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No matter how much you breathed, air seemed to never enter your lungs. Your feet thundered down the path next to the river as you ran, running from the monster in the water, the beast beneath the waves. Palms sweaty and heart about to explode, the sight of the Domain signaled sweet safety.

If only you didn’t trip on that rock.

Your hands scraped against the dirt on the ground, bringing with it fresh blood. It was only a matter of time before the monster would smell the sweet scent. You scampered to your feet, only to be knocked down again by a hand at your ankle.

You screamed, kicked, and pleaded. “No! Please! Let me go!” you begged. Yet, those red scaly hands pinned you to the beach. His form leaning over you, hungerly. The beast began ripping off your clothing. First, the shirt was removed. You desperately were trying to cover your breasts. But, once the beast caught an eyeful of your assets, he swatted your hands away, pinning them down by your head. He lapped at your form, suckling your breasts. You blushed and turned your head away. “No, not like this…” you whimpered. You were helpless, venerable…you lost... Tears began to well up in your eyes. “Please…please let me go!” The beast’s eyes widened at the teardrops falling down your face.

“My sweet minnow…is it becoming too much?” Sidon asked.

You shook your head. “N…no…I’m fine. Just acting. Our safe word is ‘fish’ remember?” Sidon smiled at that and kissed your cheek lightly.

“Of course. Pardon my rudeness then…”

He took one hand and swiftly removed your pants, leaving no coverings on your body. Sidon hummed and trailed one of his hands all over your body. He caressed your hip, glided up your curves to your breast, giving it a squeeze. Then it moved down your chest, over your stomach and between your legs. The prince growled lowly.

“You will do. A sweet little thing to carry my children.” You tried to retract your legs, but the prince snatched them and lifted your bottom half into the air. His lengths were now exposed, red and tapered at the ends, fully hard and ready to play. He laid them on top of your sex and began to slowly thrust. Your lips felt all the ridges and curves of his lengths as they glided between your legs.

Tears pricked your eyes as you knew what the monster was wanting to do to you. Your lips trembled. “P…please don’t…my husband won’t like it…” This tore a cruel smile from your captor.

“Well then, you are implying that you will like it?” Your eyes went wide with regret. “Tell me, my captured Hylian, your husband isn’t giving you the love you deserve, is he?” Your eyes darted to the side, trying to avoid the hungry gaze of the Zora. “You want this…you came down to the river hoping to be bred.”

“N…no I was picking berries, honest!”

Sidon smiled and fondled your hips. “That’s not the first time you used that excuse with me. How many times have I captured you now? Yet, you are still as careless around these waters as you were the first time I fucked you into the sand.”

You blushed. Your head empty of any excuse to tell the monster.

The red shark bent his toothy grin into a mocking sneer. He lazily thrusted his hips, causing his cocks to rub against your wet sex. You let out a few pitiful moans, causing his cocks to drip in anticipation. The droplets landed on your breasts and slid alongside your neck, and onto the ground below. The tiny shocks of pleasure his musings gave you began a tightening coil in your belly. “I must say, I do appreciate your forgetfulness…” he cooed.

You shook your head. “P…please…we can’t…let me go!”

“Not before I spill my seed inside you, my precious catch. Now, enough talk…” Sidon lowered your hips just enough to line himself up. You thrashed about, but his powerful hands held your hips still. His first length began its descent inside you, stretching you. Yet, your body happily accepted the intrusion. Sidon lulled back his head and sighed. “You’re so wet. You wanted this…you want me inside you.”

You shook your head. “No…please you’re too big! I can’t take all of you!” Once the monster was fully sheathed inside you, throbs of pleasure coursed through your body. Your mouth opened wide in a silent cry. Sidon ground his hips into yours, causing his cock to kiss your womb. “I…I can’t…” you pleaded, voice strained and raw.

The monster grabbed you and flipped you on top of him. He reclined against a rock to be eye level with you. His hands grabbed yours and held them behind your back. Once one of his hands was able to keep your wrists together, the other grabbed your hips. The monster’s own hips began rocking against his captive’s.

He began thrusting aimlessly into your body. His hungry gaze never leaving your form. This was it, you were going to be filled with his children by sunset. Your legs tightened around his body as his cock was overstimulating you. “Please…please don’t…” The monster just smiled and grabbed your chin, forcing you to look into his lustful eyes. The snap of his hips into you became harder, increasing in pace. Harder and faster his thrusts became, leaving you to gaze into the eyes of your hunter, completely at his mercy. You never felt so helpless, so whole, while being taken.

Sidon then captured your lips in his own. He moaned and held you close as he was kissing you. It was almost like a lover’s embrace…almost. His hands still bound yours behind your back. You wined against his lips and tugged at his bondage. Sidon smiled and broke the kiss. “Tell me you want this. Tell me you came to see me. Don’t lie, my little minnow.”

“I...I…” your breath came in bursts. What little thoughts passed through your mind gave in to the monster’s wishes. “I came to be fucked. I love it...I want it…”

The monster ticked his lips upward into a satisfied smile. “Hmmm I know you do. Your dear husband never pays enough attention to your needs. Look at you, whoring yourself out to some monster .” He snapped his hips against you. The deep ridges rubbing against your walls almost pushed you to the tipping point. “I always look forward to your carelessness. You are so fun to play with.” You blushed and moaned as the hand that trapped your hands came up to coddle your breast. “Tell me, do you want more ?”

“P...p...please. I want...I want it…” you could barely think. Sidon laid you down into the sand on all fours. Soon, more pressure and a greater stretch came from behind. Both of his thick lengths were inside of you, stirring you up. Your breath became ragged as a flurry of moans and pleas escaped your mouth.

“Good girl, take both of me.” His clawed hand grasped your hair and tugged it backwards. “Keep milking me...just like want my children inside you, right? Then make me cum.”

Your tongue hung out of your mouth. “Please...please breed me! I’m going to… Goddess Sidon I...ahhhh…” You couldn’t hang on any longer as wave after wave of pleasure ran over you. Yet, Sidon held on. He kept up his barrage on your walls.

“I knew you loved me...come now, milk me...Beg for your monster of a prince to breed you!”

In a daze you could barely get words out. The world was spinning and you were blissed out from coming so hard. “ prince...please...c...cum inside me…knock me up…” Limbs weak and trembling you barely had enough strength to hold his arm. Anything to grasp onto so he doesn't make you fly off to Rito Village.

“I’m going to...I’m going…” Sidon wrapped his body around yours tightly, giving everything he promised into you. He harshly pulled back on your hair, forcing you to face him as he locked his lips with your own. The prince moaned desperately into your mouth as he was letting out the last spurts of his cum inside you.

He slowly pulled out and rolled onto his side beside you. Your dreamy eyes looked at the prince’s kind smile. He blushed, “My sweet, sweet bride to be...coming down to the river to be fucked by monsters. You should know better.” He gave you slow, light kisses around your face. “I’m the only man you can breed with. Now that the beast has gone away. How about mating with your future husband?”

You gave him a snide smile and tapped a finger to his nose. “Fish.” You giggled.

Sidon ran his fingers through your hair. “Well, that won’t do...we’ll have to increase your stamina before our wedding night…

...I’m going to have my fill of you.”