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Mile a Minute

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I stared at Loki in utter internal shock.  Were it not for years of steeled emotions and expressions while on public display at home, my surprise and horror would’ve given me away.  The entire Great Hall disappeared except for his smug smile and all I could hear was my blood pumping in my ears.  Everything felt too heavy; my earrings, gown, even my undergarments.  I couldn’t move, the air itself too thick to inhale even though my chest threatening to burst.

Despite his dreadful lack of emotional intelligence, his smile softened a fraction, as if to reassure me.  I took in a gulp of air, the pounding in my head lessening just slightly.  He leaned forward and whispered into my ear, “Smile, darling.  If they believe you’re anything other than my adoring fiancé, you’ll suffer the consequences.  Do you understand?”

Again, I lost the ability to breathe.  A jerk of my head was all I could manage.  Maybe his expression was meant to calm me, but it didn’t work.  I pasted the falsest smile I could compose on my face.

“Good girl.”  He pressed his lips chastely against mine.  It may have been the first time he’d kissed me without biting me.

I was accustomed to bothersome behavior.  I’m the eldest of five siblings and when we were young, we fought like cats.  However, Loki took bothersome behavior to an entirely different level.  This wasn’t hair pulling and tattling with the threat of extra cotillion study after the evening meal.  This was spending the rest of my life married to a mad King who possessed such a need to control that he wouldn’t even allow me to leave his rooms unescorted, if he let me leave them at all. 

Slowly I’ve accepted that I’m not going home.  I’m not happy with the prospect of staying in Asgard, but if what this war needs to come to an end is a martyr to placate the King of Asgard, why not let it be me?  I’m strong and adaptable.  More or less.  Norns knew I was still screwed in so many ways: the manner in which he treated me, regarded me, his lack of respect.  The knack he had for overpowering me in both strength and spirit, when my spirit was my greatest asset.  My vivacity made me strong and independent and mentally capable of withstanding my current situation.  But marriage?  Spending the rest of my life tethered to him?  I wasn’t sure even I had the stamina for that.

I hissed when Loki took my arm, wrenching it away from him and all but collapsing into the chair behind me.  With a warning glare, he took his seat.  The excited table, unfazed by or purely ignorant to our silent exchange, buzzed with congratulations and engagement questions, but I could only her the racket of voices, not the words they spoke.

After several hefty swigs of wine, my head started to clear.  I gradually slipped back into the role of charming princess and after consuming a moderate amount of alcohol, I grew more sociable.  However, sociable or not, my body continued to subtly tremor with anger and adrenaline throughout the entire meal, and near the end my speech grew clipped and bordered on sarcastic.  Loki noticed my hostility.

“I think it’s time you retire for the evening, don’t you, Princess?  You must be absolutely exhausted, darling.”  His tone leaked condescension, but he spoke so softly that no one else heard him.  Loki rested his hand on my knee beneath the tablecloth and gave my thigh an uncomfortable squeeze.  Another question-that-wasn’t-a-question.

“I do feel quite peaked.”  No I didn’t.  I was still trembling in rage.  I was so charged with anger I could’ve run for miles without stopping.  But I knew a dismissal when I heard one.  “Goodnight, your Majesty.”

“Kiss my cheek,” he purred against my ear as I made to stand.

I fought the urge to grimace and mostly succeeded.  Leaning over, I gave him the kiss he wanted.

“Good girl.  There’s small fleet of guards waiting to escort you back to my rooms.  You won’t evade them, so don’t try.  I expect you to be in your… natural state of dress when I return tonight.”

Naked.  He wanted me naked.  I knew donning clothes for a few hours tonight was too good to be a permanent affair.

“As you wish," slipped from my lips in a nasty tone and he roughly grabbed my arm.

“What was that?”

Having realized what tumbled out of my mouth, my stomach rolled.  The pleasant burning in my belly had released my wicked tongue.  My fists clenched at my sides.

“Yes, Sire,” I growled, my cheeks flushing despite that no one else could hear us.

“Good girl.  Now, off with you.”


Loki returned to his chambers an hour later.  He found me naked, as requested, in front of the fire with a stack of books I insisted on stealing on the way back to his rooms.  Technically, the guards stole them for me because I wasn’t allowed in the library, but regardless, they were mine and I wasn’t giving them back until I’d read them all.

He stalked into his rooms, casually removing bits of armor as he rested his hip against a table bearing a basket of fruit.

“Well, you’re at least partially adept at following directions.  I have to admit, I’m disappointed that you back peddled tonight, little one.”

“Considering your communication skills, or lack thereof, I’d say you’ve back peddled too.”  The beginnings of a smile tugged at the corner of his mouth, which only served to infuriate me further.  “That’s how you propose to someone?  You can barely tolerate me, everything I do warrants a punishment in your mind.”

He barked a laugh outright, clasping his hands together with mirth.

“Oh, I like what wine does to you.  Is this the mouth you’ve been trying to subdue since your arrival?

My lips scrunched together.  Just because my temper had made itself known didn’t mean I had to provide him with more evidence.  A smile curled across his lips and he strode towards me, prompting me to take two steps back.  He sneered.

“Running from me already?  We haven’t even started, pet.”

I didn’t say anything, just forced down a swallow that was harder than it should’ve been and stared at him.  Unsurprisingly, he advanced until my rear bumped against his bed.

“Considering the circumstances, you did well at first, my dear.  But then, near the end of dinner…,” he sighed and stroked his finger over the bone of my clavicle and I locked my muscles to keep from shivering.  Between his icy fingers, proximity and intense stare, I felt my face and chest flushing.  “You were so saucy.  Which I do appreciate, to an extent—I like your fight, but it will not do, unfortunately.”


“Yes, darling, unfortunately.  At this time, I need a docile little wife at my side, a submissive mouse that does as I say.  I still have much work to do with the Nine Realms before I’m satisfied with my kingdom.”  Loki traced his finger along my neck, stopping over my speeding pulse.  When he felt the excited flutter beneath him, he smirked.

Really, I was putting forth all efforts to keep my temper.  I really was.  But he wanted me to be a mouse?  After stealing me?  I was a full-fledged person, not some hunk of earth he could mold.

“I’ve exhausted myself over the past two weeks trying to be what you wanted.  Pick someone else.”  I elbowed him in the chest when I crossed my arms.  He didn’t flinch, but I felt better. 

A thought stuck me suddenly, a memory I had from before he invaded Vanaheim.

“Wait, weren’t you engaged to that princess from Alfheim?” 

He shrugged a shoulder and examined his nails, picking at a bit of dirt beneath one.  Loki glanced up at me, his eyes calculating as he bent his head again, positioning his face next to mine.  His lips brushed against my ear and this time, I couldn’t hold back a tremor.  “Engagements fall through.  What matters now that you’re mine in yet another exquisite way.”

My jaw bobbed, I had a million retorts but couldn’t seem to find my voice.  The King nuzzled his nose against my jawbone, placing kisses as he went.

“I don’t have to like you to want you, Brynja.”

I grunted when he turned me abruptly, trapping my wrists in front of me as he pinned me against the bed with his body.  After what seemed like eons of trying to submit to him over the past few weeks, of trying to obey his rules and please him like a good little captive, the handle I had on my temper loosened.  Sputtering, I writhed, blushing even deeper when I felt my movements grind his erection against my rear.  He hissed in my ear, waving his hand over my wrists and the click of metal sounded as he conjured a set of cuffs.

My effort already had me panting, but I completely lost the ability to breathe when my vision blackened and I felt pressure around my eyes.  Keeping me in place with his hips, I could feel him fasten the blindfold behind my head.  To my mortification, I let out a whimper.  As fierce as I liked to think I was, the dark scared me.  It was silly and childish, I know, but my fear was real and the heat of our banter immediately dissipated, leaving me blaringly vulnerable.

“No, please!”  I despised the tremor in my own voice.

Loki’s stance behind me changed.  It took a moment for him to act, but he put his hands on either of my shoulders and moved so that his entire body curved against the back of mine.  He rubbed up and down my bare arms, and as he murmured to me, I will admit that I relaxed.

“Quiet, darling.  This is just for a while.  You’re not alone.”

Loki ran his hand along the expanse of my back, pressing my torso into the mattress.  I released a soft whine, but nodded my head as I lay the side of my face against the bed.  His fingers combed through my hair as he whispered.

“Shhh, little Brynja.  You are going to be just fine.  In the end, you always like our lessons.”

I had nothing nice to say, mostly because I was too afraid he’d leave me, not to mention he was right, so I kept my mouth shut.  Loki stroked my rear once more and I heard him rustling around behind me.  For a moment, the room did go silent aside from my heavy breathing.  The silk cloth around my eyes was too dense for me to see through and a small panic shot through me at being bound and left alone.  Just as I was on the verge of hyperventilating, his bare feet sounded against the stone floor and upon hearing his return, my anxiety lessened.  That is, until he snapped what felt and sounded like two metal cuffs around my ankles. 

I grunted and tried to jerk away from him, my chained hands grasping at the crisp sheets as I searched for leverage.  The slap he issued echoed in the chambers before I felt the sting on my ass.  He kept his hand on my rump, stroking the red mark he’d left on my cheek.

“Enough, Brynja.  You’re going to have a hard-enough time taking your punishment tonight.  Don’t make it worse.”

When I tried to squirm away from him I stumbled and almost fell on my face.  There was something between my spread ankles that kept them locked in place—I couldn’t even close my thighs.

“What the Hel did you do to me?”

He resumed his place molded against my back and tucked his chin over my shoulder so his mouth was next to my ear.

“It’s a spreader bar.  It will keep you nice and open for me.”

That implied he’d be doing something to me that warranted me wanting to close my legs, but there wasn’t much I could do about it.  He pulled away and again, I heard him moving around behind me, which was both reassuring because I knew I wasn’t alone, and unsettling because it was Loki and he was unpredictable.  Something rattled against the table as if he’d picked it up.

The first blow made me jerk as what felt like leather collided with my skin, causing me to cry out as a burning sensation spread over my back.  I tried to move again, but without Loki holding me in place from behind, I tumbled to the ground.  I heard him sigh and place whatever was in his hands on the floor and shortly after he scooped me up and bent me over the bed again.  The soft clatter of him picking up his instrument made me stiffen as I braced myself for another strike. 

I yelped softly after the second impact as he dragged something that felt like large tassels over my back, letting them cascade one by one off my low shoulder so that they brushed against the side of my breast. As he continued, Loki allowed me a minute to breathe after the first few, the rough sound echoing off the walls of his rooms as I tried to calm myself.  I knew I was being punished.  That much was clear.  But what was he doing to me?  Whipping me?  That sounded extreme, even for him. 

Loki paused for a moment, exhaling in what sounded like content.  Panting, I stilled as I heard the shift of fabric from his clothes and braced myself for another lash.  Gradually, he started up again, this time raining blows repeatedly over my back. 

I was thoroughly perplexed.  The pain—the part that terrified me the most—was… different than I thought it would be.  It burned, and each time the leather collided with my skin it hurt, but Loki surprised me with how gentle he was being.  He let the tips caress my flesh using only the power of gravity to create the strike, not winding up and whacking it against my back.  There was a small slapping noise upon impact, then he’d drag them over my back.  It was still wildly effective, my back was stinging in pain, he just did it with more tenderness than I thought possible.

Gradually, his switches grew faster, more forceful.  After ten strikes at the new pace, everything was on fire.  The impact of the material on my flesh summoned additional blood to the surface without breaking the skin, making everything infinitely more sensitive.  He continued swinging his tool against me and despite my distress, I eventually stopped flinching each time it struck me as he slipped into a calm rhythm.  The predictability of it had an obscure soothing effect on me.  Or at least I thought it did.  That made no sense to my rational brain—that something violent was causing my blood pressure to lower—but I couldn’t deny that my initial terror was gone.

After a few minutes, he paused and I could hear his labored breathing behind me.  Heat invaded my backside as he pressed his hips against my rear and ran his hands over my back once more.  His touches were purposeful, like he was looking for especially swollen area. 

As I tried to ignore the erection he was rubbing against my rear, it occurred to me that he was hurting me for his own sexual pleasure.  He was using my body to arouse himself.  He was sick.  I don’t know why, because it shouldn’t have, but the thought lit a fire between my legs.  I hated it.  It was dirty and wrong and awful because I knew better than that.  Men and women are equals, men don’t possess some inherent sexual dominance over women.  That was an archaic way of life and most realms had adapted a more modern view on the subject, certainly Vanaheim and Asgard had.

Perhaps worse than the ingrained misogyny was the part that I wasn’t even here of my own accord.  I was bound and blindfolded, a captive in every sense of the word, forced to take up residence in his personal chambers.  That alone should’ve horrified me, and it did.  Sometimes.  But I couldn’t help the way I felt in that moment.  The sensations of his hands roaming my over-sensitive skin were sending me into a dream-like state.  A wave of bliss blanketed me while I lay there on his bed, my back red and hot from the lashes.  He hummed behind me, dragging his hand over my hip to my rear.

“You aren’t crying, little princess.  Do I need to be harder on your body?  Or do you simply enjoy that I’m treating you like nothing more than disobedient whore?”

I jolted when he spoke, having completely forgotten that he had draped himself over me.  Finding my voice took longer than it should have, my tone gravelly when I finally spoke.

“I-I, I don’t—,” I stammered.  Truly I wasn’t sure what I was trying to say.  Several bitter remarks floated around in the back of my head, but I couldn’t quite access them.  My brain was too foggy.  Confused and frustrated, I growled and tried to buck him off my back.  The sensation of his clothed chest against my bright red skin was almost unbearable.  It felt good.  I wanted him to rub against me like an animal.  Where did that come from?  This was the man that threatened to beat me harder because I wasn’t crying for him.

My attempts at speech grew desperate as I felt his fingers trail down my hip and over the curve of my ass.  He pulled away and I almost whimpered at the lack of contact as his chest rose off my red back.  When his hands brushed against my inner thighs, I stiffened.  Things immediately became clearer; my thoughts came faster and lucidly as his hands grazed my thighs.

“Stop,” I croaked, my voice hoarse from not using it.

When he ignored me, I thrashed, and he issued another swat to my bottom.

“Be still.  This little cunt is mine to inspect.  Tell me you understand.”

“Yes, Sire,” I whispered.  For the first time that night, I was glad I was blindfolded.  It’s not like he would’ve been able to see my eyes anyway, but the thought of making eye contact while he felt what I was certain was the very wet situation between my legs would’ve been mortifying.

Upon probing me, it was his turn to freeze.  He pushed his fingertips inside me, as if not truly trusting the flood of moisture pooled at my entrance.  I was so swollen, when his fingers caressed my inner walls to investigate further, I moaned as they rubbed against me.  Simultaneously my back arched as he hissed and gave several pumps of his fingers.  The noise they created upon entering my pussy made me want to disappear.  It sounded so lewd.

Loki stayed silent behind me, and as my hips rolled forward against his hand, a groan sounded from the back of my throat.  The heat between my legs was nearly intolerable, and the awful man behind me only made it worse as he established a steady thrusting pattern.  My thoughts raced, or at least they tried to.  They got stuck in the foggy web that was my brain.  Loki seriously diminished my ability to think, and it was growing worse by the second.

“I-I—.”  Again, I really had nothing to say.  The need to object existed somewhere in the back of my mind, but it was so far away that I couldn’t even make my lips move beyond that.  I gave up on speech and allowed myself instead to purely make noise.  I let out a whimpered sigh, arching my back to open myself to him even further.  He growled in appreciation and pushed his fingers into me faster.  I was so lost in sensation that I no longer registered that crude noise of his fingers fucking my dripping pussy, all my brain could detect was the spring winding in my lower belly, demanding release.

“Norns, your cunt is divine,” he grunted behind me.  Briefly, he pulled his fingers from me.  His bare feet ghosted over the stone floor with just enough noise to determine that he was changing positions.  I cried out in dismay at our lack of contact, desperately reaching for my ability to speak when he rammed his thick digits back into my heat.  I came the second he plunged back into me and he fucked me through my orgasm as I tensed and exploded around his fingers.  A burst of liquid left my pussy and dribbled down my legs, but I was too busy reeling from my orgasm and fighting to suck air into my lungs to be bothered.  That was another aspect of sex no one had bothered to tell me about.  Yet another thing Loki gloated about teaching me; that when you orgasm, you can…  gush.  He was quite fond of the phenomenon. 

I collapsed against the mattress in a sweaty mess, still gasping for air.  Loki made a guttural noise in the back of his throat and, based on my listening skills, tore at his trousers.  He was on me in a blink, thrusting his hips wildly until he found my streaming little entrance.  We both moaned as he thrust home and I relished in the feeling of him filling me.  The slight sting upon penetration was something I’d never admit to enjoying.  It was a reminder that I was a woman and he was a man, and that he was using my body to find satisfaction. 

His hands fumbled in front of me and he uncuffed my wrists and tore at my blindfold.  My head fell back against his shoulder as he thrust violently, ramming my hips against the bed with each pump of his own.

“You’re going to be my little whore, Brynja.  So demure and poised in public as a queen, and such an indecent slut when I’m abusing you in my chambers.  And I will abuse you, darling.  This body of yours is mine, and after tonight, there’s nothing you can say or do that will convince me that you don’t love how I treat you.”

A cry spilled from my lips and I felt myself contract around him as my body threatened to fall off the edge once again.  I objected to everything he said, but I didn’t have the brainpower to say so, and the fact that I was about to climax on his thick cock was problematic as well.  He plowed into me from behind, his arms snaking around my middle and lifting my chest off the bed.  My nipples were hard and already straining when his fingers found them, I moaned as he rolled them.  He was puffing in my ear, growling obscenities and grunting and I should’ve been able to manage myself, but I was so close that I lost control.  I turned my head, whimpering as I nuzzled my nose against his and searched for his lips.  I could feel him smiling against my mouth, but I ignored him as I latched on.  His teeth pinched my lower lip and I groaned, bucking back on his cock as he held me to him.

“Come, my little whore princess,” he hissed in my ear.

I wailed against his mouth, my entire body seizing as my cunt rhythmically squeezed his cock.  I’ve never come harder.  The contractions almost hurt they gripped his cock so hard, and I knew he felt it.  He kept kissing me through my entire orgasm, nipping and sucking at my lips as I came completely apart in his arms.  All I could do was take it as he fucked me through the pulses, my mind going blissfully blank as every sense I had zeroed in on feeling what this man was doing to my body.

The aggressive clenching of my pussy spurred him on, and the slap of flesh on flesh echoed in the rooms as he sought his own completion.  My cunt was so swollen I could feel him jerk and spasm inside me as he shot hot come all over my walls.

I had no idea how much time passed as we lay there, it could’ve been a minute or fifteen.  I squirmed when I felt our spendings dribble down my leg, and I could hear him exhale with a laugh.  Without taking his hand off me, he reached behind us and grabbed a damp towel he’d set aside next to whatever that terrifying-looking implement he’d used on me was.  I sighed as he cleaned us.  All the energy I had to be furious with him was gone, and it was so difficult to remain cross with someone when they’ve just given you the most euphoric moment of your life. 

He picked me up, my still-bound legs hanging over his arm as he carried me to the side of the bed.  Gently, he set me down and unlocked the contraption around my ankles.  Without looking at me, he picked the bar and the flogger up and walked from the room.

Within seconds I was shivering.  A feeling of loneliness enveloped me unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.  My heart was devastated that he was gone, that he’d left me.  Even when he returned through the doorway with an alarmed look on his face, I couldn’t keep tears of despair from trickling down my cheeks.

“Oh, Brynja,” he murmured, striding to my side in several steps.  He gently moved me over on the bed and curled his body around me.  “You’re alright, darling girl.”

“You left me.  Why-Why the Hel am I crying?” I sobbed.  “I don’t even like you.”

He cradled me in his lap, stroking my hair and murmuring to me.

“You’re coming down off a high.  That surge of bliss you felt caused a dip in what makes you feel normal, it’ll be over soon.  Just lay here with me.”

As he rocked me, I struggled to sit up and failed.  I settled for staring up at his face, the most content I’d ever seen it.  His lids were lowered and he peered down at me, eyes searching my face.  This was a completely different man than the monster I’d experienced.  I sniffed and scrubbed at my tears

“Why are you being so nice?”

He hardened and I suddenly wished I hadn’t said anything.  The small, contented smile was gone from his mouth and the crinkles at the corners of his eyes disappeared.

“You were simply a good girl, Brynja.  Good girls get rewards.”

His cold response prompted a fresh round of tears.  I was genuinely delirious, in such a strange state that I could barely think, but I missed his smile horribly.  My body and mind were too exhausted to think beyond that. 

To his credit, though the kindness he’d shown me was long gone, Loki held me until I drifted off.  He was gone when I woke in the morning.