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How to Train Your Brat: LTR2

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Genji hadn't actually met the top before that night, only chatting back and forth on Fetlife, planning the scene haphazardly. It was the top’s third time at Talon, but Genji felt safe there and was alright with his inexperience. His name was Paul. Paul had spiky black hair, dull green eyes, and a bad-boy air about him, aided by the leather jacket he never took off. Genji let himself find the bad boy vibe the dominant gave off alluring, the illusion of danger erotic.


Genji was the first to arrive. He paid the fee with the last of his cash and wandered into the interior rooms, going to the locker room to strip down and put away his things. He wasn’t alone in the locker room, but there were strict rules about conduct and touching in the locker room, so he wasn’t worried about stripping his thin clothes off. He shoved them into the metal locker and snapped on the combination lock before going to one of the mirrors.


He checked his eyeliner, letting himself admire his face for a moment. Those honey eyes had brought strong men to their knees with but a look. Those soft, baby-pink lips had made religious men forsake their god and praise him for the night. Genji looked lower in the mirror, anxiety that only showed up when he was naked and alone settling in the pit of his stomach. Anxiety over the green dragon curled up in ink on his back- would someone recognize it? Would he be threatened by someone done wrong by his old clan? His eyes skated across the green scales barely peeking over his shoulder.


Anxiety over the silvery lines trailing over his slim, milky thighs. Hard to notice from far away but easily seen when close were the same lines but fewer in number decorating his wrists. Would this dominant stare like some had in the past? Would he ask? Genji shook his head and eyed his still mostly soft cock.


He still kept himself shaved smooth most of the time. The habit had been gouged into his daily routine and was difficult to stop. “ These men may be fucking you but they’re not into men. You’re pretty enough. The Asian thing works for you. Stay smooth. They don’t like body hair.”


Genji shook his head again and forced himself to exit the locker room and part with his reflection and self-doubt. Paul approached him almost immediately, barely exchanging greetings before picking a spanking bench to use for the scene.


Genji sprayed the leather pads of the bench with the provided antibacterial cleaner and wiped it down carefully. Paul unpacked his toy bag, revealing a crop, strap, and aluminum paddle. Genji eyes the toys, chewing on the inside of his cheek with a blank face.


Paul bent to whisper in his ear, crowding his personal space with the scent of freshly smoked tobacco, “Your safe word is penguin. I can't wait to beat your ass black and blue.”


Genji shook his head, “No, I use the stoplight system. Red means stop now, yellow means check-in. And we agreed to a lighter scene on Fet. Don't you remember?”


Paul was disinterested in what Genji had to say but played it off well. “Right. My bad. Go ahead and get comfortable.”


Genji draped himself over the spanking bench and let Paul wrap the cuffs around his thighs and wrists, sliding the leather through the buckles with an edge of roughness. He exhaled until his lungs burned, closing his eyes to relax into the position and start to float into his headspace.


Without warning, Paul picked up the crop and slapped it down on Genji's upturned ass rapidly and at full force. Genji shot up as much as he could in the bondage, peace broken by pain. “You need to slow down!! I'm not warmed up yet!” His voice rose an octave, hips wiggling to try to escape the sudden stings.


From what Genji could tell from his face down position, Paul was pissed that he had been told to slow down. Genji felt like he could taste the animosity from the man. His safe word was heavy on his tongue. But Paul did comply and started to smack the crop down lighter and at a slower pace. Genji slowly relaxed again.


He was touching the line of an okay-enough subspace when a sudden searing pain bloomed over his ass. Terror yanked him back from the floaty headspace he was almost entering. He was supposed to be safe and not in so much pain… His entire body and mind were screaming about how wrong this was. In his pained surprise, he yelped out, “Red!”


But Paul didn't stop. In fact, he doubled his efforts, bringing down the aluminum paddle harder and faster. Genji couldn't do anything, couldn’t move because of the leather restraints, the pain stealing his voice. He could only whimper ‘red’ in a recurring, pitiful tone.

“Dude, what the fuck?!” Paul yelled abruptly, the paddling ceasing. Genji couldn't see anything but he felt himself being untied by expert fingers — definitely not Paul’s.

“He was calling his word, you fucking idiot,” another man growled, his deep voice making Genji tremble a little more as he helped Genji off the bench. Looking up at his savior, Genji recognized him as Gabriel Reyes. They had done a few scenes before, the man comfortable and easy with casual dominance. He was a kind man, from what he remembered, offering aftercare multiple times despite Genji turning it down beyond a hug and a smile. He owned a big company, doing demonstrations sometimes with a pretty blond.


Genji didn't realize he was sobbing and shaking in his stunned stupor until he felt a blanket being wrapped around his shoulders, grounding him. He looked up to the most fetching man he had ever seen looking down at him with concern evident on his face. The pretty blond man that was always with Gabriel. He looked like the embodiment of an angel. Genji finally came back to the moment, the realization of what just happened hit him all at once now that he was safe. He fell forward and sobbed into Jack's firm chest.


He heard Gabriel yelling at Paul, but Jack was already leading him out of the play area of Talon and into the social area, typically dedicated to aftercare. He followed easily, feeling connected to the angel instantly. Jack sat on a couch and Genji straddled his lap quickly, sobbing into his neck again. He would've sat on the blond’s lap, but his ass was still burning like fire.


Jack made sure that the blanket was conserving his modesty then began to rub his back, cooing under his breath. It took a solid five minutes of hysterical sobbing for Genji to finally calm down. Jack held the smaller man close and continued rubbing his back while he cried. Gabriel brought over a cold bottle of water and Aloe Vera, quietly setting them beside Jack on the couch before going back to his DM duties.


Genji had quieted to soft whimpers now, still hidden against Jack's neck. “Hey, sweetheart. I'm Jack.”


“Genji,” he whispered, voice rough as he sniffled and pulled back to look at Jack.


Jack smiled, stunning Genji for a moment with the enchanting curvature of his scarred lips. “Hi, Genji. Gabe brought you some water. Do you want a sip?” Genji nodded and watched Jack crack the seal on the bottle before helping him take a sip. Genji was putty in his hands, he could feel that he was safe while with this stranger and the dominance that saturated his aura was palpable.


Jack set the water aside and started to rub his back again. Genji leaned against him, still in his disoriented state. Jack rested his chin on the top of Genji's head. “Were you in your headspace with him?”


Genji shook his head. “Was almost. Didn't quite fall down the rabbit hole.” Jack nodded in understanding.


“I know I'm a stranger and you can absolutely deny me… can I take you home with me tonight? I want to make sure you're okay. Give you a massage. You can use my jacuzzi tub and my guest room. I understand if you say no. You seem like you’re new to the life and I want to make sure you’re okay.”


Genji nodded, eager at the prospect of a nice, hot bath. Anything would be nicer than the motel he was currently at. “I would love to. Could we go now?” Jack nodded, helping Genji get up. Genji dropped the blanket on the couch, revealing himself to Jack without shame or hesitation. Jack smiled and grabbed the water and aloe before going to the locker room. Genji followed.


Jack got his small bag of personal belongings out from his locker, waiting on Genji to get himself street-ready with clothes from his own locker. Jack watched his ass as he got dressed, frowning to himself when he saw the bruises already starting to form on his perky cheeks. He also let himself admire the green dragon tattoo that took up most of his back.


Genji shot him a nervous smile when he caught him looking, walking to him once he finished. “I'm ready.” Jack offered his hand, which Genji took immediately.


“Are you hungry?” Genji shrugged a little. He didn’t eat much still, using drugs and alcohol as meal substitutes. Habits from just months ago were hard to quell.


“I could eat, but not hungry.” Jack nodded and led him to his Lexus, opening the door for him. Genji stopped before he got in and faced Jack, setting his hand on his chest lightly before he leaned in and pressed their lips together, Jack leaning down into the kiss.


Genji pulled away and got in, smiling. Jack grinned at him and shut the door, walking around the car and getting in on his side. Once seated, Jack pulled out a few negotiation sheets from his bag and handed them to Genji. “I hope I'm not being too presumptuous.”


Genji looked at it and grinned. “No, sir.”


Submissive's Physical Limitations:

Are there any issues with the submissives':

heart : yes/ no

lungs : yes/ no

neck, back, bones, joints : yes/ no

kidneys : yes/ no

liver : yes/ no

nervous system/mental : yes/no


Is there a history of:

seizures : yes/ no

dizzy spells : yes/ no

diabetes : yes/ no

high or low blood pressure : yes/ no

fainting : yes/ no

asthma : yes/ no

hyperventilation attacks : yes /no


Additional Pertinent Information: Anxiety

Describe any phobias: Bugs, not breathing unless I'm willfully choking on cock

In case of emergency, notify: Shimada Hanzo +81 3 2002 3456

Is the submissive wearing contact lenses? Yes/ No


Dominant's Physical Limitations:


Are there any issues with the dominant's:

heart: no

lungs: no

neck, back, bones, joints: no

kidneys: no

liver: no

nervous system/mental: yes, PTSD from service


Is there a history of:

seizures: no

dizzy spells: no

diabetes: no

high or low blood pressure: no

fainting: no

asthma: no

hyperventilation attacks: no


Additional Pertinent Information: dominant is certified in CPR and first aid. Safety gear, such as paramedic scissors, a first aid kit, and a fire extinguisher is on location.


In case of emergency, notify Gabriel Reyes, (310) 654-1234


Do you believe you might have an STD?

Jack Morrison: No

Submissive : yes/ no


Underline the following sexual acts that are acceptable, if it is crossed out, it is unacceptable to the dominant:

Masturbation : dominant to submissive , submissive to dominant , submissive only , dominant only

Blow Jobs : dominant to submissive , submissive to dominant

Rimming : dominant to submissive , submissive to dominant

Anal intercourse : dominant to submissive , submissive to dominant

Anal Fisting : dominant to submissive , submissive to dominant


Is swallowing semen acceptable?

Jack Morrison: Yes

Submissive : yes /no


The submissive cannot use intoxicants while in a scene with me.


Bondage  (underline the acceptable versions, crossed out options are a hard limit of the dominant)


hands in front

hands behind back

ankles together

knees together

elbows together

wrists to ankles (hogtie)

spreader bars

tied to a chair

tied to a bed

use of blindfold

use of ball gag

use of o-ring gag

use of hood

use of rope

use of tape

use of leather cuffs

use of handcuffs/metal restraints





Submissive's general attitude toward receiving pain (underline): likes , accepts, neutral, dislikes, will not accept

Quantity of pain the submissive wants to receive (underline): none, minimal, average , massive

Dominant's general attitude towards giving pain: Likes

Quantity of pain the dominant wants to give: Average


The following types of pain are acceptable to receive (underline):








Nipple Clamps

Hot Creams


Hot Wax



Erotic Humiliation

The submissive agrees to the following forms of erotic humiliation (underline):

Verbal abuse


Forced Exhibitionism





Safe Words

I use the stop light system. If you are used to another safe word, please tell me verbally. If you have a preferred non-verbal safe word, tell me verbally beforehand. Otherwise, snapping will be used. If you cannot snap, you will be required to hold a bell or a coin that is to be dropped as a safe signal.


Age Play

Little Personality (underline): bratty , well-mannered, happy , needy

Is sexual contact allowed in little space: yes /no

If yes, what types: kissing, hugging frottage, fondling, oral, anal, masturbation

What calls for discipline? (underline)

breaking agreed-upon rules, not listening or following instructions, foul language, write in option:

Types of punishments:

Cold verbal











Pulling hair







Watersports (underline)

In diaper , while being observed , being urinated on , drinking urine


Scat is a hard limit.




Genji finished the negotiation sheets right as they pulled up to a beautiful apartment complex. It looked like a luxury hotel from the outside. Jack got out and walked around to open Genji's car door for him. Genji got out and followed Jack inside, holding his hand again.


“I'll need a minute to read over your negotiation sheet. While I do that, I can run a bath for you. Does that sound like a good idea?” Genji nodded, and Jack glanced over the sheets as they stepped in the elevator.


“You've got ageplay on here. You need a daddy?” Jack questioned, teasing lightly. He pressed the button for his floor and glanced at Genji.


Genji was flushed pink at his words but he nodded, “I'm also a kitty. If I'm not a kitty, I'm usually small.” Jack smiled, pressing a kiss to Genji's lips again.


“Good to know. Are you in that headspace right now?”


“I wouldn't mind letting myself slip into it. I could use a good caretaker right now…” he trailed off, shyly glancing at Jack through his long lashes.


Jack carefully crowded him against the wall, grabbing at one hip gently. “Say it.”


Genji’s eyes went unfocused for a moment at the sudden closeness before he swallowed and whispered, “Daddy.” Jack leaned in for a firm kiss, rubbing his hip.


“Good boy. Good, good boy,” Jack murmured before stepping away. The elevator chimed just seconds after he pulled away, leading him to apartment 7016 and unlocked the door, letting Genji go in first.


The apartment was nice and homey, nothing extremely lavish. It was clean and lived-in. Genji loved it. Jack set his bag down and walked to his bedroom, motioning for Genji to follow, leading him to the master bathroom, a large jacuzzi tub tucked into the corner. Jack went to it and started the water as Genji stripped himself in his well-practiced manner.


Jack sat on the edge of the tub and motioned for Genji to come forward. When Genji was close enough, he grabbed his wrist gently and pulled him between his spread legs. “Bend over and let me check your ass, baby boy.”


Genji slowly bent himself over Jack’s thigh, presenting his ass. He started to reach back and spread himself to present properly but Jack stopped him. “That's alright, baby. Just relax.” Jack rubbed his hand over Genji's dark red ass. It was nearly purple. “Mm, you poor baby,” he murmured, just loud enough to hear over the faucet. His fingers slipped between Genji's cheeks, pressing against his hole with a gentle finger.


“Good baby boys wear their plugs when they aren't full of cock.” Genji whimpered softly, pressing his ass up for more contact. “I have a brand new princess plug. You want it?”


Genji whimpered again, “Please… Daddy.” Jack helped him stand with powerful hands, smiling with a gentle fondness at his flushed face.


“Stay here and make sure the tub doesn't overflow. I'll be right back.” Jack moved to his room and grabbed the bag full of products to try, pulling out a small princess plug, the stone shimmered in the dim light. It was perfect for Genji. He would get the green one instead at a later date, peridot to match his vivid hair. He heard the faucet being turned off and approached the bathroom again. He stopped at the medicine cabinet in the bathroom and pulled out a bottle of lube and ibuprofen.


“Come bend over the sink for me, baby. Spread your legs.” Genji approached and bent over the cool marble, spreading his long legs for Jack. He kneeled between them and spread his cheeks, admiring Genji's smooth hole for a moment. “Pretty boy. Gonna finger you a little bit, okay?”


Genji whined a little, “I can take it without fingers. It's small.” Genji wasn't wrong about it being a small plug, and he probably could take it with a few gentle pushes and a little bit of lube, but Jack wanted to treat the man right.


“I'm still going to use my fingers, baby.” Jack leaned in and pressed a soft kiss to his exposed hole, grinning at how he twitched. Jack moved back in and kissed his hole again, tongue peeking out to flick over it. Genji moaned, gripping the counter. “You like that, sweetheart?”


Genji spread his legs further apart, pressing back against Jack's face. “Yes, oh, yes Daddy. Please lick my hole.” Jack's cock twitched at such blatant dirty talk before he pressed his face between Genji's pert cheeks and licked again, teasing the pucker with the tip of his tongue.


Genji's hand reached back and tangled in Jack's short hair, arching his back to make it easier on the older man. Genji had a theory that older men were just better lovers, and especially better at eating him out. Jack was just proving his theory.


Jack's tongue pressed into his relaxed hole as much as he could, flicking his tongue wickedly every few seconds. Genji’s cock was leaking, drops of pre-come stringing from the tip of his cock down to the floor. Jack pulled back and pressed a lubed finger in his relaxed hole, spreading lube around. Genji's eyes fluttered shut when the cold metal tip of the plug pressed against his hole. Jack pressed it in gently, Genji moaning when it settled in place easily.


“There you go. That's a good boy. Let's get you in the tub now. Let Daddy take care of you.” Jack guided Genji to straighten up, offering the bottle of medicine for him to inspect. “You might want a few of these. It should help with your poor ass a little bit.” Genji nodded.


Jack shook a few pills free from the bottle and grabbed a paper cup from the counter, filling it with cool water for the green-haired man. Genji threw the pills back and washed them down with practiced ease. He was a seasoned professional.


Genji slid in the tub with Jack’s help, hissing when his ass touched the hot water. Jack stripped quickly and got in with him, pulling him close. “We can put some aloe on your ass later, baby. Maybe some lotion even later than that. I’ll take care of you.”


Genji leaned his head on Jack’s sturdy shoulder, pressing his nose against his neck. The warm water was relaxing his sore muscles, even if it was still slightly stinging his abused ass. Jack began to wash him, dragging a soft cloth across his chest, the smell of soap pleasant as it hit his nose. He let his eyes flutter shut and relaxed even more.


Jack smiled when he felt Genji relax even further. He continued to wash the smaller man with gentle hands, cooing softly when Genji would occasionally whimper when he shifted, his ass pressing against Jack’s thigh painfully.


“All done,” Jack declared after a while of letting Genji soak in the warm water. Genji’s eyes opened blearily, blinking a few times to focus.


“I know we negotiated a little and it seemed like we were going to scene, but I’m really tired,” Genji whispered, ready to put on doe-eyes to get his way, but Jack smiled and nodded understandingly.


“I wasn’t even expecting anything. You need to rest. If you’ll lay on your stomach, I’ll rub some aloe on your butt before I lay down. We can take that plug out too. No pressure on you at all, sweetheart.”


Genji slowly stood and stretched, moaning just slightly. “No. Leave the plug.” Jack nodded as he stood, grabbing a towel to wrap around Genji’s shoulder’s, then grabbed his own and wrapped it around his hips before helping Genji step out of the tub. Jack flicked the drain switch and led Genji out of the bathroom.


Jack stopped at the edge of the bed and gently dried Genji off, smiling at his sleepy face. “Lay on your stomach.” Genji crawled on the plush bed on his stomach and settled on one side. He pulled a pillow close and nuzzled his face into the soft fabric of the pillowcase. He felt gentle hands start to rub a cool gel on his ass before he drifted into a peaceful sleep.