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Far from Glory

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It had been a couple weeks since you had met Gladiolus Amicitia at your job working at the gloryhole booth and he had rocked your world in your bedroom. Since that day you found yourself unsatisfied with any other cock that you encountered due to your work.

So a couple months later you quit your job and ended up working at a Cinema selling tickets, snacks and drinks. This job didn’t pay as much but it did have a more flexible roster which was exactly what you wanted since you seriously wanted that guy’s dick inside you again as soon as possible.  Another pro was that you didn’t have assholes treating you like a piece of fuck meat. Yeah you had the occasional entitled idiot that looked down on you but it was more bearable than some guy with a toothpick dick that would throw a fit because he didn’t get to shoot his cum inside of you.

Since the day you had the living daylight screwed out of you. You had started texting Gladio in your free time and breaks. Mostly he would be the one initiating a conversation after the first time you texted him. He seemed genuinely surprised that you contacted him because usually girls would go out of their way to avoid him because of the fact that his cock was so big that they walked funny for days or they just weren’t looking for anything lasting longer than the night. He didn’t blame them and understood where they were coming from but with you he had to admit that he was genuinely hoping you’d text him.

That day too when you were on break you decided to text him only for your phone to go off and tell you that you got a text from Gladio who you had put in your phone as Daddy.

Hey Baby Girl.
You on break?

You could’ve sworn he had some kind of internal alarm that told him when you were on break since this wasn’t the first time he just happened to text when you were on break.

Hi Daddy.
’d you know? Are you a psychic or something? 
Or are you secretly spying on me?

You often joked like this to one another.

Noooo I wouldn ’t dare baby girl.
Have you been thinking about me and my hard cock???

You couldn’t help but blush slightly at the suggestion, but if he wanted to play naughty then so could you. So let the games begin!

Daddy! It’s not nice to tease me like that when I’m at work!
And if I was thinking about you and your big, long, hard and throbbing cock daddy?

Chuckling you leaned on your hand waiting for Gladio to reply.

Then maybe I should come pick you and I ’ll dick you down real good once we ’re back at your place. I ’ll dick you down so good and hard you ’ll be begging for more. I ’ll make you scream all night baby girl.

Upon reading his reply you felt your panties slowly get damp, remembering how he fucked you silly the first time.  You nearly drooled at the possibility getting railed like the previous time again.

I get off at 10. Pick me up then Daddy?

You felt the anticipation rise within you as you awaited his answer, hoping he would say yes.

Alright. I ’ll be in front of the Cinema at 10 then baby girl. I ’ll see you then , can ’t wait.

With that you got back to work. Time seemed to fly by after that. You were so excited to meet the man again that you didn’t even get angry at the mother who demanded that she have the medium coke and popcorn deal with a big coke after telling her several times that’s impossible even if one would offer to pay the difference. Even that woman didn’t manage to ruin your day in the slightest.

When the end of your shift came around you got out so fast that some people were literally wondering who raced by them at the speed of light.  Sure enough when you got out of the Cinema you saw the big man standing against the wall next to the exit.

“ Hey baby girl…” He smirked and walked over to you, pressing a kiss against your temple and wrapping his arms around you. “ Ready to  go?” With a slight nod the two of you made your way to your house. “ So how was work?” He asked while walking, trying to genuinely show interest in your day.

“ Oh it was ok. Had some guys who were a bit of a pain but otherwise it was alright.” You saw the big man frown. “ A pain how? Did they do anything to you?” You would feel the man’s arm around your waist slightly tighten. “ N-no, they tried to flirt with me and ask for my number but I’m alright. They were a bit pushy so I asked for security to take of them which they did. “ Gladio was still frowning but decided to drop the subject to avoid spoiling the mood.

The rest of the way Gladio flirted with you. He pinched your butt, winked at you when the two of you would lock eyes on occasion and would on occasion bend down to kiss you.  Eventually the two of you had gotten pretty riled up to the point that the very moment you opened the door he scooped you up into his arms, walked in and closed the door with his feet before carrying you off into the bedroom.

Laughing the two of you fell onto the bed pulling each other’s clothes off while pushing almost grinding your bodies against each other’s when he was just in his boxers and you in your panties “ Spread your legs for me baby girl..” Gladio shimmied down to your panties as you put your legs on his shoulders. “ You fond of these ?” He asked while pressing two fingers against your entrance through your panties, stroking your folds and hooking his fingers on it.” No ..”

You had fantasized for a while of him ripping your panties off your body with his big strong hands so you had made sure to buy a ton of panties so he could do that whenever he felt like and not be without panties for a long time.

Grinning he gripped the fabric with both hands giving a tug on both sides to tear it in the middle to reveal your drenched core.” Damn babe, that wet for me already?” He didn’t tear it any further than he needed to as he got an idea. “Baby girl play along with this little thing alright?” Nodding you felt him push his cock through the slit in your panties and tease your folds before placing his hands on your hips with a big smirk.

His golden eyes were watching you squirm underneath him as he teased you for a couple minutes, drinking your squeals and gasps. “Daddy stop teasing meee!” You pleaded him as your pussy was aching to be utterly wrecked by his massive cock. “ Patience baby girl. We’ll get to it soon.” The big man chuckled and continued to tease you.

Holding you down he would push against your entrance a couple times but he wouldn’t penetrate. He would switch this off with rubbing his shaft against your clit, feeling you get wetter and wetter if that was at all possible.  You were squirming underneath him in the meanwhile thinking he was just going to tease you for the remainder of the night.

You felt his grip on your hips tighten slightly and before you knew what happened to you, you felt your back arch off the bed as a loud moan tore from your throat as he had slammed his cock inside of you in one fluid movement. “Fuuuuuuuuck! You’re still so tight around my cock baby girl” He groaned seeing your stomach bulging with every thrust. You were given no time to adjust before he started hammering your pussy with his thick cock and giving you what you had been craving for a while now.

You were getting absolutely RAILED by him and you loved every second of it.  You reached out to wrap your arms around him only for him to pin your arms above your head with his hand. “No Baby girl, be good and let Daddy dick you down.” Seeing you nod he pulled out, laying besides you. He turned you until you were laying on your side with his chest against your back.  He tucked one hand under your leg lifting it and thrust back inside of your tight heat, his cock twitching when hearing you cry out again when feeling yourself be filled once again.

Without rest Gladio’s massive cock thrust into you time and time again making you come hard on his cock before filling you up with his seed. The more he filled you the more your stomach bulged. One arm he had tucked under your leg still while the other was firmly wrapped around your chest holding you against him.  “Enjoying yourself baby girl?” He grunted in your ear seeing the weak nod you, managed to give.

You felt so full. So insanely full. Your abdomen  was stretched to the point of looking at least a couple months pregnant. After a few more thrusts Gladio came inside you one more time before he fully came to a stop. His cock still fully buried inside of you. “ Took my cock like a champ like last time baby girl. I’m proud of you.”

He smiled and placed a kiss on your cheek. “ Wow…” He chuckled and placed his hand on your abdomen, carefully rubbing his hand over it.”  You’re like this because of what I did… kind of cool.” He grinned, hugging you against himself. “ I’ve been thinking for a long time since we started texting you know.” Gladio shook his head” Even before that… After that one night I couldn’t get you out of my head.” He softly kissed your neck. “ Our bodies being super compatible was a great thing already but then we started texting and this became so much more than a casual lay.”

You laid there quietly listening to what he had to say while enjoying the feeling of him cradling you in his arms. “ You were kind and listened to me complain about things that happened at the bookstore I own. You, who had and still do have a debt that wasn’t even yours  to begin with. With the bank breathing down your neck and taking so much from your monthly paychecks that they made it hard for you to even have food on the table…” He frowned and gently stroked your cheek”  No matter how many times I offered to help you out. You never accepted my money but thanked me for the kind gesture, saying how you didn’t want to take advantage of me. Even though I was the one who offered.” He chuckled. “ You were also funny. sexy and not to mention smart.  The fact that you love to read was a big plus as well.”

You slightly tilted your head towards him, looking into his golden eyes. “ What are you trying to say?”  You looked at him in confusion. “ What I’m saying baby girl. How about making this more? Go out with me. Become my girl officially. “  Your eyes widened  in surprise. ”W-what?”

“ Be my girlfriend… is what I’m asking.  Not my sex friend. But my actual girlfriend. Someone like you. You’re are someone.” He frowned trying to think of the word.” I don’t want to see you walk out of my life. “  

“No need to give me your answer right away baby girl.” He slowly pulled out, carrying you to the bathroom and placing you on the toilet. “ I’ll be right back..” He pecked you on the cheek before walking back into the bedroom to clean up the mess the two of you had made.  “….He wants me to be his girlfriend…” You placed your hands on your cheeks, both sides feeling like a furnace as realization slowly sank in. Your mind raced as it processed everything that had just happened.

“You are someone I don ’t want to see walk out of my life

“Be my girlfriend is what I ’m asking.

“Be my girl.

Your heart was beating so fast it felt like it was going to jump out of your chest when you saw Gladio come back. “ Alright ready for a bath baby girl?” He looked you over seeing that your abdomen had returned to normal.” Ah it’s all out? Well the majority of it” He watched you get off the toilet and fall into his arms.” Sorry ..” You muttered.

He shook his head, flushing it for you before lifting you up and carrying you over to the bath tub. He sat on the edge with you on his lap as he turned the faucets on to fill the tub up when he noticed your line up of bath soap, shampoo and body wash. They were all cheap brands but you still had quite a few of them “Looks like despite everything you take good care of yourself baby girl.”

“Of course… I found lots of stores that sold products like that for cheap… I mean just cause I don’t have a lot of money doesn’t mean I should neglect my hygiene and so on. “ You leaned against him when he slowly sat down into the tub as it filled up.  He  put some soap in the water, the suds slowly multiplying. It smelled like him. Like pine needles. It made you feel safe.

“Uhm..” You put your head against his chest feeling his hand run through your hair. “ What’s wrong baby girl?” Looking up you shook your head before softly kissing him on the lips. His strong arms wrapping themselves around you. He pressed his lips firmly against yours. “ What could you possibly gain from having me?” You tilted your head. “ What are you talking about?” You heard his deep voice say, his eyes clearly showing a mix of confusion and anger.

“ My family made debt with not so good people Gladio….well not so good is putting is softly. Both the bank and loan sharks affiliated with that bank. Gladio you’ll only get hurt If you date someone like me…” Again he frowned.” Baby girl… I don’t want anyone but you. I can handle myself….” He took your hand placing it on his cheek. “ So will you take the jump with me and go out with me?”

With a slight nod you sighed and smiled. “ Ok …I’ll be your girlfriend.”