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After Action Report (The No Complains At All Remix)

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  • Arrived. Got rental car. Checked in Hotel.

  • Demon lair robust, trapped and full of demons.

  • Bazooka good against robust.

  • Ghost guide good against traps.

  • Two slayers good against demons.

  • Demon lair gone.

  • Demon also gone.

  • Bazooka not good against ghost.

  • Rental car returned undamaged.

  • Went home.


  • Resent implication that non-driving Buffy is cause for missing car damage.

  • Had repeated reminders that Xander is faithful. (Or Faith xanderful?)

  • Motels should invest in sound insulation.

  • Memo for next time: get rooms on opposite sides of motel.

  • Dead Wesley much more annoying than late live Wesley. Wondering about reasons for that.