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Breaking Down Walls

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Moving day. The day Bea and Allie have been waiting for is finally here. The redhead wakes up first, smiling as she feels Allie's body moulded into her side, as always. She spends a few minutes just watching the blonde, watching her chest rise and fall in a calming pattern, her nose scrunching up every now and then before it relaxes. It's the little things that Bea finds so endearing, so loveable about the 25 year old. The older woman still has to pinch herself when she thinks about her new life, how she came from being a beaten up housewife to a confident equal in her relationship. She has no idea what she done to deserve this life, but she's grateful, and would go through everything again if Allie is the outcome. After a few minutes of running her fingers through her golden strands, the younger woman stirs before squeezing the redhead closer to her; if that is even possible. Bea smirks as she digs her nails in a little firmer; earning a moan from Allie that sends a pull in her lower stomach.

"Don't stop" the blonde croaks out, the sleepiness still evident in her voice. Another turn on for Bea.

"I'm gunna have to in a bit, we gotta get moving… Literally" Bea informs her, giggling when Allie frowns and pouts her plump lips.

"You're more comfy"

"I might be but this is something we've been waiting to happen for months remember?" The redhead hints but her girlfriend isn't having it. Instead she rolls on top of Bea, their bodies pressed together with their noses touching.

"One more romp before we leave?" She insinuates. The older woman happily obliges, leaning up slightly to capture Allie's lips in a heated embrace. Before anything else can progress, Debbie knocks on the door, her voice following a few seconds later.

"Are you naked?" She calls out her usual question before entering when she gets an answer. She runs in and launches herself across the two women; unaware of their previous position and what it would have lead to if she hadn't of intruded.

"Christ Debbie I think all those pizzas have caught up with ya" Allie jokes, earning a slap on the thigh and the dirtiest look the brunette could produce.

"Why are you in bed? It's moving day!" The teenager moves herself in between her parents, a mega watt smile plastered on her face.

"I was getting there, but madam here won't budge" Bea argues, nudging Allie over Debbie's slim body.

"Come on guys we know what I'm like in the mornings"

"Grumpy" the redhead comments.

"Blunt" Debbie adds.

"Yeah alright you don't need to elaborate" Allie rolls her eyes and the mother-daughter duo start laughing.

"Go wake up Franky it's moving day for her too" the blonde suggests and grins with achievement when the brunette gets up and runs into Franky's room.

"Oi fuck off ya little rat" the couple hear Franky call out, sending them into fits of laughter before the blonde rolls on top of her girlfriend.

"Right, before we were so rudely interrupted" she moans before lowering her face and resuming their connection.

"We have to get ready" Bea mumbles against her lips, trembling when she feels Allie's hand wander down her body.

"We'll make it quick then" she answers quickly, not letting the older woman go anywhere.

"You're my weakness you know that?" The redhead moans out, trying to keep her breathing under control.

"I'm well aware, and I absolutely love it" Allie smirks as her lips follow the trail her hand just made, giving Bea the quickest, most intense high she's ever had...


"Well… This is it blondie" Franky comments as her and Allie turn around at the end of the walkway to look at their first home.

"You make it sound like we're never gunna see each other again, you're coming over for the housewarming party next weekend dickhead" the blonde laughs and elbows the brunette in her side, knocking her slightly off balance.

"There's me getting all sentimental and you ruin it. Bitch"

"It is sad though, but we don't need it anymore. It's a safe haven, and I'm sure there are two girls who need this house to start their lives over. Right we better get going, we will see you next week" the blonde pulls her best friend in for a hug, squeezing her tighter when she feels the emotion rush through her.

"Love you blondie"

"Love you too Franky" she replies before pulling away, laughing when she sees the tears roll down the green eyed woman's face.

"Enough of this shit. See ya red" Franky calls over to Bea, pulling her in for a quick hug.

"Thankyou for everything" Bea whispers in her ear.

"Thanks for making her happy" she whispers back before pulling Debbie into a hug and climbing into her car. She took most of her stuff over during the week, only leaving the essentials left to take which easily fit into her car. Allie walks over to Bea, who is standing by her car swinging the keys around her finger.

"Right you driving this and follow me on the bike?" She suggests and Allie nods before grabbing the keys.

"Alright, don't know how I'm gunna concentrate having you in leathers in front of me but ok" she laughs before planting a quick kiss on her lips and getting into the car with Debbie.

"Goodbye house" the young brunette says sadly as she waves out the window.

"A lot of memories in that house" the blonde responds as she too looks back at the house one last time.

"I'm glad you have someone like Kaz, who helped you get back on your feet"

"Me too kiddo, she's the mum I should have had. Although she wasn't pulling me up from the floor and kissing my scraped knees because I'd tripped over my own feet" Allie jokes, but a pang of regret and sadness spreads through her body.

"You did what you had to do, no one is judging you for that" Debbie comforts her, reaching over and squeezing her left hand on the gear stick.

"I know, just sucks sometimes" she squeezes Debbie's hand back before shaking it off to change gears.

"This is next on my agenda. Learning to drive" Debbie changes the conversation to a much lighter topic.

"Yeah your mums gunna help you with that"

"You are my mum" the brunette smirks and Allie rolls her eyes.

"Don't get sarcastic missy" she turns her eyes back to the road, biting her lip at the sight of Bea in front of her.

"Oh goodness, don't drool please I would like to get home dry"

"Sorry… Knew this wouldn't be a good idea"

"In all seriousness though, I love the way you look at mum. Not right now, because I know what look that is and I do not want to know what picture you've got in your head-"

"No you don't" Allie interrupts and giggles when Debbie pretends to heave.

"But you look at her like she's the only person in the world. Everyone deserves to have someone look at them like that" Debbie continues, and the blonde's heart grows a size bigger.

"I've said it many times but you and your mum mean the world to me. Your mum deserves the world, and for some reason she picked me to love. I'll never understand that, but I'll be forever grateful" Allie confesses and glances over to see the young teenager grin.

"Right enough of this, let's get the jams on" she grabs the aux cable and plays hers and Allie's favourite band.

They arrive at the house shortly after, Bea moving all the bedroom boxes upstairs, Allie taking the kitchen boxes and Debbie opting for the livingroom and bathroom boxes. Decorators had been in earlier in the week, painting any necessary walls and placing a feature wall in Debbie's room; the brunette picking out a dark brown wallpaper with cream lilies on to go along the wall she plans the place her bed against. The house itself is fairly modern, so only minor decorating changes had to be made fortunately. Allie and Debbie make a start in the kitchen, placing all the utensils and other objects into draws and cupboards when Bea gets a call. She returns ten minutes later and she's furious.

"So everything will be delivered at one this afternoon apart from the beds… The one thing we kinda need" she explains as she runs her fingers roughly through her matted red locks.

"Did they say why?"

"Problem with the order. Bullshit, luckily the manager has given us the delivery charge for nothing after I gave him an earful. Absolutely fuming" the redhead groans in frustration, but settles down quickly when Allie wraps her arms around her waist.

"Don't worry about it babe, we can have a sleepover downstairs. The sofa will be here right?"

"As far as I know, I'll believe it when I see it in the livingroom"

"Well when it does get here, we can grab our duvets and sleep down here. Order takeaway, movie night. Sounds a dream" the blonde paints the picture and a smile grows on Bea's face. Allie always seems to make any bad situation better.

"You know what? That sounds pretty perfect" she turns around in the blonde's arms and gives her a tender kiss.

"Erm hello? Slaving away on my own here" Debbie pulls them out of their embrace and waves a frying pan in the air to get their attention.

"Oh sorry princess, you breaking a sweat?" Allie bites back playfully.

"Yeah I am, and I wanna get my room sorted so the faster we get the communal rooms done the quicker I can get to that" she complains, much to the amusement of the couple standing on the other side of the island.

"Tell you what, you finish that box and then you can go upstairs. You've about two hours before the furniture gets here and there's a little surprise up there" she hints and she's never seen Debbie unpack a box so quick. Within ten minutes the girl had finished the kitchen stuff and dismantled the cardboard box. She runs upstairs and squeals when she sees two dark brown wooden shelves fitted one on top of the other against her cream wall with a nail hammered in just below for the cork board Debbie had packed.

"Cheers mum" she shouts down the stairs before she opens all the boxes, starting with her clothes. As she hangs them up she's suddenly overwhelmed by how much the blonde had actually bought her along the way. The odd top and a pair of shoes Allie had thought Debbie would like. Nothing like her dad. Her dad would rip her for having too many clothes and saying that she doesn't need a pair of shoes for every outfit. Although Allie is a girl so it does help that she understands fashion, it's still a nice gesture of the woman to think of Debbie whenever she went shopping. Once all her clothes are hung up she hangs her cork board up under the shelf; pinning up all the photos she had printed off. Most of them are from her party, but some of them are of her and her mum when she was a little girl. She giggles when she comes across the photo of her mum and her three-year-old self in a ladybug raincoat and green frog wellingtons. There had been a treacherous downpour that day, and Bea and Liz had taken her to the park so she could jump in all the puddles. Her mum was soaked, and it's that moment Debbie realises just how much her mum has done for her. From the little things like sitting in the rain to protecting her against the monster in their house, her mum is her rock through and through. She then moves on to the upper shelf, placing framed photos of herself and Mia and her with Bea and Allie along with treasured ornaments she's collected over the years . The bottom shelf is for her books, organising them in alphabetical order and completely taking up the entire shelf. She steps back and admires her handy work just as she hears a knock on the door. She checks her watch and realises it's exactly the time her mum had said the furniture will be here.

"I'm too good" she compliments herself before running down the stairs and helping her mum and Allie in any way she can.


"I don't get it" Allie moans for the third time in twenty minutes as she holds up two pieces of wood from the flat pack bedside table she's making. She looks over and frowns when she sees Bea place the round glass on top of one of their bedside tables, smiling with accomplishment.

"Alright smart arse you can make this one too" she shoves all the pieces over to the redhead, who just laughs before beginning the second bedside table.

"You can make the office desk then" she winks before shoving the box towards the blonde. She looks over at Debbie who has her tongue sticking out as she screws two pieces of wood together, holding the little draw she has successfully put together.

"You two are so annoyingly talented for your own good" she grumbles while opening the box and getting the instructions out.

Bea and Debbie end up helping Allie with one item while they had managed to make four between them. Luckily both rooms had walk-in wardrobes, so it was only their bedside tables and the office desk to make for the time being. They had ordered a bookshelf from another store for the livingroom, so that wasn't due for another week, and of course they have the beds to assemble.

"Bloody hell its eight oclock" the blonde looks at the time and as if on cue her stomach rumbles.

"Fancy going to grab some Chinese instead of pizza?" Bea suggests as she stands up from the floor.

"Can't we just call them?" Allie argues.

"I thought we could have a little ride on the bike" the redhead suggests and laughs when Allie shoots up and runs into their room to grab her leathers. They quickly get changed before leaving Debbie to set up the DVD player and the livingroom floor ready for their movie night. Bea climbs on and hands Allie her helmet, watching in awe as the blonde puts it on and climbs on behind her; smirking when she feels the younger woman move closer into her back.

"Let's go hot stuff" Allie says into the little microphone in the helmet, grinning with delight when she hears Bea's musical laugh fill her ears.


The trio finish their meal and are deciding on a movie when Debbie suddenly disappears, returning a minute later with a wrapped present.

"Ok so I got this ages ago, and I thought this would be the perfect time to give it to you. Happy new home mummas" she grins as she hands the package over, Bea taking it with a smile.

"You didn't have to get anything for us Debs"

"It's nothing, just thought it would look nice in the livingroom" she explains as Bea rips the paper off, revealing a medium sized canvas. She turns it over and gasps when she sees a photo from Debbie's photo shoot taken so long ago on the beach. Only Bea and Allie hadn't seen this photo, and neither were aware it even existed. Debbie had managed to capture the perfect moment Bea and Allie shared together; their foreheads resting against each other with Bea's eyes closed and a soft smile on her face. The blonde is looking slightly down at her with a teeth baring grin to match, the sunset shining through the middle and the orange hues making the perfect background.

"Debbie, this is gorgeous" Allie praises as she takes in the picture before her.

"I'm pretty proud of it myself to be honest" she agrees smugly, but her heart is warm as she watches their reactions. She leans over and falls in the middle of the couple, pulling them both into an embrace.

"I love you both" she admits.

"We love you too sweetie" Allie kisses her head.

"To the moon and back" Bea concludes as she pulls away and goes into one of the remaining boxes, pulling out a nail and a hammer.

"Where shall we put it?"

"Next to the TV above the fireplace? And then maybe we can get another one of all three of us to mirror it on the other side" Debbie suggests, Allie raising an eyebrow.

"You've thought about this already haven't you?"

"You got me" the teenager holds her hands up in surrender and laughs along with Allie before watching her mum hang up the picture. She steps back next to her girlfriend and wraps her arm around her waist.

"Perfect. I'm just gunna get a drink" Debbie walks off into the kitchen, leaving her mum and Allie alone.

"God how did I get so lucky?" Bea wonders out loud.

"Think that should be me saying that" Allie argues as she turns the redhead to face her, resting their foreheads together just like the picture.

"You are the most perfect woman I have ever come across, thankyou for trusting me, for bringing Debbie into my life, for loving me in a way I only thought existed in movies. You're one in a million Bea Smith" she whispers so sweetly the tears flow freely from Bea's eyes.

"It came easy. You're so loveable, caring, trustworthy… Now it's my turn to thank you. Thankyou for being so patient, gentle and compassionate. You bring the light into every room you walk in to and you brought the light into my life when you walked into that too. Debbie has always craved another parental figure, someone else to have faith in her and to push her to go after what she wants. I'm so glad she's found that in you. You're my one and only Allie Novak, and I'll love you forever" the tears could be forming a pool around the duo for all they know, but they didn't care.

"Till death do us part?" Allie hints. They've spoken about marriage before, and over time it hasn't been as daunting to Bea has it had been the first time. But they're both content where they are now. But who knows, maybe this time next year…

"Maybe… If you behave" the redhead teases and resonates in the blonde's laughter. They pull away as they hear Debbie's footsteps along the hallway, the brunette appearing a few seconds later with a glass of water.

"So… Mamma Mia?" She suggests and for once Bea swallows her objections.

"Why not, I'm in the mood for a sing-a-long" she agrees as the trio settle down on their reclining chairs; Debbie taking the armchair and Bea and Allie taking the two ends of the sofa; lying across it so their legs run against each other as they top and tail.

"This is so comfortable, who picked these? Oh right, me" Debbie answers her own question as she pulls the lever to release the recliner; leaning back so she's practically lying down.

"Yeah I'll give it to ya kiddo, you picked good" Allie replies as she chucks a cookie over, the brunette catching it and taking a bite.

"Hey be careful I don't want these ruined on our first night" Bea complains only to get her leg hit by Allie's foot.

"Quit moaning and watch your favourite movie" the blonde jokes and the redhead groans as Allie and Debbie start singing the first song in the film. She soon smiles despite their off key attempt, finally content with where her life has taken her. All the beatings, the bruises and the hospital trips will still be in her mind; but these moments with both girls, her intimate moments with Allie and her moments with Debbie will forever be at the front of her mind, where she will cherish them forever. She then thinks of the new friends she has made; loud and loving Boomer who will do anything for her family, sweet and caring Bridget who puts everyone first and of course Franky, who has been a thorn in her side but the most resilient and positive woman amidst all the shit Bea has loaded onto her.

She looks over at Debbie; her courageous and intelligent little girl who has grown up to be a beautiful soul inside and out. She's got two more years of high school before she moves on to university, and Bea knows her daughter will become such a successful woman who will hopefully find someone and create a family with the one she loves.

Then there's Allie. She doesn't even know where to begin with the young blonde who has ripped every single steel wall down and uncovered the true Bea. Every day she falls in love with her blue eyes, her pearly white smile and her sassy yet sensitive personality. There will never be a day where she won't think of Allie, whether she's with her or not. The blonde consumes her mind daily, and that doesn't scare Bea one bit like it used to. Allie is her life, she owns her mind, body and soul; something Bea never thought was real. She sighs a happy sigh as she makes herself more comfortable and enjoys the first of many nights in her new home with her new family. Her new life. Her perfect life.