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The Chronicles of Katsuki Yuuri, Unconventional Heartbreaker

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Officer Regina Dawes was pissed.


First of all, her coffee order had been mixed up at her usual cafe. Second of all, she had missed the promotion to corporal after being on the force for a good two years. Lastly, she had five missed calls from her mom that Regina dreaded to touch.


All this cooped up rage did not bode well for the driver of the showroom-worthy but hideously pink Cadillac that was clearly going over the accepted speed of 60 miles per hour on the highway.


She tails them with a vengeance, partly to release her own irritation by shouting at speeders.


Eventually the car gets the message and slows down, pulling over to the side. At least it didn’t escalate to the point of a fully-fledged road chase. Then again, Regina was certain that the owner of a car like that wouldn’t do something idiotic like racing or running away from authority.


With the head of the car open, Regina thought she could see two heads quickly switching places as she walks towards the stopped car.


Regina nearly dismisses it as a trick of light, if not for the impish grin the man in the passenger seat was sporting. She gives the passenger, a dark-skinned man in his early twenties wearing some on point eyeliner, a disapproving look before turning to the supposed driver.


The driver was an entirely different story. Regina watches, transfixed by the movement of the man’s lips, as he forms words.


“I’m sorry!” The man bursts out, his hands waving about as though he was conducting an invisible orchestra and cheeks reddening rapidly. “I’m really sorry!”


“It’s nothing.” Regina says, unable to stop a small smile from coming onto her face. “Please turn off your engine sir.”


The driver obeys swiftly, his hands noticeably trembling. The passenger squeezes his shoulder gently and he visibly relaxes.


“Do you know why I pulled you over?”


The man ducks his head, biting his bottom lip and wringing his hands.


“Did you know you were going 20 miles over the speed limit, sir?”


“No!” The man exclaims, coming to life, frantically batting his hands in the air. “I was in a hurry to get to our hotel, M’am.”


It had been a long time since she had been addressed so formally by a civilian, Regina couldn’t help but soften at the genuine politeness. “May I see your license?”


He moves for his wallet, and Regina taps her foot impatiently. She didn’t have all day.


The boy in the photo of the license, which was a few months away from expiring, had the same face as the man did. Round and soft cheeks were flattened in the picture. Regina concluded that he must be one of those young, baby-face types.


“Yuuri Katsuki?” She tries.


“You say it the same way it’s spelt.” Yuuri explains in a gentle voice. “That was a good try, Ma’am.”


“You’re a tourist?” Regina inquires, scribbling in her notebook, trying to maintain some semblance of professionalism.


“No. We’re in California to meet up with a friend.”


“He means his husband.” The passenger injects himself into the conversation. Regina’s eyebrows reach her hairline.


“So a tourist then.” Her tone, to her dismay, is a touch too teasing to be part of a serious speeding ticket.


Said speeding ticket was fast dissipating in Regina’s mind, She feebly tried to give a reason for her sudden change of spirit. Mr. Katsuki seemed like a nice sort of man, and she admitted to herself that he didn’t seem like the type to speed unless something important was happening.


“Is your friend important, Mr. Katsuki?”


“It’s their first anniversary.” The dark-skinned man quips and Katsuki honest-to-god sighs like a lovestruck teenager, head in hands.


“Mmhm.” Regina nods her head impassively.


“I really didn’t know I was that fast.” Katsuki says in his lilting accent, pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose. “I won’t do it again.”


Regina is unable to think straight, because she is charmed . Charmed by the rapid fluttering of sensuously long lashes, charmed by the voice that made words sound like the stilted chiming of bells, and dare she admit it, charmed by the pink Cadillac he was driving.


“I suppose this time,” She rips the ticket from her little booklet and tucks it into her pocket. “I can make an exception.”


Katsuki stammers, his mouth opening and shutting, but unable to form words. He stands in his seat and bows deeply, his hands bunched into fists. “Thank you!”


“Thank you, Officer.” His friend echoes with a smirk.


"You get off with a verbal warning this time." Regina says sternly. “Don’t do it again.”


The man sits down somewhat gracefully, meets her eyes and bobs his head. “Yes, Ma'am.”


“Have fun with your friend.”


“Oh, I think he will.” The passenger says with a wink.


“Phichit!” Katsuki says, a scandalized look on his face that soon morphs into a sheepish smile to Regina.


Regina watches as the pink car drives off at a speed little over one of a snail’s and smiles to herself as the two figures wave jauntily.

She permits herself a small wave back and goes back to the car, a lightness in her step, humming to herself. Such a nice day.