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One Week Later...

The breeze is light and soft against his face as he enters the cafe. The aromatic scent of coffee assaults his senses as he slips into a booth. He checks the time on his phone.

It's been four days since the clouds around Shibuya had dispersed. Three days since Shiki and Eri started officially dating. Two days since Sho gave him his number in binary code, "just in case". One day since Beat and Rhyme invited him over to their house for the first time.

And he still hasn't stopped waiting for frickin' Joshua.

He rolls his eyes, scanning the rest of the customers. Hanekoma is cooking up something in the back, and it smells wonderful. Probably doesn't cost as much as he's selling it for, but hey, business is business. There are a few field Reapers in the corner gathered around Uzuki, who according to rumor had finally been promoted to a higher ranking officer. She has a sneaky grin on her face, as if planning something. Neku doesn't particularly want to know what. 

Someone goes running past the window, and Neku looks just in time to see that Tin Pin boy (Shooter?) running around the corner. He's glad the city is safe again. For a kid like him to grow up isolated and alone... it's just not right.

A loud cawing sound draws his attention back to the cafe. Myde is sitting at the counter with his bird on his shoulder, talking to an emo-looking guy in a lab coat. The guy's hair is covering half his face, and he's listening attentively to Myde, who's telling a story involving some elaborate hand gestures. The look in his eyes is fond. Neku pretends not to notice the red blush creeping up the back of Myde's neck.

Mr. H brings him a cup of coffee. "On the house," he says when Neku reaches for his wallet. 

"Thanks. Are you and Josh, you know, okay?"

Mr. Hanekoma sighs and shrugs. "Well, I'm still his Producer, so he doesn't hate me too much. We'll be fine." The bell on the door jingles, signalling a new arrival.

The Composer himself walks through the door, ash-blonde hair curled attractively as though naturally tousled by the wind. He's wearing Neku's blue hoodie, the one he had borrowed just over a week ago. It's a very different, but good look on him. He bats his lashes and gracefully slides into the booth opposite Neku, who rolls his eyes at the theatrics.

"Really? Ten minutes late and you planned it? This is our first date, you know."

Joshua snickers, then leans in close. "I know." He pecks Neku on the lips, then sits back looking smug.

"I hope you haven't been waiting for me too long."

He has no idea.