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Caught in the Middle

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'hey babe can you come here for a minute? franky says and bea comes from around the corner in her silk robe

'whats up franky? franky is in the kitchen making a special dinner as debbie is coming home in an hour

'babe can you get me some potatoes from the cupboard please, my hands are dirty

'how many do you need?

'well there is 4 of us including debbie's friend so grab me about 7.... bea brings over 7 potatoes and puts them on the bench kissing franky's cheek

'thanks gorgeous

'what can i do to help?

'nothing you can relax let me look after you

'but i want to help.... bea whined and wraps her arms around franky from behind and her chin rests on her shoulder

'babe your always looking after everyone else please let me look after you... bea smiles

'your too sweet to me franky

'dont tell anyone babe you will ruin my reputation... bea giggled and kissed franky on the neck

'your secret is safe with me... bea whispered in her ear before pulling back 'i will set the table........ bea set the table and put some music on and than sat on the couch, bea and franky had been together for about 5 months now, she met franky a year ago through boomer one of the girls from the salon and since the minute they met franky laid her moves on bea straight away but bea ignored her for a few months just rolling her eyes playfully and taking it as jokes till one day they were out for bea's birthday to a pub and as they all got drunk and danced around bea and franky danced quite close together, as they danced together franky pulled bea in close to her and kissed her and bea pulled back and looked into franky's eyes and she felt a change in herself and the look in franky's eyes showed she wasnt messing around so bea stepped into franky and kissed her back, they started dating after that and although bea had struggled with being in a relationship and with sex in general she felt okay being with franky,

franky may be a player and had slept with a lot of woman but when it came to bea she made sure bea felt safe and thats why bea felt so comfortable with franky, bea knows how people talk about franky sleeping around and that she cant commit but she knows who franky is and knows a different side to franky, it isnt about sex or flirting its about deep inside franky and how sweet she is, how much she cares for bea and her friends, how she puts bea before herself and makes sure she feels good, she showers bea with romantic gestures like flowers, chocolates, sweet texts during the day or when they are apart, one day bea came over to franky's place and franky had scattered roses through out the house leading to the bed, bea remembers franky grabbed her hand and pulled her into a loving kiss and than bought bea to the bathroom where the bath was full of warm soapy water with rose petals and candles around the bench, after bea bathed franky had dinner ready and than they lay in bed talking the whole night as if they could never run out of things to talk about, bea smiled at the memory, they hadnt said they loved each other but they both knew they had really strong feelings for each other, popping her eyes open when she felt franky sit on her lap and kiss her lips

'babe dinner will be ready in 15 minutes where is this daughter of yours?

'she wont be far, especially when she knows your cooking,

'she loves to eat that girl

'no idea where she gets it from, i cant even eat half of what she eats... they both laughed

'i know babe.... just than the door bell rang

'she is hear...... franky got up pulling bea up and they went to the door pulling it open

'MUM!! debbie jumped forward and wrapped her arms around bea

'hey baby im so happy to see you

'you too mum.... debbie kissed her mums cheek

'so where is your friend?

'she is paying the taxi she is coming but mum i hope you dont mind but she bought her aunty

'thats fine debbie dont worry, you know you can bring anyone here

'i thought as much... debbie hugged franky as well

'how you doing shorty?

'im good franky and you? you still looking after mum?

'of course i am, dont worry

'good.....hearing foot steps behind her she turned around and introduced the 2 woman

'mum this is allie we go to uni together and her aunty bridget, guys this is my mum bea and her girlfriend franky........ bea's eyes locked with allie's and she felt a hit in the stomach, she had the bluest eyes she had ever scene, bea couldnt lie allie is beautiful and seems to be much older than debbie, allie stepped forward and shook franky's hand and than bea's

'hi nice to meet you both, thank you for having us... bea smiled

'its a pleasure to have you, please come in..... once they all greeted each other they went inside to sit down for dinner,

'mum it smells so good

'franky made it all she wouldnt let me do anything

'well my girl needs to relax, so sit down while i serve up.... knowing there is no arguing with franky so she got everyone drinks and sat down across from allie, they both smiled at each other as bridget and debbie talked about school, debbie saw the way allie and her mum looked at each other and became confused but let it go for now, franky served the food with was pesto crusted lamb chops, cous cous, roasted veggies and garden salad and they began to eat, bea didnt know what she was feeling when she looked at allie but it was making her confused but she decided to talk to her and get to know her, after all she is debbie's friend

'so allie your a bit older than debbie how are you at uni?

'i am older, im 31 and i didnt finish my high schooling till about 3 years ago due to not having a stable environment

'what are you studying?

'my major is business so i can open my own business

'what are you looking at opening?

'a bakery, i love to make sweets and eat them too... she laughed and bea giggled

'bea loves cakes too, she has such a sweet tooth... franky said making bea blush

'oh yea? maybe you can sample my sweets some time.... bea nodded

'id love too...... dinner went on well and as bea and allie chatted debbie took note of bridget and franky talking on the veranda, debbie looked around and hae to laugh the couple were getting quite close and comfortable with other woman and wondered how this would play out, leaving them to it she grabbed her mums car keys

'mum im going to get dessert

'alright baby there is money in my wallet

'i dont want your money mum... bea stopped and turned to her daughter

'didnt we already talk about this deb?

'mum.. she sighed

'debbie your my daughter and although your 20 and you earn your own money i want you to save it, i want to look after you, i never got to do it when you were younger so please take my wallet and stop arguing.... debbie picked up her mums wallet and looked at her

'your so stubborn

'i know... debbie laughed and shook her head as she left the house, bea went back to the sink and wiped the dishes that allie was cleaning

'your a good mum bea, i wish i had a mum like you

'she isnt around? shaking her head

'she doesnt want anything to do with me, not since i was ten

'can i ask why?

'umm well when i was ten i tried to tell her i see girls differently, like i would rather hang out with girls and i never wanted to be with a boy, i told her i think im a lesbian, i know it sounds stupid because at ten what the hell do i know but i did the whole looking on the internet about that kind of stuff, i tried to talk to her about it but she wasnt having any of it, she packed my stuff and took me to the nearest police station and left me there..... bea's heart broke with what allie just said... putting the tea towel down as they had finished she turned to face allie

'im really sorry you go treated like that allie.... allie shrugged and looked at the floor embarrassment evident in her face and posture, bea put her finger under her chin and lifted so she could look into allie's eyes and she saw tears rolling down her cheeks and swiped them

'what your mum did was wrong and you didnt deserve it, you deserve so much happiness in the world allie and you will find it.... bea pulled allie into a hug and she felt an electric shock between them especially when allie kissed her cheek before pulling back

'thank you bea.... finishing off the kitchen they sat on the couch seeing bridget and franky outside still talking

'so you and franky, how long has that been going?

'5 months, i had known her for about 8 months beforehand and she always flirted but she does that with everyone,

'how did you 2 get together?

'a bunch of us went out for my birthday and she kissed me and it went from there

'do you love her?

'im not sure, my last relationship before franky was an absolute mess, franky she is different and no matter what people say i know the real her, she is genuine and sweet and looks after me, she puts me before herself all the time, as for love? im not sure how to justify it if that even makes sense

'i get it, you dont know how love feels.... bea nodded


'are you happy?

'i am happy right now, as for what the future shows time will tell....... out side franky and bridget were chatting away about what they do for a living


'so franky your a chef?

'yea i have my own restaurant its called 'franky's tavern"

'you mean the one by bondi beach?

'thats the one, its my baby

'wow franky i have eaten there and its amazing

'thanks bridget, so what do you do?

'i work at the uni as a lecturer where allie and debbie go although i will be transferring to the one here in sydney

'why is that?

'because allie graduates in 3 weeks as does debbie and i want to be close to allie so i will be moving here

'is she your only family?

'well technically no, her mum is my sister and her dad my brother in law and they have 3 other kids but i only talk to the kids

'why is that?

'short story is they got rid of allie at ten years old because she had lesbian feelings so they packed her up and dropped her at the police station, by the time i found out she was already in the system and it took me 6 years to get her out and with me, my sister is a fucking asshole... franky nodded

'i get that, i know how it feels to be in that position

'what do you mean? franky doesnt talk to anyone about her story only bea knows but she feels comfortable with bridget

'short version i guess is my dad left when i was 5 and my mother spent the next 5 years bashing me, starving me and using me as an ashtray, eventually docs got involved and at ten i was put in the system and thrown from place to place till i was 18 and than i pissed off and got a job and made a life for myself

'did you ever speak to your dad?

'no i didnt know where he went or how to even contact him

'im sorry franky, you and allie share a very similar story

'yea i guess we do, you know bridget everyone says that we are lucky to have someone to take us in but not one of the families i stayed with gave a shit about me and im sure the same was with allie, they did it for the money

'yea thats what allie said, its sad that people care more about money than they do human life... franky nodded

'so on a lighter note tell me about you and bea

'well we have been dating for 5 months, she is great, she is beautiful, sweet, cute, gorgeous and so different to what i usually go for

'who do you normally go for?

'take it this way bridget this is my first proper relationship, i would normally see a girl a few times just for some fun and than get rid of them

'so how did you get serious with bea?

'i tried to do the same with her for like 6-7 months but she wasnt having any of it and we were just friends until her birthday 5 months ago and i kissed her, something in both of us changed and we basically started from there but bea was on me straight away about fucking her around, she has had it really hard with her sorry excuse for an ex-husband so i told her i will be committed to her

'its good to hear franky, you sound happy with her

'i am, very much so, she is like my best friend... looking through the door her eyes locked with bea and she blew her a kiss and bea caught it, debbie arrived back with a pavlova and a box of mixed cakes and they all had dessert and sat around a while longer

'alright let me show you to your rooms

'we can share bea

'no no its fine, i have a 5 bedroom house so there is plenty of room, come on... they followed bea upstairs and to the first room

'bridget you can have this room and the bathroom is right here for you all to use

'thank you bea... bridget said as she dumped her bag in the room and sat on the bed

'right next door is debbie's room, dont touch her stuff she freaks out... bea joked and they laughed as debbie poked her tongue out at her mum

'whatever mum

'next room allie you can take this one, there is a cupboard for your stuff and a draw

'thank you bea, i appreciate this

'anytime, my room is right next door if you need anything, alright franky are you staying?

'not tonight babe i have to be at the restaurant at 4am and i dont want to wake you, tomorrow i will

'okay good, but franky its getting late you need to sleep

'yea i know im about to leave

'let me walk you out

'thanks babe..... franky said her good byes to the others and bea walked her out to her car

'babe tomorrow i wont finish till like 6-7

'franky you need to hire more staff you cant work that long

'i know babe i will put out an add tomorrow to hire a couple people, till than i have to do it

'well than you need to let me look after you too franky.... franky wrapped her arms around bea's waist and kissed her lips

'i will try, you need to go to sleep too babe

'yea but at least i have some time off while debbie is home,

'you know debbie and allie graduate in 3 weeks?

'yea i know i need to figure out a present and how to celebrate

'why dont you do a party at my restaurant? i can close it for the night and we can do a shared one for both the girls, i know allie doesnt have family except for bridget and debbie has the girls and a few friends

'that sounds good franky, i will talk to them about it tomorrow and we can start planning, thank you

'anytime babe... franky kissed bea and than left, bea watched as she drove up, little did bea know allie was watching from the bedroom window and felt a pang of jealousy when franky kissed bea, she wasnt sure what it was but she felt a connection with bea, when she saw bea her breath caught in her throat at how beautiful she was, but when debbie announced frnaky as bea's girlfriend she wasnt impressed at the slightest. hearing a voice behind her she jumped and turned around

'you like her

'no i dont bridget and dont creep up on me like that, you know i get easily scare

'sorry but yes you do, i can see it in her eyes

'aunty bridget it doesnt matter how i feel she is with franky which i saw you 2 getting close to each other

'dont try and change the subject allie, you like bea

'im never going to get her bridget, she is beautiful and taken, she would never go for someone like me im not worthy of her, im not worthy of anyone good.... allie sat on the bed and sighed and bridget sat beside her

'allie your worthy of anyone's love, your an amazing person and anyone would be lucky to have you... hugging allie she left her to be going to her room to go to sleep, unbeknown to them debbie had heard the whole conversation and she hated that allie felt like this about herself, she had met allie about 6 months ago when she transferred to her uni and allie had moved into debbie's room, they spend day and night together and talk about everything, debbie told allie about her dad harry and allie told debbie about her life and what she had gone through, they cried together and laughed together, when debbie was going home allie always made some type of sweet for her to take to her mum to taste, debbie sat on her bed and thought about how tonight had gone, there was no doubt that you could see the sparks fly between them and franky and bridget were pretty much the same, in reality she really liked franky but saw them more as best friends and not a couple, with allie coming along and the way they looked at each other it was clear they really liked each other, laying her head on the pillow she thought about how to go by getting all there feeling out in the open, debbie and allie would be home for 3 weeks and bridget for a week before she moved into her own place, she fell asleep not long later

bea walked back in the house and locked up and switched all the lights off before going upstairs and into her room, she got changed and laid in her bed her mind going to allie in the next room over and the little bit of information she had told bea about herself, she wondered what allie went through in foster care and how she got her life together, she really wanted to know more about allie and was glad she would be staying for the next 3 weeks, hearing a light knock on her door she looked up

'come in... the door opened and allie's head poked out

'hi bea sorry to disturb you

'its fine everything okay?

'um yea but do you have another blanket its a little cold

'yes of course you can have my red blanket, let me get it for you... bea walked over to her cupboard and stood on one of the shelves to reach up for the blanket but she lost her footing and fell back

'woah bea... allie strode forward and caught bea in time before she fell, allie fell to the ground with bea in her arms with a grunt

'shit allie are you okay? bea got up and turned around

'yea im fine can you give me a hand.... bea put her hand out and helped allie up and right into her arms, they were so close the could feel each others breath, the air around them changed as they stared into each others eyes, the intensity in allie's eyes made her take a big breath, they were edging closer and closer to each other and just when there lips were going to touch the door opened and they pulled apart

'hey mum... debbie stopped in her tracks when she saw them pull apart and looked between them

'allie just needed another blanket... she picked it up and handed it to allie

'ugh yea thanks bea, good night girls.... allie walked out and went to her own room

'so what that about mum?

'what was what about?

'im not stupid mum i saw you 2 pull apart

'it was nothing i fell and she caught me, thats all, what are you doing up? i thought you went to sleep

'i fell asleep for a few minutes but i woke up when i got a text from a friend of mine

'everything alright?

'yea its just umm.... bea could see how nervous debbie was and wondered what happened

'whats wrong deb?

'nothings wrong but i wanted to tell you about someone, come sit down... once they sat comfortably on the bed

'go on deb

'i met someone a while back

'okay, who?

'a guy his name is braydon

'is he your boyfriend?

'i guess so

'for how long?

'we met a few months ago and we started dating about 2 months ago

'when do i get to meet him?

'he wants to come here tomorrow to meet you and than he wants to spend some time together which means allie and bridget will be here

'thats fine deb i will keep them busy

'you dont mind?

'of course not debbie but i want to meet him properly first

'i told him that

'what time is he coming?

'i told him to come for lunch here and than we can go out after

'alright baby i will grab some take out and than you guys can go after we eat

'thanks mum your the best, im going to bed good night

'good night baby i love you

'love you too... once debbie left bea laid down and fell asleep thoughts of blue eyes and blonde hair