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Komaeda slides the rest of door open and signals for Hinata to walk in first. Accepting his gesture Hinata takes a step forward, but instantly a huge gust of wind flies past the both of them.

Covering his face from the harsh wind, he uses both arms but the rose in Hinata's hand gets captured by the wind. Once the intensity of the wind goes down Komaeda and Hinata reopen their eyes just in time to see the rose break apart.
The petals rain down on the floor in a straight line. Looking at it carefully it almost resembles a red carpet welcome.

The stem rolls around on the floor eventually tapping against Komaeda's shoe. The vampire bends down somewhat picking it up. He ignores the small prick from the thorns and stares at the barren rose sadly.

“Aww what a shame your rose is ruined. But Hinata-kun don’t hold it against the people here they just wanted to impress you.” Komaeda laments a bit more rolling the stem between his fingertips. He hands over the stem to Hinata.

“People? I thought you were the only one living here?” Hinata asks with a hint of panic towards the end. He accepts the stem mindful of the thorns.

“Hahaha with a house this big a spirit or two is to be expected. Oh but don’t call them ghosts they find it offensive.” Komaeda laughs cheerfully but his warning caught Hinata off guard.


“If there are gho- I mean spirits here why haven’t I seen them? And plus why greet me now?” Endless questions continue to spill out of Hinata's mouth.

“Well if you can’t see them right now then your spirit sensitivity isn’t that high. As for that these guys are especially shy they finally managed to work up the courage right guys?” Komaeda explains to him then chuckles waving his hand in the air.
Hinata feels his blood chill from fear.

There’s a ghost no two at least right across from him this very moment and he can’t even see them. His mind starts to wander exactly when did he started to attract the supernatural. The clacking of his teeth seems to catch Komaeda's attention.
“Hmm? Is something wrong? You should hurry and come inside before you catch a cold.” Komaeda says already walking inside.

Recollecting himself he watches Komaeda disappear inside. He shakes off any lingering fears and heads inside. The door is shut behind him and now the mystery of why it’s always so cold here is solved.
Hinata stops walking taking in his surroundings. No matter how many times he visits Hinata always gets overwhelmed. The furniture and just the whole house itself feels like a different time plane. With the dust particles still floating around it adds to the charm.

His eyes eventually spot the table where he spent a lot of his time reading. He almost didn’t recognize it since it’s covered with books camouflaging it entirely. It seems like Komaeda has been researching something. Some of the books were open while majority of them remain shut with bookmarks sticking out.


“Hinata-kun really likes this place right?”

“Yeah I do.” Hinata smiles as he nods. He turns around to face Komaeda but is stunned to find him not there.
Where did he go? He clearly knows the voice came from behind. He keeps turning his head in search of him.

Please don’t let Komaeda try and scare him. Now that he knows ghosts are here the place feels more eerie than before.

“I'm over here.” The vampire calls out to him.
Using his ears more carefully Hinata manages to pinpoint the location and finds Komaeda by the table. When did he get there? He walks over there his eyes focusing on the book in Komaeda's hand. Its title is in English a language he's barely familiar with.

“You know seeing you so excited by this room reminds me of someone.” Komaeda laughs to himself as he piles the books together.

“Really? Who is it?” Hinata is taken aback this is the first time Komaeda has talked about someone other than himself.

“Ah it’s a bit of tale. You want to hear it?”

“Only if you want to.”


“I see. Well actually this really isn’t even my house.” He straightens out the pile of books in his hands before continuing.

“This house was a gift. More of a declaration of love to be more accurate.” He pauses pondering his next choice of words.

“The true of owner of this house is Enoshima Junko.” His words were light as if the house itself absorbed the rest of it. For once Komaeda's expression darkens like a heavy storm clouded in his eyes.


Hinata repeats the name of the owner and Komaeda switches back to normal.


“Ah yes Enoshima Junko she was very charismatic and popular. She was always the center of attention. There's a portrait of her on the second floor.” He laughs looking wistful.

From the way he speaks about her Hinata figures she must be an ex-lover or close to it. The mysterious woman mystery is also solved. Now that only leaves Komaeda himself.

“You see thanks to her immense popularity, she was in showered in gifts and admirers all the time. This house was one of them and she was happy with it for a while.” He sneers piling up a new set of books.