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The Shoot

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A/N: Thank you, everyone, for the great feedback for the first chapter!  I hope you enjoy this one as much.


            From Reiki Films’ administrative building, where Kikyo’s office and ‘audition’ bedroom were located, only a short walk on the open-air pavement outside the building lay between Kikyo, Sesshomaru, and the main studio.  The studio was a sprawling building with few walls inside, a converted warehouse that offered plenty of floor space for the construction of film sets.  When combined with some inexpensive ‘green screen’ work, the studio’s backlot allowed for reasonably convincing outdoor shots.  Approaching one of the studio warehouse’s side doors with Sesshomaru walking at her side, Kikyo saw that Kagome’s car and Sango’s were in their parking spots – her two top actresses had already arrived and, as ever, she appreciated their punctuality.

            In the open air of the parking lot outside the studio warehouse, with his sensitive sense of smell, Sesshomaru picked up Kagome and Sango’s scents immediately.  He smelled nothing but good things: health, strength, cleanliness, and fertility.  To his invigoration, each woman was definitely ‘in season,’ so in lieu of normal contraceptives, Kikyo was wise to have devised a means to neutralize his demon seed.  The daiyoukai had spent about an hour fucking Kikyo and Rin, filling their wombs and pussies to overflowing twice each between a round in the director’s office bedroom and another in the shower.  Already, though, his balls and other male organs had replaced all that he had shot and his cock was stirring in his slacks at the thought of having Kagome and Sango.  Kikyo and Rin, the appetizer, were delicious, but now, it was time for the main course, and Sesshomaru was hungry.

            However, Sesshomaru’s excitement for doing Kagome and Sango was not entirely based on his interpretation of their scents, or even his rampant demonic sex drive.  As Rin had seen all of his films, he had seen all of theirs.  He knew there wasn’t much limit to what they were willing to do on camera. 

            The daiyoukai knew Sango for her wild ‘bukkake queen’ films, in which up to a dozen handsome, well-endowed men, mostly of youkai lineage, would stand in a circle around her and masturbate to deliver powerful ejaculations all over her body, totally drenching her in their thick, white semen.  They soaked her in cum to the point that she had to wring her hair out afterward.  Kagome’s films were relatively tamer, but equally exciting: she specialized in very passionate, one-on-one encounters done in almost ‘softcore’ fashion, except for highly-explicit shots of her male partners penetrating her and reaching powerful orgasms inside her.  Usually, her partners wore condoms, denying her the sensation of their seed exploding directly against her innermost flesh, but she made up for it somewhat by making a show of carefully extracting the cum-filled condoms from their softening cocks and drinking their creamy liquid contents.

            Beyond just their physical beauty and their commitment to ‘performing,’ Sesshomaru most admired Kagome and Sango for their professionalism and discipline in separating their personal lives from their working ones.  Their sexual behavior did not extend past the camera, or at least it did not extend beyond their own bedrooms.  In public, they were as polite and decorous as any.  Sesshomaru understood how InuYasha, with his lesser degree of self-control, had not been able to keep his eyes or his hands off them, and he pitied him for it, knowing that his indiscretion had cost him a great opportunity for both pleasure and career advancement.

            Stepping into the warehouse behind Kikyo, Sesshomaru awed at the splendor of the film set inside.  The film in which Kikyo was about to direct him was set in 16th century Japan, so the miko’s talented film crew had erected several rooms of intricate shoji walls, with tatami mats and polished hardwood planking laid down over the warehouse’s gritty concrete floor.  It replicated the interior of an upscale Shinto shrine from the Sengoku period.  For the exterior of the fictional shrine, Kikyo’s post-production team would use matte paintings and the green screen.

            All around the set, Kikyo’s crew continued to work, with gaffers managing the lighting and electrical cables to conceal them inside or underneath the set’s structure.  Carpenters erected and modified walls where the gaffers needed.  The lovely miko director led Sesshomaru through the noisy echo of saws and power tools to a relatively quieter section of the studio warehouse.  There, some temporary walls had been put up to create dressing rooms and a small actors’ lounge.

            Several feet before he and Kikyo reached the lounge’s door, Sesshomaru became acutely aware of a passive, yet powerful field of reiki emanating from the other side.  It was not threatening to him, as it seemed to radiate with pleasant, very positive ‘vibes.’  He assumed that field to be Kagome’s and he imagined her and Kikyo to be quite close. Evidently, they did much together, having grown up together, gone through miko training together, and gone into the same general line of work together, ending up working at the same adult film studio.

            Kikyo and Sesshomaru entered the lounge to find Kagome and Sango chatting happily with one another, reviewing their scripts over coffee.  The two actresses sat at a round, folding break table, their backs to the lounge door.  Given the noise of the film crew working just a few yards away and their own conversation, they didn’t immediately hear or notice Kikyo and Sesshomaru approaching.

            Sesshomaru felt his heart pick up speed as he laid his golden eyes on Kagome and Sango in person for the first time.  As Kikyo and Rin found him even more impressive in person than on film, the daiyoukai was taken aback by the real-world beauty of Kikyo’s two top actresses.  They both wore their hair long, but each in their own, unique style.  Kagome’s hair was an unbound, distinctively messy raven mane that reached the mid-point of her back with a cool, bluish sheen, her bangs a thick, wild fringe that belied her level-headed personality.  Conversely, the sexually wilder Sango wore her hair more neatly, the bulk of its brown-black mass gathered into a high, waist-length ponytail, her bangs clipped evenly and parted into two equal halves to complement her squared-off forelocks.

            Since they were on studio grounds, away from prying eyes, and intended to get into costume soon, Kagome and Sango dressed much more casually than Sesshomaru or Kikyo, each actress wearing sandals, a skimpy pair of grey lounge shorts, and a black t-shirt with Reiki Films’ logo printed in white on the back.  The logo was the Japanese ideogram for ‘reiki,’ 霊気.  To Sesshomaru’s pleasure, their shirts fit tightly to bring out their voluptuous figures.  In the adult film world, the amount of work an actor or actress got was very much dependent on their physical ‘assets.’  Porn, at its core, was all about sexual objectification, and the more suited the performer’s body to such objectification, the better.  Being a daiyoukai, Sesshomaru knew he was blessed with god-like beauty, endowment, and performance, and he could see that Kagome and Sango were quite blessed, as well.  Kagome’s breasts were sizable C-cups and Sango’s were even larger, easily a set of Ds.  The rest of their bodies were delightfully soft, curvy, and toned, getting Sesshomaru quite eager to feel them pressed up against him in intimate circumstances.

            Once Sesshomaru and Kikyo were close enough, Kagome noticed them in her peripheral vision and turned her head to look at them more fully.  Her eyes met Sesshomaru’s golden ones and immediately, the towering daiyoukai could see the power in her.  To him, her eyes were as glittering sapphires, taking his breath with their reiki-fueled glow.  Her lips curled into a beaming smile and she turned to Sango, nudging her fellow actress to get her attention.

            Sango looked at Sesshomaru next and her chocolate brown eyes narrowed with sultry approval, seeming to darken with desire at the sight of him.  She and Kagome scooted their chairs back and stood up from their break table, stepping toward Sesshomaru and Kikyo to stop at a respectable distance from them and greet them properly.  Each actress clasped her hands in front of her and gave a deep, highly respectful bow, which Sesshomaru and Kikyo returned.

            “Takahashi Kenshiro,” Kikyo began, pulling out of her bow after a few polite moments.  She addressed Sesshomaru formally for the sake of Kagome and Sango.  “This is Aozaki Sango.”  Kikyo gestured first to Sango, then to Kagome.  “And this is Higurashi Kagome, my sister.”

            “It’s very nice to meet you, Mr. Takahashi,” Kagome said as she rose from her bow, smiling warmly and blushing at the thought of what she would soon be doing with the daiyoukai before her.  Her voice was very soft and melodic, like Kikyo’s.  Despite the sexual nature of her occupation, her voice seemed to carry purity, as if the reiki flowing in her body could manifest itself into sound.

            “Good afternoon, Mr. Takahashi,” Sango said, expressing sentiments similar to Kagome’s.  Compared to Kagome’s voice, Sango’s was richer and huskier.  Her sound was that of a woman who greatly anticipated sex when she could sense it was near.  She legitimately enjoyed it, even craved it in whatever form it took, craving her own pleasure and that of her partners.  This was a useful trait for her bukkake films.

            Sango and Sesshomaru exited their bows at the same time and the daiyoukai porn star gave both her and Kagome a stoic smile.  “It’s nice to meet you, as well.  Both of you.  Please, call me Sesshomaru.  Do either of you have a ‘performing’ name you prefer?”

            Kagome and Sango glanced at each other, smiling knowingly.  Kagome spoke on behalf of herself and Sango.  “We’ve taken to calling each other by the characters we play into today’s shoot.  I’m ‘Miko,’ and Sango here is ‘Taijiya.’”

            “Priestess and demon slayer.  Hn.  Natural foils for a demon such as myself,” Sesshomaru commented.

            “Sesshomaru has read today’s script, but he hasn’t had the time to really learn his dialogue, given the situation,” Kikyo said to Kagome and Sango.  “Therefore, he’ll need all our help today.”

            “Of course, we’ll be happy to help however we can,” Kagome replied.

            “Thank you.  But about the ‘situation,’” Sesshomaru began, taking the opportunity to explore a subject that had been on his mind ever since Kikyo first contacted him.  “I apologize for my brother’s behavior.  I understand he made some unwanted advances toward you.”

            Kagome’s pleasant expression sobered, as did Sango’s.  “Yes, he did,” the miko confirmed.  “We put up with it, at first.  After all, this is a porn studio, so quite literally, sex is in the air almost all the time.  And being a half-demon, InuYasha was much more sensitive to that smell than a regular human, so he was always frisky.  I guess it was bad enough for him that he couldn’t restrain himself.  But gradually, we got tired of his grabbing and touching and when we stopped playing along, he started going after Rin, our receptionist.  That’s when Kikyo canned him.”

            “You know that Rin isn’t unwilling to ‘play’ at work, but she simply didn’t want InuYasha,” Kikyo said to Sesshomaru.  “Around here, ‘no’ still means ‘no.’”  The director looked to Kagome and Sango.  “Girls, as a favor to him, Sesshomaru has asked that we not say anything about InuYasha’s behavior to anyone outside ourselves.  For the sake of being as accommodating as possible, I agreed in your place.  I hope this is okay with you.”

            “Yes, it’s okay,” Kagome agreed.  Sango followed with: “Yeah, no problem.”

            “Good,” Kikyo smiled, nodding at Sesshomaru, to which Sesshomaru replied with a stoic, thankful nod.  “Now, shall we get to work?”

            Sango smiled darkly.  “Define ‘work.’”

            Kikyo smoky grey eyes glimmered knowingly.  Sango had no idea what she and Kagome were in for, as the miko director had learned first-hand that sex with Sesshomaru was not something a woman merely enjoyed, but survived.  She ordered to both women at once: “Go and get into costume.  I’ll show Sesshomaru to his dressing room.  Sesshomaru, please follow me.”

            Eager to begin filming, Kagome and Sango left the lounge for their dressing room while Kikyo showed Sesshomaru to his.  The dressing rooms were similar in construction to the lounge, with one standing to either side of it.  They were made up of three temporary walls placed along the studio warehouse’s permanent wall, its floor left as bare cement.  Following Kikyo, Sesshomaru entered the one assigned to him and found that it contained a mirrored vanity stocked with a wide variety beauty and grooming products; of course, being so naturally beautiful, he needed none of them.  A wheeled costume rack standing along one wall held dozens of occupation-themed outfits such as replica military uniforms, 16th/17th century Japanese noble’s clothes, an astronaut’s spacesuit, a race car driver’s jumpsuit, and the classic cultured, refined secret agent’s tuxedo.  However, what caught Sesshomaru’s attention most was the costume arranged upon a mannequin standing in one of the dressing room’s corners, opposite the vanity.

            Kikyo smiled as she saw where Sesshomaru was looking.  The daiyoukai looked over a shoulder at her, seeing the pleased expression on her face, and pointed at the costume.  “This must be mine,” he concluded.

            Placed upon the mannequin as Sesshomaru would wear it, the costume was a long hakama and billowing-sleeved haori made of very fine, white silk, intricate hexagonal patterns sewn into it with red silken thread.  Over the haori lay a steel armor cuirass with a highly-polished, baked-on black finish.  Four tapered plates hung from the main chest piece in articulated joints to protect the wearer’s rear, hips, and groin, while a single, spiked pauldron covered the left shoulder.  Clearly hammer-forged, the pauldron was solidly connected to the cuirass’ upper edge by several heavy rivets, decorated with red tassels.  The final piece of the costume was the decorative sash that encircled the cuirass’ waistline, a length of gold-and-violet silk made in a lovely swirling pattern.

            Sesshomaru approached his costume to admire it more closely.  Altogether, it seemed to radiate fighting strength and great nobility, how a 16th century Japanese daimyo would dress when marching at the vanguard of his army.  The daiyoukai reached out to touch and lift the armor cuirass, surprised at its weight.  “This isn’t a fake.  This is actual steel,” he noted to Kikyo.

            “Yes, I got a local blacksmith to make this armor,” Kikyo said.  “Getting a plastic lookalike would have been lighter and much cheaper, but real steel plate moves much more believably on film.  May I…help you dress?”

            “Please,” Sesshomaru accepted.  He had no objections to getting undressed in front of Kikyo.  She was his director and he would soon have to undress in front of her anyway while he performed with Kagome and Sango.  And furthermore, he’d already fucked her twice.  Right then, so soon after their encounters in her office bedroom and the attached shower, she still carried some of his seed deep inside her.

            Kikyo closed the dressing room door and pressed the metal button on its knob to lock it.  Sesshomaru unbuttoned his polo and stripped out of it and his white undershirt at once, baring his powerful, beautiful upper body to the miko director for the second time that day.  He knew the effect he had her, as he heard her breathing and heartbeat pick up speed.  He smelled a faint trace of her arousal already, but he could tell she was actively trying to keep herself under control.

            Kikyo untied the golden sash around Sesshomaru’s armor and lay it over a shoulder, then lifted the armor off its haori-covered mannequin to lay it on a nearby couch.  This required a little bit of effort on her part; she was lifting the armor from about her own chest height and it weighted nearly fifty pounds.  Once the armor was out of the way, she opened the haori beneath, removed it from the mannequin, and lay it on her shoulder with the sash.

            By this time, Sesshomaru had slipped out of his slacks, shoes, and socks, leaving himself clad in only his underwear.  As she began to remove the white hakama of his costume from the mannequin, Kikyo glanced at the boxers he wore.  “Lose the boxers, too,” she said to him.

            Sesshomaru did as Kikyo said and stripped himself of his last bit of clothing to stand fully nude before her.  “Will I wear anything beneath the hakama?” he asked.

            “Yes,” Kikyo answered, pulling Sesshomaru’s hakama down the mannequin’s hips.  “This.”

            Beneath the white hakama, Kikyo’s mannequin wore a tiny white fundoshi, drawing a laugh from Sesshomaru.  He knew what a fundoshi was, of course.  It was basically a little thong for men, but still, he asked: “What is that, an eyepatch?

            “Well, on you it’ll look like one,” Kikyo said with a chuckle, eyeing Sesshomaru’s cock and balls and picturing the fundoshi struggling to contain them.  Even flaccid, he was impressive, but he was becoming less flaccid by the second.

            Sesshomaru looked down at his growing erection with some bashfulness.  “I’m sorry,” he apologized.  “Being around so many lovely women today has me quite excited.  I must admit I’m very attracted to Kagome and Sango, as well as yourself.”

            Removing Sesshomaru’s hakama and then his fundoshi from the mannequin, Kikyo looked at the fundoshi, then at the daiyoukai’s swelling cock with a frown.  “You’re not going to fit in this thing if you’re hard,” she concluded.  Her lips began to stretch and curl into a sexy smile, her eyes glowing with indecent thoughts.  “Maybe I can make you go soft again?”

            Sesshomaru recognized the gleam in Kikyo’s eyes and he was helpless but to smile back at her.  Cocking his head, he asked: “What would you be willing to do?”

            “What wouldn’t I do?” Kikyo shot back.  “But let’s keep this simple.”

            Kikyo tossed the pieces of Sesshomaru’s costume onto the couch beside his armor and shrugged off her burgundy blazer, tossing it onto the couch as well.  She wiggled out of her skirt and discarded her blouse to get herself down to just her bra, panties, and stockings in very little time.  Sesshomaru took his cock in hand and began to stroke himself to the sight of Kikyo in her state of near nudity, bringing himself to full, eleven-inch erection with just a few glides of his fist.

            Boldly, Kikyo strode forward to close the distance between herself and Sesshomaru, throwing her arms around his neck and raising herself onto the tips of her toes to kiss him.  Contained within the cups of her bra, her breasts pressed intimately against the smooth, male panes of his chest.  Closing his golden eyes as the miko director drank her kiss from him, the aroused daiyoukai released his cock and slipped the hand he’d been using to pleasure himself around her waist and pull her to him.  Moving his hips against hers, he pumped his cock against her belly until pre-cum began to lubricate the friction.

            Feeling his balls getting tense, Sesshomaru opened his eyes and broke the kiss he shared with Kikyo, his breathing harsh and husky.  “I want to be in you again,” he whispered, to which Kikyo could only nod her agreement.  Pulling away from him reluctantly, she hurried back over to the couch and reached into one of her blazer’s pockets to retrieve the envelope of her contraceptive sutras.  She knew they worked now, and so she was completely willing to give Sesshomaru what he wanted.  Her hands trembled as she peeled a sutra away from its backing, applying it to her belly.  Turning around to face Sesshomaru again and wearing her sutra for him to see, she divested herself of her bra and her panties.  She retained only her stockings, heels, and glasses.

            Moving to stand directly before Sesshomaru again, Kikyo asked of him: “How are we going to do this?” She spoke with a quiver in her sultry voice, keeping her voice down so that Kagome, Sango, and the film crew wouldn’t hear, though the continued sound of power tools in the warehouse would have made sure of that already.  Still, though the dressing room had four walls, it didn’t have a ceiling; anyone with a ladder or a halfway-decent jumping ability could look over the top of the walls to see what she and Sesshomaru were doing.  Looking around the dressing room frantically, she added: “There’s no bed in here.”

            Flashing Kikyo a sexy, fanged grin, Sesshomaru gave his answer.  “This Sesshomaru needs no bed.”

            Sesshomaru grasped Kikyo’s waist with both hands, lifting her off her feet with ridiculous ease.  She weighed as nothing to his daiyoukai strength.  “Open,” he commanded.  Putting her arms around his neck again to steady herself, the miko director opened her thighs as widely as she could and slipped them around his waist, hooking her ankles behind his back. 

            With his cock fully erect and pointing straight up into the air, Sesshomaru adjusted Kikyo’s position until her pussy pulsed and wept directly over his cock’s big, broad head, allowing him to feel her most intimate heat radiating against him.  Looking right into her eyes, he lowered her hips until her pussy petals kissed and suckled directly at him.  He teased them both in this way for a few moments, grinding the miko director’s core up and down his cock’s head just enough that he verged on penetrating her, then backing off, over and over.  He did this to work himself up to his maximum size and hardness, as well as to get her creaming, sopping wet for him.

            At last, Sesshomaru lowered Kikyo onto his cock in earnest, groaning through his nose with a restrained ‘Nnngh…’ as her pussy drank him in.  He could feel her inner muscles parting to accept him, rippling and flexing at the same time to encourage him ever deeper.  The head of his cock met the mouth of her womb and he stilled, holding her in place on him to let her adjust to his size.

            “So fucking big,” Kikyo hushed, her eyes gimlet with pleasure behind her glasses as she gave Sesshomaru a short, sweet kiss, then buried her face into one of his shoulders.

            For his own part, Sesshomaru relished in Kikyo’s heat, wetness, and rippling internal suction.  “You feel so good, miko,” he praised in return.  “Is your sister as tight?”

            “Tighter,” Kikyo replied breathlessly, kissing and nipping at Sesshomaru’s shoulder, then at the side of his neck.  “Now, do me.  Fucking use me.  Use me to get yourself off.”

            Sesshomaru gripped Kikyo’s waist more tightly and moved her up his cock by a few inches, letting gravity pull her back down until her cervix shifted against him.  With him standing up and her wrapped around him, the only things holding her up were his hands and the sheer solid rigidity of his cock.  He added a few inches to the penetration each time until he was giving and withdrawing his full length, using Kikyo’s entire body as a living sex toy with which to masturbate.  Holding on tight to him as he pumped deeply into her, the director concentrated her reiki about her, her gaze becoming distant and her eyes beginning to glow as she summoned her mysterious miko powers.

            Meanwhile, Kagome and Sango sat in front of their vanities in their shared dressing room, adjusting their hair and applying some touch-ups to their makeup.  They wore very little to begin with, using only a little lip gloss and a dash of facial powder for the sake of better light reflection for Kikyo’s cameras.  Sango went a step further and applied some rosy pink eyeliner to her eyes, giving herself a little more visual distinction from Kagome.

            By this point, both actresses had stripped out of their shorts and shirts and exchanged their usual, 21st-century bra and panties for underwear more appropriate for the 16th-century.  Each woman wore a tight chest wrap over her ample breasts and a female fundoshi as scandalous as Sesshomaru’s male one.  The tiny undergarments covered their female mounds in a narrow ‘V’ and covered next to nothing in the rear, leaving their luscious asses out on proud display.

            As Kagome leaned in close to her mirror to apply mascara to her eyelashes, she ‘heard’ Kikyo speak into her mind.  “Kagome,” Kikyo spoke telepathically to get her sister’s attention.

            Kagome’s beautiful blue eyes widened with a bit of surprise, but she made no sound to indicate it.  She responded to Kikyo via telepathy.  “Kikyo?  What’s up?”

            Kikyo and Kagome had trained as mikos together, learning to harness their reiki for a variety of applications, short-distance telepathy being one of them.  For long-distance communication, things like cell phones, computers, or even the mail were still necessary, but at distances of up to roughly 50 yards, the two women could talk to each other in ‘full duplex’ fashion in total silence.

            “Sesshomaru is fucking me right now,” Kikyo said to Kagome, much to Kagome’s surprise and amusement.  “I initiated it…he was pretty hard from meeting you and Sango and I need to get him soft enough to fit into his fundoshi.  Want to feel?”

            “Sure,” Kagome replied.  She set her mascara down onto her vanity and sat back in her chair, closing her eyes to prepare herself for the flood of sensations Kikyo would soon unleash on her.  Beyond speech delivered through telepathy, each woman could use that same telepathic connection to share her emotions and physical sensations with the other.

            Kikyo began transmitting what she felt into Kagome’s mind and suddenly, Kagome could feel everything.  She felt as if Sesshomaru wasn’t a few rooms over, but directly between her legs, pumping away into her cunt, not Kikyo’s.  Her pussy immediately began to flood over with lubrication and her womb trembled as if the head of the daiyoukai’s cock was pounding against it.  The miko actress couldn’t help but moan aloud, getting Sango’s attention.

            “Kagome?” Sango asked, wondering if her co-star hadn’t been masturbating while she had been applying her makeup.

            Kagome opened her eyes and looked at Sango, her chest heaving and heart pounding within it.  “Kikyo is fucking Sesshomaru!” she gasped, eliciting a dumbfounded look from Sango.  “She’s ‘sharing’ it with me.  Miko powers, you know?  I can feel it like he’s doing me, not her.  Oh God…he’s incredible!

            Sango turned in her seat to face Kagome directly.  “Can you share it with me, too?” she asked with great interest.

            “Yes,” Kagome answered, panting softly.  Sitting up straight again, she turned in her seat to face Sango, extending a hand to her.  “Take my hand.”

            Sango grasped Kagome’s hand as the miko instructed and the stream of sensation Kikyo fed to Kagome entered her mind, as well.  “Oh, fuck!” Sango cursed, suddenly feeling the size, strength, and hardness of Sesshomaru’s cock for herself.

            Overcome with passion, Kagome leaned forward and took Sango’s lips with hers in a hungry, girl-on-girl kiss that she regretted Sesshomaru and Kikyo couldn’t see.  Sango had no reservations about getting physical with another woman, having performed with the legendary wind demon Yuri actress Kagura in a few of her earlier films.  Naturally sexually aggressive, she stood up and pulled Kagome onto her feet, exchanging further kisses with her and maintaining the telepathic connection though continued physical contact as she walked them both back to the couch sitting near their vanities.  They tumbled back onto the couch together, with Sango on her back and Kagome lying on top of her between her legs.

            Back in Sesshomaru’s dressing room, the daiyoukai picked up his pace, pumping Kikyo onto his cock harder and faster, ruthlessly seeking his own pleasure.  Her creamy female juices dripped freely out of her around him, building a small, glistening puddle on the cement between his feet.  The miko director moved her head from the daiyoukai’s broad shoulder and pressed her forehead to his.  “Kagome can feel all of this,” she confessed.  “I’m sharing this with her by telepathy.”

            Not so far gone into his passion that he became a mindless, rutting beast, Sesshomaru grasped the significance of Kikyo’s revelation immediately.  “Fascinating,” he said.  “The many talents of the modern miko.  If Kagome can feel this, then let her consider this as a sample of what I intend to do to her today.  Now, tilt your head back.”

            Kikyo tilted her head back as Sesshomaru wanted, giving her throat to him.  The dog-like part of Sesshomaru’s dog demon mind took great pleasure from this act.  To expose one’s throat was a sign of submission and trust, trust he would not abuse.  The daiyoukai leaned his silver-haired head in to press his lips to Kikyo’s throat, right over her hammering pulse point.   Knowing that Kagome could hear him in the telepathic sense, he spoke to Kikyo and Kagome at once: “Feel me, miko.  Feel what this Sesshomaru can do to you!”

            With his rough, dog-like demon tongue, Sesshomaru took a nice, long lick at Kikyo’s throat, feeling her life beating through her carotid artery.  The pressure of orgasm pumping upward into his cock from deep within him, he finished with a frenzy of hard, deep thrusts into her body.  Planting his balls squarely against her ass, he held himself there as he came, his seed bursting out of him in a volcanic explosion of liquid heat that flooded her womb instantly.

            Back in their dressing room, Kagome and Sango writhed and pumped against one another on their couch, their pleasure linked with Kikyo’s.  Then, as Sesshomaru came inside Kikyo, the two actresses stilled abruptly, breasts pressed together and trembling in each other’s arms, their eyes wide as they felt his cum pumping out of him.  Right then, all they could hear was the pounding of their hearts and the heartbeat-like thwack, thwack, thwack of thick, white semen blasting against creamy pink uterine and vaginal tissue.  The same orgasm rocked Kikyo, Kagome, and Sango all at once, with Kikyo’s pussy flexing around Sesshomaru’s cock while Kagome’s and Sango’s wept and pulsed between their thighs, utterly soaking their clean, white fundoshi.

            Sesshomaru’s seed oozed out of Kikyo’s pussy around his cock, dripping onto the cement floor between his feet to join the puddle of vaginal fluids already there.  Pumping her up and down him to milk out his last few ejaculations within her, he turned and walked to his dressing room’s vanity, carefully setting the miko director’s rear down onto it.  Kissing her to comfort her after using her so roughly, he pulled out of her gently and knelt between her open legs to take her sex with his mouth, drinking his seed out of her to clean her.

            Now, Kagome and Sango felt as if Sesshomaru was eating them out, as well.  They clasped together in a warm, post-coital afterglow, rubbing and pumping against each other, giggling with each pass of the daiyoukai’s phantom tongue.  Several small orgasms came to each of them in this way and both women knew they would need new fundoshi afterward.

            Once Kikyo was clean and having spent himself inside her, Sesshomaru felt himself go soft enough that he could fit into his tiny male fundoshi.  He slipped into it, then into his white hakama and haori.  He also donned a pair of black, laceless boots sitting near the costume mannequin.   Composing herself after being fucked semi-silly, Kikyo helped Sesshomaru into his armor, fastening its various clasps and ties for him.

            A few minutes later, Sesshomaru stepped out of his dressing room in full, resplendent daiyoukai glory, a redressed Kikyo stepping out behind him.  There, they found Kagome and Sango in their own costumes, their faces still slightly flushed from their telepathy-induced tryst in their dressing room.  Kagome wore the classic red hakama and white haori of a Shinto miko, while Sango wore a glossy black bodysuit with a hard pink groin and shoulder pads.  The bodysuit was that of a taijiya, a professional demon slayer.  Together, in an older time, Kagome and Sango would have represented two of Sesshomaru’s natural enemies.

            Sesshomaru looked at Kagome, meeting her post-sex blush with a stoic smile, then at Sango, noticing that she was quite flustered, as well.  “Kikyo shared the ‘experience’ with me, and I shared it with Sango,” Kagome admitted to him.

            “Very good,” Sesshomaru approved, looking between Kagome and Sango.  “Now, shall we ‘do it’ for real?”

            “You’re on.  Let’s go!” Kagome exclaimed.

            Together, Sesshomaru, Kikyo, Kagome, and Sango left the dressing area to take their places on the film set.  They had a movie to make!


-To be continued-