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Hold me like you mean it!

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When Kacchan asked to meet him after hours to talk, alarm bells automatically rang within his mind like the phone alarm telling him to get ready and head out of the agency. The request did not frighten him, but was worrying since the request was out of the blue. They both have been too busy to really interact anymore, except for the occasional rare Bakugou family and Midoriya family get together with the Kacchan-parents and his mom.

But things change and over time, Kacchan became quite tolerant of his…everything. When Kacchan didn’t get angry when he accidentally slept on his shoulder during the winter solstice sometime ago, Izuku was so happy as well as their mothers. Auntie Mitsuki took a photo of them too and messaged him a copy, which he had to protect since Kacchan tried to steal his phone and delete it.

But at least he isn’t antagonistic to him! Not exactly friends, but definitely less frustration on both sides. Still…outside of forced family gatherings, they haven’t seen or sought each other out for something more.

Yet, not interacting outside such family moments is a lot better than how they were before - Even though Izuku does wish they could meet up –anything, but he can’t bring himself to ask. Crafting a text message to Kacchan is…difficult. Staring at his phone screen, watching the blinking text-line of a blank message ‘Kacchan’ text is frustrating.

The last message Izuku sent Kacchan was months ago and it said: I’m happy we’ll be working in the same building together, even if we are in different hero agencies, Kacchan! I look forward to working with you soon when our agencies combo us for missions! I hope that happens for us, Kacchan!

Okay, so maybe they had some interactions outside work that wasn’t just family things! In the building hallways, they share a huge kitchen and lounge room area and sometimes see each other! They even had a little awkward, stereotypical water cooler moment…just without the talk and more of the beating the semi-broken water cooler, shaking it closer and closer to absolute breakdown. Kacchan did most of the beating and…even gave him the first cup when the cooler did decide to work.

But they didn’t talk besides a quick, mutual hello and a nod from Kacchan. Progress!

And one time Kacchan saw him running to catch the escalator a few times and he kept the door open with a foot in the door! Progress!

Plus, when Kacchan accidentally bumped into his shoulder one time they all ran out to fight together when a particularly huge villain decided to attack in the neighborhood prefecture, Kacchan fought alongside him. They didn’t argue with each other too! Didn’t argue too much at least. Kacchan only yelled at him when a villain almost crushed his right, heavily scarred, arm when he let his guard down at the wrong time. This is progress!

He never thought they’d be working so close to each other. Close as in proximity.

The hero agencies they both joined as soon as they graduated from UA High share the same building in Tokyo. Sister agencies specifically; literally sister agencies because Kacchan’s boss and his own boss are siblings known to collaborate a lot, both high ranking heroes too. Of course, this is their first job so it’s not exactly the best. Izuku, for now, is stuck on computer/paper work duty, but he’s a high commodity for their system is a…as Kacchan once said as he walked by the open door of their hero agency area…it’s a clusterfuck. Organization and note taking skills are beloved by his superiors, Izuku’s specifically, to which Kacchan called him a nerd on various occasions.

They see each other sometimes when the family pulls them together and during fleeting moments in the agency building, but anything further than that hasn’t happened. And Izuku’s desire for them to be closer…friends…semi-kind of not really co-worker friends is strong. Midoriya Izuku desires it, but they haven’t sparked.

So, he has to be the one to spark it first! Kacchan’s only text reply to his joy at them being at the same area doing hero work was a simple: Yeah, sure nerd. See you around.

Conversation ended. No spark.

See you around. That’s it. Nothing much, but a lot better than a First Year UA Kacchan whose response would have been: Go die, nerd.

A ‘Go die, nerd’ which didn’t happen and a sentence he hasn’t heard directed at himself since the beginning of their third year at UA. Izuku is determined for them to be closer, but he only needed to find the right words to get Kacchan and not drive him away from being closer. The words have to be perfect:

Kacchan is delicate.

When he said that to Auntie Mitsuki and Uncle Masaru before, they laughed and offered to help, but no...he can do this. And Kacchan would likely be upset if his parents helped him to start conversing with him; Izuku is sure of it. The spark needed to happen and it needed to happen from him. The text message screen remained blank on his side as Izuku struggled to craft the most appropriate words...

However, to his surprise, it was Kacchan who broke the ice!

The alarm clock at Izuku’s side didn’t awaken him today, it was Kacchan’s text message which said: Hey, Deku. We need to talk. I’m not mad. Meet me after work today at the coffee shop around back. I have a favor to ask.

The ‘need to talk’ is likely something Kacchan must get off his chest as soon as possible...likely a fight! Okay, this is something Izuku is accustomed too- this is what they do. They might fight before going out to eat, so Izuku packed some casual wear clothes that can double as work-out clothing and a hoodie that is on its way to being weathered down, but it’s usable.

Exiting the locker room to enter the main, expansive office area, Izuku pulled the strings of his pink hood tight and cheerfully said, “I’m heading out! Have a good evening everyone!”

It’s fairly cold outside, so Izuku made sure to layer underneath his white t-shirt with a moisture absorbent short-sleeved shirt; If Kacchan wishes to spar, something they haven’t done since their high school days, he wants to be prepared. The ‘All M’ tote bag has a change of clothes for when they both eat out together somewhere after - just incase...that might not happen though. However, Izuku is wants to be ready for anything with Kacchan.

“You want to fight, Kacchan? We haven’t sparred in a while, huh?”

Before he even turned around Katsuki blurted out without thinking, “Yes.”

Muttering at his phone and typing furiously caused Izuku to miss Katsuki’s expression that would have indicated his verbal mishap. “We can go to the gym and spar till 10pm, but I think they close earlier on Thursdays, so let me just – aaand yes, it closes an hour early. We’ll only have 3 hours-”

“No, idiot. Stop rambling! I don’t want to spar!”

Izuku paused and squinted up at Kacchan’s face, mind and words halting in confusion. “Eh? But I thought that-…that’s not the favor you needed of me?”

This has been a routine between them before in high school. Not too common, but spars were their way of talking or leading up to talks.

Rubbing the area between his eyes, Kacchan looked away from him and sighed like this was the biggest strain...talking. The action caused a few people walking by to walk faster- away from them. Lifting up the sunglasses, that make him pretty suspicious since it’s getting darker, Kacchan groaned, “Don’t jump to conclusions! Follow me, Deku!”


“Come on already,” The sunglasses-at-night-wearing-man finally took them off and hooked it on the V-neck of his shirk. “You’re wasting time.”

“Wasting…ti-” Don’t get flustered. Be firm. Sidekick, soon be Pro-Heroes are not in high schoole anymore - the both of them. Gripping the strap of his tote bag, Izuku angrily stomped up to Katsuki who was already walking to Coffee House Nishiya. He called to the other man, yelling at the back walking away, “Kacchan!”

“What Dek-” Izuku cut his words off when he touched him.

Before Kacchan could open the eatery door, Izuku pulled him to stand at the side of the door instead. Kacchan didn’t shove him away; another sign of progress. Standing up straighter to his full height, Katsuki looked down at him and said nothing.

Glaring up directly into those angry red eyes, Izuku stood his ground before the man that seemed was consumed with barely concealed rage – The right eye twitching is the tell. He is not going to let Kacchan get ahead of things too. Hands gripping onto the sleeves of Katsuki’s bomber jacket, Izuku whispered, “I didn’t mean to jump to conclusions. What was I supposed to think? You didn’t tell me what you wanted to do with me!”

“I didn’t tell you what I wanted to do with you, huh?” It sounded like something was caught in his throat. The sleeves of Katsuki that Izuku latched onto were promptly yanked away. When Katsuki turned to the coffee shop door, holding it open for him, he corrected himself. “Well, I’m telling you now. Get inside the coffee shop.”

“It was an easy misunderstanding Kacchan.” He didn’t want to roll his eyes and start something with this man. Izuku was starting to think their track record has been going adequate for a while, even though their meetings haven’t been as frequent as he would like, but still…progress. He didn’t wish to start a fight…in a coffee shop and get banned. It’s the best coffee shop in the area, closest to their workplace, but Izuku couldn’t resist muttering under his breath, “You don’t usually reach out to me.”

Grabbing onto his shoulder, Katsuki moved to harshly whisper in his ear, forcing him to stand still as he said the truth. Chin almost resting on Izuku’s shoulder, Katsuki spoke, “Well you don’t either, Deku.”

Oh, he hasn’t…has he?

The silence that followed after that exchange made Izuku stiffen up and go quiet, standing by the entrance of the coffee shop. Katsuki marched ahead and threw his orange baseball cap on a table, tossed his bag in the inner booth where they would sit. Sighing, Izuku settled down in their chosen seats, a booth in the center of the eatery, and unzipped his hoodie before staring at his hands in silence. Yes…he’s right. He didn’t reach out to Katsuki either - well he was trying, but trying isn’t the same as doing. It wasn’t right for him to shove all the blame onto Katsuki when he too shares a few cake slices in that blame cake.

A slice of chocolate matcha cake was placed in front of him with a cup of coffee. When did Kacchan stand up?

Kacchan plopped down into his seat a little too aggressively and a few of the customers nearby gasped, but Izuku didn’t. A plastic fork was tossed at him and Izuku caught it before saying, “Wait, Kacchan! You didn’t have to pay for me!”

“It’s fine, just eat and drink.” He’s not looking at him, one elbow leaning on the table with his focus somewhere around Izuku’s shoulder instead of his face. Before taking a long, scalding sip of his coffee, Kacchan muttered loud enough for him to hear. “And don’t apologize. I can feel you wanting to apologize, damn nerd.”

Izuku was about to apologize, for what he doesn’t know, so Izuku refrained from automatically doing so. The coffee offered to him is still too hot to drink, so Izuku focused on the cake. They both have become the kind of person to drink coffee in the evening, but it’s nice to know that the fact he likes any matcha dessert wasn’t forgotten...wasn’t forgotten by Kacchan.

He can feel his cheeks grow warm, so Izuku quickly ate a bite to think of other things. The cake is so good. Mid-bite, Izuku smiled as he gratefully said, “Thank you for this Kacchan!”

Kacchan eyed his chin for a moment, making Izuku reflexively brush it with his hand incase there were crumbs there, but he soon replied, “You’re welcome.”

The place they’ve chosen to relax in is warm, filled with various patrons working and dining amongst the coffee grounds and sweets. It is a very cozy atmosphere and Izuku felt this warmth, just like the brush of knees touching his leg underneath the table. Kacchan isn’t looking at him again, but it isn’t too bothersome. Maybe Izuku is blinded by the fact they’re hanging out together like this, like real friends. He can’t deny that this feels nice, so he didn’t expect what happened next:

Putting down his coffee on the table, Bakugou Katsuki declared without a stutter to his words, “I need you to be my fake fiancé, Deku.”

About to eat his second bite, Izuku blinked a couple of times and dropped his fork on the small plate. Lip twitching, eyes widening, Izuku felt air leave his lungs as he said, “H-huh?”

“I need you to be my fake fiancé. My grandparents on my mother’s side are a couple of shit for brains that want me to vomit babies for them with a pretty wife.”


“But when I show them I like dick so much that I’m willing to marry someone with it, they’ll shut up about my love life and move on. They’ll fucking accept my future adopted grandchildren.”

Feeling eyes on them, Izuku leaned closer and insisted again, “Kacchan, wait. You’re too loud. A-and this is too much. Wait a-”

Shameless. Between sips of his drink, Katsuki casually added, “Surrogacy or in-vitro insemination children too.”

“Please, hold on, Kacchan. Me? Fiancé? C-couldn’t you have asked-” The first person that popped into his mind would have been Kirishima, but he’s already taken. Ashido would have worked or even Sero! Shaking his head, to refocus his mind, Izuku spoke again with his voice going higher by the second, “B-but Kacchan! You’ll be lying to your parents too wouldn’t you?”

“No, they know.”

”Oh...I see.”

The Bakugou parents are always surprising and hearing that they agreed to this shouldn’t have surprised Izuku, but it did.

Fiddling with a piece of cake that flew off his fork when Izuku dropped it on the table, Katsuki shrugged, groaning out, “They’re fucking fine. The old hag is this close to blowing up the extended family as much as me.”

This is the favor Kacchan needs of him. And Kacchan isn’t the kind of person to openly ask for help…

Maybe. Maybe this is his chance; the chance to get even closer, but just as friends! Only friends! He doesn’t want anything more from his former childhood up till high school...crush.

And like an accidental lightning strike from Kaminari zapping him to attention, Izuku moved, taking Katsuki by surprise. Standing up quickly, almost knocking over his cup of coffee, Izuku eagerly yelled, “Yes! I’d love to be your fiancé, Kacchan!”

A brief pause with clinks of coffee cups poised to lips before getting placed back down, and the clicks of keyboard typing silenced, before what happened next. The coffee house erupted into applause from everyone around them, a few employees behind the counter clapped too, but it was the stray whistle that made Izuku sit back down and cover his blushing face.

Between his fingers, he was able to see Kacchan’s priceless expression. The other man’s face is as red as his own and the both of them stood up in unison when they locked eyes.

They hurriedly asked for their food to be put in to-go containers instead of dine-in for they knew they needed to get out of there. Plastic container of partially eaten cake and coffees in hand, the both of them departed before someone could recognize their faces. Heroes such as themselves would be recognized quick if it wasn’t for their concealing clothes.

The air is colder now. The sun is gone, but the night-lights illuminate the streets and the tiny garden in the middle of plaza is bustling with people. Sitting down on a free bench, Katsuki jutted his chin at his side and so Izuku rushed over in a semi-scramble to sit before someone took his seat.

The silence found them again, as silent as one could be sitting within a crowd. Squished against Katsuki’s side, Izuku decided to be the one to break the ice this time, “Kacchan, c-can we talk about this more? Are you sure? With me?”

Rolling his eyes, Katsuki grunted out, “Oh, look the Deku speaks.”

Raising an eyebrow, Deku leaned closer, “Now, what does that mean?”

“Nothing.” Lifting up his arm that got stuck between them, Katsuki settled for hooking his arm around Deku, draping it on the bench. He took a deep breath to calm down when Kacchan looked away from him. It didn’t feel like ‘nothing’, but Deku didn’t pursue this possible conversation because they have more pressing matters to talk about…such as being fake-engaged.

“You’re not the greatest conversationalist either, Kacchan.” The leg touching Izuku’s leg began to bounce with growing annoyance, so he got to the point. “I’ll help you, Kacchan. I...always will.”

Katsuki’s knee stopped bouncing and Izuku smiled a little when the man looked at him, despite his upset expression. He didn’t say anything, so Izuku continued:

“I'll always help you, even if things get very messy. So, if you need me like this, I won’t let you down, Kacchan.”

Smacking a hand over his eyes, Katsuki retorted, “Tone down the sappy shit, Deku.”

“Sorr-okay,” He stopped himself from apologizing again. “It is sappy, but it’s true! You should know this by now, Kacchan, after everything we’ve been through together.”

Silence. Again. But Izuku waited for him to speak for a moment or two. When Katsuki just gave him an unreadable look, half hidden behind a cup of coffee, Izuku stood up and began dragging the sputtering man to his apartment. "Let’s start strategizing our story now, Kacchan! We just fell in love and got engaged won’t cut it! Let’s make it great!”

He flinched when Katsuki yanked his arm back, but smiled when he continued walking towards the subway station at his side. Katsuki yelled, “Damn, Deku! But remember, I’m the one who goddamn asked you okay? I bought us the expensive as hell rings!”

“Fine, fine!”

Izuku can do this. He’s going to be useful for Kacchan. It will be fine. He can and will be the good friend that would help him with anything – even pretending to be his fiancé! Anything!
He did it.

Bakugou Katsuki, a busy Pro-hero with real life responsibilities that have nothing to do with love, kind of, did it. And…Deku understands him, kind of. The pro-hero Deku understands him way too well, so when Katsuki asked him to do this, he almost got whiplash from how immediate his reply was. They’re really doing this together as a team - something a certain homeroom teacher thought would never happen unless they were chained together like during their second year.

Midoriya Izuku is going to assist him with his ‘family troubles.’ It’s happening. His plan to homosexually shut down his family gossip is happening and it will work. Katsuki cannot believe that he’s here, planning with the detail oriented/semi-stalker hero otaku in his apartment.

His mother will be impressed with their dedication, though she’d likely just nag him about reaching out to people first.

“Deku,” Katsuki is laying on the ground, warm under the Kotatsu and full with stir-fried squash that was cooked up by the muttering one in the room with him. He dislikes it when people don’t pay attention to him, but he’s grown too used to Deku’s antics and just repeats himself, “Dekuuu.”

“I don’t think they’ll be so nosy as to ask us about our love life too much, right? That would be inappropriate...don’t you think, Kacchan? But no, no, let’s be thorough. I prefer to have all our bases covered.”

Speaking to the ceiling of his apartment, Katsuki groaned, “We reallyyy gonna talk about what imaginary bases we’ve reached together, Deku?”

“Yes! All of them! We must!”

So damn thorough. Ugh. “Shit, okay fine.”

The sleeves of his fluffy red sweater keeps falling over his hands, so Izuku rolled them up, while nodded enthusiastically at him lounging on the other side of a Kotatsu table. “We kissed on Valentines day! We should make it something romantic. I made you chocolate!”

“When did we have sex?” He just skipped a few steps, but they can’t skirt around this issue. “Was it vanilla or kinky sex? Do you like getting bit, Deku?”



“I-I…we...wait, why am I the one getting-” Katsuki gave him a face and Izuku felt a little upset. Slapping his hands on the table, pencil flying to the floor, Izuku whined, “I could also top, Kacchan! That’s unfair!”

Unfair. Really. Smashing his own fist on the table, Katsuki moved to face the upset ‘fiancé’ of his who’d likely start crying or something. They’re debating about this, of all things: Whose dick entered who first? Not the details of who is living with who, what dates they’ve been on, who takes out the trash everyday? No…it’s about this.

Deku stood up with his notebook, revealing those sculpted thighs that Katsuki did not caress in his mind, and walked over to the couch to huddle in a plaid blanket throw. When Deku pulled his legs underneath the blanket, those pajama too-short shorts out of sight, it broke the spell. He held up a hand in the air and screamed, “Really? REALLY DEKU?!”

“Can’t we compromise? In this-” The habit of their old class representative popped out from Deku’s mannerisms for two seconds as he waved his hands for a moment, before saying, “In this ruse, I’d like us to be more playful and experimental!”

Surprise after surprise.

“Fine, if you’re good, I sometimes let you tryyy if you beg me hard enough.” The pencil on the ground is close, so he chucked it hard at the dork on the couch. The dork caught it before it smacked his face. Leaning up only slightly, eyes peaking over the table to glare at Deku, Katsuki teased with a raised eyebrow, “But know I’d prefer having your ass than you having mine.”


“And the biting, eh Deku?”

“...I don’t mind such things!” Surprise after surprise. First the nerd said he’s team Jakob in that stupid romcom vampire vs. werewolf movie and now, Deku likes getting bit while getting nailed in the ass- Izuku huffed, “Just because I am not afraid to-...w-well, I mean, I don’t mind trying new-I mean, just because I’m open, don’t get any wild ideas!”

“Whatever, Deku. As long as I take you more like how I want. You did just say you’re open to anything.” Good thing the Kotatsu table serves to hide the lower half of his mouth because, then his smirk would’ve been seen. By the reddening face of Deku, his teasing didn’t go unnoticed. “Theoretically speaking that is.”

Scribbling in his notebook, posture hunched over, Izuku nodded in understanding and muttered, “Fine. I-I’m fine with this. Okay. Yes. YES! Kacchan you can h-have me like that.” As he tried to hide his burning red face from him, Katsuki rolled his eyes.

When will Deku just…tell him. And he thought he was in denial. Kirishima, Kaminari, Ashido and Sero used to make fun of him before he found out and now the tables have turned.

Deku is the best to ask for this because…he feelings things for the nerd. It took a few beatings to get it out of him, but it eventually sunk in...He. Likes. Midoriya Izuku. However, he wants the dork to realize it too…he’ll wait.

The constantly appearing ‘…’ everyday on his phone, from Deku’s side of their messages, used to be annoying to him. He was tempted to call him to make him stop, but-

Katsuki whispered under his breath, cursing the world. “Goddamn it, Deku just talk to me.”

“Hmm?” Pausing in his writings and talking, Izuku smiled and said, “Did you say something, Kacchan? Sorry if I-”

“No. No. Keep muttering your shit. I can hear you fine from here.” Using his arms as a pillow, Katsuki leaned back on the ground and sprawled out more since Deku isn’t sitting with him at the Kotatsu. It’s warm, but he wishes Deku’s warmth would be comforting him now too. The couch is too far away.

When Deku scratched his messy dark green hair, Katsuki chuckled a little, an action that went unnoticed by the earnest geek too preoccupied. The writing and stating out various details about their fake relationship, words dancing near his ears, made Katsuki think about things that seemed out of reach. But he listened to him. He listened to Deku’s enthusiasm and smirked to himself as he turned his face away when the desk lamplight turned on automatically.

“Where do you want our third dinner date to be, Kacchan?”

“Anywhere you want. Make it somewhere classy though. I’d take you someplace nice.”

And truthfully, he would take him there in a heartbeat.
“We’ve only got a week, Kacchan! Hold me like you mean it!” Those words were words he never thought would blurt from out of his mouth. Izuku squeezed Katsuki’s fingers and guided the man’s arms around his waist. “You’re too rigid!”

“I’M NOT USED TO THIS TOUCHY FEELY SHIT, DEKU.” The fingers around Izuku’s waist moved to touch the area around his shoulder blades. Jutting his chin up, Katsuki tried to stop his body from shaking as he yelled, “GIVE ME A LEARNING CURVE! TIME! GIVE ME TIME!”

“Don’t worry Kacchan. Just remember it’s me. You know me! Forever! Don’t be shy!”

“You’re the one calling me shy, tomato face?”

Izuku’s face is very warm and he cannot deny that he is blushing furiously at how they are laying on each other on the couch, but he is not going to stop this. They need this. They have to make this work.

Glaring down at Katsuki, who is looking away from him again, Izuku critiqued with no pity. “You know it looks weird if you keep jutting your chin like that and pouting.”

Flinching at the truth, Katsuki said nothing for they did this in front of a mirror once. It looks really weird…like a delinquent forced to hold a bunny.

Then Izuku squeaked loudly when Katsuki buried his face at the crook of his neck. Hot air breathed against skin as he growled, “And you have to deal with shit like this too! Stop fucking screaming like a stupid bitten up squeak toy.”

The image of a dog destroying a chew toy did not help, but Izuku held Katsuki closer, rubbing his back. “We can do this Kacchan! I’m here to help you!”

“I KNOW! STOP RUBBING IT IN.” Saliva spat against Izuku and a brush of teeth raked his skin, making Izuku yelp and grip his hair too tightly. “OWW OWW, DEKU!!”
“Our act is soundproof! Everything is covered!” Screaming at his phone, Izuku declared confidently to Iida on his phone and the two others on his computer, “We can do this! I can do this for Kacchan!”

Todoroki replied without any hesitance. “Well you dug this grave, you better lie in it.”

A tiny giggle escaping from her lips, Uraraka teased, “Pun intended?”

That immediately had him second-guessing at his agreement to be Kacchan’s fake fiancé. “Um, I can maybe do this!”

“You keep teetering between not liking him as a friend and liking him as a desired lover!” Something beeped in the distance, probably Iida microwaving something he properly cooked a while back because, he is great at pre-scheduling home cooked meals. “Trying to be close to him, trying to be cool during family reunions is one thing, but those other things you have described to me do not sound platonic! And you have had such thoughts before Izuku! You cannot deny the truths!”

Uraraka and Todoroki both sound a bit further since they are talking to him via voice group chat thanks to an online game they all play together. Tapping her microphone twice, Uraraka added, “You’ve called him your personal hero to me more than once Midoriya Izuku.”

When Uraraka says his full name, he can visualize her in full hero-gear waving a finger at him.

Casually, Todoroki spoke next in a tone that sounded bored, but Izuku knows better. It’s just his voice. “Just admit it.”

Whispering it, Izuku slouched at his computer desk and complied with the order from his friend, “I…like him, like him.”

Immediately, Iida yelled at him like the older brother he never had, “You are either in love with your childhood friend, Izuku, or not. No like, likes, as if you are in Primary school. Just accept it or not!”

Todoroki’s half n’ half milk carton emoticon glowed twice when he seriously spoke with his deep voice resonating in his room, reprimanding him from afar. “Say it.”

Slapping hands over his face, Izuku sighed out, “I-I…umm-” He paused, saying nothing.

Saying nothing was the wrong answer for his three friends all screamed at the same time: “IZUKU/MIDORIYA IZUKU/DEKU-KUN!”

“Stop yelling at me guys! I thought we were all here to play a game! We scheduled this together, soon to be solo-pro heroes! We’re on a time limit!”

Izuku can imagine her turning up her nose at him when she teased, “Well fine. Congratulations to your fake engagement to the man you’ve been pinning for years now, but are too nervous to try opening up to-”


He can do this. All Might is watching him from above and always has his back, both their backs actually. Kacchan never left All Might’s side too and All Might would want them both to be happy. Slapping away the warmth growing around his face, Izuku admitted to himself that yes, he desires Kacchan to be happy and if it means doing something that plays with his heart, he can!


Kacchan is going to fine.

He is prepared for anything. Over the course of the week, they’ve been practicing touching each other more intimately like intertwined fingers and forehead kisses. Simple things. They even did some trust exercises together, which Izuku accidentally dropped him on the floor just once when the timer of the oven beeped a signal that the cookies were done. That was the one mishap and Kacchan only revenge tripped him later that night when he stood up to go to the bathroom. Overall, their preparations went fine.

They’ll both be fine.
It all went to shit real fast when the Mitsuki’s parents arrived and with the three cousins visiting in the area. However, the main targets in this farce are the two elders:

“No Grandma, I don’t have a secret girlfriend. No secret woman, whatever. Nothing.”

They won’t stop.

“No Grandpa, Hero Explodinator has no time to find a woman at the moment to get married to and ‘live a full life.’ No.”

They won’t. They mean well, but goddamn it the hidden jabs. Both Deku and him both obtained jobs at the moment, are fighting to live a life they want, so they should stop trying to nudge things at them.

“That family friend’s daughter from before was married, Grandpa.” Grandma’s red eyes narrowed at him, and Katsuki emphasized again as he wished the living room couch would eat him. “Her husband attended the party.”

Then there were times when Deku was interrogated. A tiny smirk at her mouth, the elder Bakugou Grandma asked, “Izu-chan, what do you think of kids?”

And the perfect, beaming ray of sunshine, burning the right side of his body as they sit squished on the couch with the younger cousins on his left, would hold his ground. Sitting up, gripping the side of the couch, Izuku sparkled next to him as he happily answered, “I don’t mind kids. If you treat them civilly, they will be good to you, no matter how troublesome.”

They talked a bit more about that, Katsuki quiet and trying to fade into the background, and Izuku talking about that water quirk kid named Izumi Kouta. Of course, the conversation went back to him in no time:

“Izu-chan, tell us. Does your sweet Kacchan hate kids?”

No, Deku’s sweet ‘Kacchan’ does not hate kids. Kids just frustrate him whenever they start crying. The only desire he gets when a child cries is to yell at them to stop before he loses his mind and blows something up; not the child, Grandma, something nearby. He’s a hero. He shouldn’t have to specify, senile, idiotic-…He didn’t yell that last part. “I’m a hero though, so I’d never hurt a kid when on the job or out of it. I’m just unsure about kids.”

A small part of his mind said he might not mind if Deku convinces him, but he ignored that rebel thought.

When Grandpa asked them both about future kids again and squeezed Deku’s freckled face, calling him a cute child like always, he felt like punching a few holes in the wall. Auntie Inko began laughing at that together with his parents. Proud of his self-control, Katsuki remained the exact opposite of destructive, since it would be counterproductive and his mother would be upset.

Very upset. This is supposed to be a happy get together…with an elaborate lie to sooth the elders’ prying.

Midoriya Inko is in the know of Izuku and Katsuki’s ruse, having talked with the Bakugou parents before hand, so she helps whenever she can. Examples of such were her dropping hints to the elders as they all chatted and ate dinner together:

“Ahh yes, my Izukun really loves his Kacchan so much, just like he always did when they were young.”

Such statements made Deku flustered at his side, almost knocking over the glass of wine in the process. It’s a good thing the all black attire he is wearing right now won’t stain if Deku does drop red wine on him. A flustered Deku is the best thing so far in this family reunion of uncomfortable prodding and meddling about his on-the-way-to-be-a-solo pro-hero life. Those freckled cheeks, dusted with pink from alcohol and embarrassment, is a view Katsuki enjoys seeing up-close and Deku’s laugh next to him is pleasant. Very pleasant in contrast to the building drama he knows is going to happen.

The amount of fluff filling the household of Katsuki’s apartment felt stifling, but underneath the table a hand discreetly squeezed his own. The tightness in Katsuki’s shoulders relaxed.

“God, I’m pathetic.”

Whispering to him, Izuku disagreed, “Hmm, Kacchan? You’re not pathetic.”

Turning to look at Deku as he ate again, Katsuki trailed his eyes over the faint undercut that exposed more of smooth skin he wished to touch. The light checkered green and white dress-shirt the smaller man is wearing is fitted, showing enough muscle that Katsuki has appreciated from a far…or whenever he sees him partially naked, walking out of the shared locker room of their work building.

Deku still can’t tie a tie just like when they were young, but it’s endearing. Katsuki wished he would smash his face against his dinner plate to end the cheesy thoughts gnawing at his brain.

Squeezing his hand tighter, Deku put down his glass of water and said, “You alright, Kacchan?”

“I’m good. Just peachy.” That is their signal.

Taking in a deep breath, Deku stilled himself and straightened out in his seat at the dinner table. The smell of Deku’s sweet cologne is tickling his nose as he leans close to him. Tightly squeezing his hand back once again, supposed to be confident Deku ended up snuggling too close to him in an attempting to hide in embarrassment when they both stood and declared to his family, “Deku’s mine. He’s my fiancé. I’d like to marry him one day.”

Inko held her smile, not wanting to be suspicious, but breathed easy when Katsuki’s father clapped for them to dispel any tension. Pulling out the best dramatics from her limited repertoire, Katsuki’s mom happily cheered and embraced him tightly – half smothering his face in her chest.

“Damn it, mom let me go!”

He can’t see Deku, but he’s likely experiencing something similar since his voice sounds muffled. “T-T-Too tight Mom! Ackk, my back!”

Cue more gasps, cheers, glass breaking and claps…and Katsuki felt like dying inside when his mother let him go, so that he could see his three cousins throw excited questions at him:

“Noooo, I knew it first! I knewwww the moment Izu-chan hugged him during UA High graduation! I KNEW IT~”

“Ahhh finally, you idiots can live together and we can stop complaining about you both ignoring each other!”

“Childhood friends to bad childhood friends to bad rivals to rivals to wonder duo to friends to boyfriends to FUCKING FUTURE HUSBANDS! I CALLED IT! ME!” Katsuki’s one overly dramatic cousin moved to hold the dork’s left hand to congratulate him, pulling him into a hug.

Then he locked eyes with his grandparents and they’re…smiling at him. Grandpa chuckled at him, “It’s about time you admitted it. Poor Izu-chan has probably been suffering with keeping your evolving relationship secret from us.”

“And now you’re planning to wed him.” Grandma reached out to hug them both. “I’m proud of you both.”

He didn’t foresee this actually happening. When Deku suggested it, he didn’t think much of it and that was a mistake. Under his breath, Katsuki began to mutter, “Shit. No. No. No.”

Wiping his eyes quickly, Deku closed his eyes and smiled as he accepted his Grandmother’s hug. Sucking in air through his clenched teeth, something inside him clicked and a tiny explosion threatened to escape from his hands.

Deku called to him, maybe? A hand reached out to hold his hand again, tight, warm and sturdy, like a grip that never wanted to let go. “Kacchan, what’s wrong?”

If he could destroy the concept of family reunions, Bakugou Katsuki would’ve kicked them all out of his apartment right now. His apartment isn’t meant to hold so many people anyway! They could all head back to the hotel, away from him. This weekend just started and he wants it to end. Now. The amount of regrets, the pain squeezing his chest is like a vice grip, tightening and tightening like the air escaping from his mouth.

He didn’t know that his Grandparents would be smiling at joyously! His Grandpa is hugging him, hugging Deku now too? Staring at the wooden panels of his apartment floor, Katsuki felt the weight of regret grow on his shoulders.

He can’t breathe.

“Kacchan?” His voice sounds so far away and Deku’s lips are moving, a lot closer than before, waving like a reflection on water. “KACCHAN?!”

None of this drama would exist. His mind wouldn’t be a mess right now. And Katsuki wouldn’t be having any desires for this to be real.
Uncle Masaru waved everyone away from Kacchan when he began hyperventilating. “H-he’s just overwhelmed! Don’t worry! He needs some rest because work has been too stressful!”

Pouring a glass of water, Inko called out, “I-Izukun, I have water, does he nee-”

“H-he’ll be fine mom! I’ll bring him up to his room! As Uncle Masaru said, h-he just needs some rest!” Holding onto Katsuki’s shoulders, Izuku carefully, but swiftly guided him up to his room on the second floor. Keep talking to him. Be calm. Rubbing Katsuki’s shoulder, Izuku told him with worry shaking his voice, “I-I…won’t leave you, Kacchan, okay? I’m right here. Breathe deeply for me, please Kacchan? You’re fine. You’re doing fine.”
From far away, a hushed voice called to him as soon as the bedroom door closed. The sound of chaos from down bellow in the main living room and dining area ceased. The voice calling him tried a second time to gain his attention, moving closer. The dumb golden bells of the reindeer décor at his door jingled as someone tried to open the door. Deku left his side for only a moment to speak closer to the person about to enter, holding a hand to keep it closed, “S-sorry! We got this handled! Kacchan is fine and he just needs to rest a while!”

A whisper from him, calling to the only one he wants at his side, “Deku…”

This happened to him before, first year, but this hurts more.

Deku delicately spoke, voice caressing his body and calming his nerves like the fingers rubbing his hands, “Kacchan…Kacchan, are you alright? Take it easy for me. Your, um, heart rate shot up but, you’ve calmed now. It’s okay. You needed to get away from everyone. You’re with me now.”

But that’s not true is it?

The smaller man is in his room, standing next to him, elbow lightly bumping his side as he moved to stand. Short, but powerful. He can never tease Deku’s height anymore; He’s a goddamn pillar.

Eyebrows furrowing, Katsuki continued glaring at the salt and pepper textured floor under his cold, bare feet – his slippers are abandoned somewhere downstairs. He zoned out within his whirling mind, thoughts beating against his consciousness with regret:

Why did he agree to this?

The frown on his face is twitching as he remembered standing before his extended family, watching their enthusiastic stares focused on him. He hated it. With. All. His. Might.

They just accepted he is engaged: accepted him. They have genuine happiness for an illusion that will die after this weekend ends. At that moment, Deku’s face matched the red carpets he had scattered in his apartment like the random festive décor strewn about the living room and dining area. Christmas is coming soon and he’s ready for that, but he’s not ready for this.


Deku agreed to be fake engaged to him for The Bakugou Family mini-reunion at his home and he expected annoyance, hate…but he didn’t plan for this acceptance. The word at Deku being his made his grandparents and cousins euphoric.

This shouldn’t affect him so, but the way his Grandparents and cousins congratulated them, gave them his heartfelt blessing…it felt like a stab to the chest. The knife in him was quick kill to his sanity, but Deku’s face - the nerd looked like he was about to cry too; That was the twist of the knife.

He didn’t miss the way Deku rubbed his eyes, hiding his own tears when his grandmother embraced him. The nerd almost hid it. Almost. However, he can’t hide, not from him. Deku never could hide from him.

Those teary green eyes, effortlessly determined and magnificent, are easy to read like always. Everything about Deku is easy to read to him, an open book he has always personally knew, down to the faint, faded scars on his shoulders to the deep marks branched over his right arm. Every facial expression…he knows.

He knows Deku likes him.

He wants Deku to open up to him, just like how he preaches that Katsuki never opens up like before, but-

Hands shaking as clenched his fists tight, Katsuki took a deep breath and let out a slow sigh to expel all his bullshit. He is breathing now.

A hand touched his shoulder, making Katsuki flinch and straighten his posture as he turned to face Deku.

Always so gentle. Always there for him. Deku smiled a little and with some hesitation in his voice, he whispered, “Kacchan…come on, the night is almost done. One more night and we both will be free. You won’t have to deal with me anymore like this.”

Something in the way Deku said his last sentence sounded strained. Squeezing his eyes tighter, Katsuki faintly called out to him, “…Deku?”

A hand rested on his shoulder and guided him to sit down. “P-please, don’t cry Kacchan!”

He’s crying? The bed bounced a little as Deku lunged across his bed to grab the tissues on the other side near the balcony doors.

Deku is still as selfless as ever…and obvious as ever too. Is there a way for him to make the annoying nerd understand? The nights of watching those dots moving on his messages, waiting for Deku to talk to him – he thought that was his ultimate low.


Playing with his troublesome childhood friend during the nights as he let hands hold his face, hold his hands and touch his chest – was low. Watching Deku blush a dark red when he kisses his cheek, plays with is fingers and fall into his arms – was low. Sleeping on the couch together, holding hands when going groceries, everything they’ve done this week – was low for him to ask of Deku like this.

Asking Deku to lie was Katsuki’s ultimate low.

“Kacchan.” Kneeling down near his legs, a hand placed on his bouncing knee, Izuku looked away and sighed, “I’m sorry.”

Look at me.

“Stop. Saying. Sorry.” He should be the one apologizing and so, he did. “I should be fucking sorry and I am. This was stupid.”


“Do you…” Katsuki bit his lip and said nothing.

“Do I what?”

Then he said the word to Deku, “Nothing.”

“No! Not nothing! Talk to me!”


Grabbing onto Deku’s waist, Katsuki fell back on his bed and pulled the other man close. Deku’s nose lightly bumped his for a moment as he hovered, hands slapped at either side of his head. Their sudden closeness made Deku gasp. He silenced the escaping gasp from those soft lips with his own, trailing a hand up to slide between curly locks of hair. Their kiss deepened when Deku moved his hands around his waist, pressing his weight down against his body.

Lost in the kiss, Deku moaned when hands glided down his back to tease louder sounds of pleasure. Then Katauki flipped them over. Izuku grunted a little from the change of position, but recovered quickly to surge up to meet his lips again and whimpered when he felt his tongue slip into his mouth.

The bed creaked as Katsuki kissed Deku, spreading him across the messy sheets. A small smile formed at his lips; Katsuki felt it as Deku pulled him down over him.

Both of them were halfway through unbuttoning their shirts when a stern knock interrupted them and...the door is open? Izuku slapped a hand over his mouth and stared at his mother’s teasing gaze as she said to them, “Sorry to interrupt you, Izu-kun, Katsuki-kun...but I’m glad you are doing fine now. Please use condoms.”

Midoriya Inko then close the door.
Inko walked down the stairs, dark blue dress fluttering as she approached the family and said, “They’ve kissed and made up. They’re both in heaven right now.”

The code word they’ve been waiting to officiate for the longest time.

Bakugou Masaru and Bakugou Mitsuki looked at each other and sighed in relief with one word. “Finally.”

Mitsuki’s parents didn’t understand and nor did the cousins. One of the cousins smiled and shrugged as they sad, “Well that’s good. I can’t wait for the wedding plans to start. I’ll start dress shopping as soon as they announce a theme and or color.”
The slam of the door made Izuku wake up from the haze of denial he kept wallowing in and the word ‘condom’ echoed in his mind. The epiphany hit him – it hit him hard, like the awoken area downstairs in his pants. Holding two hands up to cover his mouth, Izuku turned to stare wide-eyed at Katsuki moving to sit on the edge of the bed. He gasped out, “We’re both atrocious at communication.”

Blinking at him dully, black dress shirt halfway unbuttoned, Katsuki nodded. “Yeah.”

“This is ridiculous. I can’t believe we both…w-were just-” Keeping their heads in the sand? Tap dancing around their feelings? Seconds away from doing adult things while the family is downstairs worried about them? Covering his face again, Izuku screamed a question at the walking explosion who is as calm as ever sitting next to him on the bed, “W-WERE WE ABOUT TO JUST-”

“YES, DEKU. WE WERE ABOUT TO FU-…” Remembering there are people downstairs, Katsuki stopped himself. “Do it. And we’re both genius, and imbecilic.”

“You got that right.” Sitting up to button his shirt and lazily redo his black tie, Izuku shyly scooted closer to Kacchan until their knees touched. “That would have been moving way too fast.”

“Kind of like how we’re engaged.”

That would have been a too soon of a joke, but Kacchan never joked too often and Izuku felt the ticking time bomb inside him begin to explode. He was not the only one. Katsuki and Izuku both yelled out at the same time, facing each other with resolute expressions: “I’VE ALWAYS LIKED YOU!”

Blinking at each other, the sound of their voices echoing shortly in the room, Izuku and Katsuki looked away from each other quickly…faces burning bright like the Christmas lights. They said it and it echoed in the room like a promise, so loud the heavens heard them.

Before Deku could open his mouth, Katsuki placed a hand over his and said with a flash of a snarl as he hovered closed, “I want to be your boyfriend, Deku.”

Removing the hand covering his mouth, Izuku leaned forward to murmur against lips, “Kacchan…as your fake fiancé, I would love to be your boyfriend too.”

Kissing Kacchan’s smirk was something Deku never thought would happen, but it did.