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Being a Teen.

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I held Mathews hand as He rode my skateboard down the sidewalk Laughing and giggling Chandler taking videos and pictures I laughed as mathew said "Im TWY Walk!"He exclaimed I laughed since he meant to say Tony Hawk We continue going down the side walk Mathew standing on my skate board Chandler grabs his other hand We both lift him up and then down "Wee!"He says and laughs "After a little bit more practice maybe you can get your own board"Chandler says I heard thunder clap "Come on lets head home"I say Picking Mathew along with the skateboard We all walked back to Chandlers car I put Mathew in his seat and I got in the front "When are you headed To New York"I ask The season 6 premier of the walking dead was soon "In around a month"Chandler says I nod "I have dance in a hour"I say "we can run by your house Grab your stuff and I can watch Mathew"He says "Ok"I say "And when you get back we can study for that test"Chandler says i groan "Do we have to"I say "Yeah we actually do"He says he pulls up to my house "I will be right back"I say I run inside and I grab my dance bag from my room and I run back down stairs I run to the car and get in "Dw I Hwav Two Watch"Mathew says "No buddy your gonna head to my house We can Play some Minecraft"Chandler says I smile "Yway!!"Mathew exclaims we both chuckle and smile Chandler's Phone goes off "Can you check who it is"He asks "Sure"I say as he drives I grab the phone and open it "its a text from Norman asking What you where doing this weekend"I say "Ok..Do you need me to help you this weekend"He asks "I have dance all weekend But My mom can Watch mathew"I say "No its alright I can watch him"He says "Chandler you don't have to"I say "Babe I want to"He says "Tell him Im watching Mathew this week end"He says "kk"I say I text Norman "Im watching Mathew This weekend" And I press send In around a few minuets we pull up to the dance studio "Bye baby"He says "Bye"I say I kiss him "Bye Matthew"I say as I get out of the car "Bye Mommy"He says I close the door and run inside "Hi Tricia"I say "Hi Ella"She says I go into the bathroom and change into my leotard and tights and skirt and I put on my jazz shoes and I pull my hair up "Alright! Diamond Level Lets go!"I hear Kyle say my level I walk into the studio and we all line up Kaylie is already there since she has her own car...Because My dad sucks..."Alright Girls and boys for the next month we will not be doing competitions..Because we will be going to New york"Kyle says I think I know what he is about to say. "To Perform a dance number at the Walking dead Season 6 fan premiere!"Kyle says I knew it!! I have a Idea! "And Ella for you the crew and cast didn't tell chandler"Kyle says "Oh I ain't telling him! I want to see his Reaction!"I say we all laugh "Alright so our first dance number is going to be a lyrical Number and our second is going to be a little bit Of hip hop and Acrobatics and The song is..Warriors By Imagine dragons"Kyle says "Alright so we have a lot of work lets get started"Tricia says we stretch and start to choreograph 


We landed in new york My mom Kaylie and Mathew Chandler was already here and he didn't know I was here We are staying in different hotels luckily but today was the day I got dressed into a simple black Walking dead Shirt and a beanie with my Millennium jacket I put on some leggings and My high tops I grab my dance bag and my Makeup and stuff I grab my purse and we head out to the car the team meets in the lobby we have 15 dancers today We hop in the bus and drive to the place I get a snapchat from chandler "Wish you where here <3" Was the caption We get there and we are brought inside to our dressing room I do my makeup Im dancing as Lori for the dance We have a little boy around 12 who is dancing as Carl I get changed and they take the parents to the seats and the show starts 

after around 45 minutes "Alright now. we have some Incredible dancers today who will be doing a dance routine for us and Chandler we didn't tell you about this because yeah..Your girfriend is one of the dancer"The host says Everyone laughs I look at the screen Chandler looks shocked and happy "I knew it!"He exclaims "She wouldn't tell me anything about dance for the past month!"He says I laugh "Alright now lets welcome We are the Warriors"The host says we all walk out and into the middle of the stage I get into my pose and the music starts I lift my leg up Touching my forehead with it "as a child you would wait and watch from far away" I do a side ariel As Brock The boy who is dancing as rick Does one towards me We do a little partner dance and we Continue with the routine "We Are the warriors! that built this town!" The song blares We reach one way and then the other way We do turns and I do a side ariel I do some "Stunts" With some of the guys "Here we are don't turn away" At this part we all turn out back to the audience and I do a backbend and then twist out of it rolling on the floor And into a chin stand the guitar parts go and I do turns and Acrobatics and everything after that the music gets suspense full and I its a part in the show where the walkers are at the prison that the part we are dancing as I grab the boy Chris who is dancing as carl and we run back stage acting like we are being chased I watch the screen seeing the others dance "Chris go"  the song is about to end and Chris steps out back on stage Basically its the part where rick finds out lori died everyone does there poses and the song ends The stadium fills with cheers And I step out Walking to the other who are hugging and panting "We did it!"Kaylie says I can barley hear her I turn to chandler "Ella! Wheres my hug!"He says He gets up and we run towards each other we both hug and I kiss him The crowd quiets down "Wow"The host says I join the other dances who are in a big line "Wow! Im shocked! Greg said these kids are amazing but The passion. The faces everything Perfect!"The host says "Now Chandler How shocked are you right now"The host asks "Im surprised she kept this from me Her and everyones dancing is incredible as always"Chandler says "And I'm glad she is here because I have something to ask her and Mathew too"Chandler says I smile he stands up and walks towards me "Alright lets being little Mathew up here"The host says a few moments later Security brings Mathew to the stage He runs to me and Chandler Chandler Grabs my hand "Ella I love you so much. and I love Mathew and I know you are the one for me and I love you and..I want to be the father to Mathew"Chandler says I gasp Tears form in my eyes He wants to be Mathews Father! He wants to be the father Mathew never had! "I want to help you take care of him I want to be able to call him my son"Chandler says Im crying now I nod "Yes!"I exclaim Hugging him the crowd cheers and I hear the other Cast cheer too "But I think Mathew should also make that decision"I say Chandler kneels down to Mathews Level "Mathew Do you want me to your dad"Chandler asks "Yes!!"Mathew exclaims And jumps into Chandlers arms 

(2 hours later) 

The show ended and we head back to the hotel Mathew and I where in one room and My mom and Kaylie in the next But My mom said she would take Mathew for the night so me and Chandler can talk Luckily Chandler's Hotel was across the street from mine so he got some clothes from his hotel We walk back into my room And I put my bag down with a sigh I take off my make up chandler walks into the bathroom and wraps his arms around me He kisses my head "I love you"He says "i love you to"I say And smile I throw away my makeup wipe and turn around and wrap my arms around his neck and We kiss passionately He picks me up and walks to the bed with me in his arms and places me on it we both pull away "I want you"I whisper "Are you sure"He whispers I nod He kisses me again and I slide off his jacket to his tux He throws it across the room He slides my Millennium jacket Off and Tosses it to the side He pulls off my shirt Breaking the kiss for a second to pull of our shirts I feel his chest He unbuttons my jeans and pulls off my shoes and jeans I unbutton his pants he takes off his shoes And pants I wrap my Legs around his waist and my arms around his neck he lifts me up and walks over to the pillow part of the bed He places me on it and I crawl into bed with him...And you can say it was one of the best nights of my life.