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After a long day, the crew heads to Shorty’s for a good time. Gus and Shorty had bought the place together the previous year. Shorty, knowing he wasn’t getting any younger, decided to quit the manual ranch labor in favor of running the place. And looking at him now, no one can argue that he hasn’t looked this happy since before Curtis died.


Waverly and her aunt eventually end up at one end of the bar, talking with Shorty as Waverly serves customers. Waverly wanting to help out as a bartender was a surprise to Nicole at first, but she soon realized Waverly was great at it. She made great drinks, but the real skill she possesses is her personality. She has a rapport with people and it makes her that much better of a bartender. Plus, it gives her a social outlet that she doesn’t have at the ranch.


So, as Waverly is busy working and talking, Nicole decides a game of pool is in order. She pulls Wynonna off Dolls’ lap and drags the brunette over to an open table. After a few shots, Nicole can feel eyes on her. She expects it to be Waverly, but looks and sees her wife deep in conversation with a few customers. She looks around the rest of the room as she sizes up her next shot, still feeling eyes on her. Then she spots her, a young woman around her age (maybe a little older). She has blond hair, a tall and slim figure and piercing blue eyes. She is an attractive woman, Nicole won’t deny that, but the attention just makes her feel uncomfortable. She is looking Nicole over shamelessly and giving Nicole bedroom eyes that promise trouble.


Nicole just turns back to her game, not looking away from the table. After a couple minutes, Wynonna speaks up. “What’s up with you? You’re acting weird.”


“A woman is staring at me. My five o’clock.” Nicole responds, bending down and taking her shot.


Wynonna discreetly looks in that direction as she sips her drink, immediately noticing the woman who has her eyes glued to Nicole’s jean clad ass. She gives a low whistle and smirks at Nicole. “Yup, she is definitely checking you out. But she is hot and obviously thinks you are too, what’s the harm?”


“I am married… to your sister!” Nicole whisper shouts through gritted teeth.


“I didn’t say to sleep with the chick Haughtstuff!” Wynonna says with a laugh. “I am just saying you should be flattered by a hot chick thinking you are hot. That’s all.”


“I hate you.” Nicole grumbles, pocketing the eight ball after calling the pocket. “I win. You buy the next round.”


“Fine, fine. Let’s go.” Wynonna concedes, walking them over to the bar and ordering another round from Rosita (Shorty’s new hire). Rosita lines up some shots for them before moving on to serve some more customers. It is then that Nicole feels someone come and stand beside her. She turns her head and sees it is the woman who was watching her earlier.


“Hi.” The blond greets. “I’m Rachel.”


“Nicole.” Nicole greets in return, although nervously.


“Nice to meet you Nicole. Can I buy you a drink?” Rachel asks, flirtation evident in her tone and the wat she drifts closer into Nicole’s personal space.


“Oh, um no thank you. I am good.” Nicole says, raising her mostly full bottle of beer that Rosita brought her a moment earlier.


“Oh, well in that case, can you get me something? Like your number?” Rachel suggests, not at all put off by Nicole’s rejection.


“Um, I’m sorry. I am married.” Nicole says, holding her hand up to show the ring on her finger as proof.


“I noticed the ring earlier. Not a problem for me if it isn’t for you.” Rachel responds, not missing a beat. The blond puts a hand on Nicole’s forearm.


“Look, you seem like a really nice girl, but I have a wife-”


“Who is standing right here.” Waverly interrupts, startling Nicole so bad she actually jumps.


Nicole is so nervous and panicked by the blond, she didn’t notice Wynonna leave her side and warn her sister.


“Hey Waves, some hot blond is hitting on your wife.” Wynonna claims, plopping down in a seat next to Gus.


“What?” Waverly asks, looking around confused until she sees a woman getting closer and closer to the uncomfortable looking redhead. She sees Nicole raise her hand and indicate to her wedding ring. Waverly smiles, but it soon drops when she sees the undeterred blond rest her hand on Nicole’s arm.


Waverly feels her feet moving before her mind catches up and then she is standing before the pair and scowling at the blond woman with her hand on her wife. When the words come out of her mouth, she only feels jealousy flowing through her veins.


“Waves!” Nicole exclaims, hand clutched to her chest as the redhead tries to calm her heartrate.


“Hi!” Waverly says with an obviously fake smile and overly fake and enthusiastic tone.


Nicole just stares at her while the blond glares at her and walks away without another word.


Waverly watches her leave and then turns to her wife… who looks like she might actually be having a heart attack. “You okay there, Babe?” Waverly asks, back to her normal tone.


“I think my heart actually skipped a beat.” Nicole breathes out, hand still clutching her chest.


“I hope not.” Waverly says, running a comforting hand over Nicole’s arm across the bar. “It would really suck to be a single parent if you die on me Haught.” She leans across and kisses her wife. “Sorry for scaring you Baby.”


Nicole smiles, breathing out a somewhat shallow laugh as she does. “You aren’t getting rid of me that easily.” It takes another moment to realize what Waverly said before Nicole’s smile breaks out even wider. “It almost doesn’t feel real.” She looks down at Waverly’s still flat stomach and watches it.


“Babe. It isn’t going to grow before your eyes.” Waverly laughs.


Nicole, grinning like a love-sick fool, just sits there and gazes at her wife. “I love you Waverly. And I already love the baby too, even if we can't see him or her yet.”


Waverly comes around the bar and plops into Nicole’s lap. “I love you too Nicole and I couldn’t agree more.”



Sitting on the paddock railing, Nicole watches Romeo walk around with his foal. Entering Romeo into a gene pool was a hard decision for Nicole, but she knew it was a good one. Now, looking at a seven-year-old Romeo walking around with his son, Nicole is only happier with her decision. The colt trots over and bumps his head into Nicole’s boot, huffing out a breath and waiting for Nicole to give him some attention. She pats the side of his face and smiles at him, watching him happily trot back over to his much larger father. Nicole is so enraptured in watching the two, she doesn’t even hear the approaching footsteps.


She almost falls of the rail entirely when Waverly’s voice startles her. “Look, I can’t really climb up there myself so do you mind climbing down here with me?”


Nicole turns around and smiles down at her wife. Only a few weeks away from her due date, Waverly is beautiful, but the added weight and restrictions aren’t her favorite.


Nicole eagerly hops down and kisses her wife, moving down and kissing her belly after. “Hey gorgeous.” Nicole leans down to the baby belly once again. “Baby gorgeous.”


“What if it’s a boy?” Waverly counters with a smirk.


“Are you implying boys can’t be gorgeous too?” Nicole counters back with a smirk of her own. “Plus, we wouldn’t be doing this guessing game if you didn’t want to be surprised.” Nicole teases.


“Touché.” Waverly says, pulling Nicole down for another kiss.


“Hey! Guys! Stop making out and get in here! You already got her pregnant Haught! Stop trying to do it again!” Wynonna yells from the porch.


“That isn’t even how it works Wyn!” Nicole yells back before continuing her kiss with Waverly.


“I love you.” Waverly whispers, kissing Nicole deeply and with all the love she can muster.


“God, I love you.” Nicole whispers back. “Even if your sister is aiming the hose at us.”


Nicole pulls Waverly to the side and takes the full force as Wynonna opens the hose nozzle, soaking her back. Waverly squeals and then erupts into laughter. “Oh my god, that was really funny, but I am going to kill her.” Waverly giggles.


“Nope, she is carrying my future niece or nephew. You can’t kill her now.” Nicole jokes, laughing even as she shivers from the cold water.


Waverly laughs harder and runs her hands under the soaked shirt. “Let’s go upstairs and get you warmed up before dinner.”


“Oh? I can definitely get on board with that.” Nicole intones.


“Have I mentioned I love you?” Waverly asks.


“Not in the last ten seconds, which is entirely too long.” Nicole replies. “But I love you too.”


They both laugh and kiss again, much to a hormonal Wynonna’s mock displeasure. Neither are at all surprised when they are hit with a spray of water once again, but they simply kiss and laugh together.


The End.