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Dying to Get There

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Luigi was fast asleep in his bed, laying on his back, a green blanket drawn tight over him. The faint light of the moon flickered into his master bedroom. A cool, damp breeze wafted into the room, sending a shiver down his back. He shifted slightly, sniffling, his eyes prying open.

Luigi looked towards the ceiling, his vision coming to. A shape came into focus, the outline of a shadow hanging back in the darkness, womanly in appearance. The pale glow of her skin shining only partly visible, the dull glow of her magenta eyes, her face lay back in the shadow behind the ring of light thrown by the window.

Luigi, seeing the specter of a person hanging from the ceiling, sprung awake, and shrieked. He threw the blankets over his eyes.

She covered her eyes, instinctively.

"...oh," Luigi said. He slowly lowered the blanket, smiling in relief. "What's up?"

"... Hi Luigi!" Booette replied, her fangs shining dully in the dark.

Luigi smiled back. "Hi."

"Do you want a glass of cold water? Or warm milk?" She asked.

"No, I'm good." He said sleepily.

"How about some tea? Stress relief? Anti-insomnia? Anti-bloat?"

"No, no, thanks." Luigi smiled, and then turned on his side. "Goodnight, honey."

"Sleep well..." She said soothingly, now levitating over him, her hand caressed his cheek.

Luigi passed into a dreamless sleep.

Hours later, his eyes detected a change in light. Now the sun crept in through the windows of Luigi's master bedroom. The morning horizon was clear, and the first golden rays came in low through the woods, beaming in through the window delicately, illuminating the air and pushing the shadows away. Kaleidoscopic first light swayed back and forth with the shadows from behind the curtain swaying softly in the autumn breeze.

Luigi's eyes pried open again. He took in a breath, cool and balmy. The scent of wet earth and leaves wafted in. He listened to the sounds of birds chirping, trees swaying, and leaves bristling, and laid back in silence.

He turned towards the morning light, and pushed aside the curtain, to catch a view of the sun, a red disk beset by clouds hanging low on the horizon, rising slowly above the canopies of the forest that ringed his mansion. The sun lit every tree trunk and branch that it loomed behind. The light became too bright, and Luigi looked away, faintly, and returned his eyes to the bedroom.

Now squinting and re-adjusting to the light indoors, he glanced into the shadows adjacent to the center of the room. She stood there at the far back corner, unmoving, hanging back to where the sunlight would not go, silver hair hanging over her eyes.

"Good morning!" Luigi smiled.

Boette looked up at him, her magenta eyes now shining out from between her tufts of her hanging, wavy bangs. "Hello, Luigi!" She said, brushing her hair aside to look at him directly.

Luigi took a deep yawn and smiled proudly. After weeks of soul-gazing and intimacy exercises, as well as plain trial and error (mostly error), Luigi and Booette could now maintain sustained eye contact for an impressive 43 seconds. Anything longer than this led to tears.

Booette stepped into where he could see. Her hair was a thick, wavy bedhead of white that hung down all around her face, her shoulders and down her body.

Luigi realized she was wearing another one of his shirts again. This was a long white one that said "MAMALUIGI" in green. Luigi got as a joke gift, but it looked good on her—especially how hugged her sizable bust, which was now hanging out a bit freer than usual, as well as the fact it only stopped at her thick, pearly thighs.

"How did you sleep?" She asked, curiously.

"I only had one night terror." Luigi said.

"I know, I think I caused it." She said. "But it's still a new record!"

"Hey that's great," Luigi said stretching, "how was your night?"

"I had a wonderful time just shifting around the room watching you sleep." She said cheerfully. "I went to the ceiling, the walls, outside the window, way back in the closet, the vanity mirror, the foot of your bed, from the small crack in the door to the hallway..."

"I'm flattered," Luigi yawned. "I uh, I see that you're still wearing my clothes."

"I am." She said, sighing softly, looking down. "Oh Luigi, feeling my body in my old, restricting dress just isn't the same… It's like I don't feel close enough to you that way. Wearing this is so much more like being with you. Your touch, your scent, your sweat, feeling it all on my bare skin..."

Luigi's curiosity was now definitely peaked."Somebody gave that to me as a joke gift..."

"You don't like me in it?" She asked, pouting.

"I didn't say that..."

"Oh." Booette blinked, and thought.

Luigi smiled nervously as she studied him.

Her pout slowly turned into a blushing, fanged smile. She spoke softly. "So are you saying that you'd rather have me take it off?"

"I-I didn't say that, either..." Luigi stammered.

Booette began to sway her hips left and right, and delicately grabbed the bottom hem of her t-shirt, and slowly lifted it up past her shaved pussy and her wide thighs, past her slender stomach and belly button, stopping rolling it up just underneath the outline of her heavy breasts. She pulled the fabric up against the bottom of her breasts, jiggling slightly through the fabric. She kept pulling until the bottom of the shirt snapped up from underneath her breasts, revealing their supple, pale undersides and the beginnings of the crease between them.

Luigi stared, transfixed.

Booette met Luigi's glance, blushed slightly, and gave a final, slight pull. When her shirt couldn't hold them back anymore, her massive, snowy pillows spilled out jiggling, revealing her pink nipples and sensitive areolas. Booette pulled the shirt off her head, and threw it over her shoulder.

"Better now?" She teased, again swaying her hips left and right, sexily sliding her hands up her hips, her sides, stopping at her chest, and starting to play with her breasts by mushing them together for him, her pink nipples perking out at him sideways

Luigi felt the bulge in his boxers, looked down, and realized his cock had become instantaneously hard. "Yes..."

Booette reached for the blanket, and yanked it off the bed in one swipe. She then climbed up onto the sheets. Luigi watched as she slowly slipped his boxers right off, his erect cock poking out. She threw his boxers over her shoulder to land on top of his t-shirt. Booette climbed up on to him, and rested her knees over his lap. She wasted no time, blushing in anticipation, she eased down on the tip. She slid down onto his dick, balls deep. Her magenta eyes rolled up and she whispered his name, half-sighing, half-gasping.

Luigi's felt his hard cock going into her pussy, hot, tight, and wet. He rolled his eyes towards the ceiling.

Booette leaned in, placing her hands on his chest, her breasts began to quiver and shake as she gently rode him.

Luigi felt the way her cunt slid up and down his dick. Her pussy pulling him tight each way as she picked up pace.

He lifted his hands up and placed them on her large and lovely ass, cupping her cheeks gently as she lifted up and down, her soft fat skin filling out between his fingers. Luigi put his back into it and started thrusting up, bouncing as she rode him.

Booette bounced up and back down, each time meeting his thrust, landing on his cock and taking it in deep. Her hair flowed and fluttered. Her lovely breasts whipped and jiggled freely. She hung her head back, her white hair cascaded down. She moaned for him, her blueish tongue hanging out past her lips.

She leaned forward, placing her palms on the headboard, her breasts hanging down over him heavily. She began bouncing up and down, using her bed to bounce up and down on him, his cock hammering her pussy every time. Luigi began to feel light-headed as the minutes came on, he slipping out of reality, mesmerized by the sight of her riding his cock and the sensation of fucking her. He shut his eyes, and focused on the feeling building in his lap. He felt the fleshy, soft weight of Booette's thighs bouncing of his lap, the heat radiating off her pussy, enough to make his lap sweat like he was carrying a pizza in a car seat.

The pleasure kept coming, and coming, and coming. He shut his eyes, hard, and grasped the sheets. He then gasped out in ecstasy, feeling a chemical rush, a coming orgasm. "Princess! Yo—you can't go that fast! ..."

"Need me to slow down, daddy?" She said, stopping her bouncing, releasing herself from the headboard, now balancing herself on his chest again.

Booette leaned in over him, her breasts hanging down in his face. She began rocking forward and backwards on his cock, each time her breasts slid up his chest to slide against his face. Her locks and strands of sweaty white hair fell down all around his head, framing him. Every time she leaned back on his cock she clenched him, hard.

Luigi's face turned beet red. His balls began to shrivel up. He felt an amazing pull in his cock, a slipping, a rush. He pulled himself back from the brink of orgasm.

"We have to slow down..." He whispered, desperately.

"Oh?" Booette smiled, wickedly. She rocked down on his cock, and clenched him tightly, before going on, her breasts knocking up against his face.

"But—you haven't..." He sighed.

"I want you to cum..." She said, going back down on his cock, clenching, hard. Luigi felt like his cock would explode.

"I..." Luigi stammered. He looked up at Booette, naked, beautiful, her body bathed in the golden light of the sun, her breasts filling up his vision, he looked down at his cock, seeing her cunt literally sucking and pulling on the shaft of his cock, taking it in all the way.

"What's the matter, daddy?" She sighed.

Her hair hanging down around him, her eyes shining, he felt his heart pounding, so close to letting go.

"Are you going to cum?" She whispered urgently, her eyes glowing.

He pulled himself back, feeling a sweet, rushing pull, too good to resist. He let loose. Luigi yelled out, cumming inside her hot cunt with six pumps. The sweet release overtook him, each pump letting loose, each release a moment in heaven. He laid back sighing, her rolling locks of hair clinging to the sweat on his face, and covering his eyes.

The two laid together in silence, frozen in place. Luigi's body was drenched in sweat, and clung to hers. He felt the flesh of her body softly pushing against him, the rising and falling of her chest, the satisfying feeling of his cock going limp inside her hot pussy. Her hands slid against his chest.

The two stared at one another, until Booette relented, and shut her eyes to kiss him instead. Their lips pressed together, and they shared kiss after kiss, savoring every one. After this had ended, Booette's magenta eyes slowly slid open. She leaned back up and lifted herself up and off his cock, which hung back limp like over-boiled linguine.

Booette breathed and panted quickly and sensitively. Gobs of semen from the Super Nut that Luigi had busted came dripping down out of her pussy and down onto the sheets. She dabbed it up, rubbing it off on a bed sheet.

"I... love you, Luigi." She said, smiling, and blushing, leaning up against the bedpost.

Luigi laid flat on his back and stared on into space, swept out in a sea of pleasure, his chest heaving up and down.

"Luigi?" She waved a hand in his face. "Ooh! Are you having an out-of-body experience!?"

"… No."

"Aww." She huffed, looking on in disappointment.