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Number One Hero

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Love is when the other person's happiness is more important than your own…

H. Jackson Brown, Jr.


In the beginning things were amazing, damn near euphoric. Every moment spent together was like a fairy tail.

My mom always commented how we acted like soulmates and how the idiot and I would end up together one day. And for some witless reason, I wanted that more than anything in this world. And one day my ignorant ass made this...this stupid promise, it was twisted tightly into our minds, we were bound together forever. And I was okay with this and so was she…

What hurts the most is that we both remember what the promise was about and how we were going to execute it. But we also remember how I turned away and broke it. Snapping our bond in half. Like some thin, barely grown twig. I should have known better, that the promise I made was a double edge sword on my part. Gripping onto it so tightly, I made myself bleed...and then I made her bleed.

Don’t get me wrong, I care about her...more than I should. It seems to be malediction on my part.

It's all drivel. 

Katsuki sat in the sandbox, today had been a rather difficult day. Not for him obviously but for Izu-chan. She was so upset, sniffling and crying, so weak. “Izu-chan.” He grumbled out as he put the shovel down beside him. He flinched a bit when Izuku looked at him with those sad, tear filled eyes.

Carefully, moving towards her, he seated himself next to her. “Stupid Izu-chan, so what if you don’t have a quirk, your still mine.” He grumbled out and hugged her. Her small face was in his shoulder as she weeped. Katsuki felt her hiccup and heard her sniffle against his shoulder as her smaller fingers dug into his blue skull shirt. “It just means I gotta get stronger to protect you.” He pulled back a bit, and moved his hands to he face, cradling it carefully in his small hands. “And so do you, if I am going to be a hero then you have to cheer me on and be as strong as me, quirkless or not!” Katsuki could feel her tears sliding down his hands. He could see the sparkle return to her eyes, and her face brightened up. To be honest, Katsuki hated it when Izu-chan cried, it made his chest hurt. And he was filled with emotions he didn't understand and it made him angry, and getting angry only made her cry more. So he was always trying to make sure she remained happy.

"Kacchan…” She mumbled out.

Katsuki pulled down his sleeve and wiped her tears away carefully. Not wanting to hurt her, he was gentle as possible. “And just because you are a girl doesn’t mean, I will be easy on you Izu-Chan.” He said softly, “When I become the number one hero, I am going to marry you and protect you from all the villains, okay?”

“Do you promise?”

“I promise!” He grinned at her, of course he would. "No one is better at keeping you safe then me!" He smiled. "Now stop crying Izu-chan and let's go back to playing!" 
Inko watched the two in the sand box, she was utterly touched by the scene before her. Her daughter had a horrible week. She was so relieved to see that Katsuki could make her better.

Mitsuki was sitting next to her, a smirk on her face, she heard the declaration her son made 'Thats my son for you.' She was very proud of her son.

“Your son is normally so abrasive, but seeing this side of him is rather charming.” Inko finally spoke, her tone softer. The stress left her boy as she watched the two race around, Kacchan was such a good boy, letting Izuku win and 'beat' him. It warmed her soul. 

“The little shit is a good kid sometimes, at least when it comes to his princess." Mitsuki smirked, as she watched them. "He won't ever admit it, but Izuku is has him wrapped around her little finger." She giggled as her son fell on his face only to get back up again and chase after the green haired girl. "Though if I know one thing, in our family a promise is a promise, and Katsuki is very serious for his age..." She looked at Inko and smiled. "I am sure that Izu-chan is in good hands with him." 

"I know she is, but I don't want to pressure them and make them feel that being together is their only option." She told him. "What if Izu-chan becomes a lesbian?" She looked at Mitsuki. 

Mitsuki nodded her head. "We will just have to let them go at their own pace and not interfere, and just love and accept them as they are." She looked at Inko and smiled. "I don't think Katsuki would care all that much, he would still love her and support and I am sure that Izu-chan will do the same." 

“All we can do is support them and let them take their own course…” Inko looked at the two, it really did warm her heart to see them though. She felt Mitsuki's arm around her shoulder and pull her into a side hug.

“Katsuki is a brat, but he will take care of Izu-chan, and she will return it tenfold.” Mitsuki smiled at Inko. “Let's just do what we can.”

Inko nodded her head and leaned against her best friend. "Agreed." 


_Later that day_

Katsuki sat at the dinner table with his parents, he had a piece of broccoli on his fork, it was smothered in cheese, it was clearly the only way he would actually eat something so disgusting. He turned his head turned towards the small TV, his father channeled surfed for a bit before he stopped on the news. Apparently there had been an attack on a hero. Katsuki stared at the screen, he could feel his heart in his ears. The scene was chaotic and frightening, the camera a bit shaky. What scared him the most was the woman on the screen, she was knelt down by the hero, holding onto his body tightly and screaming in such a bloody curdling way.

Katsuki slipped from the chair and held his juice and walked away from the table.

“Hey, where do you think you are going?” Mitsuki asked as she set her form on her plate.

“Mama…” He turned to look at her, his tone was rather somber. He could feel his eyes burning with unshed tears. He was so scared, his mind was racing a mile a minute. How could he protect Izu-chan from the bad guys. “How can I be a hero and protect Izu-chan…” His tone a little shaky. “What if…what if that happens...and Izu-chan is hurt like that lady was…” Katsuki felt his vision starting to get blurry. "If-if I become a hero then the bad guys will hurt me, and and and that will hurt Izu-chan!" He held his shirt as he looked at the floor.

Mitsuki pushed from the table and walked to her son and picked him up and rubbed his back. “Not if you become strong enough, you’re a Bakugou.” She told him, she picked up a napkin from the table, and pulled his head back so she could clean up his face. "You will become strong enough to protect her, I know you care about her a lot, and would do anything for her, so get stronger and remember why you want to be a hero." She said softly. Mitsuki looked at her husband who was cleaning up the table.“Do you want to go stay at her house this weekend?” She inquired to him softly. She made her son blow his nose. "Where you can keep her safe?" 

“Can she stay over here?” He hiccuped and held onto his mama tightly. He didn't want to leave the house, it was safe here. Izu-chan would be safe here.

“Of course, I’ll go talk to Inko-san and see what she says." Masaru said to them as he wrapped his arms around both of them. "Why don't you and mama get the bedroom ready for her okay, you can watch the All Might show tonight with her." He said, stroking his ash blonde hair. He kissed them both on the forehead once Katsuki agree them them. "That's my boy." He looked at his wife."I'll clean up the kitchen and talk to Inko." Kissing his wife once more on the lips he pulled back and picked up the plates.

Mitsuki held her son and walked them up to his room. "How does a fort sound?" She smiled at him. "You get the blankets, and I'll get everything else." She said to Katsuki as she set him down on the floor.

Katsuki was feeling a little better when he and his mama started on the fort, they had blankets and pillows everywhere. They had some snacks and some juice, some of which he offered to his mama since she had the idea of the fort. He put some extra pillows on the bed along with some stuffed animals and grinned when it looked perfect, he tilted his head up once he saw a flash. His mama was holding a camera. Katsuki was about it say something when he heard his daddy.

“Katsuki! Izuku-chan is here!” He looked at his mama once more before bolting down the stairs, nearly falling on the last two steps as he made his way to Izu-chan. He saw her at the door in her green dress and handing over her bags to his father. Seeing her alive and alright, ease him greatly. “Izu-chan!” Katsuki squeaked out as he raced to hug her tightly. After a moment, he pulled away and looked at Inko with a large and bright smile. "Thank you Auntie for letting her come over!" He hugged firmly. Letting her go, he urged Izu-chan to get her shoes off and into the bunny slippers before taking her up to his room. 

Masaru smiled at them and watched as they raced up the stairs. “Thank you Inko, sorry to have you come over on such a short notice." He said and moved over for his wife. Who hugged Inko.

“It was no problem at all, I am just glad that I was able to help, I am sure it will bring Kacchan some peace." Both mothers were quiet happy though, Katsuki cared deeply for Izuku to the point of tears. Normally the small child would never cry, even when he was being hit by others. It just means he cares enough for Izuku to actually be honest with himself.

"I'll drive you back home, I am sure you are dying for a bubble bath and some wine." Mitsuki grinned at her and kissed her husband quickly before taking Inko home.


Katsuki crawled onto the bed and smiled at Izu-chan who hopped onto the bed with him. "Dad said we can watch All Might cartoons." He grinned and handed her some juice, it was melon. 

"That sounds like fun, All Might is pretty cool!" Izuku smiled at Kacchan and took the juice and leaned back. "Mama said I was staying the whole weekend!" She said excitedly. "What do you wanna do first!" 

Katsuki thought for a moment. "How about we color and watch All Might cartoons?" He looked at her, he just wanted to watch the cartoon. 

"Sound good!" 

 It didn't take them long to get comfortable. Mitsuki got them into the bath and into some Pj's. Izuku was wearing Katsuki's shirt, since she had accidently spilled juice on hers. She was teased a little for it by Katsuki. They had gotten into their room and went back to coloring and watching All Might, playing with some Legos, before falling asleep together with All Might playing in the back ground. 

Mitsuki and Masaru smiled at the two as they cleaned up the room a little and tucked them into the bed. Leaving the night light on they closed the door, leaving a crack. 

Mitsuki smiled as she sat on the couch and relaxed. "Those two are adorable." She grinned and looked at her husband who handed her some wine. "Oh thank you love." She sipped on the red wine and closed her eyes. 

"They are, though it's not surprising, Katsuki takes a lot after you." He grinned. "I am sure that those two will have an interesting relationship as they grow older." He sipped on his own wine as he sat next to his wife. "He is as aggressive as you, I am sure that only Izuku will see these sweet moments." He kissed his wife on the cheek. "I love you, how did I get so damn lucky." He nuzzled her a little and pulled away. 

"Because I'm just that damn awesome."