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Just Breathe

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Taehyung doesn't even notice Jimin is standing in the doorway of their hotel room until his song fades away and he suddenly becomes hyper-aware of someone staring at him. He catches Jimin's blurred figure in his peripheral vision and he feels his heart jump in his chest. He yanks his headphones off with one hand, puts his other to his chest and says loudly, "Oh, Jesus, Jimin, what the fuck?"

He's laughing at himself a split second later, his eyes brightening up in Jimin's direction. "You scared me," he says softly, a giggle to follow. Jimin enters the room with a barely-there smile on his face. Like he's forcing it.  He's avoiding eye contact with Taehyung and that makes Taehyung's Jimin Senses start tingling. Instantly Taehyung can tell there's something on his mind.

Jimin enters the room with a small blue bag in his hand that he's letting hit against his leg with each stride. He's dressed in all black, down to the snapback, and it's probably Taehyung's favorite style on Jimin. Especially when his hair is black, too. It just makes him look cool...and sexy. Taehyung places his phone on the nightstand, points to Jimin's bag and says, "What's that?"

Instead of answering, Jimin kisses him. It was meant to be a quick kiss, just a hello, but then Jimin's hand is curved around the back of Taehyung's head. He feels Jimin's thumb and index finger twist a few strands of hair between them gently. Taehyung breathes out through his nose, his hand reaches for Jimin's hoodie to pull him closer. Smiling against Jimin's mouth Taehyung says teasingly, "You were only gone for like two hours."

"Guess I missed you," Jimin says back, his voice lower and more scratchy than usual. He's been practicing extra lately, trying to improve his voice. As much as Taehyung admires his dedication and passion, he worries about him. The extra time with the vocal coach been taking a toll on his speaking voice and he's been sounding like he was on the verge of losing it for almost three days now. He does sound hot nonetheless. Taehyung would never deny that. 

Taking a seat next to Taehyung, Jimin pulls off his snapback and tosses it onto the perfectly made bed in front of them. Jimin doesn't think either of them have touched that bed since they've been here. There's no reason to whenever they share a room. It always results in them getting suspiciously knowing looks from their staff but it doesn't bother them. Their looks are never judgemental; and often, they look like they're fond of Taehyung and Jimin's relationship. They've never outright spoken about their relationship to the staff members, but they're sure the staff knows. It's kind of hard not to. And whenever they're ready to formally define themselves, they know there won't be any surprised faces in the room. 

"What's that?" Taehyung says again, reaches for the bag. Jimin pulls it away timidly. 

Jimin doesn't quite know how to start the conversation he needs to start in order to be able to show Taehyung what's in the bag. He stares down at the brown carpet floor trying to come up with a perfect way to segway into the fact that he spent an hour and a half at the sex shop across town trying to pick out the perfect dildo for Taehyung. That's not easy to say. And the embarrassment of it almost didn't allow Jimin to be able to walk into the store in the first place let alone buy it. 

Buying a dildo isn't the same as buying a condom, even though he and Taehyung have done away with those a while ago. And that was a big step for them. It solidified that it truly just them together. No one else. And since then they've really branched out sexually. They've tried new things-- small new things in increments-- but they haven't tried this. And maybe there's a reason for that. Jimin's beginning to psych himself out again. 


"Can I see?" Taehyung says eagerly, reaching for the bag again. And just like last time, Jimin retracts his hand and puts the bag out of Taehyung's reach. This time Taehyung pouts. Not the type of pout he does when he's sad or when he's begging. But the type of pout he does when he's confused. Jimin has every mannerism about Taehyung burned into his memory. He's the only person Jimin is able to read like an open book. It's terribly hard to hide anything from each other at this point. Which is why Jimin knows he needs to get on with this because Taehyung can tell he's holding something back. 

At this point Jimin can't tell if this feels like a bad idea because it's actually a bad idea or because he's convinced himself he's being selfish. The toy is for Taehyung, sure. And he'll get all the pleasure from that. But the satisfaction Jimin knows he's going to get by having Taehyung a moaning, whining mess right in front of him is what Jimin is truly seeking, if he's being honest with himself. But he doesn't think anyone could blame him. If he weren't so dead-set on keeping Taehyung completely to himself he'd say that everyone should get to see the pure art that is Taehyung moments before he's about to orgasm. He would say everyone should get to hear the beautiful noises he makes and get to witness him trying to catch his breath seconds after. 

But Jimin wouldn't say that. Because he's not into sharing. And even if he were he wouldn't share Taehyung. They're not ready for threesomes just yet. 

Jimin looks over and sees Taehyung looking up at him through his bangs. He's sitting cross-legged now, only in black boxer briefs and a plain white t-shirt. He plays with the hem of his shirt, the way he does when he's thinking, and Jimin can tell he's now becoming very cautious of Jimin's actions. Now he's got a worried look in his eyes and Jimin hates himself and his brain for making this probably a bigger deal than it is because now he's worried Taehyung for no good reason. Blinking slowly, trying to make sense of Jimin's behavior and the mystery bag Taehyung asks softly, "Is it something bad?"

I hope not, Jimin thinks. Then, probably not.

"I went to the store today," Jimin says painfully slow, his words spaced out in odd places like he wasn't sure if that was what he was trying to say. "And I bought something."

He looks down at the floor again. He seems shy. Taehyung can't remember the last time Jimin was ever shy around him. Encouragingly, but wearily Taehyung says, "Okay..." 

Swallowing hard, Jimin adds, "For you. I bought something for you." 

Letting out a breath, Taehyung places both his palms on the bed beside him and says again, "Okay..."

Taehyung squints his eyes a bit at Jimin, like he's trying to see past his defense bubble he's put him and right into his brain like he's usually able to. He can't figure this out, though. He can't understand what Jimin would ever buy him that he'd be afraid to show him. He's sure he'll love it; Jimin knows him well enough. And if it's something like an ugly shirt, Taehyung knows he can pretend to love it. 

Jimin's hand grabs the bag handles and he lifts it up off the bed but doesn't do anything else with it. Taehyung, tired of dragging this out, reaches across Jimin and snatches the bag out of his hand. Instantly it has Jimin trying to explain himself before he even sees what it is. He's saying, "We've been experimenting lately and I thought-- I don't know what I thought. It's hot is what I thought, but... you don't have to say you like it if you don't like it--"

Taehyung is pulling it out of the bag with the blankest expression Jimin's ever seen him have and he doesn't know how to take it. Maybe he'll laugh. Maybe he'll love it. Maybe he'll tell Jimin he's crazy and there's no way he's putting that thing anywhere near him. 


"I know what it is," Taehyung says back, holding it in his hand. He seems more curious of it than anything. Jimin doesn't think Taehyung's ever held one before. Which makes sense, because Jimin hadn't either until about an hour ago when he bought it. It's oddly flesh colored, Taehyung notices, and just about as heavy as a real dick. It's pretty big. Taehyung is positive it's no less than nine inches. He looks up at Jimin, then back down at his hand, then up at Jimin again. 

Taehyung still hasn't said anything that lets Jimin in on knowing what he's feeling as he turns it in his hand. He notices a switch at the bottom of it and presses it on. The sudden shaking in his hand catches him off guard and Taehyung instinctively drops it into the circle his bended legs have made. His eyes flick up to Jimin and he says almost blankly, "It vibrates." 

Jimin would laugh if his heart wasn't beating so hard in his chest, still anxious about what Taehyung is going to say about it. He doesn't care if Taehyung says no, he's just convinced himself that Taehyung is going to look at him differently because of this. And not in a good way. But he knows he shouldn't because he and Taehyung tell each other everything without judgement. He just isn't sure if "I wanna fuck you with a dildo because I'm almost positive I can get off to just the sound of you moaning" is in that judgement-free zone. 

Taehyung picks it up again, turns it off, and asks, "You wanna use this on me?"

Jimin does. He really, really does. Thought-about-it-for-weeks kind of does. But only if Taehyung wants it to. 

Before Jimin could answer, there's a small smile forming on Taehyung's face. He says, "That's kind of hot." 

"Yeah?" Jimin asks, raising his eyebrows a bit. He moves closer, puts his hand on Taehyung's thigh and says, "I think so too." 

The spaces between their mouths closes quicker than either of them realize and they're kissing again seconds before they're conscious of it. Muscle memory guides Taehyung's arms over Jimin's shoulders and he hooks one arm over the other comfortably. He feels Jimin's hands on his waist, his thumbs sliding against his midsection and his fingers squeezing every so often just because.

Jimin guides Taehyung onto his back; his head on the pillow, and Jimin slots himself between Taehyung's legs. All of the anxiousness and nervous anticipation Jimin had just a few minutes ago has melted away and now he feels totally back in his element. Thoughts that are a few moments away from becoming a reality swarm though his mind and he can hardly wait to get what little clothing Taehyung has on off of him so they can really get started. 

Slender fingers pull at the bottom of Jimin's hoodie, trying to pull it upward. Against his lips, Taehyung is mumbling, "Take this off, take it off." A few kisses later and Jimin is pulling back just a bit to lift his hoodie over his head and disregard it onto the floor. He's not wearing a shirt underneath and instantly feels Taehyung's fingers sliding against his stomach and then hooking under the top of his jeans, trying to undo them too. 

Before Taehyung has a chance to unbutton his jeans, Jimin's arm is sliding underneath Taehyung's lower back and lifting him up. Taehyung's legs wrap around Jimin's waist, feet crossing behind his back, and his free hand slides around Jimin's neck. He always lifts Taehyung so easily, despite the height difference. Jimin has always been stronger though and he never lets Taehyung forget it. 

Blissfully, Taehyung lets out a sound of excitement and surprise as Jimin is walking them on his knees to the center of the bed. He sets Taehyung down roughly, his head bouncing on the bed and his hair sprawling across his forehead and the comforter. Jimin's mouth, lips full and warm, is pressing sloppy, open-mouth kisses against his neck. His teeth graze Taehyung's soft skin teasingly, threatening to bite down any second, but never do. He kisses his way up to Taehyung's jawline and to his ear lobe. 

"Want you right here," Jimin breathes into Taehyung's ear. Jimin's hands roam Taehyung's sides and then settle on his hipbones. Shifting his weight, Jimin lifts Taehyung's ass off the mattress just slightly so that the back of Taehyung's thighs are resting on the top of Jimin's. He pushes hips forward, grinding down and giving them both a taste of the friction they're both desperately beginning to crave. Taehyung breathes out slowly. It transforms into a moan when he feels Jimin's hands brush over his dick as they travel upward. 

Jimin strips Taehyung of his shirt and tosses it over his shoulder. Hungrily, he looks down at Taehyung. Biting his lip a bit, his eyes flicker from Taehyung's mouth to his stomach to his shoulders to his eyes. Taehyung watches Jimin's eyes roam him, like he isn't sure where to start, then he drops his head to press a kiss to the center of Taehyung's chest. Jimin peppers kisses across his skin, tongue joining in every once in a while, never failing to make Taehyung's breath hitch. 

Scattering kisses and licks down Taehyung's midsection Jimin goes only as low as where Taehyung's boxer briefs begin before he kisses upward again. Such a tease. It has Taehyung sighing as his hands slide into Jimin's hair in attempt to guide him downward again. Jimin grips Taehyung's wrist and pushes his hand away. He tells him, eyes still closed and lips still to his stomach, "Hands by your head." 

Obediently, Taehyung rests his hands by his head. He fluffs up his hair for a moment and then realizes the action is useless because he's most likely going to be nothing short of a complete mess in no time. Setting his hands a few inches from his ears, Taehyung closes his eyes and lets himself just feel. He feels Jimin kissing over his left hip bone, pushing his boxers down just a smidge to lick over the curve of it. And he feels each time Jimin breathes out, heavily through his nose, and every so often it turns into a noise of pure lust. 

Jimin's tongue is only inches from Taehyung's dick, his fingers tugging down his boxers slowly, and Taehyung is hard already. Just the thought of Jimin's mouth anywhere near his dick is usually enough. Jimin's knuckles press down Taehyung's thighs as he pulls the material down his legs. Taehyung doesn't feel the relief he was expecting by his boxers being taken off and he's craving the warmth of Jimin's mouth around his dick and his hands on his inner thighs and the little sounds Jimin usually makes when sucking him off. But then Jimin is gone. 

Taehyung's eyes snap open and sees Jimin working off his black ripped jeans and boxer briefs. He's smirking at Taehyung as he leans over the bed and into his suitcase. Taehyung's hand wraps around Jimin's thigh, partly because he doesn't want him to lose balance hanging over the bed like this and partly because he just wants to touch. Jimin is right there but he misses him. He misses the warmth of having his body right on top of his a minute ago. He misses his hands and his mouth and being able to feel his heartbeat when they're chest to chest. 

Back with a bottle of pink lube, Jimin wastes no time resituating himself between Taehyung's legs. Jimin hovers over Taehyung, presses a kiss to his cheek and then his forehead before he says, "Baby, close your eyes." 

There will never be a time when Taehyung will get used to just how perfect Jimin's face is. Everything about it, everything about him, is perfect. So Taehyung takes a few extra seconds, just drinking him all in, before he does as he's told. He feels Jimin's lips on his. A soft but deep kiss that makes Taehyung's heart beat hard in his chest and a wave of a feeling through his body that he's positive is love, and trust, and everything else the world tells you to seek out in a partner. 

Eating out is very high on the list of things Jimin does well. Too well, really. Because he has Taehyung moaning only about a minute into him starting. He's not sure just how Jimin got to be this talented with his tongue but he's always grateful when he gets to experience first-hand just how skilled he is. He isn't shy about it anymore. Like he was when he and Taehyung first started fucking. Now he doesn't waste any time lifting Taehyung's legs, pressing a firm hand to the back of his thigh to keep him in place, and going to work. 

"Fuck, Jimin, right here," Taehyung moans, breathing heavy already. He wants to grab Jimin's hair and stroke his shoulder and just touch him back but he knows Jimin will swat his hand away again. So he grips the bed sheet instead, stomach tightening when Jimin's tongue pushes into him. Jimin isn't afraid to get messy. He licks everywhere, leaving a wet trail behind and glossing his lips as he kisses up to Taehyung's inner thigh.

Taehyung can feel the smile on Jimin's mouth as he pushes in his index finger. Not far, just to the knuckle, but it has Taehyung breathing in sharply through his teeth and moaning Jimin's name. There's no lube yet, just the wetness of where Jimin's mouth once was providing enough slick for his finger to slip in but still burn a bit. It's a good burn, one that excites Taehyung because he knows what's promised to come soon. He does his best to keep still while Jimin's tongue licks over his balls and down to his hole where his finger is still sliding in and out. 

Jimin pulls his mouth off of Taehyung with a smacking sound. He lifts Taehyung's leg, hooks his knee over his shoulder, and settles himself. Taehyung is still panting, eyes shut tightly, one hand gripping the sheet loosely. He hasn't been fucked, barely been touched, and he already is beginning to unravel. Jimin kisses his leg twice before asking softly, "Are you ready?"

Quickly, eagerly, Taehyung is nodding. He bites the inside of his lip as he opens his eyes, only half way, trapping Jimin's air in his chest for a moment because how the fuck can someone be such a perfect mix of cute and sexy? His eyes are hypnotizing, simultaneously heavenly and sinful, just like the rest of him. Jimin is never quite sure if he wants to cuddle Taehyung and keep him safe or fuck him into the mattress until he can barely talk. So he does both in whichever order seems fit at the time. Fuck then cuddle seems to be tonight's order. 

Taehyung keeps his eyes on Jimin as he reaches for the dildo a foot away from them and then the lube that's resting against Taehyung's ass. He squeezes the gel over the dildo and strokes it over the head and the base. It seems odd, just a bit, doing this to a cock that wasn't his or Taehyung's. He strokes the lube until it's warm and covering the majority of the dildo. Jimin leans forward, kisses Taehyung's inner thigh, and lines the dildo up. 

"O-oh," Taehyung moans, way too beautifully for anyone's good, when Jimin pushes in about an inch. Taehyung sounds both surprised and pleased at the feeling, but Jimin still proceeds with caution just in case this is the one in a million chance he's misinterpreting Taehyung's body language. Jimin rests his hand on Taehyung's hipbone to keep him in place, but slides his thumb over it slowly to provide comfort. 

He waits until he feels Taehyung's body relax a bit before he pushes in more. It's a few inches longer than Jimin is, but just about the same size in girth, so Jimin is hoping Taehyung will be able to adjust to it smoothly. He thinks the biggest thing is getting used to something other than Jimin's dick or Jimin's fingers inside of him. There's not as much give to the dildo as there is with a real dick. It feels more solid inside of Taehyung and he feels fuller even with it halfway in. He breathes out through his mouth and then in through his nose when Jimin's hand moves. 

"How's that feel?" Jimin asks, only stroking the dildo inside of Taehyung in short, slow movements. He watches the way Taehyung's breathing changes when Jimin pushes in; the way his body flinches and his eyebrows move just a bit. Jimin will never get over how beautiful he is. 

Taehyung licks his lips and responds with his eyes still closed, "Different." 

 Jimin hums, kissing at Taehyung's thigh again. "Good different or bad different?"

This time Jimin twists his wrist a bit as he pushes in. He feels Taehyung's stomach muscles tighten and a whimper fall from his mouth. He tries to talk, tries to tell Jimin, "Good dif-- oh, fuck," but only gets that far before he stops talking altogether and it turns into a moan. Jimin smiles, a satisfied feeling flooding over him as he pushes the dildo in and out again. 

It's a little harder to survey the right pace Jimin should go at since he can't completely feel Taehyung the way he would if he were fucking him himself. So he tests one out, a bit upbeat, and a bit harsher, and instantly he can tell it's too much too fast. Even before Taehyung reacts to it Jimin knows, and he's trying to correct it as Taehyung's hand wraps around his wrist as a warning and he's letting out a, "Jimin-ah," with a hard exhale. 

Apologetically, Jimin kisses at Taehyung's lower stomach until the overwhelmed expression on his face subsides into a pleasurable one. His hand slows down, deeper strokes but at a slower pace, and he whispers against Taehyung's skin, "I know, I got you." 

This pace seems to be a winner. Taehyung's head lulls against the sheet after only a few strokes and he lets out sounds similar to the ones he makes when Jimin is starting to hit the right spots inside of him. Jimin lifts himself and watches Taehyung's face closely. He takes in Taehyung and all of his beauty and captures in his mind how breathtaking he looks like this: breathing unevenly, eyes shut tight, moaning little nothings each time Jimin pushes into him. The sight is hard to describe; too much to put into words. 

"Right there," Taehyung moans when Jimin's wrist angles slightly upward. It was the response Jimin was hoping he'd get, but he still feels the timidness in Taehyung's body. His stomach muscles are still tight, the way he's lying, the way he's biting the inside of his lip are all signs that he's a bit apprehensive. 

Jimin keeps his pace while lifting himself up so that he's near Taehyung's face again. He ducks his head and kisses at his neck in a way that he would if he was trying to really turn Taehyung on, but this time with the hopes of it making him relax a bit. 

"Breathe slower," Jimin tells him, his breath hot against Taehyung's ear. His tongue licks the curve of his ear and then presses a kiss to his temple. He feels Taehyung breathe in sharply and then out. His breaths are shaky and his eyebrows are sweeping upward, he opens his mouth and takes in a breath. Jimin kisses his collarbone, nibbles at the skin there and then drags his lips over Taehyung's pulse. "Slower," Jimin coaches. 

The hotel room air is crisp as it fills Taehyung's lungs; inflating them slower this time, just like Jimin tells him, and then leaves his body gently. Almost immediately Jimin feels the difference when he pushes his hand forward, sliding the dildo into Taehyung deeper without nearly as much resistance. He watches Taehyung's face relax too, and his mouth slack open just slightly as he's submerging himself in pleasure. 

Smiling, proud and turned on, Jimin kisses at his shoulder. "Good boy," he says, twisting his wrist as he pushes into Taehyung. "Good job." 

It's then that Jimin thinks he can lower himself back down and really see what this thing can do. He departs with another kiss to Taehyung's head before he lowers himself onto his stomach between Taehyung's legs. The pressure against his cock from laying on his stomach feels like a blessing and he can't help but push his hips forward into the mattress whenever his hand slides forward, guiding the dildo into Taehyung. 

Within minutes, Jimin picks up his pace again. This time with no protests or negative signs. Taehyung sighs loudly, a moan following when Jimin changes the angle. His hair is starting to stick to his forehead as his body begins to overheat a bit. Taehyung opens his eyes for a second but they flutter closed just as quickly as Jimin fucks into him. 

"How are you so good at this?" Taehyung asks rhetorically, out of breath as his perfect fingernails scratching at the sheets under him. He tosses his head to the side and grinds his ass downward, trying to get more friction than Jimin's giving. Jimin's face burns red at the compliment, completely buzzing from it. He feels a wave of energy hit him; like fresh air. Jimin wants to know what else he can make Taehyung say, he wants to know what other noises he can get out of him. 

Jimin's presses his palm flat on Taehyung's stomach, right over his naval, and tells him, "Stay still." 

Taehyung whines, stuck under Jimin's pressure to his abdomen as he fights the urge to fuck himself back onto the dildo. There's no way he could've imagined it'd feel this good. He wants it deeper and quicker and harder but Jimin doesn't seem inclined to give him that right now. 

Biting his lip, Taehyung moans out, "Jimin, please." He grips the bed sheet, squeezes it in his hand and says, "Please, please, please." 

Jimin slows down, because he's a goddamn tease, and watches Taehyung's eyes open just a bit. He blinks like he's dizzy and breathes in and out heavily through his mouth. Because he's even more of a tease, Jimin kisses dangerously close to his balls and his dick and spells his own name with his tongue on the inside of Taehyung's thigh just to watch him squirm. Taehyung breathes out little ooh's and ah-ah's whenever Jimin's tongue got closer to where he wanted to be, but Jimin never obliged. Taehyung pants, chest tight with anticipation and he's trying to get Jimin's voice back in his head telling him to breathe.

Without warning Jimin picks up speed again, much faster than before and Taehyung hips jerk upward in surprise. Gently, Jimin's hands guide his lower back onto the bed and holds his side in a way that he's sure will leave a bit of a mark on him by morning. It turns Jimin on thinking about the bruises and marks Taehyung will have on him tomorrow, all made by him. Jimin grinds his hips harder into the mattress, keeping up with the pace he's using on Taehyung. Jimin can feel the heat his body is giving off, mixing with the heat from Taehyung's body and it feels like they're in their own little cocoon. 

Taehyung moans out, desperate and needy, "Please, Ji-- Jimin, please. Please, please..."

Licking his lips, Jimin kisses at Taehyung's leg. He asks, "What do you need?"

And when Taehyung doesn't answer, too busy trying to get his breathing to a pace that isn't near hyperventilation, Jimin asks again just as calmly, "What do you need, Tae?"

Feverishly, Taehyung shakes his head. His eyes squeeze shut tighter for a second and he stutters on an inhale. He answers back, voice whiny and breaking, "I don't know, I-- I don't... I don't know." 

It's true. Taehyung doesn't know what he needs but he needs Jimin to give it to him now or he's going to explode. Or implode. Or disintegrate. At least it feels like he's going to, anyway. He can feel how his heart is slamming in his chest, his lungs burning from breathing so erratically, and he's afraid if he opens his eyes he'll find he's made himself dizzy. But he needs something. He needs Jimin to fuck him harder or faster or something

"Fuck me," Taehyung says, breathless and hopeless. He's sweating now, his whole body hot to the touch. It's making his skin glisten, glowing even more with the contrast of his tan skin on the pure white bed sheets. Jimin thinks he looks like a masterpiece painting of the most beautiful mess. A blissful hurricane. A divine tsunami. 

Jimin feels close to coming and he hasn't been touched; but the sight of Taehyung is truly enough. The sounds he's making and the way he's laid out on the bed for Jimin, so beautifully on display, begging for Jimin to fuck the dildo into him faster and harder is more than anyone would ever need to get off. There are times during a normal day when Jimin has to remind himself that Taehyung is actually real and he's a person he gets to kiss and hold whenever he wants. Never in his life has be ever been so lucky. 

Taehyung inhales sharply, grating his nails into the mattress again. "You're so good at this," spills out of his mouth. "Jimin you're so... fuck, you're so good."

Jimin is dangerously close now. He can feel his muscles tightening and the familiar tugging sensation at the base of his cock starting to happen more frequently. Jimin grinds down on the mattress, fucks Taehyung quicker, and comes to the sound of his name dripping off his Taehyung's lips in the most beautiful way. He tries his best not to let up on his pace as he comes, so that he doesn't set Taehyung back at tall, and he thinks he does a good job at it. Once his orgasm is starting to ride out and he can control his breathing again, Taehyung is still just as much of a mess as he left him. 

It's only then that Jimin remembers this thing vibrates. Quickly, Jimin presses the switch and watches Taehyung's body jerk as he moans, "Ah, ah, oooh," at the new sensation. 

He's really a mess now. Taehyung starts to worm under Jimin's hand, desperate to come. He starts bucking his hips again and this time Jimin lets him. Jimin lifts himself so that he's face to face with Taehyung again, holds the dildo firmly in place and whispers to him strongly, "Fuck yourself on it, just like that, push back."

Taehyung does; in jerky, unsteady rolls of his hips. Each roll pushing him closer and closer to the edge. He opens his eyes for a split second and his vision is blurry, dizzy with pleasure. The sentences out of Taehyung's mouth aren't full sentences and eventually they turn into nothing but just sounds. Thinking he's had enough, Jimin wraps his free hand around Taehyung's cock and starts to stroke him. Quickly, Jimin slides his hand up and down the length of Taehyung's cock, taking note of the way he whines each time Jimin's fingers brush over the head. 

"I'm so close, I'm so--," Taehyung moans, reaching for Jimin even though somewhere in the back of his mind he knows Jimin told him hands off earlier. But he can't help himself; he needs Jimin in every way right now. 

It only takes a few more strokes before Taehyung is coming; hard enough to shake his whole body and leave him whimpering against Jimin's chest afterward. The dildo is still vibrating inside him when he starts to come down from his high and he's pushing at Jimin's chest like mad until he switches it off. 

Jimin disregards the toy somewhere nearby and uses both hands to hug Taehyung who is still shaking in his arms. He's breathing heavy against Jimin's neck and his body is so hot Jimin can feel the difference even through the heat he knows he has. Slowly, Jimin pets the back of his head and kisses his hair. He asks, jokingly, "Did I break you?"

When Taehyung is the same way about a minute later, still shaking and trying to catch his breath, Jimin asks more seriously this time, "Are you okay?"

Jimin pulls back, trying to see Taehyung's face. When he can get a good look at him he can see Taehyung's smiling a bit, and his eyes are more closed than they are open. His hair is a complete mess; fluffy and damp with sweat on most places. But somehow it looks beautiful on him. Fucked-out is Jimin's favorite Taehyung look. Especially knowing he made him that way. But he really looks stunning like this, in a way Jimin will never be able to describe. He leans forward and kisses Taehyung's head again. 

"I loved it," Taehyung mumbles out, kissing gently at Jimin's chest because he's too tired to lift his head to kiss his mouth. His voice is so low and sleepy now Jimin barely hears him. He feels Taehyung's hand on his back, trying to pull him closer but they're already as close as they can get. Taehyung sighs happily against Jimin's skin. 

Jimin raises an eyebrow. "So...we can do this again?"

He feels Taehyung nodding, he whispers back, "Definitely." 

Taehyung is more asleep than he is awake, despite trying hard to keep his eyes open, but he's almost positive he feels himself being lifted. They don't go far, and the next thing Taehyung is able to recognize is the coolness of a pillow against his cheek and a blanket being pulled over him. He means to try to reciprocate as much as he can, offer Jimin a handjob or something, because he doesn't even know if Jimin came or not, but he can't stay awake anymore. 

He's not sure if he closed his eyes or if Jimin turned off the light but soon the world is completely dark. There's a familiar weight of Jimin next to him, holding him, and that's all he needs to finally drift off for good. His last thought: Jimin should share his ideas more often.