he doesn’t become a magizoologist, they’ll all be surprised.


They maneuver the crowd to ascend the main staircase to the third floor, where Jimin’s Charms class is located. Jimin’s particularly good at Charms, but not in the way he is with Herbology; Herbology doesn’t require much creativity, let alone any leniency because one wrong move can mean getting a finger bit off by one of the carnivorous plants. With Charms, he can weave in his own personal style, with no consequences once mastered.


“Are you going to be at dinner tonight?” Jimin asks upon reaching the third floor. They’re going to have to part ways in a moment.


“Yea, I’ll, uhm, I’ll save you a seat next to me?”


Jimin nods. “Yeah, sure. I’ll be there a little late depending on how long it takes for me to get back to the dungeon.”


It’s a little chilly when Yoongi’s palm leaves the dip in his spine, but understandable as they approach the classroom door. Yoongi shuffles a bit in place, holds Jimin’s books back out for him to take. “I could walk you to dinner if you wanted? I don’t mind waiting for you. Plus, you know, could rub it in Taemin’s face when we walk in together.”


Accepting his books, Jimin holds them against his chest. “If you want to wait, then I suppose I can’t stop you.” Then, he smiles. “I think you’re starting to enjoy this more than I am.”


“Come on,” Yoongi grins, “you’re having fun. Admit it. Everyone’s gonna be talking about us.”


“I’ll have more fun when Taemin sees us dancing together at the Yule Ball.”


Yoongi grins, but as people push past them to enter the classroom, Jimin realizes he has to get to his seat on time. Noticing this, Yoongi backs away with a lingering smile.


“See you at dinner,” Jimin hums, to which Yoongi says the same, and Jimin backs up into the crowd of students to join them. Luckily, nobody is sitting in his usual spot at the front of the class, so he slides in to the desk and sets his materials on top. Behind him, he can hear whispers, and then there’s a light tap on his shoulder that draws his attention.


Blinking owlishly at a Gryffindor behind him, he quirks a brow. The student worries her lip before asking, “Are you really dating Yoongi?”


Without falter, smiling, Jimin nods. “Of course. What, you don’t think we are?”


Taken aback by the question, too shy to respond, the girl shakes her head and retreats in on herself, deflated. Jimin’s smile isn’t prideful, it shouldn’t be because Yoongi is not his boyfriend, but he feels smug when he turns around to face the front of the classroom as the professor walks in.


Oh, Yoongi, Jimin thinks. What a heartbreaker.





At dinner, the unexpected happens:


Yoongi asks Jimin to go to Hogsmeade with him.


The question makes Taehyung spill his glass of juice and for Namjoon to bump his knee into the table, and Jimin, shocked as he is, agrees after a moment of pause. After dinner as they’re walking to the dungeons together, Yoongi explains that besides actually wanting to go to Hogsmeade with Jimin, it would be a good idea since they’re supposed to be dating. If they hold hands, shop around together, and share a Butterbeer, then their relationship will be more believable.


And frankly, Jimin isn’t opposed.


He’s always wanted to go to the village with someone other than Taehyung or their group of friends. Although this isn’t a true date, Jimin is looking forward to it. There’s a weekend trip this week, the week before the Yule Ball, and Jimin has the freetime to go. Plus, Yoongi is willing to purchase sweets and Butterbeer.


Jimin can’t turn down that offer.


Come Sunday, Jimin is all set to go, wearing one of his thick, nice jackets and tying his Slytherin scarf around his neck. It’s cold and there’s snow on the ground, and that combination makes Hogsmeade feel like Christmas, especially when Christmas is a week away. As well as the Yule Ball.


Bringing a pouch of coins just in case, Jimin hops up the stairs to the courtyard. He’s checked in by the staff before he finds Yoongi under one of the trees, scarf covering his nose, hands in his pockets. Yoongi raises his head when Jimin comes into view and Jimin smiles, tucking his hands in his pockets.


“Excited?” Jimin asks, cozying up next to Yoongi. Eyes flit in their direction.


“Why wouldn’t I be excited for a date with my boyfriend?” Yoongi shoots back, pulling one hand out of his pocket so that he can tuck his arm through the crook of Jimin’s elbow. “Where to first? Got shopping you want to do?”


Jimin laughs. “I should look for accessories for the dance, maybe we can match somehow? I have my dress robes already.”


From the wrinkling of Yoongi’s nose, clearly he isn’t pleased with that idea. But he laughs when Jimin smacks him playfully on the chest. “Fine, fine. But I’m no good at shopping for clothes or whatever. I’m here for moral support only.”


“Thought you were gonna buy me stuff?”


“Pfft,” Yoongi snorts. His nose is already pink from the cold. Jimin thinks briefly that’s pretty adorable. “I promised you Butterbeer. Maybe something from Honeydukes if you’re good.”


“If I’m good?” Jimin snorts, cozying up to Yoongi as the group of students begin the walk to the village. “And how are you to determine my good-ness?”


“Trust me,” Yoongi shoots back, sleepy catlike eyes zeroing in on Jimin’s face. “I’ll know.”


With that settled, they walk along the snowy path with linked arms, chatting like anyone would while on a date. Other students avoid them, not wanting to intrude on their conversations, even as they enter Hogsmeade and are released on their own to do whatever before they all leave at sundown. Turning to Yoongi, Jimin tugs at his sleeve to get his attention.


“Let’s get our shopping out of the way first! Do you have Christmas presents to give to your family?”


Yoongi shrugs a little, burrowing his nose down into his own scarf that peeks out from where his coat is buttoned up all the way. “Doesn’t matter to me. I’m sure I’ll find something wherever you need to go.”


Tentatively, Jimin slides his hands down and laces his fingers with Yoongi’s. Yoongi’s hand is cold, skin pink around his knuckles. “Have to make it believable,” he reminds with a laugh, tucking their hands close together to preserve warmth. “But your hand is also freezing.”


“Full confession? I hate winter. I can never get warm. I can’t wait for spring so that it doesn’t feel like my face is going to freeze and fall off when I walk outside.”


“But winter is for the sweaters! All the blankets! Especially in the dungeon, because it’s always freezing.


Yoongi throws Jimin a look as they finally enter Hogsmeade properly. “Do I look like someone that enjoys sweaters?”


“Okay, freeze your ass off then.”


They continue to banter as they explore Hogsmeade, their conversation changing with each store they walk into. Zonko’s Joke Shop brings about Jimin scaring Yoongi, Tomes and Scrolls is where Jimin peruses the aisles of books for over an hour before Yoongi complains about being bored, and they both scoff at Madam Puddifoot’s Tea Shop. Even though they’re hungry, they avoid the bright pink storefront, watching as couples sip tea and eat scones in front of the large windows looking towards the street.


Even though they hold hands while walking, giggling and kicking snow at each other, they’re not about to take that unnecessary step into Madam Puddifoot’s and embarrass themselves.


After buying gifts for their family, Yoongi buying a book for his mother and Jimin buying a new set of quills for his father, they settle down in the Three Broomsticks for butterbeer. Jimin sits across from Yoongi and takes out a wrapped chocoball they bought from Honeydukes earlier.


Yoongi buys Jimin a butterbeer, and they have their own to drink. The Three Broomsticks is bustling with students, a number of whom stare at Yoongi and Jimin, but at this point they can’t be bothered to care. It’s actually pretty amazing how comfortable it is to hang out with Yoongi one on one. They’ve balanced each other out well the entire outing, and even now it’s doesn’t feel weird to sit in silence as they both sip on their drinks by the window.


With a quick glance off to the side, Yoongi’s nose wrinkles like like he’s smelled something particularly foul. Jimin’s eyebrows raise, both hands cupped around his mug of butterbeer as he swallows down his warm mouthful and sets the glass down on the rough wood of their table.


“What’s wrong?” Jimin asks, eyes traveling to where Yoongi is looking.


Instead of answering, Yoongi’s leaning across the table with the little wrinkle between his eyebrows that means he’s a little uncertain. Jimin doesn’t even have time to wonder if it’s because there’s something on his face because Yoongi curls one hand around the side of his neck and tugs him closer, pressing a firm, chaste kiss smack on his mouth.


The initial surprise blindsides Jimin, Yoongi’s lips tasting like the foam from the butterbeer he just drank from. Yoongi’s touch is gentle but firm, and Jimin’s muscles relax, body melting like the liquid in his mug. But it’s short lived because a moment later Yoongi pulls away and Jimin blinks, fingers still curled around his warm mug, eyes searching Yoongi’s.




“S-Sorry,” Yoongi stammers. Jimin can see that his ears are pink. “It’s just— Taemin’s over there. Watching. Thought I’d give him something to stare at.”


“Oh.” Jimin is quiet, but when his gaze shifts, he can see the light brown of Taemin’s hair and the scarf wrapped high on his neck. Gnawing on his lower lip, Jimin feels a. . . rush in his veins. He leans forward across the table. “Kiss me again.”


“What?” Yoongi blinks so hard Jimin wonders if it made him dizzy. “You sure? I should have asked. I’m sorry—“


This time, Jimin reaches for the front of Yoongi’s scarf to nudge him forward, slotting his lip over Yoongi’s. He almost knocks over one of their butterbeer mugs in the process. Their kiss is longer, still chaste but now their lips are moving, taste of butterbeer on their lips. Jimin releases Yoongi’s scarf and they pull away once other students begin to notice.


In the corner, Taemin scoffs, averting his gaze and standing up to leave with his upperclass friends. Smiling smugly, Jimin leans back in his chair.


“That will give him something to talk about.”





Needless to say, word spreads fast around Hogwarts.


When their circle of friends had found out, Taehyung was the first one to freak out, and Namjoon supposedly blew up the contents in his cauldron in Potions when he heard that Yoongi and Jimin kissed.


They’re the talk of the castle now. While they haven’t kissed since Hogsmeade, they continue to walk each other to class and study together in the library. And believe it or not, but Jimin feels like. . . it’s real. Like they’ve gone beyond pretending, gone past the awkwardness of it all. It’s so easy now for Jimin to hold hands with Yoongi and laugh at his dumb jokes.


Jimin’s even looking forward to attending the Yule Ball. When the night comes, he’s actually excited, getting ready with Taehyung in one of the bathrooms where they can be together.


Their dress robes are versions of hanbok, displays of their home culture. Jimin and Yoongi were able to find matching sashes while in Hogsmeade, a simple black piece of silk that ties around their waist underneath their flowing hanbok gown. Jimin helps Taehyung tie his in the back, their outer robes hanging on the wall adjacent to where they stand in front of a long mirror in the bathroom.


“So,” Jimin hums, tying a tight knot around Taehyung’s waist. “You’re going with little Jungkookie tonight on your first date. Nervous? Excited?”


“No,” Taehyung says quickly. “Yes. Both? He was so excited when I asked. I just don’t want to disappoint, you know?”


“He’s going to the Yule Ball with an upperclassman, I’m sure he’s so ecstatic. Don’t think you can disappoint anyone, Tae.”


Taehyung huffs, stepping off to the side so he can look at himself in one of the bathroom mirrors. “Tell that to my dad,” he grumbles quietly, turning from one side to the other. Satisfied, he looks over his shoulder at Jimin. “And what about you? Gonna give Yoongi-hyung some more kisses for a job well done?”


Jimin flicks his wand and his robe floats over to him. “Oh, please, you won’t stop talking about it,” he scoffs, holding out his arms so the robe can slide across his shoulders. “Who knows, maybe we will kiss again. Have to show off in front of Taemin because I’ll be having a great time with Yoongi instead of him.”


“Has it been weird though? Like, I’m excited because I know that Jeongguk must like me a little bit to say yes. But, you and Yoongi-hyung. . . it’s not real.”


Adjusting his robe in the mirror, Jimin hums. “I know it’s not. But. . . I think we’ve gotten a lot closer in the past couple of weeks, and I’m really comfortable around him. It almost feels like. . . we are dating. Maybe I do actually like him.”


It’s strange to admit his possible feelings. Their comfort level goes beyond friendship. Would Jimin kiss Taehyung and hold hands with him? No, he definitely wouldn’t kiss him and feel comfortable doing so. But with Yoongi? It’s easier for him to admit that he would kiss Yoongi again.


Clearly, that isn’t what Taehyung is expecting to hear, judging from the look on his face. “Just be careful. You don’t know if he feels the same way, you know? I don’t want you to get hurt. . .”


“Boys are the least of my concern. I don’t even know if what I feel is true, it could just be the excitement of tonight. Even if he doesn’t like me, it’s not the end of the world, and we’ll just joke about it after the ball.”


With their outfits complete, Jimin turns to Taehyung, tucking his wand away in one of his pockets. “Anyways, are you ready to go? I’m sure Jungkook is dying to walk in with you.”


Taehyung seems like he has more to say, but thinks better of it. Instead, he sighs, pulling out his own wand to flick it at his outer robe just like Jimin had. Instead of floating over gracefully, it zooms into the far wall with an audible smack and sinks to the floor in a crumbled bundle.


“I’m gonna go grab Jeongguk from the Ravenclaw dorm,” he says, stomping over to his outer robe and shrugging it on over his shoulders without batting an eyelash. “You wanna come with? Or you gonna go meet your boyfriend ?”


Jimin withholds his laughter. “I'm meeting him in our common room, so I'll be going there now. We'll be at our table in the Great Hall so just come find us when you're with Jungkook. Treat him nicely and don't be awkward!”


“Fine,” Taehyung whines, leaning into the mirror to ruffles his hair and fight the cowlick in the back a bit more. “Abandon me. Use protection!”




Jimin threatens Taehyung with Rictusempra but the brunette giggles as he sprints out of the bathroom, robe fluttering behind him. He rolls his eyes and checks his appearance once more before exiting the bathroom and descending the stairs to the dungeons. Students pass by him, mostly those who are too young to attend the Yule Ball, staring at Jimin’s robes as he walks down the corridor. They’re far from traditional, but that’s what makes his robes special; they’re one of a kind, regardless if his friends wear similar robe. It’s unique.


Once he speaks the password to enter the Slytherin dorm, he steps inside and finds Yoongi standing by the fireplace in his dark robes, cranes patterned into the fabric, matching sash tied around his waist. When Yoongi sees Jimin, he smiles.


“Oh, we’re matching,” Jimin muses. “The robes look nice on you.”


“So do yours,” Yoongi says, offering his hand out for Jimin to take hold of, even though the common room is empty of students. Everyone else must be at or on their way to the Great Hall. “Ready?”


Reaching for Yoongi’s hand, they lace their fingers together, a natural habit by now. “Ready,” Jimin confirms, walking back out of the common room with his hand in Yoongi’s.





The Great Hall is spectacular normally but it’s extravagant for the Yule Ball.


The walls appear as if they’re frozen over, icicles clinging to the windows, dangling from the ceiling, snow covered pine trees lining the far wall. Banners hang from statues on the walls and snow falls from the ceiling, though the Great Hall is warm, torches of blue fire lining the columns on the walls. Tables of refreshments and food are scattered throughout, as well as tables for the students to sit at.


“You said you hated winter,” Jimin says to Yoongi as they loop their elbows together instead of holding hands, a more proper display of closeness. “So what about this?”


“It’s not bad,” Yoongi looks around, up into the murky depths of the ceiling where the snowflakes are falling. “It’s not cold in here. That helps.”


Glancing around, Jimin is surprised it’s not packed in here. Granted, the seventh years probably have better things to be doing and the first through third aren’t allowed to come, but he had expected. . . more. While it is easy for him to make out Taemin in the crowd, he focuses his attention elsewhere, finding Namjoon and Seokjin chatting together in front of one refreshment table.


“I think the opening celebrations are going to start soon,” Jimin comments, observing how most students stay gathered around the entrance. They’re to form a tunnel for the Triwizard contestants, who will start the ball with the first dance. Yoongi and Jimin line up with the other students and wait together until the tournament contestants enter, and then they watch as the contestants open the dance.


They don’t dance until everyone else is, worried that people will stare and expect them to dance first. With one arm over Yoongi’s shoulder and the other on his hip, Jimin helps to lead their first dance, robes twirling as they move across the floor.


“So,” Yoongi begins, keeping his voice low as they sway back and forth together. “You decided how we’re gonna break up when this is all over?”


“No,” Jimin replies quietly. It hadn’t crossed his mind yet, how they should “break up.” “Have you?”


Yoongi grins sheepishly, looking off to the side. “I haven’t either. Figured you want to be rid of me pretty quickly though. The point’s been made.”


“It’ll have to be pretty convincing. Over our holiday, then? Or. . .” Jimin pauses. When will they have to call it quits?


“Or?” Yoongi prompts, fingers tightening where they rest against Jimin’s waist.


Jimin purses his lips. “Do you like me?”


“Well, I mean, yea. Everyone likes you, Jimin.”


Curling his fingers around Yoongi’s shoulder, Jimin hums. “No, like. . . would you be interested in dating? For real?”


It’s one of the first times that Jimin has seen Yoongi look truly shy. The upperclassman stares down somewhere around their feet. His ears are tipped pink just like they were that day in Honeydukes right after they kissed.


“You wouldn’t wanna date someone like me,” he says, voice a little muffled and gravely. “Jimin, you could have anyone you wanted here—“


“But we’re pretty much dating already, aren’t we? It can’t be much different.”


Yoong finally looks up, squinting a bit which Jimin finds incredibly endearing. “This is you asking me out for real, isn’t it?”


Now Jimin’s shy, and he can feel his cheeks flushing. “Maybe?”


“Nuh uh, don’t give me that.” The grin that spreads across Yoongi’s face feels infectious. “I want to hear you say it.”


Groaning a bit, but laughing, Jimin tugs him closer until their noses brush. “Do you want to be my real boyfriend?”


“That would be the best Christmas present I think anyone has ever gotten me.”


Jimin smiles. “Would a kiss make it even better?”


No one has to ask twice because Yoongi pulls him even closer and kisses him right there in front of everybody. It’s different than at Hogsmeade, completely not for show even though everyone looks anyway. He can feel Yoongi’s teeth, like he can’t help but smile into the kiss.


Jimin’s fingers card through Yoongi’s hair affectionately, noses bumping, giggles cutting through their kiss. But they keep their kiss sweet and short, lacing their hands when the dance ends. Their smiles are goofy, they both know it, strolling off the dance floor towards the table with their friends.


Hoseok is the first one to look them up and down, one brow quirked in question. “You two look really happy,” he comments, to which Seokjin snorts.


“It’s because we’re dating,” Jimin hums, leaning into Yoongi’s shoulder. Taehyung doesn’t seem convinced.


“Oh, yes, right,” Namjoon says awkwardly, clearing his throat and looking around, presumably for Taemin. “You guys. Totally dating.”


“No, really,” Yoongi insists. “Fake boyfriends yesterday. Real boyfriends today.”


“We’re dating for real. Do you want us to kiss again to show you?” Jimin’s grinning, and poor Jeongguk is wide eyed, looking between the two in confusion.


Taehyung shakes his head. “No, no that’s not—”


But Yoongi leans in anyways, and Jimin pecks his lips with a giggle, resulting in Taehyung and the others gasping and fumbling at their table. Someone shouts, “Merry Christmas!” and Yoongi laughs between their lips.


There couldn’t be a better Christmas present than this, Jimin thinks, resting his head against Yoongi’s shoulder. Yoongi smiles, gums and all, keeping their hands laced together at their sides.


Merry Christmas to me.