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Come Together

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Although there were many positives to moving all of the students into dorms at Yuuei, there were also many negatives. Sometimes it was very difficult to figure out which one outweighed the other. It was also often a matter of opinion.

Some people thought it was great. More opportunities to spend time with their friends, more freedom away from their parents. It was no coincidence that most of these people were relatively extroverted.

Others, however, weren’t quite as fond. Being around friends all the time was nice and all, but that meant more distractions, less alone time.

Iida Tenya generally fell under the second category.

These were the thoughts that plagued his mind as he was dragged into a big circle by the squealing Uraraka. There was an empty water bottle in the middle of the circle, and Iida was no idiot. This was all a very, very, very bad idea. This was quite possibly the worst idea.

“Spin the bottle!” Kirishima roared, patting Iida on the back as he sat down in the open space beside him.

“With a twist!” Mina answered. “You and whoever your spin lands on have to go into the closet down the hall for seven minutes.” A few people laughed.

Iida remained silent. This was the worst idea ever.

Everyone settled into the circle, some more willing than others. Mina and Sero had wide grins as they peered around at the other players, sniggering at the individual expressions of fear or disdain. Tsu and Todoroki both looked impassive, but the pink in the tips of his ears gave him away. Aoyama was fluffing his hair and winking at anyone that dared to make eye-contact with him, like he believed getting a kiss from him was comparable to a blessing. Bakugou was furious on the other side of Kirishima, but he refused to leave the game out of spite after Kaminari called him a chicken. Speaking of Kaminari, he suddenly looked nauseous, like he had just realized the rules of the game and wasn’t so eager to play anymore. Jirou was staring daggers into the bottle, while Momo refused to even look at it. Midoriya seemed nervous, but Uraraka had a firm grip on his arm with the hand not attached to Iida.

Iida was not emotionally ready for this experience.

Mina spun the bottle first, as she was the one who suggested the game, and it spun around a few times, before landing on Kirishima. They both stood up, throwing dramatic winks and cheesy finger guns at each other, and left the room. Sero watched them leave forlornly. Iida suspected he had wanted Mina’s spin to land on him. Sighing, he started the timer.

Everyone chatted amongst themselves while they waited out the seven minutes. Uraraka happily told him and Midoriya about this new book she had been reading. He had almost forgotten about where he was when he heard the timer go off. Damn.

Sero was the first to volunteer to go get Mina and Kirishima. He rushed out of the room, and came back with a grinning Mina and a blushy Kirishima. There were no signs of kissing, and Sero seemed to have calmed down nicely. Kirishima sat back down next to Iida and reached for the bottle. It spun once, twice, three times, and landed on Midoriya. Kirishima’s face was almost the same shade as his hair, and Midoriya’s was close to matching. Mina was cackling.

Iida had known for quite some time that Midoriya had a little bit of a crush on Kirishima, not that they had ever talked about it before, but he was silently a little glad they would be stuck in an enclosed space for a little while. Perhaps then Midoriya would finally come clean. Judging by Mina’s laughter and Kirishima’s fiery face, Iida guessed the feeling wasn’t unrequited.

They left the room laughing awkwardly. Sero started the timer.

As soon as she was sure they were definitely out of earshot, she turned to Iida eagerly. “You know they both like eachother right? This is fantastic!”

Iida nodded along as she babbled on about how obvious they both had been. Sero got up once more when the timer rang and came back with Midoriya and Kirishima, both of whom were sporting mussed hair and shiny lips. Iida would be grossed out if he wasn’t so happy for his friend.

This went on for some time, people spinning the bottle and leaving, then coming back either flushed or laughing. Todoroki and Bakugou had come back from their turn in the closet panting, with the top two buttons of Todoroki’s shirt undone. One glare from Bakugou stopped any questioning, not noticing Todoroki’s cheshire grin.

Jirou and Momo had returned with twin grins of satisfaction, and Jirou spent the rest of the game perched on Momo’s lap. Iida was grateful for Mineta’s absence.

A few turns after that, Iida was feeling pretty lucky. He had yet to go in the closet with anyone, and he had had several good conversations with his peers while they waited. Of course, in that moment, he felt a hush around him, and he turned to see the open bottle pointing directly at him. Kaminari, who was across the circle from him, let out a little squeak when Iida’s eyes met his own.

Iida sighed as he got up, stretching his joints, stiff from so long without use. Kaminari stood without a sound, but it seemed too loud in the hush of the room. He followed Iida out of the room and down the hall, up to the door they had been using all night. Iida pulled it open with another sigh, gesturing for Kaminari to enter before he closed it behind them.

“We don’t have to do anything you’re uncomfortable with Kaminari-kun,” he said with a grimace-like smile. This was far too awkward for his taste. “We can just talk.”

“R-right. Of course. Talk.”




“So,” Iida started, fumbling for something to say, trying to ignore how close Kaminari was to him thanks to the size of the closet. If he was being honest, he had always been sort of interested in Kaminari, but that wasn’t the right time to bring it up. “How was your week?”

“It was good. What about you?”





“Fuck it,” Kaminari whispered, and then Iida felt something on his lips. It took him a few seconds to realize that something was Kaminari’s lips. Kaminari kissed him. Kaminari was kissing him in that moment. It was almost embarrassing how long it took him to process that and respond in turn, but Kaminari didn’t really seem to mind.

Iida didn’t have much experience with kissing, but it seemed Kaminari didn’t either, so he didn’t feel so bad. The kiss itself was nice, despite the clumsiness. Kaminari’s lips were soft and a little wet, and they were warm against Iida’s own. He jumped when he felt a tongue dabbing at the crease in his lips, and opened his mouth unconsciously in a gasp. Kaminari took advantage of the opportunity. Having a tongue in your mouth was certainly strange, but Iida found himself enjoying it. Enjoying it immensely in fact. Kaminari moaned when Iida hesitantly brought his own tongue up to meet his.

Iida noticed it was getting a little hard to breath after a while, and pulled back with a sigh, forehead resting against Kaminari’s. He opened his eyes; blue met gold, and Kaminari’s lips twisted into a wide smile.

“Been do that...for a long time now,” he panted out between shaky breaths.

“Oh,” Iida answered eloquently, and Kaminari laughed.

“Yeah oh.” The air tickled with electricity as he laughed, and Iida felt his face get even warmer. He was saved anymore embarrassment by Sero’s voice outside the door.

“Hey guys, I’m not gonna come in there cause I’m sick of seeing people all kissy, but time’s up okay?”

Kaminari chuckled against his lips, placing one last kiss there and grabbing Iida’s hand smoothly, before opening the door with a cheeky smile in place.

“No worries Sero, we’re presentable.”

Sero eyed him warily, then turned his gaze on Iida. “Uh-huh. Whatever you say dude.”

Kaminari squeezed his hand, a gesture Sero definitely didn’t miss, and led the way back out to the others. Iida couldn’t really comprehend what had just happened to him, but he was pretty sure it was amazing. And in that moment, there was nothing he appreciated more than the move from home to Yuuei, except maybe Mina, for suggesting the game in the first place.