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Coming Home (Balex)

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While Bernie being in over in Afghanistan for 10 years she had made some great friends one friend being Alex Dawson who she had helped to become the bravest soldier that the blonde had ever known. The pair became great close friends meaning that the pair did everything together, the blonde soothing every break down that Alex would have  after a hard time on the battle. They refused to give up on each other.

With the friendship growing more closer each day the pair decided that they would take it further, but being in the army meant that the two had to sneak around as wasn't acceptable to be dating other army soldiers, but the pair didn't care as they loved each other so much that  they didn't care if the other soldiers stared or gave them horrible looks, Alex did find it a little hard to cope with being the talk around the base but having Bernie defending her made her feel better and felt like someone loved her for who she was, Bernie loved her as Alex made her feel like it was normal to be in love with another woman as being with Marcus she had to hide how she really felt.

The pair was in the bunker, Alex was lying on Bernie's bed wit her head on her chest holding Bernie's hand, The blonde smiled as she held her hand feeling how soft it was. Bernie was talking away, planing on  how she wanted a future with Alex, Alex looked up at her and smiled before kissing her softly "I love you so much" Alex spoke softly after kissing the blonde.

The blonde smiled hearing the words and thought for a moment, realising that she needed to tell her husband how she really felt , knowing that she had been married for 25 years the news could go two ways, One way was that Bernie could be happy and she didn't have to sneak about anymore, The other way was Losing the woman she loved for the last ten years over a man that she did love but didn't make her happy and that the kids wouldn't speak to her. The blonde looked at Alex "babe?"

Alex smiled looking at her "Yes princess?"

"I was just thinking on going back home... To Marcus... I mean to tell Marcus how  I really feel and tell him about us?" The  blonde spoke more softly

"Are you sure about telling him? You know he hates my guts for that prom night.." Alex replied

"that prom night wasn't you're fault , it was all mine..and I'm glad we fucked in that classroom, it felt so amazing " She smiled going of point for a few minutes "I got to tell him, then I can finally be more happier with you"

Alex nodded "Would you come back after telling him?"

"hey, of course I'll come back, it's me and you against the world" the blonde replied kissing her head.

Alex smiled and moved her head so that Bernie was kissing her face instead of the top of her head "I don't wanna lose you Bernie"

"hey you won't, you know what?"

"What baby?"

"Because you never will" she said hearing the door to their bunker open, the blonde looked over seeing Jake who was a close friend to Bernie and Alex , who would defend the pair when others would talk about Bernie and Alex's relationship , he looked at Bernie while getting his breath back "We're needed on the battle ground, al of us are, we're under attack "

Bernie nodded "we'll be there in  5 minutes" she said softly watching him "deep breaths it helps"

Jake nodded taking deep breaths "thank you and I'll see you out there" he said before the bunker.

Alex got up going over to her bed putting her uniform on, Bernie stayed sat on the bed admiring Alex and smiled not knowing that this would be the last time they both saw each other properly.

Alex knew that Bernie was admiring her so she turned round so that she gave Bernie something to stare at, she lifted up her vest giving Bernie a good view of her bra "Cheeky " the blonde said before getting up and squeezing them.

"having a good feel are we? Maybe if your good enough out there you can play with them" Alex smirked and teased.

"Oh I'm always good" the blonde teased back as she finally got herself ready. The pair wasn't just soldiers they was also trained Trauma surgeons with meant they would operate on fellow soldiers.

"I love you so much more" the blonde said softly looking at Alex feeling like something was going to go wrong. Alex smiled again "Come on you heard Jake"

Now that the pair was outside Jake called them over to the jeep "Get in" he said, the blond climbed in after Alex who held her hand again but this time the blonde held it tight, while Jake drove off to the battlefield being carful not to drive over any land mines.

Alex knew that Bernie could sense that something bad was going to happen so she looked up at her and smiled at her "hey nothing will happen I promise " she said reassuring her, just as the jeep approached the battle field Alex jumped out to attend to a soldier , As Jake drove closer to the battle ground he had drove over a land mine which caused the Jeep to explode, which meant that Bernie had hit her head causing her to go unconscious and did damage to her legs.

Alex looked up seeing the ball of flames before running over "Bernie! Jake!" She called out but none answered, she got more closer and pulled Jake out from the rubble and took him to a safe place, with Jake coming round from being knocked out from the blast he looked at Alex "Bernie... she's trapped"

"Trapped where Jake?" She asked softly keeping herself calm as her heart was pounding with the thought that she would never see Bernie again

"In the jeep...she..she hit her head..." Jake replied , Alex nodded again and went back over to the jeep now seeing her partner stuck she knew that she had to act fast , she removed the surrounding rubble and gently started to pull her partner out , the side she was fighting against had her surround so she pulled out her gun and started shooting once it was a little clear she dragged Bernie to the the safe bit of the ground, as she was concreting on Bernie Alex had got shot in her side with slowed her down.

Now taking cover with her unconscious partner and her best friend she radioed for help and back up. The back up came straight away, they took Bernie back to the camp before the general decided that they didn’t have the right equipment to operate on Bernie so he called up Holby where they had the right equipment to operate. With Alex following behind her the general took her to the camp up hospital without realising that she needed proper treatment before sending Alex back out on the battle field after she had been bandaged up.

As Alex was fighting on the front line the opposite solder threw a grande at the British soldiers and unfortunately Alex got caught in the blast which meant she would have to go back to the U.K. the other surgeon solders took her back and the general told them to take her to St.James.

They put the pair in the plane and sent the plane to the U.K., once the plane landed at Heathrow Airport there was to army jeeps waiting, one to take Alex to St. James and the other one to take Bernie to Holby, this was the first time for the pair to be split up.

They had put Bernie into the back of the jeep and drove her to Holby where Three Doctors Was waiting for her , Serena Campbell, Guy March and Ollie Valentine. But with Serena being busy there was now two doctors waiting for her.

As the jeep drove Bernie to the hospital she came round and tried to get her senses and left her head up “where am I?” She spoke seeing an faint outline of a soldier

“Your on your way to Holby Major, you was in involved in a serious explosion”

Bernie managed to nod a little “wheres Alex?” She asked

“She should be right behind us” he said knowing that Alex was going to a different hospital.

Guy was standing out the front of the hospital with Ollie, Gut looked at his watch “with any minute now they should be here” he said beige a few minutes later the jeep pulled up.