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Thirty Three

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I know I can’t be late, supers waiting on the table. Thirty-Three by The Smashing Pumpkins


Emily pulled open the screen door and ran into the house. She slammed her books down on the table and called out to Carol. She couldn’t wait to tell her the news and get her opinion on how to break this to her father.

Today was just about the best day of her life.

Usually Carol was home when she got home from school. She looked out the window, her Aunt Andrea was sitting on her steps talking to Chase, Emily’s cousin. He was younger, but they were close. Both of the families were close and spent a lot of time together. Their houses only an acre away all her life.

“Mimi.” She called through the house as she switched on lights looking for her stepmother. She had chosen what name to call her. When she was little they explained to her that Carol was her mother now, but that she had a mother who carried her in her belly, who was in heaven. “Mimi.”

That was the name she used and still did, even at the age of fifteen and probably would for years to come.

“Carol where are you?” She called through the house, with her dark hair bouncing as she went.

Emily ran up the stairs, checking the bedrooms along the way and to the bathroom door. She opened it and Carol was soaking in the tub with her iPod in her ears.

“Mi.” She said loudly. Emily beamed at her and Carol took the ear pods out and smiled back at her. “He asked me.”

“I told you.” She said as Emily sat down on the side of the tub.

“When can we go shop for a dress?” Emily asked excitedly.

“This weekend, what color do you want?”

“Green I think.” She said and Carol nodded, that was Izzy’s favorite color. “And I’ll wear Mom’s boots.”

“Combat boots to the prom?” She laughed. “You are your father’s daughter.”

Carol got out of the tub and wrapped her robe around herself.

“Is he going to be ok with this?” Emily asked, thinking of her overprotective father trying to shoot Carl Grimes just for asking her to the prom.

“Don’t you worry pumpkin.” Carol hugged her to her side. “We’ll tell him together.”