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Caught in the Middle

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bridget turned up the next day quietly creeping into the house at around 9 hoping the 3 woman were asleep but no such luck as they were all sitting on the table drinking there coffee's bridget stopped in her tracks and blushed a little

'well well well what do we have here? if im not correct it that professor westfall coming in late from dare i say a night with the infamous franky doyle.... debbie said making the other 2 snicker

'deb.... she blushed a little

'no no there is no need to explain i just want to know if you behaved yourself? but before you answer we can tell by the look on your face that you were definitely naughty

'debbie leave her alone

'mum where is the fun in that?

'its fine bea, well miss bossy i was well behaved and if i wasnt you wont find out... bridget smirked

'well miss 'kiss and dont tell' take a seat and i will make you a coffee

'why thank you... once bridget got her coffee they were all seated at the table

'bridget i said i would take allie to the beach today you up for coming with us?

'sure i would love too, who else is coming?

'franky as well as a few friends boomer, liz, kaz and joan, you can meet all my friends and of course these 2 bozos here

'okay sure sounds good, what time are we leaving?

'in a couple hours, we need to stop on the way at the shops to grab drinks and the others will organise the food

'great i might have an hour nap first and than i will be ready

'someone tire you out professor? debbie smirked

'yea im tired of your questions sticky beak.... bridget laughed and headed up stairs

'your very cheeky deb

'what did i do allie? im just interested is all

'sure thats what it is, anyways i need to buy something to swim in, debbie do you want to come to the shops with me?

'yea sure i need to get a new bikini anyways

'deb you have like 5 of them in your draw upstairs

'mum i need to get a new one for this season, plus i need a different colour..... bea rolled her eyes

'what ever debbie, while your at the shops do you mind getting the drinks than?

'sure mum, what do you want?

'a box of water and get the box of mixed soft drinks with 30 cans in it, here is my card and buy your bikini with it too

'sweet, hey allie wanna go on a shopping spree with mums card? allie giggled

'dont you dare you little shit

'oh relax mum we were only gonna spend a few grand... she giggled

'you are too cheeky for your own good

'me mum? im innocent

'oh yea right deb, go get your butt ready and get to the shops

'yes boss.... debbie stood up and skipped off up stairs

'that girl is too cheeky for her own good bea

'oh i know, you better go get ready because the girl has no patience

'i know she always tells me off for making her wait.... allie stood up and kissed bea's head 'i will see you soon beautiful

'okay... bea smiled, allie and debbie left about 10 minutes later bea offering her car to allie which she happily took, bea herself cleaned up the kitchen a bit and went upstairs to clean the bedrooms, debbie's room had clothes thrown everywhere clearly her daughter had not taken up her ocd cleaning but she used to be a bit more tidy, assuming it was just because they just got back a couple nights ago, she decided to help her daughter out and packed away her clothes that were out and than unpacked a couple of her bags, once she started she decided to just unpack all 5 bags of debbie's clothes so debbie didnt have to worry about it, finishing off her room she went to allie's room and saw she was actually quite tidy, apart from a jacket on the bed which was made up and sneakers in the middle of the floor everything else was packed away, putting her sneakers in the closet she folded up allie's jacket and went to put it on the edge of the bed but she had a woof of allie's perfume from it so bought it to her nose inhaling what was allie's scent, closing her eyes her thoughts went to blonde hair and blue eyes, taking a deep breath she put it down on the bed and went to her own room, making up the bed and packing a few items away, she had a quick shower and got dressed for the beach, she wore a bikini and a nice sundress with her flip flops and a fedora hat which she loved, grabbing her beach bag she took it down stairs where bridget was sitting at the table

'you ready to go bridget?

'yea but i need a towel

'oh let me get you one... bea grabbed 3 towels and handed one to bridget who put it in her bag

'thank you so much

'no problems, so how did you go with furniture shopping?

'really good, i got everything and paid for it, i just got off the phone with the realtor and she said i can get the keys in 2 days so we will be moving on the weekend


'yea, me and allie she is going to live with me.... bea nodded, it made sense to live with bridget but she liked having allie at her house

'you 2 have gotten close?

'yea we have, its weird thou

'what do you mean?

'well i never get close to anyone especially not in that way

'yea franky told me she had to work her ass off to get anywhere near you.... bea chuckled

'she sure did, it wasnt franky it was just the fact of anyone near me, franky was the first person i actually wanted to be with, sorry this must be hard for you to hear

'its fine, its not the easiest but im interested, please continue

'well before franky came along i hated anyone near me, for a long time it was just me and debbie, than the girls from the salon were around but not a lot as i was still with him, once everything went down with harry we all became closer and thats how i met franky, she was her normal cheeky abrasive self as usual and i just blushed her off

'so typical franky... they laughed

'yea pretty much, she tried for a long time and on my birthday when we finally kissed she was really sweet, before we got together when others were around she was a shit but in private when it was just us 2 she was sweet, when we got together i saw a completely different side to her, she never pushed me for anything and let me go at my pace

'in what way?

'she bought me flowers, sent me messages through out the day checking up on me, made me dinner, even lunch for work if she had time, you know franky is one of the sweetest's people i know but she will only let those really close to her see it, so if you see it that means she trusts you and your really important to her

'thats good to know, so tell me how allie is different? bea smiled

'when debbie first told me about allie to start with i was happy debbie had a friend, when that thing happened at the night club and allie helped her i couldnt believe someone protected debbie like i would and they hadnt known each other for long, allie would always send sweets with debbie when she would visit here and i was really thankful for that because i love sweets, what really intrigued me was that allie made an effort to send something down with debbie just for me and it was a really genuine thing for her to do, when i first laid eyes on her she had this beautiful smile on her face that i just could never forget, she has been so good to debbie and to me and my mind and heart go crazy when i think or see her.... bea blushed bright red

'you know bea allie doesnt have a pretty past

'yea i know she told me

'than you also know she struggled a lot, she has abandonment issues and sometimes struggles with her feelings,, if you can handle that which i think you can you can have an amazing relationship

'i think so too

'bea i just need you to promise me something?

'what is it?

'dont hurt her and dont walk away from her, its something she really struggles with, even when we have had arguments and i walked away she had a complete freak out, the same thing happened with debbie so we know not to walk away from her as it takes her back to when her mum left her at the police station and just walked away making her feel more unwanted than anyone else had in her life, she is seeing someone about her issues but its a long process

'i understand bridget i wont walk away and i wont hurt her

'thank you.... just than the front door opened and in walked debbie and allie laughing loudly and giggling, debbie obviously said something inappropriate by the looks of allie's blushing face

'hey girls how did you go?

'good mum i got a red bikini and allie got a black one and some shorts, the drinks are in the car

'great, go pack your stuff you 2 so we can go

'okay mother.... debbie said and went upstairs with allie giggling, half an hour later they arrived at the beach and got out, bea looked around to see where the crew were and almost jumped when she was lifted off the floor by franky and spun around

'heya red

'hey franky, put me down would ya... franky laughed and saw allie give her a filthy look

'oh shit blondie doesnt like me ay, i dont think she likes my hands on ya

'leave her alone franky

'i think she is jealous

'bridget would be too thou

'oh shit i didnt think of that... she pushed bea away playfully 'get away from me red

'god your such a shit franky.... they both laughed

'yes, yes i know, alright come on than the others are hear, did you tell them about joan?

'no i forgot

'you cant let them go in blind

'yea i know.... she turned to the others 'hey girls come here for a sec please... bridget, debbie and allie came over

'whats up mum?

'joan is here

'fucking hell still

'deb watch your mouth please

'sorry mum but seriously i dont like her she is creepy

'i know but she is with kaz

'like her girlfriend?

'oh i dont know but she comes everywhere with her

'so whats the deal bea?

'joan is different, she is weird and she looks at people weird, its like she is cold or something

'she sounds charming

'look blondie just be careful around her yea, all of you, just say hi and get away from her... they all nodded in agreement

'alright lets go, franky help me with the drinks please.... they got there stuff and the drinks and headed over to there are where the others were sitting

'hey bea is here with mini red

'hey boomer....boomer gave them both a tight hug

'boomer let them go they cant breath

'oh shit sorry... she let them go and stepped back 'who are they?

'thats allie, debbie's room mate from uni and thats bridget allie's aunty

'ah hey im boomer

'hi boomer nice to meet you

'you too... 2 blondes and a dark haired woman came over

'girls this is liz, kaz and joan, guys this is allie and her aunty bridget

'hey girls nice to meet you both

'you too liz

'g'day girls im kaz how are you?

'pretty good kaz

'ladies... joan nodded and allie smiled back

'nice to meet you joan

'and yourself.... you could cut the tension with a knife so franky jumped in

'alright lets get to eating yea

'what did you bring franky?

'i just grabbed fish and chips i couldnt be bothered to cook here its too hot, boomer bought ice so throw the drinks in the esky's there and lets relax.... allie and debbie unloaded the drinks and debbie wasnt happy the way joan was looking at allie

'why does she keep staring at me? allie whispered to debbie by the bin

'i dont know but she better fucking stop before i punch her face in

'its alright debbie come here... pulling the younger smith woman into a hug debbie wrapped her arms around allie's waist 'you dont worry about her okay, we are here to have a good time

'i cant stand her, she just creepily watches people... pulling back she kissed debbie's cheek

'stay away from her yea, you stay with someone all the time fuck knows what she is up to, anyways she kaz's girlfriend?

'i dont think so i think she is just her friend

'kaz seems alright

'yea she is, she works at the salon with mum.... allie nodded

'lets eat yea im hungry

'oh god me too... they laughed and went and sat down staying close to bea, franky and bridget, bea had already loaded plates for them both and handed them to the 2 girls

'thank you bea

'thanks mum, eh where is the sauce?

'right here deb dont worry

'thanks franky.... after they ate the rubbish was thrown out and they laid there towels out,

'allie, debbie make sure you put on suncreen

'yes ma'am... debbie giggled and took out her sunscreen spray can and put in on her self and than allie before they lay down, while debbie stripped down to her bikini allie was in a bikini top but did not take off her shorts and wondered why, she was going to walk over and see if she was okay but remembered last night where allie was shy of the scars on her lower stomach and thats what the shorts were covering, kaz and bridget were talking, boomer and franky were messing around chasing each other and she saw joan was staring at allie, she saw it before but wanted to see what if anything she would do, she also saw debbie's eyes on joan and she was already pissed for looking at allie and she hoped joan would stop as debbie had a tenancy to fly off the handle especially at joan, she straight out cant stand her, grabbing 3 bottles of water she went over to debbie and allie and gave them one before sitting on her own towel

'thanks mum,

'no worries baby, what are you 2 chatting about?

'just stuff mum

'everything alright? debbie looked from debbie to allie and than debbie again and knew something was up 'deb tell me

'its braydon, he turned up at school and approached a few of my friends about me

'saying what exactly?

'he wants my new number, wants to know when i am back, just crap like that

'he wont get to you deb i promise, i will make sure

'i know mum but he knows where we live

'i will install a new security system and make sure its always on, if either of you see him than tell me okay?

'yea okay mum


'okay bea i will tell you but you need to be careful, he is dangerous and so is his family

'i can take care of him dont you worry about that, thats enough on that asshole we are here to relax and enjoy our selves

'true, im gonna tan for a little while and than go in the water

'sounds good to me... they lay in the sun for about half an hour and than debbie stood up

'im going in you both coming?

'i sure am

'good, allie?

'umm sure, i will put my feet in... walking down to the water where the others were except for joan of course they all went in except allie stayed at the waters edge with her feet in, once bea had dove into the water she looked at allie and than went to debbie

'deb why is allie not in here with us?

'i dont know mum

'i might go find out, you stay near the girls

'i will.... bea walked over to allie and smiled

'why arent in there with us? allie shrugged

'im okay here

'but its too hot out here, you should come in with us the water is really nice

'no no im fine here.... bea frowned

'allie whats wrong?

'nothing im good


'you will laugh at me

'as if i would, tell me please... allie took a big breath and looked anywhere but at bea

'im scared of the water

'what? she wasnt sure if she heard right

'im scared of the water, go ahead and laugh anyone i tell that too does... bea held allie's hand

'im not going to laugh, can i ask why?

'i never learned to swim, the foster homes i went to werent exactly family people or into any of that, when i go to the beach or pools i just go knee length, the beach scares me more because i cant see the floor... bea nodded

'allie why dont you come in with me? i will look after you

'no there is no need for that, i will stay here you go hang with the others

'but i want you with me... bea saw the smallest smile on allie's face even thou she was looking out to the water 'come in with me please, i wont let you go

'i dont know bea

'allie look at me... allie looked into bea's eyes

'i wont let anything happen to you, i promise..... allie was scared but she did trust bea even thou they didnt know each other for long. holding onto bea's hand tightly they slowly walked into the water deeper, there werent any waves it was a calm day which was making it easier, as it got deeper to just above there thighs allie moved closer to bea and she put her arm around allie's waist

'its okay i have you... they walked in further, bridget knew allie had a fear of the water and was going to go sit with her but bea beat her too it, she had been trying to get allie to do lessons but allie was too embarrassed, to be her age and not know how to swim but now looking on bea was able to get her into the water, debbie went over to bridget wondering what was wrong with allie

'whats going on with allie?

'she didnt tell you?

'tell me what?

'that she is scared of the water, she cant swim

'no she didnt tell me

'im surprised your mum managed to get her in here, she usually wont go passed her knees

'they have a special connection... said debbie and bridget agreed as they watched bea and allie slowly walk in

'your doing really well allie

'im scared bea.... she shakily said

'i know you are but your strong allie, being in the water and being able to swim is a big part of life, please let me teach you

'what if i drown?

'you wont drown i wont let it happen, you see debbie there swimming around like a dolphin? she asked


'i taught her to swim, we all get scared of something allie and thats okay, i need you to trust me

'i trust you bea

'good... bea stood in front of allie and pulled allie's arms around her own neck 'look at me and no one else and lets walk in further yea.... allie nodded her eyes never leaving bea's as they walked in further, there were now level with the other girls and debbie came over to them

'you okay allie?

'yea i am thanks to your mum, sorry this is so embarrassing... franky had been watching the whole time and had picked up the obvious fear in allie

'no its not blondie, we all have stuff we cant do or afraid of, kaz over here cant kick a ball if her life depended on it, boomer is scared of cats... franky said rolling her eyes,

'hey there scary with the hairy fur and weird eyes... boomer defended making them all laugh

'anyways liz is scared of cockroaches, like petrified of them

'what about you franky? debbie asked

'i guess i could say im petrified of commitment... she said looking at bridget who understood how hard that was for franky to say and she nodded to show franky she understood 'everyone is scared of something

'im scared of losing mum... debbie said as she swallowed a lump in her throat

'oh baby your not going to lose me, im right here... bea rubbed debbie's cheek, she didnt know debbie felt like that and made a mental note to have a talk about it later in private

'you see blondie we all have fears silly ones and not so silly ones but in the end its who we are, so let bea help you, she is one of a kind... allie nodded

'thank you franky... she whispered

'anytime, now girls lets move over a bit to give these 2 some room and time together.... the group shuffled over leaving bea and allie together, bea pulled allie closer to her and pulled her legs around her own waist, they were inches away from each other as they just floated around, chest to chest and bea could feel allie's heart beating fast

'how do you feel?

'im okay

'your heart is beating so fast

'its the first time i have been in water like this since i was 8 or nine, its a bit daunting

'i can imagine, if its too much you tell me i wont be upset

'im alright right now, having your arms around me makes me feel okay

'good... leaning forward bea pecked her lips making allie smile

'can i ask you something allie? you can tell me to mind my own business

'yes you can

'your scars? what happened? allie bit her lip in nervousness, there was a part of her she hadnt told bea and didnt want to tell her just yet, she was more embarrassed about it than anything else so she sort of just told a part story

'when i was living on the streets a guy roughed me up, i was begging for money and he was drunk not that i knew that but he turned to me and hit me, he laid into me kicks, punches and all till he was dragged off me but i was a bloodied mess, the was something stuck to his shoes when he kicked me and it sliced my skin twice

'what a prick

'i was in a coma for 5 days, when i woke i found out he was on ice as well and when we had court the charges were dropped because the only witnesses there was was his 2 friends and there not going to go against him, the police tried there best to push for charges again but they could never stick

'do you know who this guy is?

'yea his name is jake stewart, he continues to live his life drinking, doing ice and every other drug he can get his hands on, you know what he does for a living?


'he works at the mens prison as a guard, ironic right... allie scoffed and bea wiped the tears from allie's face and pulled her into a loving hug not giving a shit who was looking or around, they held onto each other for quite some time with allie resting her head on bea's shoulder

'i wont let anything happen to you allie, i got you...... allie tightened her arms around the redheads neck a little to say in understanding that she knew she had her and allie for the first time in as long as she could remember she felt safe in the arms of this woman, they managed to stay in the water for about half an hour before they got out debbie following suit and they all sat on there towels

'mum im going to get a slurpy do you want one?

'i would love one deb


'yes please, get everyone one just ask them what they want

'okay, allie you want to come for a walk?

'sure deb, you shouldnt go on your own.... after getting everyones orders they headed to the 7-11 and started to fill up the chosen cups, everyone wanted red except franky who wanted a mix so it made it easier

'how do you feel spending some time in the water?

'i really enjoyed it, i was petrified to start with but your mums been great, im sorry i have hogged her today

'oh no its fine allie really, im just glad to see her happy, if i want alone time with mum i will just go and tell her and she will drop everything for me

'your very lucky to have her deb

'oh i know, the luckiest person in the world... after allie paid they went back to the group and handed them out before sitting down with bea and franky right next to them, franky was talking to bridget hush hush and she kept looking over the group, liz was reading her magazine chatting to kaz and bea, allie and debbie were chatting away and frnaky smiled when she saw bea holding allie's hand, bea was generally one of the nicest people franky knew and she always cared about others, her eyes shot to joan who was just staring at allie and it wasnt the first time today either, she had seen it a couple times, debbie laughed and turned to lay down, as she was fixing her towel she looked at the others and saw joan staring and something in her snapped, franky saw the change in the younger smith, debbie stood up and marched over to joan with franky right behind her

'what the fuck is your problem?

'what do you mean? joan responded

'why the fuck do you keep staring at allie?

''i was not staring... she coldly responded

'i fucking saw you

'alright deb thats enough...franky jumped in as she wrapped her arms around the fired up brunette and walked her away from everyone

'keep your beedy eyes off you you fucker... debbie yelled out as franky dragged her away from them, bea was going to go over to debbie but franky shook her head no and bea trusts franky a lot, more than she has ever trusted anyone before, if debbie needed her she would call for her, franky walked debbie away from them and sat her down

'deb whats going on?

'she keeps fucking staring at allie i dont like it, she is a creepy fuck and she has this look in her eyes

'i know deb, i seen it too

'whats her problem? i dont want her near mum or allie, they have both been through too much to have some crazy fucker around

'maybe she knows allie?

'allie doesnt know her i asked her

'well you cant go off like that on her, pushing a crazy person like that isnt going to help the situation

'yea i know, i know... she sighed out 'allie is my best friend and i dont want that bitch looking at her

'fuck you look like your mum so much right now, so fiery... debbie and franky laughed

'good i wouls rather be like her than anyone else

'just dont go all red mist on us okay? franky ruffled her hair

'i will try

'look allie is coming over i will give you 2 a minute

'thanks franky.... franky walked off and allie came and sat beside debbie

''so whats just happened?

'i dont like how she was looking at you, it was like a predator would

'yea i saw it earlier

'well franky saw it as well and i dont like her

'i can tell, its alright deb

'no its not, there is something not right about her, i dont want anything to happen to you

'i appreciate you looking after me but i dont want you stressing about it okay

'when than she better keep her eyes to the ground before i make her

'oh shit your a badass

'piss off... debbie laughed and pushed allie and allie tickled her and they fell on the floor laughing, they were both tickling each other and laughing loudly as they tackled each other, bea and franky watched on as they tumbled around on the ground

'its like 2 children

'you wouldnt think allie is 30

'oh i know franky, she and debbie are so close, im glad debbie has someone like that

'yea she needs it after everything.... they both nodded

'i guess we should break them up before one of them gets hurt.... walking over to the pair debbie had allie pinned to the ground and was tickling her

'ahhh deb stop please.... she giggled out

'deb let her go

'no way she started it

'bea please help, how is your daughter so fucking strong.... bea smirked

'good genes i guess

'yea yea, can you get her off.... bea lifted debbie off her like a light weight and franky helped allie up

'i win... debbie giggled

'you just wait till later, when you least expect it BAM im right there.... bea and franky laughed as debbie and allie stuck there tongues out

'oh god you 2, come on our slurpees are melting

'you too go along i need to talk to debbie please

'sure red.... bea and debbie sat on the bench together

'so what was that about with joan?

'she is a weirdo, she keeps staring at allie and i dont like it

'but did you really need to go off like that?

'yes, she deserved it, she needs to keep her beady eyes to herself and if i see it again im going to rearrange her face

'wow you sound like

'you? debbie laughed

'i guess so, please just try and keep the peace, remember we are here foe allie, she hasnt bee to the beach in years

'yea alright i will try

'thats all i ask

'oh my god mum look at boomer....t hey both looked on as boomer had franky thrown over her shoulder and was running into the water and dumped her

'franky is gonna lose it... they both cracked up when franky stood up and jumped on boomer to try and put her under the water but boomer is too big so just stood there

'there all gone back in why dont you join them deb, im going to sit with allie

'where is joan?

'i saw her go up towards the shops

'okay.... debbie went down to the water and bea went over to allie and sat down

'you okay?

'hmm yea i just dont want debbie getting worked up on my behalf

'she really loves you and when she loves someone she gets very protective and with you its more so because your so close

'i love her too, she is my only friend and she is a real friend, you bought her up really well bea

'really? even with him around?

'she does struggle with some things which is her anger but she is an amazing young lady with a heart of gold

'im glad, i tried to be there as much as i could but you know... allie nodded and held bea'd hand

'i know bea its ok...... they stayed there a few more hours and allie spent another hour in the water with bea which was good, on the way home they picked up pizza as they were too tired to cook, once they ate allie was the first too shower, as bridget, debbie and bea showered allie sat on her bed reading a book, bea wondered back in half an hour later and allie was fast asleep, taking the book from her she put the quilt over her and kissed her cheek

'good night.... she whispered and left the room closing the door, turning when she heard debbie

'hey mum

'hey deb, you ready for bed?

'yea im buggered

'its been a big day

'allie asleep?

'yea she fell asleep reading

'she always does that and than she doesnt know what page she is on

'i put a book mark on it for her

'thats cute

'what is?

'you looking after her, its cute... bea blushed and shyly smiled

'i like looking after her, you as well

'i know mum, anyways im off too bed, the house is locked up and the lights are out so go to bed

'i will, good night baby

'good night mum love you

'love you too.... bea kissed debbie's cheek and went to her own bed, getting into bed she was asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow