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No Family to Love

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Three weeks later


“You sure about this G?” asked Amethyst. Both of them were inside the burning room where in front of of Pearl's floating bubble. Garnet felt like it was time to release Pearl, thinking she's had enough time to calm down.


“I think Pearl's has had enough time to think things through. We can't leave her in a bubble forever.” said Garnet. Amethyst frowned and looked away.


“Wish we could.” muttered Amethyst. Garnet placed her hand on her shoulder which caused Amethyst to calm down. Looking at the bubble, Garnet poked the bubble with her finger and she and Amethyst backed away. Pearl's gem began to shine signaling her regeneration. She landed on the ground where her outfit remained the same except her sash was green, her shorts were pale red with blue and her shorts were still yellow. When she finished regenerating, she quickly got on her feet and looked around.


“STEVEN?!” exclaimed Pearl when she looked around. To her confusion, she wasn't in the hospital but in the temple with Garnet and Amethyst.


“Garnet where is Steven?!” asked Pearl


“Not here.” said Garnet


Pearl groaned and said “I know that Steven but where?! I need to talk to him.”


“Haven't you already hurt him enough?!” angrily said Amethyst


“Stay out of this Amethyst! This does not concern you!” said Pearl


“Pearl, what were you THINKING when you went to the hospital to try and kidnap Steven?!” asked Garnet


“I-I just didn't want him to be taken away from us.” said Pearl


“You hurt him Pearl. What, did you think he would be happy to be with you after you physically and emotionally hurt him?!” asked Garnet


Pearl realizing the extent of her actions said nothing.


“Did you know he even tried to kill himself by jumping off the hospital roof?” said Garnet with a calmer voice.


“What?! Is he all right?!” asked Pearl


“He's fine. Thanks to Dr. Maheswaran, Connie, Lapis and Peridot, they were able to coax Steven down from the ledge.” said Garnet


Pearl looked as if she ready to throw up. She fell onto her knees and grasped her head with her hands.


“I'm so horrible! How could I treat Steven like this?!” said Pearl as she was sobbing. She quickly glanced up to Garnet and grabbed her legs.


“Please Garnet! Tell me where he is so I can make it up to him!” said Pearl. Garnet crouched down to Pearl and placed a hand on her shoulder.


“I understand you want to make things right Pearl but right now is not a good time. Steven needs to time to heal and to cleanse his mind. You should start thinking too, if you still want Rose instead of Steven.” said Garnet as she and Amethyst walked out of the room. Pearl took this as a chance to go to her room to really start thinking things through.


Don't worry Steven, I WILL make things up to you. I swear. Thought Pearl




Steven was currently fast asleep after having a big day. He helped Andy plant some oats with Lapis watering the seeds. Peridot was busy helping Karen fix the tractor who was real impressed by the green alien’s knowledge with Pumpkin and Beethoven playing in the fields. This was the first time Steven had fun, human fun. With the gems, it was always missions and nothing else but with Andy, Karen, Lapis and Peridot, he had a great time. One more member was going to be added on that list tonight. Tomorrow, Steven was going into town with his uncle to pick up some supplies for the farm so Steven decided to get some early sleep so he could wake up bright and early in the morning. But something was going to change his plan.




Steven's eyes began to open after his peaceful sleep was being interrupted by a strange noise.




Steven looked around the room for the strange noise but found no one.


“Peck. Peck.”


Steven then heard something tapping his window. He looked around and was startled by two wide glowing eyes in his window.


“Gah!” said a surprised Steven as he fell off the bed. He carefully looked over his bed and saw that it was just an owl thanks to the moonlight illuminating his room. Steven walked up to his window and opened it. The owl looked curiously at him.


“Hey there little guy, what's up?” asked Steven. The owl simply looked at him. From what Steven could tell, it was a snowy owl.


“You hungry?” Steven walked to his drawer and pulled out a granola bar. He opened it and offered it to the owl. The owl didn't accept it but as Steven looked at it, he saw the owl was only moving his right wing.


“Is your wing broken or something?” said Steven.




“I'll take that as a yes. Here, I can heal it for you. Just relax and everything will be alright.” said Steven. He licked his hand and very slowly touched the owl’s left wing. There was a bright flash which illuminated Steven's room. When he turned around, he saw the owl stretching out both it's wings meaning his healing spit worked. The owl came up to Steven and allowed him to scratch its head.


“Your welcome little guy.” said Steven as he closed the window and went back to bed. The owl perched on the window and was getting ready to sleep as well.


I do matter here on earth thought Steven as he and the owl went to sleep.