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 “Oi, Hana, pass me the knife.”

 Sero obliges, passing over the knife without a second thought. Quick hands begin chopping the freshly washed vegetables with a practiced ease. It was almost mesmerizing.

 “Hana?” Uraraka asks, a brow raised.

 The knife stops midair and Sero freezes.

 “You called him Hana!” she giggles teasingly.

 Bakugou whips around at the speed of light, the knife pointed at her.

 “Whoa!” she yelps, dodging and forcing his wrist to the side.

 “You heard nothing,” he hisses, despite the knife being pointed at a random kid from class B instead of Uraraka.

 She smiles sweetly, “of course, Kacchan!” Sero can tell she’s being devious, and he’s sure Bakugou can tell as well, but he lets her go without another word.

 “You’re cute when you’re flustered,” Sero teases lowly, biting his lip to hold in his laughter as Bakugou returns to cutting up their dinner. The blond merely glares at him, but his cheeks are red.




 “Bakugou used a pet name?!” Mina hisses, voice lowered in a thin attempt to be secretive.

 Uraraka nods, “he called Sero Hana, right in front of me! It was so cute, but don’t say anything until you’ve heard it yourself.”

 Mina takes the warning with an assured nod.

 She wouldn’t tell a soul! Eh, uh, she wouldn’t tell anyone who wasn’t friends with Bakugou! They probably didn’t have souls anyways! Right?




 “You two are dating and you didn’t tell us!” Kirishima whisper-screams, eyes wide and excited.

 “Shut up! Oh my god he’s gonna hear you!” Sero snaps quickly, slapping his hand over Kirishima and Kaminari’s loud ass mouths. He leads them towards the bath houses, deciding they needed to bathe anyways.

 “So?!” Kaminari demands, once they’re out of earshot of Bakugou, or anyone else. Sero breathes in deeply, willing himself not to blush.

 “So uh, we’re kinda dating?”

 “What do you mean kinda?!”

 He flinches back at their twin scream, flustered. “I mean I don’t really know!”

 “You dont know,” Kaminari repeats, jaw dropped.

 “I don’t! We’ve kissed and flirted and stuff but he’s never really said anything and at this point I’m too scared to ask!”

 “Oh my god,” Kirishima groans, slapping his face in an exaggerated facepalm.

 “You get to kiss him?! That’s so not fair!” Kaminari whines. Kirishima hits him, despite his snicker.

 Sero shifts, “lets just go get in the water.”

 “I can’t believe you just dont know,” Kaminari groans.

 “Please don’t make fun of me this is complicated and embarrassing enough.”

 Kirishima's laugh filters through the air, making Ashido scream from the other side for him to shut up.




 Monoma hums to himself as the class A students leave the dressing room. He neatly folds his dirty clothes to he packed away and taken home. He contemplates the next few days and he meanders out of the dressing room. It would be fun, that’s for sure.




 Some things you must know to survive being in class 1-B.

 Firstly, don’t touch Reiko’s books. Just, don’t.

 Secondly, don’t let Monoma teach the foreign students things because he will do it wrong on purpose to make them say mean things to class A.

 And Thirdly, don’t tell Ibara ‘over-sharer supreme’ Shiozaki secrets unless you’re going to explicitly state that it’s a secret and she should not tell anyone.

 But this was Monoma, and he didn’t even follow the other rules of survival. Chaos made him happy, and while Tetsutetsu loved his friend, he was very infuriating sometimes.

 “Tetsu-chan, do you think Bakugou-san and Sero-san are a good couple?”

 Tetsu freezes, feeling the flaming gaze of Bakugou falling upon them. “I don’t know, why?” He asked, pretending to grab something from behind Ibara to shield her from Bakugou’s glare.

 “Monoma said they’re dating, but their energy is so confused.. I’m a bit worried,” she admits, frowning as she diced her vegetables.

 He glances at Bakugou, “I don’t know, man, you should probably leave it alone.”

 Ibara is still upset, but she nods. Tetsutetsu fears for the life of whoever Bakugou is marching off to find.




 “There’s a disturbance in the air,” Tokoyami mutters darkly.

 “Emo bitch,” Ojiro replies moodily, chewing on a candy rope he stole got from Sato. That was a fair reaction, as Ojiro had taken the brunt of Tora’s training that morning. Jirou snorted, but her amusement faded as she looked at a point behind Uraraka’s shoulder.

 “Uh, Rara, you’ve got company...”

 Uraraka turned to find Bakugou stalking towards her with fury in his eyes and smoke in his hands.

 “Oh shit,” she says, and Jirou offers a prayer.

 “Rest in pieces,” Tokoyami says as she sprints away into the forest.




 “I’m gonna kill you,” Bakugou growls, trapping her against a tree. 

 Uraraka laughs nervously, “aha, about that...”


 “I only told Mina! If anyone else knows it’s because of her!” she defends quickly.

 “You told Queen Blabbermouth and expected her to be quiet?!” the blond snarls. She debates floating him and running, but that would only prolong the terror.

 “Ehh, kind of?” Bakugou growls in frustration and steps away. His arms cross in a pout that he would never admit was a pout.

 “We might not even be dating, don’t spread shit.”


 Bakugou cringes as she pushes off the tree and leans close. “How do you not know?” He turns away from her face, the round eyes too close.

 “He’s never really said anything! It’s not a big deal!”

 Uraraka begins to laugh, “why haven’t you asked?”

 “Would you ask after two months of maybe dating?!”

 “Yes, you dolt!” Uraraka ducks as Bakugou aims a punch at her and runs back towards the camp with a furious and embarrassed Bakugou chasing after her. Honestly, she was gonna die.




 Pixiebob lounges across the couch, crumbs across her chest and chip bag on the ground beside her.

 “Uraraka-chan and Bakugou are in the forest again,” Ragdoll hums, swinging her feet as she and Kota colored something for his school. The child looked less than enthused, boredly filling in the lines Ragdoll made for him.

 “Again? What’s that, third time?” the blonde asks sleepily.

 “Mhm, they’re just running around, I wonder what they’re doing...”

 “Hopefully not anything screwy, they’re too young.”

 Ragdoll laughs brightly and gives her a mischievous look, “you weren’t doing anything different in your teens.”


 “Anyways, Bakugou’s moving towards Sero now, they’re together a lot,” she continues, using her pencil to make a colorful border for Kota.

 Pixiebob snorts, “I think they’re a more likely couple that Uraraka and Bakugou, they fight well together.”

 “Gossiping old ladies,” Kota grumbles.

 The blonde stiffens, “we aren’t old!” Ragdoll only laughs and pats Kota’s should in a gentle chastise.




 “So they’re dating, but neither of them know it?” Todoroki asks, looking just as baffled as Uraraka felt.

 “Apparently, Denki told Mina that Sero isn’t sure, and Bakugou told me he’s not sure, so they’re both confused but interested in each other,” she explains. It sounds just as stupid out loud as it did in her head.

 “God, Kacchan,” Midoriya sighs.

 Iida shifts, “we should leave them alone, they can both handle themselves.”

 “But Uraraka said it’s been two months...” Momo adds hesitantly.

 “God boys are so stupid,” Jirou groans.

 “I know,” Todoroki sighs, setting his head on his hand.

 Uraraka frowns, “we should help them, shouldn’t we?”

 “Kacchan won’t like that...”

 “It’s a bit devious...” Momo sighs sadly, “I think we should say something to Sero, but not Bakugou. He wouldn’t appreciate meddling.”

 “Right,” Midoriya agrees.

 “This is so ridiculous,” Uraraka complains, pouting. This really was stupid.






 “Everyone is up my ass, it’s exhausting,” Sero sighs. He slumps to the ground, shoulder brush Bakugou’s.

 “Mine too, I really just wanna blast em to hell,” Bakugou replies, shifting slightly to lean against Sero. He murmurs wordlessly, letting their heads rest against each other peacefully. This spot was secluded from their loudmouth friends and schoolmates. Dinner was being made, taken over by Kaminari and Kendou for the night.

 “Hana, are we,” Bakugou stopped, fingers curling. “Are we dating?”

 Sero determinedly does not stiffen. He breathes out slowly, nerves swimming in his stomach. “I don’t know, do you want to be?” Bakugou sighs, maybe in relief. Sero puts his hand over Bakugou’s and the clenched fingers unravel into a palm against palm.

 “I wouldn’t hate that,” he murmurs, letting their fingers cross.

 “Would you like it, though?”

 He smiles a little, turning his head to look into Sero’s eyes. “I think I just might.”

 Sero giggles into the kiss, making it less of a kiss and more of a face smush, but it’s nice anyways.

 “God you’re gay,” Bakugou snorts, pulling him closer.

 Sero only laughs harder, “takes one to know one, Katsuki~”

 The red on Bakugou’s cheeks stays as they make their way back to the fires, hands clasped and shoulders brushing.




“Looks like they don’t need help,” Jirou comments, eating slowly. She deposits her fork in a jack to grab a bowl of rice and spoon some out. “No need for your dumbass plan.”

 “I think it was great,” Kaminari snickers, patting Uraraka on the back as a comfort. She laughs, unbothered. They seem happy, and that’s all that really matters.