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Get Off Your Feet (and make this count)

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Jyn didn't like the Wobani X-Games.

First, because Bodhi wasn't there with her, having gone back to Paris for his second year of school. Second, because most of the staff were jerks. Utter jerks. And third, because the weather conditions were downright shitty, forcing the organizers to cancel and report events several times.

But she had to participate because some of her sponsors wanted her to and what the sponsors wanted came before any of her personal opinions.


On the days where it was snowing so much the visibility was at a zero, she had nothing better to do than play cards with Saw, or, like now, sprawl on a couch in the hotel lounge and watch videos on her laptop. The wifi was better there than in her room and there was only so much daytime TV she could stomach.

She saw someone stopping next to her from the corner of her eyes. When the person didn't leave, she paused the video and removed her headphones.

“Fancy seeing you here,” said an accented voice above her. She looked up and recognized Cassian.

“Hey!” She put her laptop on the coffee table, rose to her feet and hugged him. Melted snow seeped into her oversized sweater—one of Saw's actually. “Fuck you're soaked!”

Snow fell from his beanie as he laughed.

“Yeah I just came in.”

“The fuck were you doing out there?”

He shrugged. More snow fell down to the carpet.

“I wanted to see if I could ride a bit and do some recon of the track but you can't see a fucking thing.”

“How surprising,” she deadpanned and sat down again. He leaned against the armrest of the couch.

“What were you watching?”

“Kenobi's DSR ride from 2005.”

“That man was insane.”

“Still is. At least according to Saw.”


“Saw Gerrera. My coach. He's an old friend of Kenobi. He asked me to watch his videos because if I'm gonna do reckless tricks, at least I should do them with style,” she said the last part mimicking Saw and rolled her eyes. “Saw's words, not mine.”

Cassian snorted.

“Well he's not wrong. Kenobi might be crazy but he's classy. But, hey, speaking of the DSR, are you gonna watch it at the hotel bar with everyone?”

“The first part is tonight, right?” Cassian made an affirmative noise. “Then yeah, sure.”

“Cool,” he smiled down at her before straightening up. “Okay, not that I don't enjoy chatting with you, but I need to change before I catch pneumonia or some shit. See you later!”

Jyn waved him off and went back to her video. Yep, Kenobi was definitely missing a few marbles up there.


She was still in the same position when Saw came to find her. He ruffled her hair, dodged her punch with a laugh and sat down on the opposite armchair.

“According to the local experts, the weather won't be improving in the next two days.”

Jyn closed down her laptop and sank further into the cushions.

“This competition sucks.”

“Did you watch Kenobi's videos?”

“Yep. How is that guy even still alive?”

“I'm asking myself the same question every time I see him. Wanna play cards?”



Cassian reappeared an hour later, while she was kicking Saw's butt during a game of Speed.

“Are you growing roots into this couch?” he asked as he approached them.

“Until there's something better to do, I am,” she answered without looking up. Saw was equally focused on the game.

Cassian sat down next to her and watched them finish their round. Or rather he watched her crush her coach mercilessly.

“Ha!,” she exclaimed when she won her eighth game in a row. “Take that, old man!”

Saw lowered his head to the coffee table in defeat.

“I'll have my revenge, kid,” he mumbled against the wood.

“Whatever helps you sleep at night.”

Saw snorted and lifted his head from the coffee table.

“And who's this young man?”

“Oh yeah, sorry. This is Cassian...,” she paused and glanced at him with a grimace. “I actually don't know your last name?”

“Andor. Nice to meet you sir, you must be Jyn's coach?”

“Saw Gerrera. And yeah, I'm in charge of that brat.”

Jyn rolled her eyes.

“He's a lousy loser,” she stage-whispered to Cassian who glanced down at her with a smile. Saw tsk-ed and shook his head.

“You're riding, kid?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Come on, lose the sir, it makes me feel like an old man. Whatever you're going to say, Jyn, don't say it,” he added pointing at her menacingly with the deck of cards. “Who are you training with?”


“My condolences.”

Cassian shrugged.

“He's alright once you get to know him.”

Saw made a non committal sound, but knowing him like she did, he probably had a strong opinion of the man, and not a good one. She nudged Cassian's knee with her own.

“Wanna play Speed?”

“No Uno this time?”

“Ugh, don't talk about Uno, she and her brother are obsessed with that game,” Saw complained dramatically.

“It's a great game and you know it.”

“Speaking of, Bodhi isn't here today?” Cassian asked.

“No, he's back in school. In Paris, away from this stormy freezing hell. So. Wanna play or not?”


“Saw, you're playing?”

“Nah, I'll leave you to it, I'm gonna go complain about that insufferable kid I'm training to Euwood, he owes me a beer.”

“Love you too,” she called after him, shuffling the cards.

Cassian moved to the armchair and tied up his hair away from his eyes. She could see him put his game-on face.

“You know how to play?” She smirked.

“Bring it on.”


Cassian was a more challenging opponent than Saw. His reflexes were lighting quick and he countered a good number of her moves.

They talked about what Bodhi was studying (photography), where Kay was (out buying groceries because we can't spend our lives eating junk food, Cassian), how they did on the first event of the Games (better than at the Scarif Ride for both of them), what was the most beautiful spot they had been to (Argentina for him, Norway for her), if they had ever seen the northern lights (yes on both accounts).

“Got any plans for the after season?” he asked after beating her for the third time.

“Finishing high school,” she answered, gathering the cards and shuffling them.

“You still go to high school?”

“Yeah, I'm only 18.”

“I thought you were doing it like, uh... A distancia, uh you know-”

“Like online courses?”

“Yes, that.”

“I actually do that during the season. I'm in some kind of special high school where only “high-level” athletes go or something. We all have custom schedules and stuff.”

“Got any friends there?”

“Not really,” she shrugged. “A lot of the people going there are filthy rich and full of themselves. Another round?”, she added, holding up the cards.

He shook his head.

“I think the DSR broadcast is gonna start soon.”

Jyn looked down at her watch. They had been playing for over an hour.


She gathered her laptop, headphones and the pack of cards and stuffed them in her backpack.

“Is Kay coming too?”

Cassian checked his phone.

“He's already there.”


The bar was packed but Kay had miraculously managed to save them a table with a good view of the big screens. Cassian went to the counter to get them their drinks, gesturing for her to go sit down.

“Jyn Erso, my fellow British friend,” Kay greeted her when she reached the table. She bent down to half-hug him.

“Hi, Kay. I heard you were trying to make Cassian eat something else than burgers?” she said playfully and sat down on the other side of the booth.

Kay rolled his eyes.

“He'll thank me when he doesn't die from clogged arteries.”

Cassian joined them a few minutes later with three pints. He put them down and slid on the bench next to Jyn.


“To a better weather!”

“To never participate in this competition ever again!”

“To healthy food!”


The Death Star Ride had been aptly named. The track was the steepest of the circuit and the obstacle course was one of the most dangerous. And of course the judges were heartless. It was the competition with the highest percentage of injuries and forfeits.

One guy was already out after a bad fall.

“Looks like a dislocated shoulder to me!” the commentator was saying gleefully.

“Well, that's never fun,” Kay said with a grimace.

“That happened to you?,” Jyn asked.

“Four years ago, yes. During the half-pipe session of the X-Wing Jam.”

“I had to help him get dressed for three months,” Cassian helpfully added.

“Thanks for sparring my dignity, Cassian.”

“Anytime, my friend, anytime,” Cassian replied and raised his glass in a mock salute. Kay glared at him before turning to Jyn.

“Ever broken anything?” he asked her.

“I sprained my knee a couple of times, but nothing major. Still sucked, tho. What about you Cassian?”

“I broke my nose.” Jyn made a face. “Twice.”

“Ooow. Ow. Ow. Ow.”

“That's the idea, yeah.”

“Isn't that the kid that was with us at the Scarif Ride?” Kay interrupted them, his face turned to the screen where a beige and brown silhouette was performing crazy tricks after crazy tricks.

“Yep, that's Skywalker.”

They watched him without a word. The commentators were rambling insanely about his skills.

“... His mentor must be proud!”

“He's perpetrating the Kenobi legacy, that's for sure! Just like his father before him!”

Cassian and Jyn looked at each other.

“He's trained by Kenobi?” Cassian asked.

“And he's a Skywalker as in Anakin Skywalker?” Jyn added.

“That explains a lot. Like. A lot.”

“The probabilities of this kid winning that event of the DSR are high. Very high.” Kay said, looking quite impressed.

On screen, Skywalker was earning the biggest score of the event as he was hugging his sister and his coach. The coach was definitely Kenobi.

“Hey the next one is Solo,” Cassian noticed.

“The one from the Don't Drink With Them List?”


“Just FYI, I added you guys to that list.”

“Why?!” Kay exclaimed in pure outrage as Cassian just started laughing in his glass.

“Because of the bloody hangover I had after the last time we got together. I don't even remember you leaving the hotel room!”

“To be fair, we don't remember either.”

“Speak for yourself, Cassian. Now shut up and watch Han eat snow.”

Solo had indeed fallen flat on his face after the second ramp. They replayed his jump in slow motion.

“What was he trying to do?” Jyn wondered. Solo's moves were making no sense to her.

“A double back-barrel roll with a 360 landing?” Cassian said, his voice unsure.

“No, that looks like a double laid-out 720 flip.”

“Whatever that was supposed to be, we can safely call it a disaster,” Kay concluded before standing up to get more beers.


The broadcast ended with Skywalker predictably winning the first event. Two known faces, Antilles and Darklighter, came second and third, while Solo forfeited with a broken wrist. People started to leave the bar until only a few remained.

“Should we go up and play Uno again?” Kay offered. “I bought a deck after Scarif.”

“You did?”

“He did,” Cassian sighed.

“Guess Bodhi and I aren't the only one addicted to that stupid game.”

“Definitely not. I'm sure with a bit of work we could get Davits to play with us too,” Kay said.

“Davits?” Jyn asked.

“Draven, our trainer. And no, Kay, bad idea, we talked about it.”

Kay shrugged and muttered something sounding suspiciously like “spoilsport”. Jyn downed the rest of her beer.

“As nice as it'd be to stay here and get drunk with you two again, I'm supposed to meet Saw early at the gym tomorrow.”

“Sounds fun. He's probably gonna kick your ass after you destroyed him at that card game earlier.”

Jyn's shoulders sagged and she glared at Cassian.

“Why did you have to tell me that. I already didn't want to go.”

Cassian smiled at her, unapologetic. She tugged down her beanie.

“Ugh, you're a terrible person.”

“I've been saying that for the past six years.”

Jyn and Kay high-fived before she nudged Cassian out of the booth. She gave them both a quick hug and bid them goodnight.


The next morning, Saw gleefully handed her ass to her in retaliation for his loss at the game. It didn't even surprise her.