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Te Quiero Mucho

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It fucking figured that the one time Shepard didn't take James on a mission with him, the squad got stranded while they waited on shuttle parts for the repair. Sleeping out on the ground had never held much appeal for John, and it certainly didn't now. He was miserable, cold, hungry, lonely, and horny, and there was a rock digging aggravatingly into his back. Garrus and Tali had disappeared, and it didn't take a genius to figure out what they were doing. Shepard found himself feeling a little jealous, to be honest, and then he felt a little guilty. His friends deserved some happiness, and he was grateful they'd found it in each other. Still... that didn't diminish his own discomfort at the moment. Shit! He was becoming a spoiled brat!


He rolled over so that the rock was digging into his upper arm, then stood and tried to rearrange his bedroll for the thirtieth time to make it more comfortable. Cortez snored a little louder, and Shepard stalked away from the makeshift camp they'd set up, grumbling curses the whole way.


Finding himself a spot with a view, he sat, back pressed up tight against a boulder. It was more comfortable at least, but that didn't negate the loneliness. The moonlight spilling into the valley below him set a romantic tone to the evening, and John couldn't help but think of James.


Shepard had always considered himself a somewhat romantic guy, but so far as their relationship was concerned, James took the cake. The younger man was forever doing little things for John to make his life easier, or hell, just to see him smile. He wondered when he'd become so damned lovesick, then pulled up his omnitool to give his lover a call.


James answered him, voice rough with sleep, and John couldn't contain his smile. “Hey, Jimmy.”


“Loco? Everything alright?”


“Just... missing you.”


As James came more awake, his grin widened. “Yeah?”




“What are you missing?” There was a mischievous glint in the younger man's eyes that Shepard didn't miss, and he chuckled in response. God, but he loved this man.


“I was just thinking about what a romantic you are. There's a full moon out tonight, and a beautiful view. Only thing missing is someone to share it with.”


“Esteban crapped out on you, huh?”


Shepard laughed. “Yeah, he's been asleep for hours, I can't get comfortable, and I need my personal thermal heater to keep me warm.”


“Heh... there are other ways to get warm and comfortable,” James' voice dropped low, full of desire and promise, and Shepard shivered. He could almost imagine the man's lips at his ear, breath tickling as he spoke.


“Such as?” Shepard let his own voice dip, seductive and wanting, and the little half moan he got from Jimmy made his cock begin to stir.


James shifted around in the bed, propping himself on some pillows, and Shepard longed to be there with him. He was getting too damned old for this shit. When the war was over, he was going to give serious consideration to retiring. The rustling of sheets through the comm connection steered his thoughts back to the here and now, and he watched James' face, saw the exact moment when his lover took himself in hand.


“Tell me what you're doing,” Shepard coaxed, shifting his own hips down so he could get at the fly of his trousers. He let out a little moan of his own when he gripped his semi-hard cock and gave it a slow stroke, waiting to hear what James had to say.


“Mmm... my fingers are wrapped around my dick,” James murmured, already more than a little breathless. “Hang on.” He stopped, leaning over their bed, and Shepard heard him rummaging through the drawer. The cap of the lube clicked open, and John found himself feeling envious. What he wouldn't give to be there right now. Licking his own fingers, he went back to work, slow, even strokes that had him fully hard after just a couple passes.


James let out a sigh of relief when he gripped his dick with a lubed hand, and Shepard sucked in a sharp breath, watching intently as his lover's earthy, brown eyes rolled back in his head.


Dios,” James whispered. “Te quiero.


Te queiro muchisimo, mi cariño,” John responded, and James groaned as his head fell back against the wall.


“John... I miss you so much, right now.”


“Me too, babe. Tell me more...”


“Ah... my hand is so slick... just like your mouth when you suck me.”


“Mmm... Jimmy... you taste so fucking good.”


“Y-you, too... hnng... I... I'm rubbing my thumb across the head,” James panted, and Shepard picked up the pace of his movements, trying to match his lover's rhythm. He copied James, thumbing the slit in his dick and smearing the drops of moisture down his shaft. He cursed, letting his head roll back against the boulder he was using for a backrest.


“Know what I love?” Shepard asked, voice wrecked and barely recognizable, “the way your breath catches in your throat every single time I kiss you right under your chin.”


A breathy laugh escaped James. “What are you talkin' about?”


Shepard had to force himself to say the words aloud, rather than just thinking them in his head. “It's just below and to the left of your chin. All I have to do is kiss you there, and it makes you gasp.”


“I can make you writhe just by licking that little dip between your trapezius and your collarbone,” James bragged with a smug twist of the lips.


Shepard chuckled. “You drive me wild, Jimmy. I can't help it.”


“Tell me what you'd do to me if you were here.”


John spit in his hand, coating his dick with it to ease some of the friction. He hummed in relief as he began stroking again. “God, Jimmy,” he said, fingers ghosting over the head of his cock, then winding around the shaft once more for another delicious stroke. “First I'd kiss you... long and drawn out, tasting your lips and the inside of your mouth.”


James whimpered, lips parting, almost moving as though he could feels the press of Shepard's mouth against his own.


“I'd lick that spot on your chin,” he grinned, “hear you gasp my name, feel your body arch into mine.”




“Yes,” Shepard cooed. “Just like that. Love to hear you say my name like that.” His eyes drifted closed as he focused on the sensations pumping through his groin, the electric heat in his veins. His climax began to rise, and he backed off, slowing his movements and savoring the noises James was making.


“Want you... inside me,” James gasped.


“Use your fingers,” John whispered.


James yanked the omnitool off his arm and dropped it on the bed beside him while John laughed. “Can you still hear me?”


“Yeah.” Shepard heard James' drawn out moan, and knew he was stretching himself open. “Are you still stroking your cock?”


“Fuck... yes...”


“How many fingers are you using?”


“Two... not as big as you, though.”


“Flatterer.” John grinned, though James couldn't see it, and he heard the younger man's chuckle. Setting his own omnitool on the ground, he got to work rolling his balls in his palm, fingers still slicking up and down his shaft. “Can you hear me?”


“Mmhm... getting close.”


“Damn I wish I was there. Love to watch you cum... to feel it on my skin... to taste it.”


“Goddamnit... I...”


“Imagine those fingers are my cock, Jimmy, sliding into you,” Shepard purred, smiling at James' groaning response. “How would you want me? Hard and fast? Or slow,” he dragged the word out, “and easy? Our bodies slick with sweat, moving together. Our lips tasting, fingers everywhere at once.”


“Cumming... fuck...” James panted.


Shepard gave himself a few quick jerks. “Me, too,” he gasped, spilling his seed on the ground in front of him. Leaning back against the boulder, he retrieved his omnitool, and saw James doing the same on the screen. The look on his lover's face was a strange contradiction of sated disappointment. “Te quiero mucho,” John whispered, heart fluttering wildly in his chest.


Yo también te amo.