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Finding a Home on the Road

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Caleb and Molly had been together for a while, travelling, taking sights and fighting together and alongside the Nein. It had started as a friendship that grew into adoration and affection and blossomed into love. They’ve saved each other many times over, learning each tattered piece that made the other up. They know each other's ins and outs, know just what makes the other tick.

That is, save for the time every few months when Molly - and sometimes Jester - become a little more... dominant. More forceful.

Caleb remembers the first time, when Molly bit his neck ‘till it bled- he can't help but slide his hand over the tiny scar the tiefling sometimes still apologises for; if it weren't so lovely to have Molly nuzzle and kiss the scar in apology, the human would have told his love how hot it was. For now, he simply reassured Molly that it healed fine, and didn’t pain him anymore.

It didn't take much reading up on, once Caleb started looking into it, finding out that tieflings entered a rut; their emotions and breeding instinct were a little higher than normal during those times. They tended to be possessive over partners and lovers, even fighting others over the object of their affections. Molly and he have been together nearly a year and it still gives Caleb butterflies knowing Molly loved him so.

But ruts, as Caleb had read, also meant that tieflings produced more semen. Their knots would swell almost double the usual size to increase chances for pregnancy.  That made Caleb bite his cheek. He trusted Molly, he had fought and killed and burned for him. He breathes out, and weighs his options. There was so much to think on.  As the cart takes them down a hill, he shuts his book.

Caleb will plan, and he will wait.


Every time Molly enters a rut Caleb is ready, offering an outlet for the aggression and possessive tendencies. When they walk, Caleb stays close, letting Molly scent him and keep his face against Caleb's neck as they sat for meals. Caleb was good at handling the change, always calming his tiefling and keeping a hand ready for Molly to hold.

As another summer faded into fall and the leaves began to change, Caleb knew it was time..

When Molly came into rut during a mission for the Gentleman, the two were settled just beside the road with the other Nein. Currently Molly and Fjord were talking about something and Caleb knows this would be as good a time as any. He sends a quick Message to settle in the tiefling's mind.

'Mollymauk, I request you. All of you, in the wagon, please.’


Caleb picks up his things and sets their nest up. While they had managed to acquire a tent for everyone to sleep in, the covered wagon had served for watches and when they needed to keep something away from the main group. Or from Nott. That was usually the case.


Caleb waits, knowing it could take some time before Molly might join him but he hoped he's displayed enough wanting in the Message to his beloved.


When Molly finally makes his appearance, Caleb has a tiny mote of light near his face so he can read, illuminating his features. It’s unremarkable for those who might know the Nein on the surface, but to Molly, oh, he has to take a moment. So smitten with the man before him, so deep in love, and as Caleb looks up and smiles Mollymauk swears to the Moonweaver herself he would protect and love Caleb Widogast for as long as he had.

"Fjord and Yasha have first watch, we have third." To which Caleb hums and closes the book, leaning to give him a chaste kiss that quickly become warmer and more passionate. Caleb stops him, sitting back and shucking his coat. Caleb tosses to the side and the book sling is tucked underneath it. Molly’s eyes widen slightly.

"I wanted... I have a question." That earns a brow quirk from Molly as he undresses, and Caleb takes a moment to look him over. All those tattoos and scars. He's unable to stop from touching the scar on Molly's chest where he nearly lost him. But the tiefling is here, nuzzling into him and being mindful of the horns.

"You are in a rut, no?" Caleb can feel Molly pause and it makes him bite his lip a moment as he pulls away.  It’s hard to tell Molly’s expression sometimes without pupils but Caleb can tell so easily, a quizzical look painted on brows and a slight frown.

"I am," His voice is level. "Does that make you uncomfortable?" There's a deep-laid undercurrent of fear, and Caleb wants to hold him and kiss it all away but he kisses Molly's forehead first.

"The opposite, Mollymauk," He laughs gently. "I... I want you to take me tonight." Molly purrs at those words and his tail swishes faster.

"Caleb that is- that is very generous, but," He can't help but begin to nuzzle and try to push his rub his incense and carefree smell into Caleb. "It is dangerous. My knot gets bigger, and... There is more." Again he pulls away and Caleb cups his face.

"I could become pregnant."

"You could."

Their eyes meet, Caleb's eyes that soft cornflower blue, the same as the day Caleb said he loved Molly out loud. His human smiles now, full and sweet.


Caleb leans so their noses are just pressed together as Molly begins to touch him, over his back and the marks of the bandages and burn scars. Months ago Caleb would shy away but Molly- his Molly - makes him feel safe rather than afraid, and he leans into the touch.

"The Gentleman said once, while you conned some of his men in cards, it is possible to take some time, as long as we need... Should the opportunity arise," Caleb says as if he hadn't been researching for ages, asking around in closed circles, asking the Gentleman himself for books on tiefling anatomy.

"I will never ask you to settle permanently," Caleb starts quickly -trying to soothe the scared look in Molly's eyes and his half open mouth. "A few weeks in one place, a winter somewhere safe. Till we can teach the little one to fend for itself. We will teach magic, song and dance, if- if that is what you want, as well."

Molly is stunned into silence for a moment, then tilts his head to bring Caleb into a slow, loving kiss. It lasts till their lungs cry for air,  then the tiefling is pressing kiss after kiss from Caleb's mouth down to his neck.

"I want three, a trio of troublemakers. You do not need to have them all," Molly assures as he lays his love down and Caleb laughs softly.

"I do remember Jester fondly offering to help us build a family." Molly laughs with Caleb and they share chaste, loving kisses as he pulls away to undress fully.  The ginger follows suit; eventually laying together in naked glory and love together. Their fingers lace together slowly, Caleb tucking his head under Molly's chin a moment.

"I would love nothing more to have a family with you, Caleb Widogast."

They cuddle together till Caleb sighs and turns to kiss Molly's neck.

"I can feel your erection, Mollymauk." His tone is teasing. a warm hand earns a gasp as Molly slides a hand into the curls of ginger hair between Caleb's thighs and touches his cunt.

"I can feel yours too," Molly sing-songs. And Caleb would swat him away, but he's been wanting this, wanting Molly to touch him and take that control so easily from him. Molly is quick to lay Caleb on his back, those kisses eager, hands wandering to take one nipple in his hand and make the human moan. The wagon creaks but they pay no mind.

Molly takes his time working Caleb open and relaxed, readying him for rougher play and easing a finger in. All the ginger does is sigh and spread his thighs wider.

"Mollymauk, my love," Caleb purrs and Molly preens under the affection as the lust starts kicking his rut into a higher gear. The marks begin to bloom now, bitten over Caleb's chest and up to his shoulder. Caleb leans his head back to allow Molly more access.

"Love when you talk to me, you make me feel so complete Caleb," Molly purrs the words into Caleb's ear and be can feel the man's cunt tighten around his finger. He just curls the digit and starts another mark.

"E-every time you knotted me, I wondered... Thought of bearing your child" Caleb admits in the darkness as his concentration is finally broken. He feels Molly’s other hand on his belly and his eyes flutter shut, gasping as a thumb presses to his clit and a second and third finger slide inside him. Molly growls.

"Tieflings know when you’re mated to someone. You are theirs. We can tell by the scent, on skin and clothes." He's painfully hard now and he can already feel the base of his cock swell slightly at just how wet Caleb was and how good he smells.


“You are mine.”


A few more thrusts and the human is bucking his hips up. Caleb can feel his blush crawl down to his neck as he takes Molly's horns in hand and makes him look him in the eyes.

"Please Molly, I need your knot... Need your cum inside me."


Mollymauk snarls and it makes Caleb tremble, a heady mix of instinctual fear and arousal as he licks his lips and spreads himself just a bit wider.  Molly shifts to make himself comfortable, hips slotting together for just a moment as he takes in just how beautiful Caleb looks in the full moon's light spilling into their dark wagon. Tomorrow Molly will  apologize to the other Nein, but tonight is for him and Caleb.

For a moment it's like they're just making slow sweet love, like any other night, before Molly leans over to pin Caleb's hands above his head and thrusts into him in earnest. The rut is finally kicking in, his eyes darkening, and the man is practically drooling, grinning down at the ginger. Caleb's gasp denotes surprise, dissolving quickly into a moan. His thighs wrap around the tiefling's hips, squeezing around him. Another snarl, right into the human’s ear, and Caleb whimpers and tightens his fists.

Molly is already swelling, Caleb remembers vaguely through the lust clouding his brain and the glowing light that Molly could go for hours in his rut. The simple idea of them simply twined from now till the sunrise is what sparks Caleb's first orgasm, thighs tense and tight around Molly's hips.


Molly, even in his stat,  coaxes Caleb through it, kissing at him and muttering how gorgeous he is as his cock continues to swell, making the tiefling pant.

"Handsome love, good mate." He's rocking faster and Caleb's gasping grows louder. Molly's knot is rapidly sealing them together but the tiefling is fucking into Caleb as long as he can move, to push his cock home, where it belongs. For a mind shaking minute Caleb feels the man's whole cock swell before the first orgasm hits.

Molly pumps load after load into his mate. Caleb whines and squirms with the sensation of being so utterly and completely full, clenching as tight as he can. It takes several minutes of gentle kisses and soft touches before Molly's knot goes down enough that they can begin again. For hours the two of them fuck in different positions and completely ruin their nest.

When it's time for their watch Caleb pulls from Molly just as the knot slides out again and he's looking for a cloth to wipe cum away but there's a hand over his cunt.

"Let... I want to plug it.... I want it to stay." Molly is holding one of the dildo that he bought Caleb for when the tiefling was not in the mood. It's thick, a perfect knot swollen to keep him sealed. Caleb bites his lip and spreads his thighs.

Molly eases it inside, kissing him as the knot pops into place with a bit of cum leaking down Caleb's leg. During their watch Caleb relaxes and touches himself idly as Molly makes a fire, and they quietly discuss where to go to raise the baby in winter. They sit cuddled together as the sun rises.