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Dog Walking

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We caught a taxi back to my flat and as I opened my front door Daisy greeted us with lots of wagging tail and jumping up and down. She actually seemed more happy to see Tom then me! I turned to him after he had finished fussing over her.


“Yes please. What have you got?”

“Wine, Vodka, Tea, coffee? All three?”

We grimaced at the thought of that combination and then Tom said “Wine would be lovely”

I nodded and all but skipped into the kitchen leaving Tom to his own devices. I suddenly panicked, what kind of state had I left my lounge in? I prayed that I put all my washing away. I poured us a glass each of my favourite white wine and then carefully slid open the Japanese doors that separated my kitchen and the living area. I glanced around, thankfully I had put everything embarrassing away. I handed Tom his glass and sat down next to him, bringing my feet underneath my bum and angling myself to him. Daisy, how had calmed down now had resumed her favourite spot by the TV.

Tom looked around at my small flat and said “this is lovely”

“It’s not much, but it suits me and Daisy, I’m in no rush to get something bigger and bigger means getting a flat mate. I love my friends but I don’t like them that much to live with them all the time”

Tom chuckled and drank the rest of his glass in one gulp. Was he nervous or was he already regretting his decision to come back to mine? I wondered. He took my glass from me and placed his and mine on my coffee table. “May I kiss you again?” he asked, the butterflies in my stomach returned, I nodded and he brought his hands to my jawline and pulled my face towards his. I however being them most clumsy person that I am, tilted too far towards him and ended up falling into his lap. We giggled together as I adjusted myself,

“Well this works for me” Tom whispered as he brought his lips back towards mine.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and we kissed deeply, more heated than it was previously, he ran his hands long my side and cupped my breasts gently. I let out and involuntary moan which spurred him to explore further. I had managed to removed his jacket and unbutton his shirt with ease and I was now stroking his chest and back.

Dare I move downward? I thought. Just before I could Tom detached himself from me and stood up.

“Bedroom?” he enquired his voice full of lust. I smiled in what I hoped was a sexy way and took him by the hand and lead him towards my room. Just in the doorway I turned to him again and peppered kisses along his neck, making him groan. He lifted me up with ease and I wrapped my legs around his skinny waist. We staggered to the bed and fell upon it. It was like a starting gun had gone off inside us, we all but ripped each other’s clothes off until we were both just in our underwear, my bra had landed somewhere across the room but I didn’t care.

“You’re so beautiful” Tom complimented me, sounding a little like Loki which made me squirm with delight, Loki was my favourite of Tom’s characters. We lay with our heads on my pillows and both our hands simultaneously explored down each other’s bodies. I could feel and see his impressive erection and I stroked it teasingly. Tom’s breathing became laboured as his own fingers traced patterns over my underwear. He pushed them down and massaged my mound without touching anything inside, such a teach.

I pulled his pants down and his member sprang free, I pushed myself down and encased my mouth around it, I looked up and saw Tom’s beautiful eyes close and his head tilt backwards in extacy. I ran my tongue up and down his length and then took it all in my mouth, fighting against my gag reflex.

“Fuck Y/n” was all he could say. My giggle was muffled and I continued to please him for a few moments until he pulled me up away from him.

“You keep going like that and this is going to be a very short evening” he purred. He pushed me gently onto my back and his face traveled down to my mound again, he spread my legs and his skilled tongue ran in circles around my clit whilst he inserted two fingers inside me.

“Holy shit Tom” I breathed and his pace quickened, this carried on for a few moments until the familiar tension in my lower tummy began to build. He seemed to sense this and instead of quickening his pace he slowed down and removed his mouth from my clit.

“Have you got any condoms?” He asked, all I could do was point to the lower draw of my bedside table. Tom left me for a brief moment and I got underneath the covers, if he was going to tease me like that he would have to come and find me.

I heard the wrapper open and then Tom joined me in the dark covers. “Ripped for her pleasure ay?” he commented.

“A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do” I said capturing his mouth with mine once more.

Tom climbed on top of me and paused briefly “are you okay?” he checked.

“Yes, I’ve never wanted anyone inside me as much as I want you” I admitted.

Tom stroked my cheek and then thrust himself inside me. I wound my legs around him once more to allow him deeper entry. I wasn’t long until my climax began to build once more.

“Faster Tom” I cried. He obliged this time and grunted and his own orgasm began to build as well. The covers had been thrown off us and I could clearly see his handsome face screw up.

“Oh Tom!” I screamed as my orgasm broke, I felt Tom’s member pulsate inside me. He had also yelled my name as he came.

Our chests rose and fell as we lay together. Tom, who had taken the latex condom off and had disposed of it in the bin next to us, lay on his front with his face turned towards me. His eyes closed. I collected the covers and lay them over us, I kissed his cheek and lay back down facing him. I let sleep overcome me and closed my eyes