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Miraculous Advice

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NewGirl123: So I’ve just joined a new school

AuntieFox: Oh I have to go to new schools aaaalll the time because I travel so much.

NewGirl123: Wow really?

NewGirl123: I’ve only moved schools once (this time)

AuntieFox: So what’s the problem? 

AuntieFox: I’m busy trying to woo Adrien so let’s hurry this up.

NewGirl123: I just wanted to know how to make friends quickly 

AuntieFox: You want to be popular like moi?

NewGirl123: No that’s not what I meant at all!

AuntieFox: Yes it is.

AuntieFox: It’s very simple, all you have to do is lie.

NewGirl123: Isn’t lying wrong?

AuntieFox: No of course not!

NewGirl123: What if they find out that I lied about everything?????

AuntieFox: Move to another school.

AuntieFox: Travel the world like I do on my first class amazing massive cruise boat and go to exotic places to star in movies!

NewGirl123: Are you lying?

AuntieFox: No