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The Farthest Distance

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When Toshinori woke up, sitting up from something harder than a bed and yet soft, he felt…weird. It wasn’t bad, per say, but it didn’t feel particularly good either. He groaned as he sat up, rubbing the back of his head. His hair felt soft, if a bit tangled and dirty, and Toshinori rocked back before launching forward onto his feet. His legs trembled a little under his weight, but he didn’t collapse like before.

Taking a deep breath to center himself, Toshinori took a couple of unsteady steps into the middle of the room. He was deciding on which direction to go- - -there were at least three doorways in this room- - -when a woman came from one of them. She stopped, looking surprised for a moment, before she rushed over to him.

“You fell out of the sky, you should not be getting up so soon.” She admonished, her hands going around his waist. They felt familiar, and Toshinori squinted down at her. She wasn’t that much shorter than he was, but it was surprising that someone so small could carry him.

“What happened?” He rasped out, as she led him to where he’d woken up.

“I told you, you fell out of the sky.” She said. She sat him down, sitting next to him and staring at him. “From pretty high, too, if my guess is correct. You made quite the crater in my garden.” Toshinori winced, and she laughed. “It’s no big deal, I was more worried about you! You have a flying quirk?”

“No.” Toshinori said. She tilted her head to the side, her eyes narrowing. “Can I see Shouta?”

“That’s the second time you’ve mentioned Shouta.” She told him. “Who is that?” Toshinori stared at her, confusion rushing through him. He’d not landed close enough, then, and he needed to leave. Standing up, Toshinori was surprised when he immediately fell off balance back down into the sofa, a hand yanking him back down by his arm. The woman frowned at him, crossing her arms. “You’re not getting out of this. Who are you? Who’s Shouta?”

“I need to find him.” Toshinori said quietly.

“Is he in trouble?” She asked. Her voice hardened, and her eyes narrowed now; she had a completely different aura, as if she’d turned from something simple to something dangerous. “Do you need help? Does he?”

“No, it’s nothing that bad.” Toshinori sighed. “I just…I miss him. I want to be by him again, and I thought…”

“Why don’t we start from the top.” She said slowly. Her aura died down, back to normal, and she sat so that she was facing Toshinori better. “My name is Shimura Nana. I’m the number one pro hero of Japan.”

“Toshinori.” He said. Nana looked at him, and he coughed. “I…am Toshinori. And I…” He sighed, and Nana took his hand. “I’m a star. I came down to find Shouta, the boy who wished on me when he was younger. And I…”

“A star.” Nana’s voice sounded skeptic, and Toshinori couldn’t help bristling. Nana laughed, holding her hands out, saying, “I believe you, I do! I’m just…a star, wow! That’s amazing! How’d you get down here?”

“Shouta’s wishes gave me power.” Toshinori admitted. “I’ve visited him once before, at night. He was…so little. Tiny. Adorable. He’d wished really, really hard, hard enough for me to come to him. But, it was just for the night.” Toshinori sighed. “I’ve been stockpiling my power since then, and I’ve come down. I thought I’d find him again.”

“You don’t know what area he was in?” Nana asked. “Or what his family name was? His quirk? Japan is a pretty big place, Toshinori. Not as big as your sky, of course, but big nonetheless. We could look for him, but it’ll take time. We might not find him, at least, not right away.”

“We?” Toshinori asked quietly. Nana beamed at him, reaching out and taking his hand in her own. She was cold, compared to him, but she didn’t comment on the heat of his skin or how he was currently glowing in her living space.

“You’re not alone, Toshinori.” She told him. “I’m here, and I will help you.”