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Red and Violet

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You didn't care for Penny's new skeletal friends. But eh, considering how she is... A sweaty lazy skeleton and a tall ridiculous evil looking one are probably the nearest things she's ever gonna get to a 'friend'... Or how she called it- Allies.

You didn't need allies! You could defend yourself WHENEVER. And you weren't afraid of monsters. Not one bit. You huffed and pulled your fur covered hoodie up, looking around as you made your way to Grillbys.

Once you got there, you felt an immediate warmth. It actually felt real... comfortable. Huh. That was a word you rarely used to describe anything that happens to you. Some monsters stared at you as you walked up to the counter with a flame elemental behind it. He stared at you with a mildly surprised face before he had a wide smirk.

" A human... peculiar. I haven't seen one this up close... without any fear of us. Aren't you afraid~? " He purred as he leaned forward to inspect you. You narrowed your eyes when he reached a hand forward to up your cheek. Slapping said hand away quickly.

" Oh, please. You can stick that fear up your ass-! " You were tugged over the counter where you were met with a pissed off purple flame elemental. His flames rose and engulfed his clothes a bit. It was a freakin' wonder that your clothes didn't burn up!

" Now now...~ " His tone was mocking as he twirled your one out of place hair. " Don't be like that, human. You'll fear us soon enough. " A slightly brighter flame moved along his mouth. Was... was that his tongue? Jeez- A sharpened bone was flung between you two as he let you go. You looked toward the source only to find-

Sans. Of course. Ugh. And he had one red glowing pupil as he walked over. You crossed your arms as he spoke to the flame elemental with a bone-chilling tone.

" hey. Grillby. don't start doing those sorta things with my mate... " ... 


WHAT THE FUCK DID HE JUST SAY?!?! You felt heat rise to your cheeks as Grillby stared at the both of you in disbelief. Sans wrapped an arm around your hip, pulling you closer as his golden tooth shined. You were getting stares from EVERYONE in the bar.


" ... I SWEAR, I'M GOING TO-! " You were interrupted when the short skeleton pushed his teeth to your lips... Wait- was that a kiss? A weird skeleton kiss thing? Your blush intensified slightly when he pulled away and had a shit-eating grin. Aimed at Grillby who let out a dramatic sigh. 

You stared for a good five seconds between the two before turning around and stomping right out. Growling when Sans followed you.

" sweetheart~! don't be like that! " He purred slightly. The motherfucker just PURRED. You turned around to grab his leash again, tugging him near.

" DON'T call me sweetheart. DON'T do shit like that again. Because, bud. " You felt your magic spark up like electricity as your eyes glowed a bright purple. " You won't fuckin' like it when I'm angry... " He stared, surprised as you shoved him back roughly. " I'm gonna go see if the two nut cases are done doing... whatever the fuck they were doing. " You made your way back to where the brothers lived as you uncapped another bottle of cocoa from your jacket pocket.

Sans stared at you as you walked away. You were... VERY different. Your magic... was different too. It didn't feel like this gentle buzz in the air, like how he remembered. It also wasn't pale pink. Instead it was a purple, along with your blush. Albeit- a light purple which was going into the pink color... But it was also in the form of lightning. Electricity. When you were holding his leash, he felt a buzz of your energy creeping around in his bones.

So much about you is different. Your hair was a darker shade of brown and there were no dyed tips... You wore purple and dark blue instead of a bright blue and pink. But... one thing seemed to simply stay...

Sans summoned his SOUL and stared at it for a moment. It was upside-down with a red aura. But it was filled with a purple color. The SOUL bond remained intact... Huh... You both may have changed...

But he'll always still love you.

Grumbling, you wandered over to the door and knocked a few times. When no answer came, you huffed and walked over to the broken window. Climbing through. You felt some glass cut into your skin, but honestly? You couldn't care less. You've had much worse. 

But what you didn't expect was to see a little kid cowering behind the couch as Papyrus and Penny were flinging spaghetti at eachother. Your sister was slamming the clumps of food at Papyrus with her frying pan, breaking the table there.

" Wow. Looks like the table at home, now. What are those two even doing? " You huffed as you walked over behind the couch, beside the kid. " HEY! SIS! SKELETON! " the two stopped and stared. Both had wide grins. It seems they were having fun... " Stop playin' with your food. " The two gave eachother a challenging glance before walking over yo the kitchen... " Geez. " You felt a tug at your jacket and looked at the kid. They wore a black and red striped sweater... They signed something quickly which you didn't understand before giving you a hug. They were on the brink of tears... " E-eh?? "

" wow. the kid really likes ya, Castia. " You huffed and placed a hand on their hair, rubbing it a bit. " so... tell me about yourself? "

" Tell me about you first, pup. " You didn't exactly care about how degrading was. Nor of the slightly hurt look on his face which quickly changed. The child stared at you. " ... Aw c'mon! He's got a leash! Also- what's your name? I can't keep calling you 'kid', afterall. "

" their name is Frisk. " Frisk... wasn't that the kid who freed the monsters? You thought a bit before shrugging. Screw it. You walked to a part of the couch which wasn't covered in spaghetti and sat there. " what are you doing? "

" Contemplating the stupid life decisions I made to end up in a house owned by magical skeletons. " There was silence... Actually... Now that you think about it... Your life is relatively boring normally... This was a change-up. But a nice one. " ... I'm just pullin' your leg! It's awesome here. 'Cept that kiss ya stole. I'm still gonna get back at ya for that, asshole. "

" don't have one. "