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In the Beginning...

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27 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.
-- Genesis 1:27


In the beginning, God created heaven and earth.

And every single other thing that ever has existed or ever will exist. Okay, maybe the "will exist" wasn't done then, but He knew that they would exist and put that plan into order. I can understand that, accept that.

To an extent.

It's widely accepted that God is all knowing and all seeing. If God really did know all things before there were all things -- before there was Time -- what does that say about me and my story? It wasn't -- isn't -- what people think, what they've been led to believe.

God created man, yes. This is indisputable, according to the story of Genesis, I would think. God created man out of clay mud. God then created woman out of clay mud. Both in His image. This also is essentially indisputable. Adam came first. But Eve didn't come second. No, she came third. Despite everything you've ever been told, Eve was not the first woman created. I was. Me. Lilith.

Created equal, in the eyes of God, to Adam.

Take a moment and really think about that.

Created equal to Adam in the eyes of God.

If God created me with the intention of being equal to Adam, why was I then pushed toward subservience to Adam? I understand the animals being subservient to Adam and, by extension, to me. We eat them, use their hides for clothing. But I am every bit as important as Adam in the grand scheme of things. I should not have to bow my head to him, allow him to control me.

And God took his side, forced me out of the paradise He'd created for us to live in. And then He put Adam to sleep and created Eve out of Adam's rib. She had no issues being submissive to Adam. I think that whole "made of his rib" thing had something to do with it.

But I wasn't created that way, so I wasn't wired that way. And that bothered God and, especially, Adam. So I was unceremoniously removed from Paradise. No, really. After refusing Adam for the millionth time, I stalked off to sleep.

And woke up in a completely different place.

It took me years, decades to find my way back to Paradise, or Eden as they called it after I was replaced. You wouldn't think that it took that long, would you? Back then, days didn't mean exactly what they mean now. You don't really think that God did all of His creating in seven days of exactly twenty-four hours, do you? Nobody's that good.

So as I wandered through the desert, trying to find my way home, I met and learned from many strange and interesting creatures. Oh yes, there were more intelligent beings on Earth besides Adam, Eve, and myself. I just didn't know about Eve yet. But that Samael taught me many, many wonderful and interesting things. So did Lucifer, for that matter.

But those are stories for another time.

My name is Lilith, and this is my story…

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