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Guardian's Kisses

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"Chief Zhao, since that concludes our business for toda--. "

"Hei Lao Ge," the other man interrupted, coming to stand next to him where he stood by the window, "You know there is one more thing you could do for me." His voice was serious, quite outside of the norm of the teasing manner that Zhao Yunlan directed at everyone, even the Black-Cloaked Envoy.

The two were alone at SID quarters, the rest of the team having scampered away with one excuse or another when the Black-Cloaked Envoy entered the building upon being called.

The sun had set long ago, their business having been concluded to their satisfaction. It was time to leave, only, Yunlan now seemed to have something to say.

Shen Wei sidled over, hoping that it wasn't too apparent that he was putting back some of that distance between them. Turning to the Chief of SID, he raised an eyebrow, not that Zhao Yunlan could see it with his face half hidden behind the mask he wore.  "How can I be of help?" His voice was soft, calm, betraying none of the tension coursing through his body.

Zhao Yunlan shivered slightly in the cold air, displaying a hint of uncertainty, and then suddenly surged forward, closing the distance between them once more. He reached out a hand, placing it on a cloak-clad shoulder, squeezing lightly to emphasize the point he had yet to make.

"What are yo--?" Shen Wei began, instinctively putting up an arm, gently hitting against the hand on his shoulder. No one had dared to touch him with such familiarity in such a long time; in that moment, with that touch, he began to lose control.

Zhao Yunlan smirked at him, leaning close to murmur, "There has been something that I've wondered about for the longest time."

"Hmm?" he asked distractedly, continuing to push against the other man's arm. Zhao Yunlan's proximity was making him forget why the distance was necessary. He stood here, dressed as the Black-Cloaked Envoy, with all of the authority it gave him, and yet his mind was in utter chaos because of how close Zhao Yunlan had come. Despite all efforts to calm himself, he grew slightly frantic, frustrated, when there was no give.  

His resistance made no difference; it was as if the other man had made a decision and nothing would dissuade him from acting on it today. Leaning ever closer, his head tilted slightly so he could meet Shen Wei's gaze, Zhao Yunlan let the Black-cloaked Envoy see the intent in his eyes. When there was no further protest, silent or otherwise, his hands came up to cradle his face, his thumbs brushing over the mask, as if attempting to touch the skin he couldn't reach.

Slowly, ever so slowly, he moved closer and closer, his eyes focused on the lips in front of him.

Shen Wei knew that he could have stopped Zhao Yunlan, but his body fought his control and body won over mind at that moment. And with that terrible decision, it was as if time had frozen, and the two stood there for an eternity, before Zhao Yunlan closed that final distance between their lips.

He groaned softly when Yunlan’s lips landed on his, as they melded together, sharing breaths. There was no hesitation, and there would be no regret. He had been waiting for this moment for what had felt like forever, and he was being rewarded for his patience.

After a heartbeat, the kiss increased in ferocity, clashing teeth and dueling tongues. Zhao Yunlan's hands stroked the underside of his jaw, encouraging the masked man to open wider, to give him access to the secrets held behind those lips.

Shen Wei reached up to grasp Zhao Yunlan's shoulder's, wanting to pull him closer, so close that there would be nothing between them, nothing separating them save for the clothes they wore. Only, where his hands should have touched warmth, should have cradled his strength, he found only air.

His fingers grasped frantically for something, anything, but Yunlan had disappeared.


Shen Wei’s eyes flew open, his body stiffening at the shock of sudden displacement. Where he had had everything his heart wanted, he was now all alone, in that place of nothingness he retreated to in between his duties as the Black-Cloaked Envoy and the Professor.

Looking around at the desolate, barren surroundings, he wondered if this was all his life amounted to. Would he continue to exist through millennia, patrolling the lines, observing life from the shadows and never living?

Leaning back against the wall, he focused on his breathing, hoping to slow down both his harsh breaths and the thundering beat of his heart. Wiping at the sweat that had been running down his face, he looked around the dark space once more. Concrete walls, bare floors, and no windows. It was a closed off space that allowed him rest without the worry of being seen in his most weakened of states. While he was Dixingian, had no need for the amount of sleep that humans needed, he still required rest. And this closed off place, that could only be reached by him, allowed him that rest without worry of being attacked by enemies.

And the darkness, while no impediment to his ability to see and defend if need be, did allow him today to hide the truth, the severity, of his reaction from himself. He stared down at his hands, the feeling of emptiness eating at him.

"Hei Lag Ge."

His irreverent tone still rang in his ears. The ghost of his lips still pressed against his own.

Shen Wei sucked in a sharp breath, allowing that façade of denial to crack for just a moment. He admitted to himself in that dark room that he wanted to touch Zhao Yunlan, to cradle him in his arms, to kiss him. To grab onto him and never let him go. His hands shook from the force of his need, but he called on his powers to suppress the telltale signs. He tamped those desires down, burying them under reminders of ‘he doesn’t know you’ and ‘he doesn’t remember you’. 

Resting his head back against the wall, he sighed heavily, his eyes burning. He had done nothing to make a home for himself in the years that he had been awake. He'd felt too alien, too different, in a world that had changed completely while he'd slept. It hadn't mattered, because up until now, he had never wanted or needed one.

But now, now that he knew where Zhao Yunlan lived, now that he knew where he called home, he had a reason to find a place, a home, near him.

That much he would allow himself.



The lights were turned off. Softness underneath him. A weight in his arms, his warmth, his scent surrounding him.

He tried to focus, wondering. He'd been taking care of Yunlan . .. what had happened? Where was he? He was in Zhao Yunlan's room, and the softness underneath him could only mean one thing. But how had he gotten into the bed?

There was the sleepy murmur of a familiar voice, growing louder in volume as the speaker moved closer to him, turning towards him.

Zhao Yunlan's home. Zhao Yunlan's bed.

He gasped softly when arms came up and around him, tightening to such a degree that he couldn't escape.

Zhao Yunlan's arms.

Shen Wei had stayed for one reason and one reason only, to take care of Zhao Yunlan through his illness; so, how the hell had he landed here?

Yunlan braced himself on one elbow, leaning over his prone body, his breath warm against Shen Wei's lips. He leaned down, so close that Shen Wei's lips began to ache from the anticipation of kisses to come.

Shen Wei pushed his head back against the pillow, his heartbeat thundering in his ears. "Zhao Yunlan," he whispered frantically, "Don't!"

Yunlan leaned down to place a soft kiss against Shen Wei's lips, his tongue coming out to trace the clean lines with so much need. When those lips parted on a gasp, Yunlan slipped inside.

And then, there was nothing but increasing softness with a hint of teeth. Nibbles across his cheek, a sharp bite at the edge of his jaw, moist presses against the side of his neck, alternatively biting and then suckling, until Shen Wei began to groan in agony, his fingers giving in to run through and then grip at Yunlan’s hair.

Shen Wei reached down, ready to pull off Yunlan's shirt, to have his way with the man so intent on seducing him when the world erupted in a burst of bells.


Shen Wei sat up in his chair, his heart pounding, sweat running down his body. Hunching over, his body shuddered at the agony of arousal that would not be assuaged. He could still taste the sweetness of his kisses on his lips, on his tongue, the sting of his bites against his skin.. His hand reached up to brush away the memory of those lips pressing against his, as his mind struggled to regain control of his body.

Reaching out a hand, he picked up the blaring telephone and then slammed it back down, ignoring the tinny voice on the other end. He was no good to anyone right now.

Shen Wei sat in his office, having planned on working through the night to distract himself from these increasingly worrisome dreams about Zhao Yunlan's kisses. Work hadn't been enough to keep him awake. How could he have fallen asleep at his desk? Had the countless nights of dreaming, with nary a moment of peaceful rest, begun to get to him?

No. He shook his head. He was the Black-Cloaked Envoy, the strongest of his kind. How could dreams . . . of kisses defeat him in such a manner?

Zhao Yunlan's lips.

Running a hand through his hair, he admitted one truth. While he wouldn’t be defeated, not by his needs or desires, something had to be done.

That soft pop when he pulled the lollipop from between his pink, moist lips.

No matter how hard he'd tried, no matter how much he scolded himself, he had spent the past few weeks bewitched by those lips. He was obsessed with them. When they smiled at him. When they laughed. When they joked with him, spoke to him, sucked at yet another lollipop. When they opened on a breath.

His body shuddered once more, his mind grappling with that pathetic degree of obsession. He could only hope that Zhao Yunlan hadn't noticed his propensity to lock gazes with those lips whenever they were in close proximity to Shen Wei's own.

His fixation was getting worse. And knowing himself, knowing the obsession that had gotten him through 10,000 years, that was saying a lot. He'd never had to deal with the likes of these dreams before. During his sleep, if he had dreamt at all, it had mostly been nightmares about his didi or past war strategies. He hadn't been lucky enough to dream of Kunlun. He hadn't dreamt of passion and fires, he hadn't craved them as he did now, even as they burned him from the inside out.

Yunlan stole into his dreams every night.

He was getting bolder.


The first thing he felt, the first thing he became aware of . . . Yunlan's lips pressing against his own. They were soft, wet, warm. So familiar.

Shen Wei relaxed, parting his lips, letting him slide in and taste without protest.

Yunlan. The sweetness of his apple lollipop remained, the bite of those teeth as they nipped against his bottom lip, the scrape of them as they moved across his jaw was intoxicating.

"What are you doing?" Shen Wei asked, when the other man pulled away. He found it hard to open his eyes, the drugging effect of Yunlan's kisses weighing them down until he wanted to do nothing but go under and let Yunlan do whatever he willed.

"Your lips looked dry," Yunlan said jokingly. "I thought that I should moisturize them with my own." There was a moment of silence, as Shen Wei forced his eyes and met Yunlan's embarrassed gaze, a small, satisfied smirk playing across his lips nonetheless. "Shen Wei, can you really not guess?"

"I thought Lin Jing was running an experiment," Shen Wei responded, his eyes obsessively glued to Yunlan's face. "Won't this skew the results?"

Yunlan shrugged his shoulders, his hands coming up in an 'oh well' gesture.

Smirking slightly, Shen Wei got up, resting his weight on one elbow, and used the other to hook a hand around Yunlan's neck, pulling him down for another kiss. Yunlan was pliant, following where Shen Wei lead, tongue eagerly sliding against tongue, clashes of teeth. And thirst. So much thirst. He knew that even if he kissed Yunlan for the next 10,000 years, it would not be enough to slake that damnable thirst.

Yunlan groaned softly, his tongue tangling with Shen Wei's as they battled for supremacy, his hands coming to rest on either side of Shen Wei's waist, ready to continue this for a good long while.

"Shen Wei," he murmured in a passion-thick voice, pulling away reluctantly after minutes of heady glory.

"Hmm?" came back the throaty reply.

"Move over." The intent was clear, Yunlan wanted to lie down on the space next to him.

"Will you two please stop it?! I have to get these results!"

. . . . . . . . . .

"Were you pretending to be controlled from the beginning?"

A quick nod with a cheeky smile directed his way, "Otherwise, you wouldn’t have disclosed your identity."

Shen Wei firmed his lips and suddenly reached out to place a hand against the back of Yunlan's head to bring him close. He ruthlessly captured those lips, catching that irreverent tongue between his teeth. Biting down sharply to make his point, he inhaled the pained groan that escaped Zhao Yunlan's lips, swallowing it deep down.

Turning full body towards him, forgetting their audience, the criminal and the entire world, the two battled, each taking their frustration out on the other. There had been tension and unhappiness on both sides over the secrets that he'd kept from Yunlan.

His kisses became softer, his tongue caressing the other's, as he silently expressed the regret he felt over the pain he'd caused. He nipped softly at Yunlan's lips, his fingers caressing his cheeks, his mouth moving over Yunlan's beloved face, to cover it with kisses.

But Yunlan wasn't having it, he wasn't ready for the apology. He wasn’t ready to forgive. Fighting Shen Wei's hold, he pushed him back with his body, until the two fell over the arm of the couch behind them, Shen Wei landing on the plush material with a grunt.

Yunlan didn’t hesitate to climb on top of him, the heated intent in his eyes hardening Shen Wei's body even more for the punishment to come. He wanted so badly that his body ached. His fingers reached up to grab at Yunlan's collar, but there was only air.


His eyes flew open, power burning in the palm of his hands. Controlling the energy before it did any true damage, cursing softly at the slightly singed sheets beneath him, he fought to control the body that was thrumming with passion. Moving restlessly for minutes on end, trying to make himself relax, the passion did not dissipate. It only increased with every memory of Yunlan's kisses.

Giving in with a violent groan, Shen Wei traced a hand down his body, massaging against his aching member that only wanted to be satisfied. His fingers moved against it, a pained grunt escaping him, before he ripped them away, unsure of what to do . . . how to assuage the fire that Yunlan  had lighted in his body.

His dreams were getting bolder, he was getting bolder. Shen Wei turned on his side, his eyes gazing in the direction where Yunlan slept. He had to hold himself back, grab the sheets beneath him to prevent himself from going to him.

Today, he'd almost grabbed onto Yunlan. Almost kissed him in front of everyone. Almost demanded a taste of that strawberry lollipop straight from his lips. His body had shook from the force of his desire, but thankfully so minutely that no one but he had noticed it.

And his skin burned now. He was a creature of cold, the elements did not bother him, but now even the clothes on his body irritated his sensitized skin. Moving restlessly against the sheets, his arms going under his pillow, his body arching on the soft cotton sheets, did nothing to decrease the irritation. Giving in with a pained groan, Shen Wei whisked everything off, stretching out on the bed, rubbing his burning body against the cool sheets.

Giving up with a pained groan, when even that failed, he reached under his bed for the alcohol he had bought for emergencies. He drank just enough to pull him into oblivion. He could not let this fire grow any stronger. And if he had to knock himself out on a nightly basis to prevent those dreams, then he would do so.


"But I was cheated by you for so long that my heart hurts. I would feel so upset, unless I get my compensation." His words were cajoling, the smile on his face and glint in his eyes clearly hinting at bad intentions.

Shen Wei knew that Yunlan was playing him, knew that Yunlan was taking advantage of the situation, but even so, he couldn’t prevent himself from asking, "Then, what do you want?" He paused for a moment. Why was he so nervous? What could Yunlan even demand?

"Promise me something."

Shen Wei looked down, swallowing with effort. Because he wasn't looking, he missed the chance to stop Yunlan, he lost the chance to steel himself against the attack. In those moments of distraction, his arms were suddenly full with Yunlan.

The other man had climbed onto Shen Wei's lap, his fingers under Shen Wei's chin, tilting his head up to meet his gaze. "For every day, every minute that we've known each other and you've kept a secret from me, pay for it."

Shen Wei wrinkled his brow in confusion. "I…" he began in protest, his body hardening, even as he unconsciously pressed himself against the juncture of Yunlan's widespread thighs, craving his warmth against that aching part of him.

"Pay for it with kisses," Yunlan murmured huskily, settling himself squarely against the evidence of Shen Wei's desire.  "For every second that you've kept secrets from me, until you tell me everything that I should know. Kiss me." He wrapped his arms around Shen Wei's neck, bringing him closer.

Shen Wei froze, knowing that any movement now would push his lips against Yunlan's.

"However I want," he demanded throatily, placing a kiss against the corner of Shen Wei's lips. "However I need." He placed another kiss against the other side of those delectable lips. "Whenever I demand." A kiss on Shen Wei's nose. "Without question." A kiss against his feathery eyelashes. "Without hesitation." A loving kissed placed against Shen Wei's forehead. "These lips are mine." And finally, finally, he pressed his lips against Shen Wei's drinking in the soul deep groan that escaped Shen Wei at that complete contact.

It was too much to bear. "Stop it. Stop it, Yunlan!" he violently pushed the other man off his lap, doing his utmost to fight the drugging effect of his kisses. Getting up from the chair, he yelled at him, "Don't do this to me!" He turned to leave, knowing that it was only a temporary solution, because it wasn’t a matter of how long he could run. He was the Black-cloaked Envoy, he could run forever. It was about how much longer he could fight himself, and that was a losing battle when Yunlan was right in front of him.

In his haste to get away, Shen Wei tripped over his own feet and landed on the floor. Looking around, blinking, he realized that he was in his room. In his home, across the hallway from the man that was slowly driving him insane. Or rather it was dreaming about the kisses of that man; Yunlan, thankfully, was not home, having left hours before, right about the time Shen Wei had drunk his nightly dose of alcohol to put himself to sleep.

Giving up and lying on the floor, he closed his eyes, contemplating the sorry state of his life. Here he was, naked, on the floor of his apartment with all sorts of germs, pining over a man that wouldn’t know feelings if they came and hit him over the head. He was slightly drunk, had deliberately gotten himself in this state to induce oblivion, but even then, the dreams kept coming.

Those dreams were pushing him ever closer to the precipice; he was afraid the next one would push him over the edge.

Would that be so bad?

. . .

"Shen Wei?"

. . .

"Shen Wei, get up."

Shen Wei scrunched his eyes shut even tighter, groaning as yet another hallucination began. He contemplated drinking the rest of the bottle tonight. He didn’t even care if he was risking a coma by doing so. "Go away."

There was a soft exhalation. "You know I can't do that."


"What do you mean why?" A short pause. "Get up."

"Are you here to kiss me again?"

There was no response, just a gentle touch running up a naked thigh, a soft exhalation of sound and then moist warmth, as if those lips were now close to him, near to touching him in some other way beyond just kisses on the lips.

His body shuddering at the unnerving sensation, an extra hint of reality chilling him. "Screw it!" he muttered,  getting up and back into his bed, pulling the sheet up to his chest and turning away from the source of his nightly torture. Maybe his being awake would preempt any further dreams.

There was a touch, warmth against his naked shoulder. A hand sliding down his back, pushing away the sheet, baring him to the air, even as it stopped right at the dimples above his hips. A final, seductive caress before the hand withdrew. "You've been drinking."

Shen Wei sat up in bed, the sheets pooling in his lap, his heart beating rapidly in his chest. Finally daring to meet the eyes of the man in front of him, he glared at him, squinting through the diminishing haze of alcohol. "But I'm not drunk. I'm just tired of you  . . ."

"Tired of me?" Yunlan tentatively sat down beside him, his eyes focused on the naked skin before him.

Cursing softly when he felt himself tilt, Shen Wei reached out a hand and braced himself against Yunlan's jean-clad thigh. "What are you doing?" he asked huskily.

"I'm sorry," Yunlan said, his hand reaching out to touch a naked shoulder, moving down in a disturbing pattern, closer and closer to the tip of a dusky nipple that had pebbled in the cool air.

Shen Wei grasped Yunlan's wandering hand and brought it to the center of his chest. It wouldn't do his peace of mind, whatever of it he still had left, any good if he allowed this dream Yunlan to become even bolder with his touching.

"I should go," Yunlan muttered, his fingers wrapping around Shen Wei's hand tightly. "You're okay."

"No." Shen Wei gazed off into space, his mind working feverishly. Why should Yunlan leave? Why should he have to suffer any longer? Why not use this dream to his advantage tonight and exorcise all of his demons?

"Shen Wei, I should really go."

There was a gentle tug, as Yunlan attempted to pull away, bringing Shen Wei's attention back to the man in front of him. Heaving a heavy sigh, letting all of his inhibitions go for just this one dream, he murmured, "Let's get to it."

"Get to what?"

"Kisses. And more." Giving that answer, he pulled the other man over his body and down onto the bed beside him.

Zhao Yunlan's legs were sprawled over Shen Wei's naked thighs, his jeans rough against his naked skin.

Ignoring the huff of protest, pushing those legs off, Shen Wei got up to straddle Yunlan's prone body, ready to take command of the dream for once. He would no longer be the harassed; today, he would do some harassing of his own.

"Shen Wei." Hands come out to grip his naked hips, biting into the flesh. "This isn't a good idea."

Taking those hands, Shen Wei raised them over Yunlan's head, gripping the wrists to hold them in place. Rubbing his naked body against Yunlan's, Shen Wei groaned against Yunlan's lips.

"Shen Wei!" there was a grunt, a soft wiggle, as if Yunlan was fighting to release himself, but that was impossible.

"Every night, you steal into my dreams," he murmured, kissed those seductive lips. Once. Twice. Three times, entreaty in each brush. When Yunlan listened, when he parted them, Shen Wei swept inside to lazily stroke Yunlan's tongue with his own. "You tease me with kisses. Inundate me with pleasure. Share yourself with me, imprinting yourself onto me so that I can only taste you every second of every day." He nipped sharply at that bottom lip, hard enough so that a drop of blood appeared. Sweeping his tongue over it, he drank it down, taking Yunlan deep inside of him, even as his cheek pressed against Yunlan's, rubbing against the harshness of his facial hair. The sensation was exquisite.

"You torture me with your voice. Addict me to your touch," his voice broke as he pressed his chest against Yunlan's, their hearts beating against each other. Bending down a little further, he nipped at Yunlan's ear, sucking on the lobe for a moment, and feeling the response in Yunlan's body, evidenced by the hardening of his cock.

"Shen Wei." A strangled, helpless huff.

Grinding himself against Yunlan's groin, the two groaned in unison when their hardened members rubbed against each other, the pain of need riding high.

"You tell me in every way I'm yours, and you know what?" Shen Wei asked dreamily, pressing kisses down Yunlan's face, from forehead to chin.

"What?" Yunlan turned his head, attempting to capture those lips.

"You're mine, too." He continued to pepper soft kisses across that beloved face, even as one of his hands let go of Yunlan's wrist to grip at the back of his neck, grabbing the hair there to emphasize his point. He straddled Yunlan's leg, pressing down in an attempt to assuage the increasing ache. "I want what's mine. Please."

"I'm yours," Yunlan murmured brokenly, his free hand coming down to stroke Shen Wei's naked back, across his hips, until his fingers dipped into the cleft between those cheeks in a caress. Palming one cheek, he pushed Shen Wei, so that their hardened cocks rubbed together once more.

"Mine," Shen Wei repeated with gritted teeth, biting at the side of Yunlan's neck, where neck met shoulder. Sucking wildly, he left his mark. Knowing that if nothing else, he would get his satisfaction in these dreams tonight.

He felt Yunlan shudder violently at the harsh bite, the rough suckling, his own body clenching, as need flooded every inch of his being.

And then, there was nothing else, save for broken sobs, heated groans. Fire and heat. Bodies burning, as moist kisses were shared, loving touches showered on bodies and souls starved for love.

There was pleasure. So much pleasure.

And finally, after months of agony, there was satisfaction.


Shen Wei shot up in bed, heart pounding, dazed as he tried to make sense of what had happened. His shoulders slumping, he realized that it had been just another dream.

The alcohol was no longer working.

He ran a hand through his hair, hoping the action would stop the trembling in his body. After a long moment, he felt himself relax. Taking a deep breath, he got up out of bed, moving towards the bathroom.

It was the strangeness of aches, the pull of muscles that he hadn't even remembered existed, that made him stop in his tracks. His eyes going to the mirror across the room, widened upon seeing the marks on his body, the red flush of his cheeks.

What . . . ? He rubbed at his eyes, hoping that it would give him some clarity, but his mind was too numb to think.

Hearing a soft rustle behind him, where there should have been no noise, Shen Wei whirled around to gaze at the figure on the bed in dawning horror.

There was a sleepy groan. A husky chuckle. "It's too early in the morning."

Shen Wei looked down, noticing the scratches and the bruises, the imprints of Yunlan's fingers all over his body.  

"What are you doing?" Quiet satisfaction in the words, as Yunlan took in the proof of their lovemaking.

It hadn't been a dream. The one time that he had decided to give into his dreams, to let them go as far as they would, it hadn't been a f--king dream.

"Shen Wei, come back to bed." Yunlan held out a hand, his chest naked, the blankets pooling over an intriguing bulge.

Shen Wei's body reacted immediately, his mouth watering at the thought of having another taste. Of being fully aware this time around that it wasn't a dream. All hesitation fell away in front of the reality of having Zhao Yunlan again, of being with Zhao Yunlan again. He moved back to the bed.

. . .

Last night had not been a dream.

But their loving had been the most beautiful dream of all. He wanted to dream that dream for just a little longer.