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alouette, gentille alouette

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“Humming that song again, ‘Yama? Jeez, your soulmate must hate you.” Ashido spoke, nudging the blonde in a playful manner as she walked passed him. Despite the slight blush on his cheeks, Yuuga didn’t show much reaction to her words. There was no way the song was annoying to his soulmate, after all, it was them who had placed the song into his head anyways. Their song.

Except, it wasn’t a very romantic one. And, it was brought upon them because of Yuuga and his insistence in singing it all the time when he was younger. It was his favorite French nursery rhyme. One that he had grown up with thanks to his mother.

Alouette, gentille alouette …” Yuuga sang softly as he walked into the classroom, sliding into his seat without much flair behind it. Which wasn’t his usual style, but his mind and attention were taken.

It was funny, the way they had landed on this melody. He could still remember the day he had heard the song in his head—it had sounded different. The tone was off, the French was horrible and the voice wasn’t his. It had taken Yuuga a brief moment to realize it was his soulmate’s voice. Yuuga had joined in on this internal duet and, at the age of 9, this song was unofficially declared as theirs.

Of course, other songs littered the mind as well, but they’d each think of Alouette nearly once a day. Perhaps the blonde was a hopeless romantic, but he liked to think it was his soulmate’s way of saying that he was on their mind. That’s how Yuuga was choosing to use the song anyways. So, as it littered his mind—much better in tune now than it was back then—the blonde couldn’t help the fluttering in his chest.

“Mashi!” Hagakure’s voice broke through Yuuga’s thoughts before his orchid eyes landed on the invisible girl and her own soulmate. “You’ve been thinking about that song all morning! I’m getting tired of it!”

“Sorry, Tooru.” Ojiro sheepishly apologized, ducking his head as he followed into the room after her. “You know I can’t help it.”

Yuuga knew, despite her words, Hagakure held no bite and would inevitably end up singing whatever song Ojiro had managed to get stuck in their minds. Yuuga had stopped worrying about annoying his own soulmate a long time ago. And rarely did he ever get annoyed by whatever they were deciding to fill in his head. After all, these songs were all he had. They were glimpses into the other’s world, glimpses into their moods and inner psyche.

It was just very romantic and the French-Japanese teenager absolutely fell for the entire allure of it.

Yuuga’s attention was once again grabbed when he felt a finger poke at his shoulder.

“That’s probably your soulmate right now.” She teased, motioning towards the pair as she did. “Oh, please, stop singing this, please!”

For the most part Yuuga gave an amused smile before speaking. “Oui, maybe. But, this time it’s their doing, not mines.” Finger tapped at his own temple.

“Yeah? Well, you’re lucky it’s something you actually like.” Ashido groaned, leaning back as she did so before slacking her body and sliding down the chair a bit. “My soulmate keeps thinking about the freaking Super Mario theme song. I tried to think about another one but I couldn’t. It’s like, so distracting!”

“What other song were you thinking of, mademoiselle?”

“The Pokemon theme song.” She answered. Yuuga’s smile simply grew.

“You two really are meant to be.”

The sound of the classroom’s door being slid opened forcibly demanded the attention of the room. Though, the owner of the action demanded the same too, didn’t they? Yuuga watched as Bakugou nearly sulked into the room, being followed by Kirishima, Kaminari and Sero. Kirishima and Sero were laughing about something or another as a half asleep Kaminari seemed to be in a near sleepwalk state behind them.

As they passed, Yuuga was just able to catch Kaminari’s drowsy babble. Except his babble was more like a tune and it was definitely that of the Super Mario Brothers. And, judging by the look on Ashido’s face, Yuuga could tell she had heard it to.

“...Shut up! That was just coincidence!” Ashido spoke before Yuuga had any chance to say something.

“Hmm, and what about that other time?”

“Same as this one. Coincidence.”

“And the third time?”

“Got lucky.”

Yuuga smirked, using his fingers as he continued to tally off. “And the fourth? Fifth? Sixth-”

“Shut up!” Ashido snapped, though Yuuga still found humor within this all. He could never quite understand why she was so against the idea of Kaminari as her soulmate. Hell, it wasn’t even an idea; it was fact. Sure, he was barely éclatant but he and Ashido were absolutely compatible. And they seemed to like each other’s company well enough. Maybe she was just… disappointed?

Soulmate disappointment… would his soulmate feel the same about him?

“You can not hide from the truth for very long.” He pointed a finger at her as he spoke, watching as her eyes followed the tired electric teen.

“I’m not hiding. I’m waiting—”

“Waiting for what?” Kirishima’s voice cut through, smiling as always as he passed by.

“For none of your business, Kiri.” She waved him off, turning her body on the seat to follow his. “What took you guys so long anyways?”

Yuuga turned away from the conversation. The fact of the matter was that he was friends with Ashido but he wasn’t friends with the rest of the little group they had. It didn’t bother him so much, not anymore at least. He had a decent amount of friends now… more than he ever had before. Midoriya, Ashido, Hagakure, Iida and Ochako… He was grateful.

But, he could still pay attention to other conversations. More specifically, that of Kaminari’s. What could he say? He wanted to know if he had any idea he was sitting next to his perfect match. Or, at least, figure out some way to work them out. He wasn’t sure what Ashido was waiting for but he’d love to help his friend out, she deserved it.

“Hey, Mario, you better wake up before Aizawa walks in. Or worse, Iida.” Sero’s voice spoke with obvious jest. It even brought a quirk to Yuuga’s lips. He wasn’t quite sure if it was the joke itself or the tone.

“Mario?” Kaminari’s voice, now more awake, answered back.

Sero simply responded back with a humming of the Mario tune. ‘ Oh great, now it’s stuck in my head .’

“I stayed up late playing it… I woke up with it dude, it’s driving me crazy.” Kaminari huffed. “Think my baby—”

“You have to stop calling her ‘baby’ you don’t even know her yet—”

My baby,” Kaminari stressed again before continuing to speak, “sounded like she tried to save us from a whole morning of Mario but it’s locked in there tight.” Yuuga was able to hear a shuffling of noise, curiosity getting the best of him as he looked back at a standing Kaminari. “She tried her best, but not even my super hot soulmate’s cute voice could save us! I’m sorry, baby!”

Out of the corner of his eyes, Yuuga was able to see a blushing Ashido who desperately looked like she was trying to find a way to slink down to the ground. He had half a mind to remind her that she could use her acid to simply burn her way out of here, but he really couldn’t be bothered to.

“You’re so dramatic.” Sero spoke with absolute exasperation.

“It’s called passion, Sero, you’d know nothing about that.” Kaminari fell back onto his seat. It seemed like he had used all of whatever burst of energy he had, had on his little performance.

Maybe Ashido was waiting for Kaminari to mature a little more?

“Hey, Bro!” Kirishima’s voice rang in, hands reaching forward to rest on top of Kaminari’s shoulders. “Sero knows passion! He’s got that little song with his soulmate, right? How’s it go again?”

Interest thoroughly piqued, Yuuga looked over at a now blushing Sero. His hand was rubbing at the back of his neck, the angular smile of his now sat lopsided on his face. “Dude, don’t make me sing it…”

“Come on, Sero! It’s totally manly to have something special like that! Don’t be embarrassed about it!” Kaminari must’ve ran into Tetsutetsu. His energy was pretty high and it’d really intensify when he’d end up running into his steel counterpart. At least he wasn’t screaming. “Just the beginning. It’ll shut Kaminari up, you know.”

“...Fine.” Sero sucked in a breath, letting it out slowly before opening his mouth once more. “Al—”

“Quiet down, class is starting.” Aizawa’s voice called out, shutting not only Sero up, but everyone in the class as well. The class had been so noisy, the new and sudden silence was so abrupt, it brought a loud buzzing in his ear. Even his own mind had gone silent… but only for a moment. It wasn’t long until Aizawa started the class and everything started to flow as normal once more. Which included thoughts as well.

It was just too damn bad that the only thing he could think of was the Super Mario Bros. theme song.

Oh mon Dieu.”


pinkymina: uuuggghhhhh y r we talking about this????

hagacutie: ummmm

hagacutie: becuz it's your soulmate mina!! your one true love~!

twinkleboy: i just want to know why you don't want to tell him, mon ami

pinkymina: because!!!

hagacutie: yesssssss?

pinkymina: imscaredokay

twinkleboy: scared of what? love?

pinkymina: no not of love

pinkymina: i just dont kno if this is the right time

pinkymina: u saw him in class!! calling his soulmate baby?? he's never even hit on me

pinkymina: kami is gr8 but he's stupid, u kno? if he's disappointed he'll say something dumb

hagacutie: well yama said u were waiting for something right?

hagacutie: what is that ~something~?

pinkymina: idk a sign???

twinkleboy: im honestly surprised

twinkleboy: you are usually so fearless ashido

pinkymina: this is my soulmate dude

pinkymina: this is like forever u kno?

pinkymina: im freaking 16 and spend nearly everyday with the guy im supposed to spend the rest of my life with

pinkymina: like holy shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hagacutie: it's not scary! i met my forever and he's amazing~~~~

twinkleboy: oui haga always looks very happy

pinkymina: that's because ojiro is W H I P P E D

pinkymina: id be happy 2 with someone who nearly worships the ground i walk on ;)

hagacutie: !!!!!!

hagacutie: its not like that ;//////;

twinkleboy: mon ami

twinkleboy: it is

pinkymina: ASDFGHJKL

pinkymina: see?????????? even yama agrees!!!

hagacutie: ;////////////;

hagacutie: you guys are mean!!!! im not mssging back!!!!

pinkymina: tell ojiro i said hi ;)

twinkleboy: from me as well~!

hagacutie: BYE!!!!!!


Locking his phone, teeth digging into his bottom lip as an amused smile pulled through, a distinct pain in his stomach peaked up. Sometimes, out of instinct, there would be an immediate hike of anxiety at any stomach discomfort. But, as he both heard and felt the growl that was let out, Yuuga felt relieved. Relieved and utterly hungry.

“...I wonder if there's any cheese left.” He spoke out loud as he slid his feet into his slippers and started to make his way out of the room. It was late, about 11:30 pm, so he knew most of his classmates have probably already retreated into their rooms for the night.

It was silent and, admittedly, a little spooky. The dimmed hall lights and the echoes of various shuffling from rooms really solidified this scary atmosphere. He didn't want to even think about braving the stairs, opting to take the elevator despite the loudness of its ‘ding’ and moving gears. In an attempt to calm himself, Yuuga softly sung that lovely little song.

Alouette, gentille alouette…” After a minute or two, he heard his soulmate’s voice in his head singing back. Ah, so they were still awake too?

Sometimes, Yuuga liked to try and paint a picture of who this mystery person might be. Never really physically, because of course his soulmate would look parfait, but what their life was probably like. He wondered where in the world they might be. They were awake right now, so maybe they were in an earlier timezone. Or perhaps they just couldn't sleep like he. Other times Yuuga liked to try and imagine possible personalities. What if they were mysterious like Todoroki or Shouji? Or a ball of energy like Hagakure or Kirishima? Maybe they were compassionate like Tsuyu or Midoriya; Or maybe really focused like Iida or Yaoyorozu. Yuuga wasn't really sure what he preferred. Ultimately, Yuuga’s real request was simple. He just wants someone who’ll love him, someone who actually notices when he's not there. That's not too much to ask for, right?

Stepping out of the elevator, Yuuga fished out his phone before turning on the flashlight. The first level was nearly completely dark, it was a good thing Yuuga hadn't forgotten his phone this time around. But, that just meant the scary factor had risen that much more. “ Mon Dieu, I should've asked Midoriya to accompany me…” He muttered. After all, he was right next door.

In an attempt to calm his nerves, Yuuga sighed before continuing to softly sing again. “...Alouette, je te plumerai…” The light from his phone bounced as he shuffled quickly around the corner, singing slowly diminishing to a hum when he noticed the light of the kitchen was still on. Turning off his own light, he watched as a shadow moved around; someone else was awake.

Yuuga shuffled slowly, trying to hear who was in there. After all, there were a few choice people in his class he wouldn’t necessarily want to be alone with. Not for any reason other than the pure awkwardness that would fill the air. At least, Yugga though, I applied my face mask already. It had aloe and little specks of glitter that had been left behind. It wasn’t too much, but he sparkled and he felt thoroughly fresh faced. So, no matter what, whoever was in there couldn’t say they found Yuuga in a bad time. My reputation, it will still be convenable.

He shuffled just a bit closer, listening as this mystery person closed the refrigerator door with a bit more purpose than someone awake at this time should have. Then again, who else was also the one doing something considerably inappropriate for the time?

He was just able to hear a mumble, the word ‘quiet’ just slipping out before the other’s voice became loud enough to catch. “Je te plumerai la tête. Je te plumerai la tête.” Yuuga froze.

Was that… did that come from… the kitchen? No, no that must've just been in his head. Of course, his soulmate was just singing the rest back to him! After all, Yuuga was the one who started it. They were just doing their same old duet. Humming the next line, admittedly low so the other couldn't hear, Yuuga responded for good measure. “Et la tête! Et la tête!” His own voice rang in his head. Suddenly that felt too loud too.

Alouette, Alouette! ” But that response felt much louder.

His palms were suddenly sweaty, he felt light headed… Yuuga had come down for a snack, not for his soulmate. Calm down, calm down. He tried to will himself. His stomach didn't only ever get sensitive because of his quirk; nerves kicked his ass too. We will test this one more time. With a new song.

But what song? His eyes danced around the room, looking for something to give him inspiration. He cursed his mind for being so rattled. Finally, his eyes landed on a game box… Mario Bros. Mon Dieu, non! I do not want to be like Ashido… At the thought, the song he’d test out sprung into his mind.

“I wanna be the very best, that no one ever was…” He whispered as he thought it, hoping and praying the other person would make some kind of obvious sign that they had or hadn't heard.

“They changed the song…?” He heard the voice asked. Listening closer, Yuuga was just able to make it out as a male voice. But, his brain could barely think who the voice could possibly be. He only cared about one thing right now, was that voice his soulmate. Then he’d worry about who it was. He was able to hear the sound of glass clinking with a kitchen counter, this person definitely had some kind of drink, before a voice followed suit.

“To catch them is my real test, to train them is my cause…” Just like the first two times, he heard the voice in his head and in the kitchen.

Yuuga couldn’t help it. He let out an audible gasp, blindly stepping back and effectively tripping over an object most certainly left behind by someone. He didn’t even care as he stumbled back, landing on his behind and effectively making his presence known.

“Are you okay… Aoyama?!” Lavender eyes shot up instantly at the voice, looking up at a pajama clad Sero. A blush grew on his cheeks instantly, his heart hammering away. All Yuuga could think about was how his soulmate had been right under his nose the whole time. How hadn’t he ever recognized his voice? They have spoken before. Albeit, not of any length to write home about, but enough where they were friendly acquaintances.

But, no, he’s my soulmate. Yuuga’s mind ran with questions, utter shock in himself at how he hadn’t figured this out. He could figure out everyone else’s but he couldn’t have noticed his own. Sero… Mon Dieu, it was Sero.

“Hello? Earth to Aoyama.” Sero’s tone and face showed that of genuine concern, crouching a bit to be more at eye level with Yuuga. The blonde felt like he was going to either pass out or blow chunks. Or perhaps both.

Instead, he swallowed the thickening spit in his mouth before finally speaking. “You… it’s you.”

“Yeah, dude, it’s me. Uh, Sero Hanta…?” Sero was now upright again, arms at his hip as a confused expression grew on his face. It looked… cute. He was cute. Had Yuuga never realized? Was it just amplified because of the recent findings?

“No, you’re my…” The blonde’s words trailed, suddenly the nerves had shifted. What if Sero thought he was lying? No, he couldn’t just out right say it. He’d need to give proof, right? And so he did, albeit with a shaky voice, show the only evidence he knew would actually work. “Alouette, gentille alouette. Alouette, je te plumerai.”

He watched as Sero’s own cogs started to grind, recognition of both what Yuuga had did and what it had meant. …Would he have soulmate disappointment? Would he still accuse him of lying? He was just able to make up Sero’s now trembling hands, his eyes boring into Yuuga with shock and something else he couldn’t quite place his finger on.

“How… Is that… Are you my soulmate?” The question, though asked in a relatively normal tone, felt so loud. This was real, this was so real.

Yuuga nodded. Then there was a beat of silence and stillness. Yuuga, still on the ground, as Sero looked down at him with a steadily growing blush. Yuuga didn’t like his silence, he didn’t know what it meant. Speak, Sero, just rip the bandaid off! Speak!

What he did next, Yuuga hadn’t been prepared for at all.

Sero took Yuuga’s hand, helping him up to his feet with one solid pull before pulling Yuuga close and wrapping his arms around him in a hug. Instantly he tensed up, cheeks flushed beyond belief as his heart felt as if it were about to beat out of his chest. Was Sero always this tall? He could feel the other boy’s chin on his head, Sero’s arms wrapped around his shoulders. He didn’t know what to do, he didn’t know what to say . But, it seemed, Sero did.

“I’m sorry… I… I don’t know what I’m doing I just…” A laugh of sorts followed through as he shook his head a bit. “It’s you. I didn’t think I’d meet you yet. I should’ve known with the whole French thing but… damn, you’re the one I’ve been looking for.”

Oh, Yuuga was very sure he’d die now. He’d never been spoken to like that, had never been treated like this before either. Somewhere in between Sero’s talking, a smile had worked it's way onto Yuuga’s lips. His own arms finally circled around Sero as he let himself really relish in this moment. Here he was. The voice in his head, the boy he shared an entire ritual with. A part of him had always hoped it’d be in a much more romantic fashion. Like, they’d see each other as cherry blossom petals danced around them, the mutual humming would be familiar but they’d look into each other’s eyes and they’d know.

Sero and Yuuga had looked into each other’s eyes plenty before, had even worked together on an assignment, but the realization never kicked in. Not to mention, this whole scenario was far from romantic. After all, just moments ago Yuuga had been on his behind. But… it was still perfect. Of course they’d meet like this, on accident, just like alouette had been their little accident too.

“—And he’s the cutest guy in class too…” Sero spoke suddenly, by mistake it seemed, as he felt Sero’s form suddenly stiffen. Sero was going to make his heart jump clear out of his chest!

Mon âme sœur, if you do not stop talking I feel as if my face will stay permanently flushed.” The blonde muttered, timidly shoving his face into the crook of Sero’s neck. He smelled clean, he felt warm … He couldn’t wait for these arms to start feeling like home.

He could both hear and feel Sero’s laugh, breathy as his shoulders shook. “I’d say sorry but I’m really not.” There’s a brief silence, neither of them moved from the embrace, though. In fact, it had felt as if Sero was holding him just a bit tighter. “...Are you happy it’s me?” Was that a hint of… insecurity? Had he been worrying about the same things Yuuga had been? “Shit, that’s weird to ask, right? You just… didn’t really say if you were or not and I don’t want to assume—”

“I’m happy.” He pulled back just enough to look Sero in the eyes, giving him his very few genuine smiles in a form of reassurance. “I’m very happy, I promise… Hanta.”

Sero’s blush flared up again, Yuuga’s not far behind, as a face splitting grin took up most of his face. “Yuuga…” Oh, he could absolutely get used to hearing Sero say his name. “I’m so—” His words were cut off by a loud growl coming straight from the blonde’s betraying stomach. Of course. There was a brief moment of amused surprise in Sero’s eyes before a laugh fell past his lips, forcing one out of Yuuga as well.

“Hungry?” Sero asked teasingly.

“Just a little.” Yuuga answered sheepishly. This prompted Sero to pull away from Yuuga all together—suddenly he felt too cold, but Sero rectified this by taking his slender hand into his worked one. Silently, he lead Yuuga into the kitchen.

Yuuga was sure, once the morning hit, he’d be absolutely freaking out about all of this, but for now he was utterly content in relishing in finally finding the boy behind that charmant voice in his head.