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A warm haze of contentment surrounded Lanie when she woke the next morning. True, she was sore in places she hadn't realized she could be, but she was also wonderfully, gloriously, sated. She lay on her side, Magnus' long, lean body spooned around her, his strong arm holding her fast against him. She could feel him pressed hard against the small of her back, and smiled in awe that even after all of their activity last night he could still be so aroused.

She wished desperately that they could just stay in bed, lazing the day away cuddling and exploring each other, until their lust eventually took over and drove them to the extremes of passion once more. The idea of rising from bed and going back to work, where she would have to face Haas and what he may or may not have learned from his night security was about the least appealing thing she could think of.

The hand resting against her stomach snaked upward, and she gasped as her sore nipple was fondled by a set of large fingers. Against her naked back she felt the twitch of a large, very awake phallus. Instinctively she pushed back with her buttocks and heard Magnus groan.

"Good morning, lovely," he mumbled, kissing the top of her head. "Sleep well?"

"Mm-hm," she sighed, snuggling into him. "You?"

"Best sleep I've had in forever," he replied, sounding as happy as she felt. "Can't begin to imagine why."

His hand drifted downward and slipped between her legs. Lanie's breath caught as she automatically opened up for him, lifting her top leg to grant him access.

"Sore this morning darling?" he asked, stroking her well used but still shockingly wet sex teasingly.

"A bit," she admitted, then added self-consciously, "not too much, though. If you want."

"Oh, I want," he purred. "I very much want. But breakfast first. We need to rebuild our strength."

"But that means we have to get out of bed," she pouted.

"Not a morning person, are you pet?" he asked her, chuckling.

"Nope," she confirmed, trying to bring the sheet up over her head.

Magnus laughed and tugged it back down. He brought his hand up from where he had been teasing her licked his fingers, before sending it back down to smack her lightly on her breasts.

"Come on, up you get," he told her, sitting up and taking her with him. "No need to put on pajamas, Cori won't mind if you're naked. And I will mind if you're not."

Grumbling at his cheerfulness Lanie got out of bed and headed for the bathroom. She did take a moment first to stop and admire Magnus in all his naked glory. For a slim man he was incredibly well formed. His torso was all hard sculpted muscle, tapering to a well defined vee. His rampant cock stood up proud, just begging for her attention. His legs went on for days, hardened from a lifetime habit of running. 

"See something you like?" he grinned, catching her staring.

"Quite a bit," she answered, raking her eyes up and down him.

"Saucy girl," he laughed, swatting at her. She smiled and scampered into the bathroom.

When they had eaten they enjoyed a shared shower, during which Magnus took great delight in washing every crevice of her before dropping to his knees and lavishing his attention on her with his tongue, bringing her to her release.

He led her back out into the bed room and toweled her off, cock still straining. Backing her up against the wall, he wrapped her leg around his waist. With deceptive ease he picked her up and brought her down hard onto him. Her arms clung around about his neck, her head tilted back to rest against the wall as he plundered her depths. It did not take long before his thrusting became erratic and he felt his climax descend on him, shooting wave upon wave of cum into her, setting off another orgasm in her.

Walking over to the bed, still lodged within her trembling body, he laid her back onto the bed.

"I wonder, my dear," he whispered in her ear, "if you remember - you still have a portion of your discipline awaiting you."

Lanie froze. She had, indeed, forgotten.

"I thought as much," he smiled, seeming to read her expression. "Well, fortunately for us both, I remembered. Your punishment, pet, will be two fold. First, you are forbidden underwear today."

"What?" she stared at him in disbelief. 

"You'll wear a knee length skirt, bra, blouse, but no knickers," he clarified. "I want you to feel me running down your thighs today, I want to know my cum is painted on your legs."

Lanie swallowed, feeling her arousal grow again, even as panic was setting in. Magnus turned to the armoire and took something out, palming it.

"As for the other thing," he smiled, a sadistic glint in his eye and held up a silicone plug with a little blue jewel on the end.

"What is that for?" she asked with rising fear.

"You know what it's for," he told her with an evil grin. "This is the other part of your punishment. Now roll over, we have some work to do before your ready for it.”


Magnus warched an obviously nervous, but just as obviously turned on Lanie walk into her office building, a proprietary grin on his face. When he had kissed her good bye he had been able to smell their combined arousal. Between the mark still standing out on her neck, the dampness seeping down between her thighs, and the little jewles plug embedded in her ass she was thoroughly marked as his. He knew he would be front and center in her mind all day, and smugly relished the thought that she would be fighting against constant arousal as she went about her job. God knew he would be.

A sudden tap on his window jolted Magnus out of his reflection, and he turned to see Erik Hass looking at him through the glass. He rolled the window down and raised his eyebrow at the man. 

“Detective,” Haas said, imbuing the world with thinly veiled contempt, “I wondered if we might have a word.”

Gritting his teeth, Magnus got out of the car and looked warily at the other man. What could they possibly have to talk about?

”I would ask you up to my office, but I don’t think we need to involve Lanie in this,” he said thougtfully. “There’s a coffee shop across the street, why don’t we go there.”

When they had each ordered and sat down at a corner table with their beverages, Haas favored Magnus with a patently fake smile.

”No doubt you are wondering why I asked you here,” he began.

”No doubt,” Magnus agreed with a small smile. 

“I wanted to apologize,” Haas said, taking Magnus completely by surprise. “When I met you the other night, I doubted your sincerity. I thought your interest in Lanie was a ruse, a set up, if you will, to give the policd access to the company building without the bother of a obtaining a pesky search warrant.”

Magnus’ mind raced. He had underestimated Haas. The man might be distracted by his infatuation with Lanie, but he hadn’t let that blind him to their machinations.

”You underestimate the lady’s appeal,” Magnus said.

”Hardly,” Haas gave a thin lipped grin. “I underestimated yours. I have known Miss Greyson for quite some time, and I have never before seen her act quite so impulsively as she did with you that night. Particularly with one so...with one such as you, it seemed out of character.”

”I’m glad,” Magnus smirked. “I wouldn’t like to think I was just another notch on her bedpost.”

”Hardly,” Haas looked at him with hard eyes. “As I said, I doubted the veracity of your relationship. Until yesterday.”

”The security guard told you,” Magnus faught to keep a smile off his face.

”Of course,” Hass’ lip curled at the thought. “However, by that point I had already adjusted my thinking. You see, detective, I am a man who values my privacy. When my staff is hired, particularly someone in a position of delicacy such as Miss Greyson, I have them sign a significant number of disclosure agreements, as well as other, quite binding, proprietary legal documents. Cell phones, as I’m sure you are aware, are not permitted. We must always be vigilant against the threat of corporate espionage. However, every so often someone does manage to get a phone past Agnes, dragon though she might be, and for that reason I have established certain backups.”

Haas smiled as Magnus began to feel the beginnings of dread in his stomach.

”You see, my building is wired, using the latest Haas Electrics technology, of course, to intercept all cell phone transmissions sent from within its walls. The analyst, a man named Sven, has firm instructions to notify me the second this happens. Now, as much as I, personally, may have appreciated the photos, and most especially the video that Lanie sent you yesterday, I think we can both agree that she might not wish Sven to witness any more such displays. I would appreciate if you would discourage her for from further performance art sent from the office.”

Magnus’ face was a mottled red, anger and embarrassment fighting for dominance. The idea of Haas looking at, and no doubt salivating over, the pictures thay Lanie had sent him, of him watching the video of her running her hands over her exposed body, was enough to make him feel physically ill.

“You will erase those photos and the video,” he snarled.

”Oh, I don’t think so,” Haas purred. “I told you, proprietary rights. The photos belong to me.”

”Maybe, but LANIE belongs to me, and I will not have your eyes on her flesh.”

”Well, aren’t we the cave man,” Haas taunted him. “Relax, detective, they have already been deleted from the network. Fortunately, I will have them forever saved in my mind. And my memory is quite exemplary, I assure you. Especially with such incentive.”

Magnus’ fist was clenched, and it took all his will power not to lay the other man out on the floor.

”Now, if you will excuse me, I do have a company to run, and my lovely, lovely assistant will be expecting me.”

With a half smile of victory Haas sauntered out of the shop, leaving a fuming Magnus in his wake.