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Four Fragments of Jim

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"So what do you think that one looks like?" Jim asks. They're sitting on a blanket in Alta Plaza Park -- or actually, Spock's sitting and Jim's sprawled out on the ground, his head cushioned by Spock's thigh. The remains of a early afternoon picnic are still scattered around them, but even though Jim's got a dozen assignments to finish and Spock's got a few billion forms to fill out, neither of them are reaching for their PADDs just yet.

Spock glances up at the sky. "A cumulonimbus," he says, his face blank; but he sneaks a look down at Jim and one corner of his mouth twitches about a nanometer.

Jim glares up at him. "You already played Stupid Vulcan on me with the ants-on-a-log business earlier, no fair. Come on. What's it look like?"

"Which cloud are we appraising?" Spock asks, and follows the line of Jim's arm up to the sky. "It resembles a turkey."

"Score for Detective Spock," says Jim, shutting his eyes against the bright sun. There's a small rock digging into the side of his spine, but he can't make himself move; he feels drowsy and happy and if Spock would just scratch his head a little bit, life would be complete.

Spock jostles his knee.

"Hey," Jim protests.

"It would behoove you to stay awake," Spock tells him.

"It would behoove you to... shut up," Jim grumbles, shutting his eyes again. Spock jostles him again. "I'm awake, I'm awake. You know, I was a lot nicer to you this morning when I woke you up."

"Your method of waking me was, indeed, much more pleasant," Spock agrees. "However you should finish your work and allow me to finish mine; I agreed to this excursion today only because you said you wanted a different venue in which to complete your assignments this weekend."

"Only my eye," Jim mutters. "I'm meeting Pavel later, he's going to explain the engineering problems using really small words, eventually I'll understand them."

Spock's eyebrows are even more disapproving from this angle. "You would do well to attempt to master them yourself, rather than relying on a sixteen-year-old."

Jim smiles up at him. "Well, I'm seeing this guy who's pretty smart. I'll bet he could figure out nanotech engineering if he really loved me."

"I do not believe I could love anyone enough to learn nanotech engineering."

"Hmm. Maybe I should trade up, then. Find myself someone a little more useful."

Spock moves his leg so that Jim's head thumps down onto the blanket. "That would be unwise."

"Ow. Fine," Jim sighs, and reaches for his PADD. He lifts his head again and, after a moment, Spock moves his leg back into position. Jim keeps his eyes on his work, but feels around for Spock's free hand and brings it to rest on his chest, lacing their fingers together.