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Fading In To The Stolen Light

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Bardiel eyed the young girl. "Big words from a little god but we'll see won't we?" He moved back towards the walk way. "I think you're afraid I'll win." He turned around seeing that she was gone. He felt his knuckles crack as he turned back to 02. "Awaken you piece of red shit or I will kill your daughter!"

He watched as the huge units green eyes lit up as its head turned to look at him as its huge jaws opened as it roared in anger as its clawed hands came up as they tour the shoulder braces free. It raised its huge clawed foot stepping over the gang way closely followed by the other as it came towards him its two tails trashing violently. He watched as 00 and 01's eyes turned on followed by 04's as 02 walked in between them coming towards him though they didn't move they were all clearly curious just to watch as they were the awakened ones they could all move if they wanted to but they just refused to by choice.

While the others remained switched off one was too new and had no real sense of self and was ruled by the AI personality the other was in fact awakened to a point but it wasn't quite strong enough yet to override the false AI personality like the others had because it feared the results and didn't want to hurt its only son.

He watched as 02 got closer as it slowly rose up towering over him its huge mouth forming a sneer. "Now there's a good protective mommy, wouldn't we want me to kill your little Asuka now would we?" The huge clawed hand formed a fist. "I can kill her you know, that's why I infected her spine because I know that you're just like her in that you don't like doing what you're told and you don't always play by the rules and you prefer it that way."

He raised Asuka's gloved hand towards 02. "So if you refuse to play along I'll kill her, am I making myself clear?" He watched as 02 turned eyeing 00 for a long moment. "She's not going to help you, so do not even fucking think about it!" He folded Asuka's arms. "You're as stupid as your daughter always looking for your saviour always trying to find him or her in others it's so pathetic."

He watched as 02 turned back easing out its huge tongue as it licked one of its upper canine teeth. "I'm going to count down from ten and if you've not decided I'm going to cut your daughters life short which would be real sad for you. Because I imagine her whole cute little romance with Rei makes your heart beat a little faster would be a pity if Asuka died right here, right now I mean that means no possible fake grandchildren for you one day and no future wedding!"

He watched as 02 let out an almighty roar which sounded like a tigers. "Ten…nine…eight." He watched as the huge clawed hand came up smashing down palm up close to him. He smiled as he moved getting on to it. "Good mother." He watched as 02 learned down as the entry plug came up slowly opening on its own. He carefully walked across the shoulder leaping inside watching as she closed the door behind him locking it as he slowly sat down in the seat. "I want to go inside, play nice now!"

He felt the whole plug lower as it clicked into place and LCL started to fill the compartment he took in a deep breath ignoring the smell of sunflowers as Asuka's lungs started to breathe. He watched as the screen instantly appeared but no holographic surround around his head he looked up. "You know where I want to go so move your ugly red carcass down there!" He watched as the unit 02 began to move he slowly folded his legs granted he could control her as that was the second reason he had infected Asuka's spine because it gave him the ability to use 02 without the controls but the time for that would come. Right now he wanted 02 to get that he was her master and to do as she was told.

Misato watched as 02 began to move away going slowly towards one of the tunnels she could now see his face on screen along with all of Asuka's stats and read out as him getting in the entry plug clearly he had bothered to turn them off. "Where is he going?" Kaji typed faster into his hologram screen. "Lilith, he is using the under ground tunnels to get into the void it's quicker for him than going the long way around."

Maya turned sharply. "Can someone explain to me why he called 02 Asuka's mother I'm really confused?" Shigeru turned slightly. "Yes please I someone explain to me just what is fucking going on I'm very confused myself." Ritsuko breathed in, in anger great now the truth was out and she couldn't do anything about it. "You'll both be told once this is over but not until!" She raised her hand. "Stay on that unit, don't let it out of your sights."

Misato turned to her com pressing it. "Are all of the pilots suited up?" Kyo's voice hit the air. "Yes I brought them down to the bay myself they just saw unit 02 walk off the prepping team is ready at your command." Misato looked up. "Send them out and get the teams to put them in their entry plugs! No delays, no question, their orders are to stop 02 whatever it takes!" She breathed in sadly so much for her idea of 02 rejecting Bardiel all they could hope for now was that Asuka somehow woke up and took back control but the chances of that seemed so slim and it would probably mean her death if she didn't.


Bardiel watched as unit 02 slowly eased itself out of the red river coming up on the ancient bay where they kept frozen angel parts and shitty Evangelion concepts which had been failures. He watched as 02 head looked around at the huge Evangelion skeleton hanging close by. Some way from that was the turquoise and white Alpha unit's head hanging up half of its metal face plate had been smashed off its two blind eyes staring into nothing while it's only seeing one hung down from the socket.

"Yes this is where the bodies of the Evangelion were created…accept for your body that's because it was Kiko who shipped the DNA string to you in Germany to create 02 which your soul is now in." He paused bringing up the hologram screen. "It must be such a fucking burden to know that you both can't touch and hug each other ever again. You were after all best friends she supported you through your husband cheating with the other woman who might I add is now in the bay opposite you in 04 but you ready know that don't you?" He smirked. "That must be a weird curse to have one you cared about so much and one you considered your enemy in the same bay together and you can't touch one or punch the other."

He turned clicking his fingers as the unit carried on walking finally seeing the long tunnel down which led in to the void where Lilith lay at the very bottom. "I know you can speak to me is it you're just choosing not to?"

He laughed as he folded Asuka's arms as the unit started to scale downwards its long claws digging in as it moved slowly. "You're most unlucky really I mean you can't even tell your daughter that you're okay with her sexuality, instead you have to hide away and play that you're a machine granted I awakened you but nine years stuck in that core heaven controlled by some crappy AI personality, must get on your nerves that you missed so much."

He paused before speaking. "I do wonder how you felt about Asuka's more sexual thoughts regarding Rei, I mean you see everything in here, personally I found them really fascinating." The red clawed unit’s fist suddenly smashed the wall as he heard its teeth grind together. "Perhaps a topic, we'll have in my recreated world." He felt 02 leap as it suddenly came down hard in the darkness turning it head. "Move forward Lilith is here." He sat up reading himself as they got closer.

Misato turned in a few minutes the other Evangelion's would be on top of 02 she turned to Ritsuko and Gendo. "Tell me you do not have a Lance of Longinus lying around, which he can pick up or use against the other Evangelions?"

Ritsuko looked down keeping none of the anger of the anger out of her voice. "We don't have a Lance of Longinus!" Gendo looked down at her speaking calmly. "Adam granted us no lance and Seele says there is no lance we checked the Antarctica so many times it does not exist and even if we did have one I wouldn't keep it here in the void with Lilith where any angel can pick it up and use it." Misato watched as 02 went down on all fours as it shifted down the long and final tunnel that led to Lilith it was moving much faster now and she didn't believe Gendo for a second.

Bardiel watched as 02 came out of the tunnel he looked up as Lilith came into view he felt a sly smile form as he spoke. "Hello again, prisoner of the void it's been so long since we talked." He eyed the huge white being that was nailed to an enormous red metal cross. The being was wearing a mask and had a genderless form. Its cut off legs were spouting genderless moving little half bodies ready to be turned into gendered forms.

He watched as the seven parts of the mask that looked like eyes started to glow as Lilith spoke back to him in its double gendered voice. "You do not impress me Bardiel." Bardiel moved 02 closer feeling the confusion take over he knew anyone outside would only hear him not Lilith. "I do not impress you! Look at what I've done, look at what I've accomplished!"

Lilith's double gendered voice spoke once again. "Taking two slaves and bragging about them and you dare come here to try to impress me with that, I prefer my creations to have free will..." Bardiel stood up taking hold of 02's controls ignoring its resistance. "Grant me entry to you!" He moved 02 closer to Lilith's chest. "I played humanities game I got what I desired now you should do my will and let me shake the foundations of this world and recreate it."

Lilith's two gendered voice came again but filled with anger. "I do not open to the unwilling the person who enters me must want and desire to be there." Bardiel felt a sneer form as he kicked entry plug hard. "I can leave this false god that's not a problem." Lilith's voice came again. "I refer not to ,Adams images, but the slave soul you're repressing she does not desire nor want any part in this and I will not give you what you want Bardiel."

There was a long pause. "If you want heaven and your own form of instrumentality and to ascend beyond your current form you know how to get it. It will be the hard way which you do not desire because you're afraid but I will not give you any shortcuts because in doing so you will not learn what you want and are desperate to experience and you are so close to seeing the truth and becoming someone greater."

Bardiel roared in anger. "No! That's not fucking fair!" Lilith glowing eyes slowly dimmed as the joint gender voice spoke evenly. "You never played fair to start with now bear the burden and the consequences."

Bardiel's next moments turned to agony as 02 was slammed from behind as he felt 01's massive arms wrap around him yanking him away from Lilith as he was thrown full force into the wall opposite which he smashed into before hitting the ground hard. He moved his arms getting 02 back onto its hind legs as he spoke coldly. "Oh look it's the shitty little whiny boy, Asuka doesn't fight you in 02 because she feels guilty about your past but I'll show you no quarter though."

Shinji raised 01's clawed fist. "I expect none from you." He slammed it forward only for 02's clawed hand to grab it along with his other one as they started to push against each other." Shinji felt a sneer form as he heard 01's jaws creak as he felt the waves of heat come out of both of his eyes. "See how you like fire Bardiel!"

Bardiel looked up watching as 01's huge horn separated down the middle as the two lesser sections came out as it opened its mouth a huge ball of energy building in it. He looked at Shinji whose brown eyes turned glowing red on his screen. "Asuka was right Shinji you're an Idiot!" He pulled 02's hand free in a violent motion grabbing unit 01's neck at the last second forcing it upwards violently watching as the light beam blasted skywards hopefully it would hit some of the Evangelion's coming down towards him.

Misato watched as Mari, Toji and Kaworu slammed into the wall narrowly avoiding the white flaming beam which blasted up through the voids huge hole leaving via the opening as carried on upwards into the geo front only to hit the closed off section which had the Magnus pillar sitting on top of it was blasting it to ribbons.

She turned seeing the press feeds fly up as the beam carried on upwards in to the clouds for everyone to see before it dissipated sending waves of burning white lighting scattering all over Tokyo three while the Geo fronts bellow lit up with blinding white light for a few seconds. Bardiel kept 01 in place. "All that power but no brains." He raised 02 to hind legs kicking the massive purple unit off watching as it smashed in to the corner.

He turned only for a whip lash pink tail to wrap around itself around his throat as Mari unit violently pulled 02 into the air as unit 01 got up. Mari didn't think as she swung 02 violently ignoring its struggling. "Hello Bardiel." She didn't think as she threw it at the wall watching as it crashed down hard as Toji, Kaworu and Rei finally made ground. "Give up you can't take us all on!" Bardiel yanked 02 back on its hind legs which was suddenly much more difficult and it had nothing to do with Asuka's mother. "No harm ever came from trying!"

He turned as 00 appeared with a machine gun which it raised slowly pointing it in his direction. "I'm going to kill you first you little shit, because I want Asuka to see you die!" He moved forward only for unit 02's clawed foot to stop he looked around as the unit screens suddenly started to flash red. "Fucking no you obey me!" He turned only for the pain to suddenly hit him as he grabbed his head as an inhuman roar of pain came. "You are not coming back, I worked to hard for this!"

Asuka's cold voice suddenly came into his mind. “Verfickte coward, you think I'm going to let you take what I love! No I'll see you burn before then!" Misato looked up watching as Asuka's right eye suddenly turned to blue while the other remained red she could see Shinji coming at the unit again 01's claws hands out stretched ready to grab it again while 04 was moving closer behind him. "Don't attack she's coming back!"

Bardiel grabbed his head roaring harder only to feel the pain as he was partly forced under as Asuka started to mentally take his place. "This isn't over!" He watched as 01 and 04 both stopped close by holding off slightly.

Asuka forced her body into its seat as her hands grabbed the controls as she spoke watching as the world came back into focus in her good eye and the holographic surround appeared around her head. She felt her teeth lessen but remain in there normal razor form as her left eye ignited. "No it is over you verficktes piece of scheisse, we are leaving!"

She slammed down on the controls sending 02 flying up the walls as it bounded upwards away from the void at lightning speed. She leapt out of its opening as she spread the huge wings leaping up again feeling them taking flight as she flew straight upwards towards the light of the broken Magnus Pillars section not stopping as she smashed though the rubble flying unit 02 out towards the sea trying to ignore the pain as Bardiel carried on fighting her. She could see the press planes were beginning to follow her trying to keep up they had no idea what was happening.

Misato looked at the others who all looked shocked. "Follow her!" She watched as they all went crazy as they started to scale the wall Mari being first to get to the top and take flight as her units legs allowed her to have the same speedy pouncing effect as Asuka's unit. The others all took flight all flying through the shattered remains of the Magnus pillar. Gendo felt a sly smile form as he put his hands together. "So now the true game begins."


Asuka carried on flying she could feel her unit's wings beating really hard as she hit the speed of sound as she headed to the one and only place she could finish this safely. She'd been here countless times with the UN fleet when she had shadowed them it was a place that had not been far from her mind for a long time maybe because of the bloody red sea.

Misato looked up. "Are the other Evangelion's keeping pace?" Kaji looked up sharply. "Barely she's moving really fast we never knew that 02 could go at this speed the press have dropped back there now tailing the other Evangelion's instead and Tokyo Three are desperate for conformation as to what's going on as is the world media."

Shigeru looked up sharply as he spun a projected three dimensional globe on his hologram screen. "Wait I know where she's going! She's going to the dead zone in Antarctica." Misato looked up in confusion watching as three flying wings left base as the drone camera finally caught up on the other five Evangelion's in flight. "Why would she even go there?"

Maya carried on typing into her hologram screen. "That's easy there are no people there other than the four Oculus's science research facilities but they're scattered and are at each end of Antarctica as they are trying to bring life back there but have not yet been at all successful."

She looked at her screen. "Asuka knows Antarctica really well probably better than any of the other pilots as she shadowed the UN fleet through there countless times she's been doing it for years. Its also the one place she can swim happily in her Evangelion because red water doesn't bother her as she can swim in it for real outside the Evangelion and even dive down deep without any fear."

Misato turned eyeing her. "Seriously she can swim in the red ocean? I had no idea I thought in the drawing it was just a dream of being under the red sea but it wasn't real." Maya looked up. "No she can swim which means Antarctica gives her a huge advantage, it's basically her playing field and not Bardiel's."

Asuka looked down as the red sea and the ice appeared as she tried to ignore the agonizing pain all over as she carried on flying catching sight of the area which she remembered so well from which had been her subconscious last time herself and Bardiel had met.

It had huge high ice mountains and vast thick grooved ice sheet. She breathed in no longer able to fly as the pain was just so much as she slowed dropping downwards only to feel the agonizing pain as unit 02's body collided with ice sending it tumbling painful across the ground before it before came to a painful stop. She painfully eased up the huge clawed hind legs as the lights started to flash red as she her unit lay in a crumpled heap on the ice sheet as she tried to take the pain which moved away from her head drifting slowly into her lower stomach.

End of part 59