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    “Now, repeat after me. I am not God Unity's follower anymore...” Unity's voice was stern, borderline  viscous as they continued. “They do not wish to have my body as an offering, and no longer wish for me to have feelings for them.”


    Rick's eyes were wide, narrowing a fraction as they rested on Morty. Sitting in his work chair, his attention was brought right back up by a loud snap from Unity's fingers.


    “RICK SANCHEZ!” Their voice grew in anger at the exact moment the garage door slowly cracked open, unnoticed by either party.


    Summer watched from the door as she knelt down, recording the exchange on her phone.


    “I-I-I don't know what you're talking about, Une.”


    “Don't play cute, Rick. It's not your style.” Their hand rested lightly upon his nape. His gaze seemed to soften as they knelt down at eye-level. He quickly cut his gaze away.


    “Rick. Look at me.”








    “G-GODDAMN IT RICK! JUST – JUST FUCKING LOOK AT THEM ALREADY!” Morty had done so well to keep himself composed,  his nails going white as he pressed the pads of his fingertips in in a half-hearted attempt to still his racing mind and emotions. Pacing usually helped him get into a calmer mindset but now, in the wake of Unity's presence, he couldn't keep still, his body trembling with anxiety as he stood in his little corner of the room. His mind said stay, his body screamed run, run as fast and as hard as you could, just get out and don’t think twice.


    “Morty.” Their voice was calm but assertive. “Go to your room.”


    “But I - “




    Morty felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand on end.


    They were good. A shiver erupted through his form as felt himself absolutely compelled to follow through with every word and command, his feet leading by instinct.


    “Yes, Unity...” Morty obeyed slumping away from his vantage point, nearly tripping over Summer as he crossed the threshold into the house.


    “What the -”


    “Shhhhh!” She brought a digit up to her lips to silence him further as she watched the exchange, pulling Morty close.


    “D-do I want to even ask why you’re recording this?” He pinched his brow as he tried his best to fathom any morally just reason why a teen would even want a recording between an alien and, by Principal Vagina’s calculations, an 80 year old.


    “Can you keep a secret?” Her gaze quizzically pulled into an arched eyebrow.    


“Yes?” Morty attempted a stern control over his lack of vocal confidence, the end of his statement curling into more of a question than he had originally intended.


    “Mr. Needful and I decided to hook up again...” She raised the camera, her earthly hued eyes squinting as she zoomed in on the pair in the garage, flipping through different filters until she found a low-light setting combo she liked. A sound echoed against the aluminum and concrete surfaces, a clap of skin against skin as Unity struck Rick, causing a low groan to come from him in response. A soft, barely above a stage whisper “fuck” followed, Unity letting out a defiant, disapproving “Hmph.” at the response.


Summer’s normally pale complexion bloomed into a flush as her eyes widened at the visual playing out. Unity began to employ more rough tactics to get their point across, their arm arched, tense, a snake preparing another vicious and intentional strike.


“-- And he's totally into shit like this.”


    “SUMMER!” Morty exclaimed. His gaze was furious, half of that expression from frustration and more than a good portion from  his own self-depreciation as he felt his emotions welling over. His hand quickly shot out, clawing the phone from Summer’s clutches as he chucked it into the garage, causing both Rick and Unity to look up at the clatter of noise and the scuffle.


    Summer sat there, mortified, Morty's form towering over her as he lost it, his emotions coming out in a torrent that crashed and lashed out at everyone around him. He was, in all sense of the word, in a losing battle for control over his own thought processes as intrusive thought after intrusive thought hit him at once.


    “WHY IS EVERYONE IN THIS FAMILY SO FUCKED UP?!” Morty yelled, his voice coming out in a mix of a scream and sob.


    “ME? You're the one fucking Grandpa!”


    “No-no this just...” His hand struck the wall, his knuckles barely missing Summer. His mind buzzed with a flood of chemicals as he looked down to her perplexed expression.  “Too. Far. Y-you’ve gone too far, Summer!”


    “Summer... If I find out you ever, ever try to- to record R-Rick again...”His gaze evolved into a look of stern calm, one that Summer was pretty sure only came about from a truly broken mind. “Krombopulous Michael himself won't be able to find your body.”


    “Okay, first of all, I don't know who that is...” Summer brought her hands up, shoving Morty back and causing him to stumble to regain his footing. His gaze followed her movements, his eyes low as his brow itched with the small beads of sweat that pooled in anticipation of the next move.  “And secondly, I'll kick your ass if you broke my phone, you little shit!”


    She shot a glare that could pierce steel and, standing before dusting herself off before casually walking to the garage. Unity and Rick stared, silent, their combined gaze a mix of confusion, amusement, and a slight twinge of anger.


    “Sup?” With a graceful sweep of her hand the device was back in her possession, her gaze sharply inspecting the scratched and cracked screen, taking in every hairline part in the hardened plastic.


    “You asshole!” Summer's voice bounced off of the garage door and, as she went to turn, not realizing how close Morty followed her strides in toe. Surviving by his wits had made Morty more agile as he saw a shot and took it, tackling her before she could even get a chance to attack him.


    “'I'M SO SICK...AND TIRED...OF YOUR BULLSHIT, SUMMER!” His anger welled over from his chest and into his hands as fists dug into her face and head as he struck with intent to inflict as much damage as possible. He was no longer her younger brother she had learned to love since he had assimilated into the family, but a wild-eyed beast, clawing and attacking with boundless energy in a fit of youth filled aggression amped up by stresses someone of his age shouldn’t be dealing with.


He had snapped fully, the stress from Rick’s memory loss coming out in huge blobs of tears down his cheeks. Summer grabbed onto him, pulling his body roughly off of her as she returned the blows, Morty's fingers wrapping around strands as he pulled hard, ripping a few strands out.


    “Get off of me!” Summer shrieked, her arms protecting her face and eyes as she braced herself. His blows didn’t hurt physically as much as she guided him up and off, kicking him back with her feet as she staggered to stand, only to be knocked back by another cheap shot.


    “No,  th-this has been a long time coming!” Morty’s sucker punch to the stomach caused her form land roughly on his body, his legs buckling from the weight.


    “MORTY!” Rick's voice was stern. It was full of anger and seeded drops of disappointment. Looking up, Morty felt Summer's hand on the back of his head, slamming it down on the pavement hard.


    “SUMMER! HANDS OFF!” Rick grabbed her roughly by the arm, pulling her up and off of Morty.


    “He started it!” She protested, ignoring the soft sobs coming from Morty as the pain from everything finally brought him back to his senses.


    Looking up, beads of ruby dripped from Morty’s nose and onto his jeans as he blinked, his face scuffed up and bleeding from the Summer’s sudden and brutal retaliation. On his feet, he’d bring his hand up, fishing a pebble out of his eye as he hugged Rick's waist out of an instinctual need for comfort, feeling the older man shove him back.


    “Explain. Now.” His voice held a tone that urged Morty to spill his guts as fast as possible.


    “” Came out between winces and soft sobs as Rick glared to Summer. Truth be told, those words were all he could manage, his body too tired to even attempt to formulate the words to describe the blinding rage that had spilled over like a carbonated beverage shaken and opened carelessly. Summer may not have meant to send him over the edge, but that was all it took.


    “And you?”


    “Leaving.” She started for the door as Unity cleared their throat.


    “Summer – may I see your phone?”


    “Ew, no!” She stuffed it between her bosom, crossing her arms defiantly.


    Unity arched an eyebrow.


    “My dear, do you honestly, HONESTLY think...” Taking a step forward, Unity gave a smile as they slowly undid their hair, causing locks of crimson to spill down in a stark contrast to the  shades of azure skin as they looked up, their golden eyes shone in the light as they bit their lip. “A pair of tatas are gonna stop me from deleting your video?”


Leaning over, Summer could smell the crisp scent of their perfume. A blush came to her face as Unity reached out, caressing Summer’s cheek, looking lovingly into her eyes. A warm, genuine, kindness radiated from her and calmed Summer's mind and nerves. In an instant, she wanted nothing more than Unity to kiss her, to meld with her, to become one with her .


    “The phone, Summer.” Unity insisted.


    “My phone...” echoed back through half-opened eyes as Unity watched Summer reach into her chest, pulling the machine out.


    A few taps and the offending footage was deleted. Giving a small smile, Unity posed for a selfie, pulling their bra-strap down suggestively with a wink before signing it with a heart, tossing the phone back to Summer immediately after.


    “Okay Summer. We're done here.” Unity said, wiggling their  antennae slightly. Summer shook her head in a slight daze as she held it.


    “Wait-what am I doing in the garage?” She blinked, looking around in confusion as she shrugged, turning on her heel and walking away.


    Unity gave a soft nod as she walked to Morty, patting his shoulder.


“I've done all I can for him...” Her tone was soft as she sighed. “Eventually...when he forgets about us...about... me... Let it stay that...a faded memory...nothing more.”