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Huntress of Love

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Ruby stares at her phone nervously as she waits for his response. She can’t remember when the last time she allowed herself to speak so freely or so openly has been. It had seriously surprised her at how easily she began to talk to SnowPrince18 after they had gotten over the initial awkwardness. She is so lost in her thoughts that she almost shrieks when her phone suddenly rings, notifying her that she has a new message.


SnowPrince18: I’m sorry, but I have to quit for today. I really enjoyed our conversation and hope we could continue to stay in contact. Anyway I hope you have still a good evening. Until next time.


Crescent Rose: Ok, well have a good rest of your night. And I would like to keep talking to you if you don’t mind.


Ruby sighs as she puts her phone down on the floor and rests her head against her knees. She still can’t believe that she spoke so openly with someone that isn’t in her circle of friends or family. But at the same time she is actually proud of herself.


“Maybe this is a sign. Maybe I can find someone who at least won't judge me.” Looking at the time, she decides that now is a perfect time to go to bed. She really isn't in the mood to answer a million and one questions from Penny or Cinder. And by now Neo would be back from practice and the other two young women will have filled her in by now.


Pulling her covers back on her bed, Ruby settles down for the night, her final thoughts on Snow prince and who he could possibly be, when a sudden idea comes to her.


'Oh cookies! I hope I’m not getting catfished! I will never live that down!’




A low moan disturbs her sleep, but she chooses to ignore it. It’s not coming from her after all, and she really really REALLY doesn't want to know what her roommate Cinder is up to. To her horror, she can hear the moaning getting louder, prompting her to pull her covers tighter over her head. Sweet cookies but it sounds like Cinder is having the time of her life!


That had been quite the adjustment for her after Cinder revealed her own scars, and Ruby couldn't help but wonder why. She is short, petite, yet curvy in all the right ways. She has men and women both throwing themselves in front of her constantly, yet she ignores them all. But it wasn't until last year when Ruby found out why.


Cinder is a hermaphrodite. And Cinder and Penny have been going out the entire time that they have been studying together. And it explains so much. Why they are always so close, why they always have those cute little smiles, and why Cinder rarely if ever wears anything but skirts and dresses.


But now is not the time for that. Cinder and Penny have been kept from sharing a room after Penny's dad heard a crashing noise one night when Cinder was spending the night. Thinking he was rushing to rescue his daughter and her friend from a collapsing roof or some other kind of disaster, he was instead greeted by the sight of the two young women naked and looking embarrassed on the ruins of Penny's bed. After that, their time together was strictly supervised.


But right now, Ruby is beginning to regret agreeing to share a room with the charcoal black haired woman who constantly sneaks in and out at all hours of the day and night, Penny right next to her and giggling all the while. And more than once, she has been awoken in the middle of the night to them getting rather frisky. And then there was the night Ruby cares to never speak of again. All she will ever say is they get really REALLY loud when they're drunk. And they don't care if a bed is occupied either.


So now, with Cinder getting louder and louder, all Ruby can do is hope and pray to her precious cookies that they will be finished soon. Although, it really does sound like she's getting closer and closer to her bed. 'Oh sweet cookies! What if they’re drunk again?! What if they don't care anymore?! What do I do?!’


The second she feels a hand suddenly touch her rear, with a long low moaning voice suddenly saying huskily “Oh Ruby…..” She loses it and begins to scream at the top of her lungs as she clings as tightly as she can to her blanket, praying that the great cookie is merciful and grants her a quick end.




Xiang Xiao Long sits sleepily at the table of the dorm room he shares with his beautiful girlfriend Blake Belladonna, along with their friends Nora Valkyrie and Lie Ren. He hates loathes and despises having to get up so early in the morning, but since he has no classes today, he has to work a morning shift at the Wolf and Boar coffee shop owned by a loud, boisterous older man named Peter Port.


He normally doesn't mind working early, except for the fact that the older man doesn't require his nighttime crew to prepare anything the night before. He claims that he pays his employees more than enough to get their jobs done in a timely and efficient manner. And God help you if you get him started on one of his stories. He would never shut up then. And so help him if he listens to one more story about how he used to be this great businessman who hunted with this person or fished with that one and the fish he caught was thiiiiiis big!


“Hey babe, you need to quit dreading going to work. If you keep thinking about it, your hair is going to catch on fire on something.” Xiang is once again grateful for the miracle that is Blake Belladonna. They have been together for so long now that they can almost read each other's minds sometimes. And that wasn't necessarily a bad thing most of the time. Well except for the hour between four and five o'clock in the afternoons. That was Xiang’s time!


Smiling, he looks up into the face of his raven haired girlfriend, still amazed even after six years at how beautiful she is. At least until she pops him gently on the forehead with a smile. “Less leering, more eating Xiang. I hate getting up this early just like you do.”


Xiang grumbles as he goes back to his nutritious breakfast of Nuclear Sugar O’s and a Gold Cow Extreme. Pouring a little more of the energy drink that he has to smuggle in, due to them being banned on campus, into his cereal, again banned on campus, he takes another bite as he listens to Blake as she finishes making herself a cup of tea. “You know kitten, you don't have to get up with me.”


“Oh yes I do! If I don't stay up long enough for you to get enough caffeine and processed sugars into your system to get moving, you would never make it to work on Fridays.” She replies as she sits next to him, teacup and book in hand.


“I wouldn't need to be up this early if he would let those lazy bastards that work nights actually do all the prep.” He grumbles as he takes a large swig of the energy drink banned in several countries.


Blake sighs as she prepared herself for the normal Friday morning battle. It wouldn't be so bad, if he was just easier to get up. Fortunately, she has always had a bit of an advantage in getting her long time boyfriend and lover to cooperate with her. And recent developments gave her an extra advantage as well. “Is this the kind of example you want to set for our child, Xiang Xiao Long?”


Success! He stops his grumbling and smiles as he lays a hand against her still flat stomach, all thoughts of his impending day of hell driven from his mind. “Awww, c'mon Blakey! That was mean! Of course I want to give our little kitten a great example!”


“And how do you know we won't be having a little dragon instead?” She prepared herself, knowing that she has set herself up for a merciless assault of puns.


“Why kitten, I refuse to believe that we can produce anything less than purrfection! I mean, between us, our offspring will be the most awesome child of all time! Universes will explode, walls shall crumble, and time itself shall bow to our progeny!”


“I see someone has been studying for English Lit.” Blake smiles as she pulls him gently closer to snuggle into his chest. She loves how warm he always is, and how safe she feels in his arms. He has been her constant sunshine on her world for years now, and now that she is pregnant, she feels like they are finally becoming a real family. She can hear him chuckle as he wraps his arms around her tightly as he kisses the top of her head.


“You’re purring again.” He teases her gently.


“I am not a cat, despite your claims.” She replies absentmindedly. This is a running thing between them, and has been for years now. And more than likely it would have kept going, had Nora not come running out of the room she shares with her fiance Ren yelling and screaming.


“Whoa Nora! Where’s the fire?” Xiang jokingly asks as she slides to a stop in front of them, panting heavily.


“Ruby….. loud….screams…..” Nora gasps out as she clutches her chest. But Xiang is already in motion, Ruby being the only thing he actually heard. Blake is barely a step behind him as they dash out the door of their dorm room and down the nearby stairs. Xiang barrels through the stairwell door and into the hallway so quickly that he almost crashes through a wall. Blake meanwhile once again proves his point of being part cat as she easily turns the corner and starts fumbling for the spare key to Ruby's dorm room.


“Hurry up Blake! I can hear her screaming!”


“Hold on a damned minute Xiang!” Finding the right key, they unlock then charge through the door, fully expecting to find everyone but Ruby dead and some kind of chainsaw wielding mass murderer ready to cut her into small enough pieces to feed to Zwei.


Instead, what they encounter is an irate Ruby throwing clothes at a laughing Cinder, while Penny and Neo hide behind the kitchen table. Xiang and Blake keep staring as Ruby shrieks again and Cinder blows a raspberry at her.


“I am not doing this anymore! I never should have agreed to share a room with you!”


“Oh come on Ruby! It was a joke! And I thought you used to play softball!”


“Oh I’ll show you I used to play softball!” Ruby switches from clothes to textbooks, narrowly missing a suddenly not laughing Cinder by inches.


“Ok ok! I’m sorry Ruby! Jeez! I won't do it again!”


“Neo! You're moving into my room!”


'Don’t I get a say in this?!’ Neo signs quickly before her eyes widen and she ducks again just as Ruby slings another textbook at Cinder.


“No! This is the last straw! You two may be my friends, but I am done with all this... this... this throwing your relationship in our faces!” Ruby shrieks as another textbook goes flying.


Xiang and Blake share a look before they walk back out into the hallway. “I guess I need to get to work.” He says as he rubs the back of his head ruefully.


“Be careful of course. And remember I love you.” Blake smiles up at him as he beams back down at her.


“Of course I’m going to be careful! I have you, who I love and adore.” He pauses long enough to lean down and give her a short sweet kiss. “But now I also have our little kitten to come back to now too.” Too late, they both wince as they realize that the cat is now out of the bag, and barely have enough time to brace for impact before they get glomped by four excited young women.


“You're having a baby?!”