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Could've Been

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It had been a long day and all Shaw wanted to do was take a hot shower and get in bed without any disturbances. Unfortunately for her, there was a gun toting hacker, currently infatuated with her who had a slightly different agenda planned for her.

When Shaw finally made it home, there was a message in a chat box that was frozen on her computer screen. Since this was a new occurrence, Shaw immediately searched her apartment for any intrusion and upon finding none, sat down on her couch and settled her laptop down on her thighs to read the message.

9:58 pm > Did you miss me?

Shaw rolled her eyes and growled at the offending message, then replied.

10:30 pm (Shaw)> Don’t you have something better to do than hack my computer and ask stupid questions?

Shaw sat back against the pillows of her couch and waited for a response.

10:32 pm (Root)> There’s nothing better than doing you Shaw.

Shaw groaned, she had walked right into that one.

10:33 pm (Shaw)> Pervert.

10:34 pm (Root)> I heard that you came looking for me.

Shaw mentally scheduled an ass kicking for The Machine.

10:35 pm (Shaw)> I don’t know what you’re talking about.

If she didn’t acknowledge it, then it wasn’t true.

10:36 pm (Root)> Of course not Sameen.

Shaw mentally scheduled an ass kicking for The Machine’s smug analogue interface.

10:37 pm (Shaw)> Where are you Root?

It wasn’t like she actually cared or anything. It was just that she had heard about what Control had done to her and she wanted to make sure that Root was safe at least.

She absolutely did not care about her whereabouts.

10:38 pm (Root)> I’m safe for right now Shaw. That’s all that matters.

10:40 pm (Shaw)> If you say so.

Not that Root's safety mattered to her. She was just curious and making conversation.

10:41 pm (Root)> Didn’t know you cared so much Shaw.

Shaw could see the smirk on Root’s face even though they were in an online chat, as this was a common statement by her anytime Shaw displayed concern.

Even though it wasn’t concern, it was just, oh fuck it.

10:42 pm (Shaw) You know that I do, stop rubbing it in, ok.”

10:43 pm (Root) But don’t you like it when I rub it?

Shaw growled again at the screen and smacked it for good measure. She knew that statement was accompanied by a pout that Root always had when she was teasing her and decided that she had enough excitement for one night and slammed the computer closed.

She didn’t like anything that Root did. She didn’t like her as a matter of fact and by the time Shaw finally made it into bed, she had resolved in her mind that they were never having sex again.

Her phone vibrated on the night stand.

Shaw’s gut was telling her not to look at her phone, but it could’ve been Finch or Reese messaging her about a number.

She decided to kill the suspense and pick up her phone to see the contents of the text message, she immediately wished that she hadn't.

It read, I’m outside.