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When The Devil Comes To Town

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“No..” Magnus flung his arm out in frustration, the gesture only adding to his anger. Ordinarily when he felt this kind of rage he’d throw things around the room with his magic but this time the wave of his arm created only a few pitiful sparks.

“Hey it’s okay...we’ll find a way. We always do..” Alec tried to reassure him.

“Really? Will we? He’s going after Madzie.” Magnus swung round, cats eyes flashing where he couldn't maintain his glamour anymore, only calming when he saw the expression on Alec’s face. “Sorry..”

“I get it.” Alec said before schooling his features into a determined facade. “First things first, we need to stop those damn sprinklers. Malcolm said the serum wasn't as effective that way so maybe if we can stop it the effects may wear off.”

“Well, I suppose these might come in handy after all.” Lucifer shrugged off his jacket and the next thing Magnus heard was the tearing of fabric as his wings unfurled. “Shame really, I was rather fond of this shirt. Oh well desperate times and all that..”

Magnus froze on the spot as Lucifer soared towards the ceiling crushing the sprinkler heads in his hands as he reached them before landing neatly on the ground again.

“Well that solves that problem doesn't it.” Lucifer said sounding more than a little proud of himself. “Right then, let's get to work on the door.”

“There’s no point. I need my magic back to take down the wards.” Magnus leaned heavily against the surgical table and pinched the bridge of his nose hard. He could feel his magic, but it was so faint it was barely present and try as he might he couldn’t  access it.

“So we wait for the antidote. Jace and Clary aren't far behind us..” Alec started to speak only to be interrupted by Lucifer.

“Which would be great if they could actually get through the wards..” Lucifer snapped.

“So we do what? Just sit here?” Alec fired back.

As Magnus looked up he saw Lucifer and Alec facing off against each other, neither men equipped to cope with waiting.

“He’s right. They won't make it through, not with their extra angel blood.” Magnus shook his head sadly.

“Well that explains a lot.” Lucifer muttered under his breath. “What? I knew there had to be a reason Blonderelli was so annoying.”

“Yes, well Jace isn't an idiot.” Alec said glaring at Lucifer when he snorted in derision. “When he finds he can't get through he’ll call for backup. Probably Luke.”

“Which means Detective Decker will come too which makes me vulnerable. Great plan.” Lucifer sneered.

“Hey at least it’s something. I don't see you doing much except make pissy comments.” Alec snapped.

“Yes well this may have escaped your notice but I don't want to be trapped in here anymore than you do.”

“Which we wouldn't be if you hadn't come storming in without checking things out properly.”

“Oh so it’s my fault now.” Lucifer’s eyes flashed red as Alec just shrugged in response.

A loud scraping noise caught their attention and Magnus was more than a little relieved, not wanting to get into the middle of a fight between his boyfriend and his uncle.

The door to the room swung open with a resounding crash.

“I'm guessing you’ll be wanting this.” Mazikeen stood in the doorway spinning a syringe filled with blue liquid in her fingers.

“Maze! I could kiss you right now.” Lucifer sprang forward, grinning from ear to ear.

“I wouldn't unless you want me to lock you in here again.” Maze wrinkled her nose in disgust.

“Mazikeen, thank you..” Magnus stepped forward and caught the syringe as Maze tossed it towards him not even hesitating before plunging the needle into his arm.

The liquid burned as he injected it but the discomfort was rapidly replaced with the comforting feeling of his magic flowing through his veins again.

“I don’t understand..” Alec scrunched his brows as he looked at the demon.

“Well luckily for you Izzy and I were going shopping and when Jace called we thought we’d better find out what kind of a mess you’d got yourselves into.” Maze shrugged as she spun a sinister looking blade round her finger. “Izzy’s outside..”

“Right then let’s go..” Lucifer made his way towards the door.

“Wait.” Magnus shouted. “The wards remember?”

“And your point is what exactly? Maze and I can head off now and you and pretty boy can catch us up when the wards are down.” Lucifer tried to go through the door only to rebound sharply as if he’d hit an invisible wall. “What the?”

“Angel blood. Remember?  Alec raised an eyebrow in amusement.

“I do not have angel blood. I'm the goddamn devil..” Lucifer glared at the door in disgust as Maze stifled a laugh, badly.

“Wards seem to disagree.” She sniggered. Lucifer glared at her and she ducked out the door grabbing the door frame. “I can still lock you in you know.”

“You can go off people you know.” Lucifer murmured.

“Calm down angel boy.” Maze was full on laughing now.

“Fun as this is, can we stop? I do need to concentrate.” Magnus was rapidly losing his patience.

Sitting down on the floor and placing his palms flat against the dirty concrete Magnus tried his best to ignore the amber liquid forming small pools around him. Taking a deep breath he tried to focus, smiling softly as he noticed Alec had positioned himself directly between Lucifer and him. No doubt, his boyfriend would have his arms firmly crossed over his chest with a scowl plastered on his face. It was a comforting thought as Magnus closed his eyes and began to reach out with his magic.

Instantly Magnus picked up on the strands of magic encasing the building like an invisible cage. From there it was a relatively straightforward job of severing them and Magnus was more than thankful that Malcolm, it seemed, hadn't improved his warding skills a great deal over the years. It was, he supposed, more important for him to work on his disabling magic, after all, even deranged killers needed to prioritise. Nonetheless, it took him a frustratingly long time to break through, although perhaps, it only seemed that way as every second wasted trying to get through the wards was a second Malcolm was getting closer to Madzie.

“I see the antidote worked then..” Izzy grinned proudly as she bounced into the room, clearly relieved to see everyone was apparently fine.

Magnus blinked his eyes open not even slightly surprise to see Isabelle standing there, no doubt she sprinted through as soon as there was even a chink in the wards.

“Thankfully yes, and not a moment to soon.” Magnus rubbed his neck as he stood up, anxious to get moving. “He’s going after Madzie.”

Isabelle’s looked at him wide eyed, not seeming to know what to say. Magnus just shook his head and conjured up a portal.

“It's gonna be okay. He doesn’t have much of a headstart and he’ll still have to get through Cat’s wards…” Alec laid a hand on his arm as his eyes flitted over Magnus’ face filled with concern.

“I know.” Magnus said far more confidently than he felt.

He knew it wouldn’t be easy for Malcolm to find Cat’s apartment, his friend being famously cautious when it came to masking her home. The trouble was he was also fully aware that Malcolm, unless he had changed radically, was fully capable of charming his way inside. Cat’s wards would be largely useless, aiming to stop anyone with evil intent, and seeing as Malcolm was convinced he was on a mission of salvation he would be able to easily enter.

“Well then shall we go save the girl?” Lucifer waved his arm flamboyantly towards the swirling portal.


“He’s here. I can feel his magic.” Magnus tapped his fingers together, the only indication of any nerves.

“Lovely..” Lucifer grinned wolfishly whist Maze bounced on the balls of her feet cracking her knuckles.

The small group crowded into the cramped hallway outside Cat’s appartement as Magnus took down the wards, an easy task being as he was one of the few people that Catarina trusted.

Alec glanced around the rag tag group as he reached for his bow, nocking an arrow in place. Izzy’s uncoiled her whip from her wrist, fingers clenched on the handle, jaw set in determination.

Magnus turned and nodded and Alec signalled to everyone where to go, a gesture that was unsurprisingly largely ignored by Lucifer who simply straightened his shirt cuffs and threw open the door.

As they stepping inside the first thing Alec saw was the body of Cat’s nanny, a werewolf girl, lying halfway through a doorway. Crouching down Alec felt for a pulse.

“She’s alive.” He whispered to no one in particular, everyone else focusing all their attention to the main room ahead of them.

The distinctive sound of a portal being created filled the space and suddenly everyone was rushing forwards, the time for subtlety being long past.

“I wouldn't do that if I were you.” Lucifer snarled as they entered the main space and it was enough to make Malcolm hesitate for a split second.

Malcolm was standing in the middle of the room, an unconscious Madzie clutched in his arms whilst the portal glowed at the far side, enough of a space for Maze to dart forwards and position herself in front of it blocking his escape.

Malcolm glanced around himself wide eyed before throwing Madzie onto the sofa as if she were a rag doll. Alec barely had time to notice with relief that the little girl was still breathing before Malcolm turned his magic on them.

Magnus was quicker throwing his arms forward and creating a shield of golden light that surrounded them, his weight thrown forward on to his left foot as he used all his strength to hold back Malcolm’s magic.

“Really? Don't you think it’s time just to give up?” Lucifer sighed before unfurling his wings with a sharp snapping sound. “Let me let you in on a secret. Much as it pains me to admit it there is one thing my father and I have in common. Neither of us are the forgiving sort.”

Malcolm’s eyes widened in fear as Lucifer started to step forward looking every inch the avenging angel. He was surrounded and he knew it. Making a last desperate attempt he aimed a fireball at Maze who somersaulted easily out of the way before grabbing Madzie and holding her in front of his chest.

With all his attention focused on Lucifer, Malcolm began to back towards the portal, firing streams of magic which Lucifer deflected easily with his wings. Magnus threw fireballs in Malcolm’s direction and although he was careful to not hit Madzie he still managed to slow Malcolm’s progress substantially where he had to deflect and dodge.

Alec glanced desperately around the room, he was too far away to block Malcolms escape, they all were. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Izzy fumbling in her pocket and pulling out a syringe filled with amber liquid. Izzy nodded as Alec looked at her one eyebrow raised and he moved quietly towards her, touching Magnus arm to get his attention, hoping that his boyfriend would understand.

“Don't come any closer.” Malcolm shouted holding a syringe to Madzie’s neck, the slight tremor in his hands the only indication of any anxiety. “She’s already had one dose and one more, and well, who knows?”

“You’re going to kill her anyway so I fail to see the incentive.” Lucifer shrugged knocking a coffee table out of his way with his wing.

“Let me go and I’ll leave her. You have my word. I have to finish my work..” Malcolm said.

Alec saw Maze crouching behind the warlock, waiting for her chance to pounce and Alec took advantage of Malcolm’s distraction to grab the syringe from Isabelle and hold it up for her to see. Maze nodded before holding three fingers up and counting down on them.

“Hmm... The word of a mad man. Forgive me if that doesn't mean much to me.” Lucifer’s eyes flashed red.

Before Malcolm had a chance to answer Maze sprang forward whilst simultaneously Izzy cracked her whip, catching Malcolms wrist and pulling his hand away from Madzie’s neck, causing Malcolm’s syringe to fall from his fingers.

Alec didn't hesitate. The syringe flew out his hands like a dart, landing with frightening accuracy in Malcolm’s neck. A split second later Magnus’ magic flared into life and pushed the plunger.

Malcolm’s hand flew to his neck, but it was too late, as he crumpled to his knees Madzie fell from his grip, the portal sputtering out.

Maze darted forward and snatched up Madzie, cradling her protectively against her chest.

Malcolm’s shoulders shook as he sobbed into his hands.

“I have to save them.” Malcolm rocked backwards and forwards repeating the same words until Lucifer stepped forward and pulled him to his feet by his shirt.

“You’re not saving them. My father doesn't forgive and trust me I should know.” Lucifer snarled before hurling him across the room.

“Madzie..” Alec spun round to see Catarina come racing into the room.

“She’s fine.” Magnus darted forward and grabbed his friend by the arms, turning her to face him.

“But my wards…” Catarina began to speak, staring at where Maze held Madzie.

“I know.” Magnus held a hand up before glancing over his shoulder at Isabelle.”Do you..”

“Have more antidote? Of course.” Izzy grinned before joining Maze.

As soon as Izzy had injected Madzie, she blinked open her eyes  and rubbed them with her fists.

“Momma..” Her voice was small and uncertain.

Gently, Maze set her down to the ground and she instantly ran over to Catarina who pulled her into her arms.

“It’s okay. I'm here.” Catarina murmured as she buried her face into Madzie’s hair.

“We need to get him out of here.” Alec turned his attention to the corner of the room where Malcolm was groaning as he lay crumpled against the wall.

Magnus waved his arms and conjured a portal.

“Let the Clave have him.” He said through gritted teeth.

“I’ll take him.” Izzy went to grab the warlock but Malcolm was faster, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a knife which he held to his own throat.

“Get her out of here.” Magnus hissed at Catarina who didn't even hesitate, turning and carrying Madzie out of the room.

Everyone froze as Malcolm struggled to his feet, knife still held firmly to his throat.

“God will forgive me.” He screamed before slicing the blade across his neck and falling to the floor in a rapidly growing pool of blood.

“He really won’t.” Lucifer muttured. “Still I suppose that solves that problem.”


Magnus stood frozen as he watched the police swarm around Malcolm’s corpse. Feeling a hand on the small of his back he turned to see Alec looking at him.

“I should've known.” Magnus shook his head as he spoke. He’d known Malcolm had fallen apart after Annabel died, but this? If only he’d reached out more maybe he could've stopped it.

“You couldn't have.” Alec replied in his typical no nonsense way.

“I knew he was struggling and I did nothing..” It was hard to admit but it was the truth. Magnus had just let Malcolm walk away, barely keeping in contact.

“Magnus, you can only help people if they want you too.” Alec’s hand clenched slightly in his shirt.

“When did you get so wise.” Magnus shook his head gently, the hint of a smile on his lips.

“Well my boyfriend is very smart so..” Alec teased gently.

“I don't know about you but I rather think drinks are in order. After all we did stop the bad guy.” Lucifer grinned as he joined them. “As far as I see, justice is served.”

Across the room Chloe looked up and scowled in Lucifer’s direction.

“Looks like someone’s in trouble.” Magnus said nodding in her direction.

“Oh she’s just upset I didn't call her. By the way if she asks, which she undoubtedly will, we didn't get chance.” Lucifer leant in and whispered conspiratorially.

“It’ll be our secret..” Magnus winked, determined to at least act unaffected.

“I knew there was a reason I like you..” Lucifer barked out a laugh before wandering over to talk to Maze.

“He’s right you know. You did a good thing today. Stopping him I mean.” Alec said as soon as Lucifer had stepped away.

“I know..”

The truth was he did know. Much as he wanted to believe that perhaps he could’ve talked Malcolm down before any of this began Magnus knew he couldn't. Malcolm was lost years ago and there was nothing he or anyone else could've done about it. He only hoped that despite it all he might have finally found some peace, strange though it sounded.

With a sigh Magnus turned away from the crime scene, not wanting to torture himself any further.

“C’mon let's get you a drink.” Alec smiled softly as he laced their fingers together.


“How’s she doing?” Magnus sipped on his martini as he watched Madzie run happily around the Hunter’s moon.

“Surprisingly well. I don't think she remembers much, which is a blessing.” Catarina picked at the label on her beer bottle. “I never did get a chance to thank you..”

“No need.” Magnus held a hand up to stop her speaking and Catarina hummed softly under her breath. Catarina moved to stand beside him and watch the crowds in filling the bar.

“He’s not what I expected you know.” Catarina indicated Lucifer with her beer bottle.

“Hmm well he is one of my better relatives, not that that’s saying much..” Magnus laughed. Several martini’s in he was starting to feel more his old self and had decided that despite everything, now was a time to celebrate the fact that it was over.

Lucifer sashayed over to join them, a contented smile on his face.

“Now unless you've changed beyond all recognition…” Lucifer handed over a drink to Magnus. “Martini, extra dry.”

“Somethings never change.” Magnus accepted the drink with a wry smile.

“Glad to hear it.” Lucifer’s smile rapidly disappeared as Madzie grabbed him round the legs. “Hello small warlock child.”

Madzie looked up at him adoringly and Lucifer cleared his throat awkwardly.

“She likes you.” Catarina laughed.

“How lovely..” Lucifer muttered and Magnus had to stifle a laugh.

Catarina reached down and gently pried Madzie off Lucifer, picking her up and balancing her on her hip.

“Well I should get this little one home.” Catarina winked.

Madzie reached out and tugged on Lucifer’s sleeve, biting her lip shyly.

“Can I see your wings?” She asked.

“Maybe next time.” Lucifer replied.

“Okay,” Madzie nodded seriously.

“Right then young lady, bedtime..” Catarina smiled down at Madzie. “Have fun you two.”

With a wink Catarina left them to it, ducking out of the backdoor, no doubt to open a portal straight home.

“Of all the things she remembers it would be the wings.” Lucifer grumbled.

“So has the detective forgiven you yet?” Magnus nodded to where Chloe was in deep conversation with Alec.

“I rather suspect I’ll be in the dog house for a while.” Lucifer replied. “So same as usual.”

“She cares about you you know.” However much Lucifer tried to deny it Magnus was no fool. He’d seen the way Lucifer looked at Chloe Decker and equally the well the way she looked at him in return.

“She doesn't have much of a choice. My father’s idea of a joke.” Lucifer muttered.

“I thought he was quite the fan of free will.” Magnus observed.

“Yes well that doesn't stop him enjoying playing games with my life.”

Magnus couldn’t help but notice the way Lucifer’s eyes seemed to be drawn over towards Chloe as he spoke. Although he was smiling there was a tinge of something else behind it. What it was he couldn’t be sure, regret? Sadness? Longing? In all likelihood, it was a mix of all three.

“You know a wise man once told me that when you find someone who unlocks the walls around your heart that you should do everything you can to fight for them.” Magnus swirled his martini glass and looked at Lucifer, one eyebrow raised.

“I have no idea what you mean..” Lucifer replied with a shrug. Magnus raised his eyebrow higher.

“Hey.” Jace wandered over, hands shoved firmly in his pockets. “So Alec told me what happened today and well, I wanted to say..”

Jace paused for a second as if not sure how to continue before plunging back in.

“Look, I misjudged you and I'm sorry.” Jace ran a hand through his hair looking more than a little uncomfortable. “See the thing is I should know better. I mean I know what it’s like to be judged and when people thought I had demon blood....”

“Yes well, at least you've learnt the error of your ways.” Lucifer clapped Jace on his shoulder and the blonde smiled hesitantly at him. “I suppose strictly speaking you can't help being so annoying, must be all that extra angel blood.”

“Ah c’mon..” Jace rolled his eyes.

“Although I have to say I am intrigued about how you got said angel blood. I have a feeling I'm going to particularly enjoy that story.” Lucifer wrapped an arm around Jace’s shoulder and led him to the bar leaving Magnus shaking his head affectionately behind them.

“I'm genuinely not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing that those two seem to be getting on now.” Magnus looked up at the sound of the voice to see Alec standing next to him. Damn him and his Shadowhunter stealth.

“I would say with absolute certainty that it can only lead to trouble.” Magnus laughed before using his glass to indicate where Izzy and Maze were drinking together. “Although perhaps that friendship will give them a run for their money.”

“Yeah, that’s what worries me..” Alec murmured before taking a sip of his beer.

“So you and the lovely Detective Decker seemed to be in deep conversation. Anything we should worry about?” Magnus looked across to where Chloe was laughing with Luke.

“Nah, we’re good.” Alec replied holding his hands up in surrender as Magnus raised an eyebrow. “Okay, okay. So she had a few questions, she’s not an idiot, but I'm pretty sure I managed to clear everything up.”

“That’s good.” Magnus smiled as he watched Lucifer join the detective spinning her around and persuading her to dance with him.

“I don't think I’ll ever get what’s going on with the two of them.” Alec laughed as they watched the pair swaying to the music, Chloe’s face lit up by a giant smile as Lucifer dipped her dramatically.

“Now then darling. I would have thought it was obvious what was going on there. I only hope that they realise that themselves.” Magnus winked his eyes narrowing as he saw Alec blush a little. “Alexander Lightwood, what did you say to the delightful Detective Decker.”

“Nothing.” Alec pouted a little, rubbing his neck. “Fine okay. I may have suggested that somethings are worth fighting for..”

Magnus burst into laughter only stopping when he saw the puzzled expression on Alec’s face.

“It’s possible I gave Lucifer the same advice. In my defence it’s not my fault. I'm a hopeless romantic.” Magnus grinned as Alec pulled him in by his lapels, pausing just a hairsbreadth from his lips.

“I wouldn't change a single thing about you Magnus Bane.” He whispered before crashing their lips together.

As ever Magnus felt a little stunned as they finally parted, taking a ridiculously long time to remember where they were.

“Well shall we join them.” Magnus smiled as he nodded over in Lucifer and Chloe’s direction.

“Yeah let’s do that..” Alec grinned.

“You know I am fascinated to see how things work out for Deckerstar over there..” Magnus chuckled as he looped an arm through Alec’s to lead them to the impromptu dance floor.

“Deckerstar?” Alec scrunched his eyebrows in confusion.

“It’s a ship name darling, you know combine the two names of the couple? No? Oh Alexander, and I'm supposed to be the old one.” Magnus patted Alec’s chest affectionately as his boyfriend rolled his eyes.

“You’re ridiculous.” Alec laughed

“And you love it.”

“I really do.” Alec pulled Magnus into his arms as they began to sway to the music. It didn’t escape Magnus notice that Alec was watching Lucifer and Chloe closely.

“You know, Lucifer has extended an open invitation to visit them in LA anytime if you want to check up on our potential lovebirds. I suspect it’s because he wants to show off Lux.” Magnus whispered in Alec’s ear.

“I..” Alec pulled back a little looking every inch the proverbial child caught with their hand in the sweet jar. Alec shook his head slowly. “I'm not bothered, but I mean if you wanted to...I've never been to LA so..”

Magnus stifled a laugh at the look of mock innocence on Alec’s face.

“You know, I rather think I would enjoy that.” Magnus smiled.

“Yeah well as long as we don't get dragged into another investigation.” Alec grumbled half-heartedly.

“Now darling, I rather think you would enjoy that.” Magnus winked and although Alec didn't answer his lopsided smile spoke volumes.

Magnus glanced around the crowded bar and smiled softly at the two parts of his life merging so seamlessly. Maia, Isabelle and Maze were dancing together drunkenly as Simon played the guitar, Luke was well on his way to tipsy and even Raphael was trying to hide a smile.

Despite it all even he had to admit in a strange kind of a way it had been fun having Lucifer around and that maybe not all his family was terrible as he thought after all. Perhaps, on balance, a trip to LA wouldn’t be such a bad idea.