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The light of the dark

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The weeks leading up to the first anniversary was a curious one, Izuku didn’t glow again, it did lead the villains to wonder if they had been seeing thing. But, the week of the anniversary revealed some results.
“How did you get a feather in your hair Zu?” Crystal giggled, pulling a loose, faded green feather from Izuku’s curls. All the villains looked over at her.
What did you say? A static voice came from the TV causing Crystal to jump slightly.
“H…he had a feather in his hair.” Crystal said. Everyone was silent for a moment, before Sensei began speaking again.
So… he is one then… Sensei said
“He is what…”Astral asked, Izuku was too busy chewing on his fingers to be paying attention to the fact everyone was watching him.
He is showing signs of being a creature known as an Earthen Angel. Sensei explained. Their abilities are different for each one… I suspect the glowing was the first showing of his powers, and now, he will starting gaining his physical attributes.
“And they are?” Tomura questioned
Wings, Tomura. We must keep him safe at all costs. Sensei answered, if he is found, they will try and abuse his power.
“I read about them a bit…” Tomura admitted. “So… Izuku’s parent’s might be angels…”
It is possible, but there is also a chance he has one human parent. Sensei said So, I suggest we keep looking.
“You are a literal Angel Izu-kun!” Crystal cooed at him, Izuku giggled and clapped his hands together, before looking to Kurogiri and made grabby hands at him.
“Mama! Mamamamama!” Izuku giggled.
“Kurogiri is Mama bear confirmed.” Astral whispered, the villains smirked as Kurogiri took Izuku from Crystal. The baby clung to Kurogiri, giggling mama to himself happily.
“At least he has figured out his own family.” Dabi muttered, with a small smile.
“Yeah! He just needs to learn our names…” Astral muttered. Dabi turned and looked at Izuku.
“Say Dabi.” He said, Izuku looked at him with wide eyes.
“Abi!” Izuku repeated. “Abi, Abi, abi…” He mumbled. Looking back at Kurogiri to play with his tie. Dabi shrugged and leaned back in his chair, pleased. Crystal looked betrayed.
Izuku decided take notice and was more intrigues with his mama’s tie.
“Why don’t you take Izuku out to the park?” Sensei suggested a few days later, Tomura was sitting on the ground next to him as Izuku was crawling around. His wings were growing a little fast then expected, tiny fluffs of feathers were protruding from the baby’s shoulder blades, Kurogiri had gone to get special clothes made for him so he could fit his wings through his clothes.
“Would that be wise… if people would likely target him?” Tomura asked
“It is a time of quirks, as long as he doesn’t use his powers, people will just think the wings were his quirk.” AFO said. Tomura looked at Izuku, who had stopped and was sitting playing with a piece of paper he found. Izuku turned towards them, holding out the paper.
“Ba.” He said
“Thank you.” Tomura accepted the paper, Izuku giggled, before going on the move again. The villains watched the baby crawl around, babbling with a bright smile on his face. “I’ll take him later this weak.” Tomura told him.
“Tell me how it goes.” Sensei said, Tomura nodded.
Tomura walked quietly towards a park, Izuku was sitting in a push chair Kurogiri had gone to get. The angel child was giggling as he looked around with wide eyes.
“You excited Zu?” Tomura asked
“Mua! Mua!” Izuku clapped his hands. Tomura chuckled softly.

Tomura was nervous as he approached the child’s park, a few mothers were there with their own children.
“Mua…” Izuku asked
“You’re the one meant to be nervous.” Tomura smiled at him, stopping at a bench close to the park. He could see the mothers watching him curiously. “Do you want to go and play in the sand?”
“And! And!” Izuku giggled, Tomura smiled and shook his head. Freeing Izuku from the pushchair and carried him to the sand pit. Tomura knelt down and sat Izuku in the sand, his eyes were wide as he grab a handful of sand, he held it up to Tomura. “Mua! And!” He said proudly.
“Yep, that’s sand. You’re so clever Zu.” Tomura smiled, ruffling Izuku’s hair.
“Mua, and!” Izuku looked at him expectantly.
“Alright, I’ll play with you.” Tomura said, Izuku beamed happily. Tomura helped Izuku make a small hill of sand. Izuku pressed his hand into the top of it, before removing his hand and beaming at his hand print.
“Mua.” Izuku pointed at it.
“Great work Zu.” Tomura smiled, Izuku giggled proudly.
“Mua, you and.” Izuku told him. Tomura made another pile of sand and pressed hs hand into it. Izuku beamed at his print, before pressing his hand into it too. His hand was dwarfed in the print of Tomura’s hand.
“You’ll grow up to be big and strong too.” Tomura smile, Izuku looked up at hi with bright eyes and a small smile.

A scream caused Izuku to jump, Tomura got to his feet. A villain was walking into the park holding a woman hostage.
“Now, now. No one move.” He called. “Just wait nicely for the heroes and I might let you live, and now… my bargaining chips.” Roots burst out of the ground, and grabbed some of the children, one went for Izuku. Tomura quickly tore off one of his gloves and grabbed it, turning the root to dust in seconds. Izuku giggled and clapped at his big brother. The villain turned to him, but Tomura was faster, grabbing the mans arms, forcing him to release the woman. Before grabbing his leg, forcing him down.
“Now…” Tomura growled “Why don’t we wait for those heroes.” Tomura turned away putting his glove back on, before picking Izuku up. Izuku was giggling ‘Mua’ under his breath. He clung to Tomura, eyes not leaving the villain.
“T-thank you!” The woman bowed to her, before a young boy came running over crying for his mommy.

10 minutes later, heroes and police arrived, Tomura was pissed when they began to berate him for using his quirk in that situation, saying he could have hurt anyone. Tomura glared at them, holding Izuku close.
“You might be fine with my baby brother being held hostage by that asshole, but surprise! I don’t, assholes.” Tomura growled. “Come on Zu, we’re going home to where I know you are safe.” Tomura walked off, leaving behind surprised heroes and women admiring how much he cared for his little brother.

The next morning , the villain made the news again. But this time, he had ben found in his cell, mutilated by an unknow assailant. The police were confused about how someone could get into his cell as he was alone. The news story was playing the background of Kurogiri’s bar as he was talking to the league. Upstairs, Izuku was napping on Tomura’s chest, the two brother relaxing in peace.