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“Hey Kitten, whatcha doin’?” Kuroo slurred, coming into their shared room with his mouth stuffed. He was holding a bowl of mac and cheese, and Kenma noticed that there was a bit of cheese on the corner of Kuroo’s mouth.


“Just some stuff for the next mission.” Kenma replied, quickly putting away the abundance of wires and blinking lights. “I wanted to get a head start.”


“That’s good!” Kuroo interjected after swallowing, a large smile on his face. Kenma’s heart sank a bit more with guilt.


“Yeah. . . “ Kenma smiled back shakily. Kuroo plopped down on the bed and played a funny Youtube video while eating his mac and cheese. Kenma could hear him laughing through his nose ever so often. He took a deep breath, gathered his courage, and prepared himself to ask Kuroo a question.


It never used to be this difficult to ask my boyfriend a simple question, Kenma thought sadly.


“Kuroo?” Kenma asked, after bracing himself. Kuroo looked up, surprised, with his mouth stuffed with mac and cheese. Kenma couldn’t hold back a giggle, which made Kuroo smile. He chewed and swallowed before answering.


“Yes, Kitten?”


“Well. . . “ Kenma’s voice trailed off at the sight of Kuroo’s sharp, yet caring golden eyes. At that moment, Kenma knew . He knew that Kuroo wasn’t stupid, but Kenma was always hoping that he would be able to hide this one thing from Kuroo. It was apparent that Kenma’s hoping has been in vain, since Kuroo obviously has a semblance of knowledge about what was going on with Kenma. He felt a spark of fear, but kept it hidden as he tried to keep up appearances.


As long as Kuroo doesn’t confront Kenma about it, his plan could still work.

“Would you go on a date with me tonight?” Kenma finally finished. Kuroo’s calculating expression disappeared, and he smiled bright, Kenma sighed in relief, smiling back.


Of course, Kitten!”


Operation ‘Destroy The Crows’ is a go.


*  *  *


“I think they’re coming back. . . “ Yachi whispered, her voice echoing across the small cell her and Tendou were trapped in. Tendou gave an amused hum, and Yachi looked at him incredulously (not that he could even see her looking at him, it was still so dark).


“Tendou, this is serious!” Yachi hissed at him. She had heard his plan of escape, and was going to go through with it, even if it was super risky. However, for the plan to work, they needed to make some sacrifices. Yachi didn’t like this plan at all, but agreed that it might be necessary to escape. All that was left to do was wait for their kidnappers to come back in.


Yachi froze, hearing footsteps coming near the cell. Apparently things were going to happen quicker than they had planned. Yachi screaming a bit internally, her stomach clenching in fear and anxiety.


“Don’t worry.” Tendou’s voice cut through her panic, and Yachi caught a glint in his eyes that she didn’t like the looks of. “You’ll be fine.”


Yachi nodded, noticing his wording. He didn’t say we will be fine, he only said that Yachi would be fine. His words only served to heighten her fear with the knowledge of what was coming next.


The footsteps came to a stop, and Yachi started with wide eyes at the door that was now being unlocked. As the small crack of light widened, Yachi blinked fast, her eyes not used to the light after being in the dark for so long. Yachi’s head tilted to the side in order to escape the blinding light, and widened further as she took in Tendou’s appearance for the first time. He has spiked up red hair, that was stained with a darker shade of red near his forehead, probably blood. His eyes were round and sharp, giving off an eerie feeling. He looked like he hadn’t slept for a while, but strangely didn’t looked tired at all. Quite on the contrary, Yachi thought. He actually looks very alert. He was wearing classy dark jeans that were stained with mud on the knees, and a plain dark green t-shirt. He looked like he had put a lot of effort into his outfit, and Yachi thought it was a shame that he got kidnapped before he could show off his outfit.


As Yachi’s eyes travelled back up to Tendou’s eyes, she felt a shiver go down her spine as she realized that Tendou was staring right at her. He was taking in her appearance, just like she had finished doing to him. They kept eye contact for a few moments, before breaking it as their kidnapper turned the small, dim overhead light on. Tendou and Yachi turned their eyes to the ground, furiously blinking to get used to the sudden light. Before Yachi’s eyes had finished adjusting, the man in the doorway strode up to her and grabbed her hair, forcing her head up to look at his face. Yachi stared into the scarred man’s beady eyes with defiance, sensing Tendou’s stare in the side of her head. The man’s grip in her hair tightened painfully, but Yachi forced herself not to flinch or break eye contact. After a minute, he let her go, and she slumped back into the chair with a small “ oof ".


The man walked over to a cart in the corner of the room, which Yachi couldn’t see before since it had been too dark, and grabbed some dubious looking tools. The fear spiked back in full blast.


“Tell me the names of who is part of The Crows.” The man told her. Yachi’s breathing picked up as the fear started to consume her, but she had vowed to stay loyal. She lifted her head, and looked the man with the scarred face in his beady eyes.




The man didn’t respond explicitly to Yachi’s refusal, but he walked over to her calmly. (HARRY DID YA PUT YOUR NAME IN THE GOBLET OF FIYAH i’m sorry I couldn’t resist) He rested a small knife against Yachi’s shoulder, and her heartbeat sped up.


“I’m not going to ask again.” The man told her, and she swallowed nervously but didn’t say anything more. Just as the man applied pressure with the knife, Yachi somehow heard Tendou’s voice over her pounding heart.


“Stop!” He yelled. The man’s hand jerked, and Yachi gasped as the knife split her skin. Thankfully, it wasn’t a deep cut. The man’s head turned towards Tendou.


“How low can you stoop?” Tendou asked him with fake incredulity in his voice. The man stood up straight, and turned his body to face Tendou. Yachi hid a grim smile, knowing that their plan had just been launched into effect.


In the dim light, Yachi could see that Tendou’s expression was morphed into horror and fear. It was so realistic that Yachi would've fallen for it if she hadn’t known about the plan beforehand.


“She hasn’t done anything to you! Why are you hurting her?” Tendou yelled at him, voice cracking believably.


“Would you rather it be you?” The man asked Tendou, his gravely voice grating against Yachi’s ears.


“Tendou’s voice shook with amazingly faked fear as he replied, “yes”.


This was the hardest part of the plan, mostly because Yachi had to watch Tendou get hurt without doing anything about it. The man walked over to Tendou, and repeated the same action that he had done to Yachi, this time without an accompanying question. Tendou admirably didn’t flinch, as the side of his neck received a shallow cut. However, he did let out a small whimper so real that Yachi couldn’t tell if it was for show or not.


“Sir,” He simpered, his eyes wide and pleading. “Please, you can hurt me wherever you want, just don’t cut my arms. I have a skin condition you see, and it hurts a lot.”


Yachi almost snorted with how fake that was, but the man seemed to buy it, surprisingly enough. He moved the knife towards Tendou’s arms, and Tendou let out a little shriek that made Yachi grin a little hysterically. It was just so comical, she couldn’t help it.


“NO, please,” Tendou cried. “I- I’ll do anything, just not my arms!”


That was the topping on the cake. The man didn’t hesitate in cutting Tendou’s arms, while he let out quite believable whimpers and shrieks of pain. The man only stopped when Tendou pretended to pass out, and then just took his equipment and left, but not before turning the light off and sending Yachi and Tendou into darkness once again. Yachi turned worriedly towards Tendou, not knowing how bad his wounds were.


“Tendou. . . “ Yachi asked hesitantly. When she heard nothing in return, she started getting worried. “Tendou? You okay?” Yachi asked a bit more frenzied.


“I’m fine, princess. No need to worry your pretty butt off.” His reply came, a bit raspy from pain. Yachi sighed in relief of knowing Tendou was okay.


“Did it work?” Yachi asked him, and she could see the glint of his teeth in the dark.


“Yup!” He answered her. “Won’t be long now.”


Yachi nodded, and settled down to wait. Despite what Tendou said, this might take a while.


*  *  *


Kenma adjusted his blazer, staring at himself in the mirror. No matter the reason, he was excited for his date with Kuroo. He felt a smile twitching at the corner of his lips when he remembered how silly Kuroo had been on their last date, using the spaghetti to make himself a long mustache, but it quickly faded. I don’t deserve him, Kenma thought, staring wistfully at a photograph of him in Kuroo. He had taped it to the top of his mirror right after the event. The picture had been taken at a lights festival, and it showed him and Kuroo smiling wide with fireworks in the background. It was Kenma’s favourite picture of Kuroo, because all the lights made his eyes shine, and his grin was careless and genuine, his smile stretching across his face. In the picture, Kuroo’s face was smushed against Kenma’s, while Kenma was gently but genuinely smiling, his hair tied in a loose ponytail with strands framing his face. Kenma remembers that right after the picture was taken, Kuroo had won Kenma a large stuffed bear that Kenma kept beside his desk.


Let’s just get this over with , Kenma thought to himself. Kuroo would hate him after all this anyway.


“Ready, Kitten?” Kuroo’s voice asked him, and Kenma jerked in surprise, quickly schooling his expression into a smile as he turned to face Kuroo.


“Yeah.” He muttered. “You look great.”


Kuroo gave his signature smirk, looking Kenma up and down. “You’re not so bad yourself, babe.”


Kenma and Kuroo stared at each other for another few seconds, taking each other in, before Kenma snapped out of it and grabbed Kuroo’s hand and his wallet, closing the door behind him as he walked to his car.


“You’re gonna drive?” Kuroo asked Kenma, surprised. It was usually Kuroo who drove them places, Kenma content to sit in the passenger seat and play on his PSP.


“Yeah.” Kenma replied, feeling apprehensive. “Is that okay?”


“Of course.” Kuroo replied, sitting in the passenger seat while Kenma revved the engine and started driving to the restaurant.

Just as he drove off, Kenma felt an overwhelming urge to vomit, but swallowed it down. It was going fine until the guilt kicked in. Kenma was doing fine at avoiding all his messy feeling (not really, but it was bearable) until now. Lying to Kuroo took way too much out of him, and he couldn’t take it anymore. In a split second decision, he wrenched the steering wheel to the left and turned around, driving back home.


“Kenma?” Kuroo asked, confused. “Did we take a wrong turn? Why are we going back?”


“Kuroo,” Kenma took a deep breath before continuing. “I’ve been lying to you.”


There was silence in the car, and Kenma’s fear grew stronger every second. Finally, Kuroo barked out a laugh that rang in Kenma’s ears. “Yeah, I know.” He said.


Kenma looked at Kuroo, only to find Kuroo smiling at him. “Why are you smiling?”


“I’m happy you were brave enough to tell me.” Kuroo told him truthfully. “I’m proud of you. I don’t know what’s going on, but we’ll get through this together.”


Kenma bit his lip. “Kuroo, I’m not sure this is something we can fix, I -”


“I don’t care !” Kuroo exclaimed. “I don’t care what you did. If you want help, then I’ll give it to you, and even if you don’t want help, I’ll do my best to make you happy. Got it?”


Kenma nodded reluctantly, pushing his foot down on the gas harder. Hopefully they would get there in time. If not. . .


Kenma didn’t want to think about the repercussions of that.


* * *






“. . . Now?”


“Not yet.”


“What about now?”

“Jesus Christ Yachi!” Tendou finally exclaimed. “I’ll tell you when it works. Now stop distracting me.”


Yachi snorts. She knew Tendou would tell her when he had succeeded, but she needed some form of entertainment to keep her from going insane in this dark, creepy, and freezing cell. Tendou would probably snap at her again if she bothered him too soon, so she waited a few minutes before continuing her pestering.


“Are you done now?” Yachi asked cheekily. All she got was a loud groan in return.


After a couple more minutes, Tendou let out a sound of triumph. Yachi heard the clatter of chains to the ground, and saw the shadow of Tendou lean down to untie his feet. Tendou had refused to tell Yachi how exactly he had managed to pick the lock on his cuffs, and why he had needed the guard to be near him for a while. Yachi didn’t care that much. Tendou could keep his secrets, as long as they got out of here.


Tendou walked on slightly shaky legs to Yachi, and picked the lock on her handcuffs, then untying her feet. Tendou held out a hand to Yachi, and she took it, standing up with a bit of help.


“Now,” Tendou started, grinning at Yachi with a wicked gleam in his eyes. “Let’s wreak some havoc.”