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Don't let me let you go

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Allie was pleased that it was their last day in Sydney, Will had told her over breakfast not to bother going to the conference since she'd heard from Michelle letting her know that the sale of the house was going ahead faster than even she had anticipated and she had paperwork to sign. She was thankful really, the previous day had worn her out, listening to people drone on about everything and nothing, none of which was remotely interesting or new.

“Come on Al keep up, just a couple more signatures.” Michelle pointed to the papers that she had just slid across her desk.

Allie sighed and signed where she needed to, if she'd have known that morning that she was going to have to sign that much paperwork she might just have taken her chances at the conference. It was strange the sale going through this quickly she knew that but Michelle had told her that it did happen sometimes especially when the buyer had the cash ready and waiting and wanted to complete quickly.

“You are sure you didn't want anything else from the house, you still have time before I send these through.”

“No nothing, I don't need reminders of Jess.”

This was the first time they'd seen each other in almost a year and Michelle knew Jess was the reason for that so after all the paperwork was complete they'd agreed to catch up.

“I still can't believe you moved back to Melbourne without telling me so tell me was it just the new job or did you want to get away from Jess?”

“I needed to get away from her but that wasn't how things happened.” She wasn't sure what Michelle was going to say when she told her about Bea but she wasn't going to lie to her, they'd been friends for long enough and she deserved the truth.

“Wasn't expecting that…so things are good?”

“Yeah, I can't thank you enough for this.” Allie handed her the pen back. “You saved my ass when I first bought that house and here you are again getting everything covered.”

Michelle laughed. “You should pay me more, I don't usually do rush jobs.”

“Yeah you're probably right.” Allie giggled, “But if you insist on billing me at ridiculously low rates and refusing to accept more what am I supposed to do?”

“So then, apart from landing yourself a dream job and jumping in feet first with, what is she your first love? Have you though any more about what we talked about the last time I saw you?”

Allie remembered their last conversation very well, Michelle was one of the only people she was able to talk to at the time and that evening everything had come bubbling to the surface about her parents, she wasn't even sure why she had needed to talk about them since she rarely thought about them, maybe it was because things were getting more difficult with Jess and she remembered being told by her mum how she met her dad. It had always seemed like a fairy story even when she knew first hand how bad things had really become and at the time she just didn't see the point in trying to stay with the first person you ever fell for when everything had turned to shit. Michelle had tried to talk her into contacting him she was certain that he must want to know that she was doing well and wasn't the total screw up that Allie so often saw herself as.

“I wouldn't even know how to contact my dad now, he'll have most likely moved since I left.”

“But you want to, I know the story Al remember you told me, you don't have questions that you need answering now? Don't you want to hear his side?”

Allie looked away but nodded, “They went through so much, after they both got sober they changed, maybe that was who they were before, dad did try to tell me things after mum died but I wouldn't listen, I chose to do my own thing, cause as much trouble for him as I could…it's a little sad that when they finally got back to a good place mum died, and kind of beautiful in a way that they got that time together, I guess I get it now.”

“Hold on one minute!” Michelle sat forward in her seat, “What do you mean you get it now? What have you been taking?”

“Nothing, I would never go back there you know that, it's just…since finding Bea again I guess I just see things a little differently now, never thought I'd see her again, I always thought about her, I l knew I'd always love her…maybe my perspective has changed.”

“So she's definitely nothing like Jess?”

“The complete opposite.”

“Come on then don't keep me in suspense tell me the good bits.”

Allie shook her head, she was sure that it would be impossible to pick out the good bits because everything was good with Bea. From the moment they saw each other in the bar that night Allie couldn't get her out of her mind, she'd never thought for a single second then that they would be right where they were now. Every email, then every text or phone call had just brought them closer together. Right until they went to London Allies heart had run circles round her head making taking things slowly even more of a challenge for her, somehow she had managed to hold on to the promise to go at Beas pace which was difficult because the more time they spent together the more she wanted to be with her completely.

“The good bits?” Allie finally answered after realising that her mind had wondered off down the path of reminiscing. “There are no good bits, it's all been good from the moment I first saw her again to where we are now.”

“And exactly were are you now?”

“She asked me to move in with her…so I did.” Allie shrugged.

“Shit…not about to let the grass grow under your feet then ay Al?”

“It wasn't like that, I was at her house more than I was at Franky's, especially since Franky finally met someone who she's totally fallen for. When I wasn't there I couldn't stop thinking about her, and her daughter was always pestering Bea to ask me to stay over.”

“Wait…she has a daughter? You didn't mention that, so was she married?”

“Yeah, to a disgusting excuse for a human being, he disappeared when Debbie was two, never been seen since.”

“So she's divorced?”

“No, he was presumed dead, I'm not going over the circumstances, it's not my story to tell, maybe you'll meet her one day…she doesn't like to talk about it though and honestly I can't blame her.”

“How did she feel when you had to come back to Sydney?”

“Same as I did I guess, we weren't sure Jess wasn't playing games but I had to come for this bloody conference, luckily my boss Will has been great about letting me play hooky. I just hate only being able to talk to her on the phone, but I'll be heading home tonight.”

Michelle's eyes widened, “Hang on you always hated talking to anyone on the phone unless it was work related, what's with the change?”

“Shut up I used to talk to you all the time, Jess permitting. Besides I just love hearing her voice.” Allie grinned, the longer she was away the greater her constant need to hear Beas voice became. Seconds melted into glorious minutes as time seemed to slow down when they spoke and then time dragged and a minute felt like an hour after their conversation ended, sleep was the only way to get away from the torture of not being with her, and even then Bea invaded her dreams.

“You have a picture right? Come on show me, I have to see what kind of woman has held your heart forever.”

Allie had plenty of photos, some with Debbie some without but she really wasn't in the mood to share something that only her and Bea had ever seen. “Actually no I don't think I have, but you can easily look on the Liberty Brown web site if you're that interested.”

Michelle instantly turned her attention to her computer and searched for the website. “Well shit Al you don't do things by halves do you? She's absolutely stunning…and the CEO? You didn't give that piece of information away freely did you?”

“Yeah well, certain people seemed to think that she was the reason I got the job, she's the most beautiful woman I've ever know, how was I supposed to resist, couldn't years ago and definitely can't now.”

“So it's all good?”

“Yeah, everything's great.”

Michelle stood up, “Right well, call me, and don't leave it so long next time.” She grinned at Allie as walked to her office door before turning back to look at her. “Promise me one thing, Bea isn't going to stop you from having friends.”

Allie sighed, “Didn't I tell you already she's nothing like Jess…where are you going anyway?”

“I'm going to Azuma, I need some time out, after everything I think I'm in need of sake and some great Japanese food.”

“Not like you to be having a liquid lunch.”

“I think I need it, I'm happy for you really I am but it's hard to get my head around you being with someone with a kid, you never said you wanted kids.”

“Not sure I do, but this is different you have to see that…I'll come with you, I'll buy don't feel like going back to the conference.”

“Great then you can tell me more, lunch, sake, great conversation what more could a girl ask for ask for?”

“To be back at home already with my girlfriend.” Allie hit back sarcastically.

Michelle was a regular at Azuma and always got one of the best tables, especially at lunch time when it was quieter. Allie wanted to know who the buyer of the house was but all she could tell her that it was a man who was prepared to offer even more than Allie had accepted. Allie knew what the house was worth and had thought it was strange when she was offered way more than that on the first offer but since she didn't want want to hang onto it made sense to sell, even if she'd been offered less she wouldn't have cared. Four hours later they finally made their way out of the restaurant.

“Shit I have to get back to the hotel, that was way too much sake, now in drunk.” Allie giggled.

“You leave in a few hours you can sleep it off on the plane.”

“Yeah sure I have to catch up with Will and try and learn the details of this conference, you're a bad influence you know that don't you? How am I meant to concentrate when I've drunk more than I should have?”

“I don't remember you complaining at the time, anyway it's not like you have to drive or anything your hotels just round the corner, I'll come with you, tell your boss that you needed the distraction.”

“Not a chance, I'll be fine you better go home though, I'll call you in a few days.”

Allie really hadn't realised the time when she got back to the hotel and was surprised when she found Will sitting in the lobby waiting for her.

“Good day? Get everything sorted?” He smiled as he stood up.

“It was good to get the paperwork signed but I've got a strange feeling that something is going to go wrong….how was the rest of the conference?”

“Just great.” Will said sarcastically as he rolled his eyes. “Go have a lay down you look like you need it, I'll come and get you when it's time for dinner and fill you in, oh and Allie…” He paused for a second. “Maybe next time skip the liquid part of the lunch.” Allie giggled a little, he was right and she knew he was.

Two hours later there was a knock on her door and Allie reluctantly dragged herself off the bed and looked at the time knowing straight away that it would be Will. Opening the door she told him to go down without her while she freshened up, she wasn't really hungry but she needed to know what she had missed, although judging by Wills reaction when she asked him earlier she guessed there probably wasn't really a great deal to tell her.

An hour later Will had skimmed over what she had missed as they ate before they went back to their rooms to finish their packing. They were on a late flight and Allie was looking forward to getting home, it didn't matter how many times they spoke on the phone or how many texts they sent each other Allie still missed Bea like crazy, the only time she had been happy when they couldn't speak to each other the whole three days she was away was when she was telling Michelle about her, and then she still missed her. Finally arriving at the airport their flight couldn't bored soon enough for Allie.



Turning over once again in the blackness of their room, a blackness with such completeness that it obliterated the memory of the previous day, Bea glanced at the alarm clock that now read 0132. ‘For fuck sake,’ she sighed heavily. She had been in bed for almost three hours and had spent the majority of that time tossing and turning unable to shut her mind off and allow her body to actually rest. Allies flight was due to land soon and she knew there was no way she was getting any sleep until she was laying in he arms again, the last two nights she had hardly slept and that morning she had even snapped at Maxine when she asked her if she wanted a coffee. She was pretty sure that Allie would have been having the same trouble sleeping while she had been away because they had both admitted that they hated trying to sleep without the other there. Picking up her phone she decided to send Allie a text, she knew as soon as she landed she would get it.

Call me as soon as you can xx

Dropping her phone back down she rolled over again, since waking up on Wednesday morning alone she'd hardly slept and as tired as she now felt she still knew that there wasn't much point in trying to get to sleep until Allie finally arrived home. She was glad that Debbie had wanted to spend the night with Franky and Bridget really, she couldn't help but be snappy with everyone but had managed not to snap at Debbie, with her little outburst the previous morning at Maxine she knew it wouldn't be long before Debbie asked yet again when Allie would be back, and the last thing she wanted to do was take her frustrations out on her. She missed Allie more than she thought possible. Bea rarely ever lost her temper with Debbie and couldn't actually remember off the top of her head the last time she had.

Allie hated night flights, especially when she was tired, the flight between Sydney and Melbourne wasn't long enough to actually get any real sleep, she tried to have a nap but the thoughts of getting home and slipping into bed next to Bea kept her awake. Allie rubbed her eyes, she needed coffee and she glanced over at Will who was seemingly sleeping quite happily until she left her seat, opening his eyes he scowled at her before pulling the blanket over his head and muttered something about hating night flights.

Allie headed to the bathroom first before grabbing a coffee on her way back, it made more sense than disturbing Will again, and with the time she still had left of the flight she decided once she was back in her seat that she may as well go over Wills notes from the conference again, not that her mind was really on what she was going to read she just wanted something to help pass the time until they landed that wouldn't disturb Will.

Looking out of the window she hadn't noticed that they had already started their descent until she saw the lights from the airport, the closer they got her thoughts drifted back to Bea, she had monopolised her thoughts almost the whole time they had been away, and now she was so lost in the thoughts of her gorgeous girlfriend who she knew would be laying in bed waiting for her to crawl in beside her she didn't even notice that they had landed. They made their way off the plane, got their luggage and made their way to the waiting taxis before Allie even realised that Will had spoken to her.

“Huh….sorry, miles away.”

“Yeah.” Will grinned, “I said I'll see you on Monday, enjoy your weekend.”

“I intend to, just as soon as I get home to my two favourite girls.” Allie giggled because as much as she missed Bea she missed Debbie just as much.

How she ended up in the back of a taxi she really wasn't really quite sure the only thing on her mind was the thought of kissing Bea again. Grabbing her phone she was suddenly aware that it was turned off, when it finally came back to life she smiled when she saw the text message that Bea had sent an hour before. Calling her she was surprised when she answered within a few rings.

“Hi.” Allies mouth went dry the second she heard her say ‘hi,’ she could hear her answer the phone like that everyday for the rest of her life.

“Allie…is everything alright?” Bea waited a few seconds and still didn't get a reply. “Allie…are you still there?…Allie.”

“Sorry…I missed you.”

“I missed you too, how was your flight?”

“Boring, but I'm almost home now…I can't wait to see you.”

“Snap, and it's only been three days.”

Allie groaned, three days might have well have been three months, it had certainly felt like it. “There had better be no more conferences that I need to attend for the next year or I might have to rethink working at LB.”

“You wouldn't?”

“Trust me I would, and I'm sure I could get another job that doesn't involve having to leave you for more than eight hours a day…I'm serious I hated the last the three days.”



The weekend was over far too quickly for Allies liking, although having the house to themselves until lunchtime on Sunday had proved that neither of them had cared how much sleep they had missed, the second Allie had crawled under the covers with Bea any tiredness either of them had been feeling was soon forgotten and Franky had taken great pleasure in teasing them both about how tired they looked when she dropped Debbie off.

Monday morning rolled around again and the three of them fell back into their usual routine, dropping Debbie off at school then heading to work Allie looked like something was bothering her.

“What's wrong?” Bea asked as she parked her car.

“Something and nothing, I don't really know…it's just…the house sale, they never go through that quickly, Michelle said that the guy buying it really wanted it but…I don't know, something doesn't feel right.”

“You have his name don't you? Ask Franky if she can dig around a little for you, I know she's busy but I'm sure she'll find some spare time if it's bothering you that much.”

Allie agreed it might be a good idea even though it was now a little too late to change her mind, she didn't even really know why it was bothering her, she wanted rid of the house and if someone else wanted it that badly they could have it. Walking into the finance department Allie was a little shocked to find that Wills office seemed to have been taken over by a couple of detectives who were busy getting ready for interviewing more of the employees.

“Bet your glad you missed half of last week.” Linda said as she looked towards Wills office.

“Honestly I'd rather have been here…have they spoken to you yet?”

“Yes, not that I could tell them anything.” Linda paused and Allie was going to go to her office, “Allie!…I…well I…I wanted to apologise, for what I did before…it wasn't right, I made coming to work uncomfortable for you and I know you got this job because it's where your talents lie, I…I just wanted to clear the air.” Linda hung her head, she had never apologised to anyone at work ever, she ran her mouth and carried on like she had never said anything but didn't want things to be difficult around the office anymore, they were bad enough right now and her previous behaviour she found wasn't something she currently felt very proud of.

Allie turned back a little shocked that she had even tried to apologise, “Its fine.” She lied. “As long as we can work together without it causing anymore problems then…” she shrugged, it wasn't fine, not really, she wasn't going to forget what Linda had said but if she was going to apologise Allie saw no reason not to accept her apology.

Linda smiled, “You have a meeting in half an hour, sorry to spring that on you.”

Allie sighed, “Just a typical Monday morning then?” She said as she turned and walked to her office finding Simon waiting for her. “Please do not tell me you are going to be a drama queen this morning I don't think my head can handle drama this early in the day.” She laughed.

“Na just thought I'd fill you in on what you missed while you were away but if your not interested…”

She was, the lack of time she had to spare before her first meeting was her current issue arranging to spend some time with him after lunch he left her to it. If there was one thing Allie hated more than Monday morning it was having a meeting first thing on Monday morning, they seldom did anything to lighten her mood and she knew that she already had a meeting scheduled at eleven with the director and two more in the afternoon. Thankfully her first meeting only lasted forty minutes giving her some time to sit in her office and make a quick call to Franky.

“To what do I owe the pleasure Novak, bored with Red already?”

“Piss off Franky, actually I need a favour.”

“Yeah…it'll cost ya.” She chuckled.

“Oh yeah, and what's the going rate these days for a Francesca Doyle favour?”

“Depends on what's involved.”

Allie explained what was bothering her about the sale of the house and giving her the name of the guy who was buying it Franky agreed to do a little search. She didn't see why it seemed to be bothering Allie so much after all she was getting rid of a house that held more than a few bad memories for her but if would put her friends mind at rest that there wasn't anything untoward going on then it was worth doing a little digging around.

Allie was on her way up to the directors office when the elevator stopped on the fifth floor and Bea walked in. Allie was a little surprised to see her until she told her that she'd been asked to attend the same meeting.

“I wish this day was over already, I've got meetings all day…” Allie grumbled.

“I know, so do I and I'm not looking forward to the one I have after lunch, seems I'm required to go over the discrepancies that have been found in Wills accounts.” Bea frowned before leaning in and whispering in Allies ear. “You'll just have to count down the hours until you can ravish me again.”

“Jesus Bea! Have you forgotten where we are?” Allie sucked in her breath.

“Hey, there's only us here, besides that's what you get for running off to Sydney with Will for three days. When I did sleep the only thing I did was dream about you, honestly, those dreams seriously needed censoring.”

Allie giggled, “I thought they said that absence makes the heart grow fonder not hornier.”

Bea dipped her head as she felt the heat rise in her cheeks, “Just wait until tonight.” She whispered.


“I have plans for you later so you better hope the day passes quickly.” Be grinned as the doors opened and she walked out leaving a stunned Allie behind, turning her head she held her hand out, “Come on it's never a good idea to keep the director waiting.”