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Across the Sea

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- Tuesday, June 26th, 2018 -

It’s been two and a half weeks since the full moon. Two glorious weeks.

A lot has happened in that time. Stiles had told Derek his plan to open an apothecary in town to bring in some money, and to be a front for him to use his magic to help people. Derek was really impressed with his plan and gave him the go-ahead to use whichever betas he needed to get it started. That had been a cute little suggestion, since Derek had been by his side the entire time. They picked out a storefront with large windows and a spacious back area that’s separate from the sales floor. Derek wanted there to be a backdoor in case anything went wrong and they needed a quick escape. It was also in the heart of town, close to all of the other pack-owned businesses:

Danny and Ethan have a security business that manages electronic accounts for the county council, the sheriff’s department, the school system, and the local banks. They also take independent accounts such as homes and businesses like lawyer’s and doctor’s offices. They use it to keep an eye on any suspicious comings and goings in the local supernatural circuit. They had a small army of techies at their disposal, none of which were pack members since no one was really savvy enough to make the cut.

Hale Engines is three blocks away from Danny and Ethan’s. Derek opened it to keep himself busy after the house was rebuilt and took on Isaac, Boyd, Malia and Aiden as employees. They were all quick learners and seemed like naturals. Malia has taken a special interest in foreign models and specialises in them, while Aiden, Boyd and Isaac work on the rest of the cars, trucks and bikes. Derek had worked tirelessly upon opening to rally business, working on the county vehicles for a discounted price, and their owners were so pleased with the results that they now have an account with the business for all county vehicle services. The sheriff endorses them completely.

Jackson, being the smart-mouthed political genius he is, ran for city council with Lydia as his PR specialist. With her aid, he won a spot in the heart of all the comings and goings in town and they use it as a way of keeping things that need to stay buried, buried. He and Lydia work together with Peter to ensure the pack’s success. Derek entrusts Peter and Nadia with keeping up with the other supes in the area, much to everyone’s surprise. It really didn’t come as a shock to Stiles since it was his idea. Derek had told him that he didn’t enjoy pack politics, whereas Peter seemed to thrive in them, so Derek told Peter that he and Nadia could work on relationships with other packs.

With Scott working at the clinic, and Allison and Kira splitting their time between it and the training center, Cora and Erica were left to work with Stiles in the new business, Shadow Wolf Apothecary, much to the trio’s elation. They worked hastily once they got the all-clear on getting the shop set up. Derek helped everyday with painting the walls, re-flooring the front end, and ordering everything Stiles needed in-store before the grand opening. Stiles didn’t need to order any herbs and plants since he could use his magic to grow and gather them from the garden at home. Though they worked daily on the new shop, Stiles and Derek enjoyed spending every other waking minute with each other, reveling in the new ways by which they get to spend time. Chaste kisses given in passing could quickly evolve into a full-blown make-out session, with groping and heavy petting, much to Erica’s delight and Cora’s horror.

After the full moon, Stiles and Derek had been inseparable and fell victim to all of the knowing looks from the pack. Erica and Lydia had been the most vocal in their attempts to get details. Cora knew it would happen pretty soon after Stiles got back to town, she just didn’t realize it would happen the very first night. Everyone else just smiled and congratulated the new couple after they came down from Stiles’ bedroom together, holding hands and smiling, both of them reeking of the other’s scent.

Derek has opened up even more to Stiles since the night of the full moon, which surprised the younger man even more every time it happened. Their sexual relationship has been more than healthy. Stiles had revealed to Derek that he was still a virgin; Derek seemed to like this information for obvious reasons. Stiles expressed concern over moving too fast and Derek had been more than happy to go at Stiles’ pace. It was in those instances, where they were alone and in bed, that Stiles has gotten to know Derek as a gentle soul, enjoying the light touches and kisses as he almost worshiping his body, something which Stiles quickly found he enjoyed doing in return. They've spent almost all of the nights in Stiles’ bedroom instead of Derek’s. Derek said it was because the room never had any occupants and the only scent in it was their mingled one, which thrilled Stiles to his core. Stiles thinks the reason it’s been so easy for them to fall into a relationship like they have is because they’ve had almost ten years of build-up.

* * *

“What do you mean you haven’t had sex yet?!” Erica shrieks as she unloads a case of glass jars. “I thought you’d have climbed him like a fucking tree by now! Batman, I’m disappointed…” She feigns disappointment by pouting.

Stiles walks past her carrying a case of larger glass bottles and tugs on her wild mane of hair, which is falling out of her messy bun. He unloads the bottles with huff and wipes the beads of sweat from his brow. “Shut up, hateful. I wanted us to wait and get everything out just in case he changes his mind. I don’t think I could handle it if we had sex and then he’s all old-school Derek and decides to just ignore me until I go away,” he explains as Erica carries another few cases through from the back looking smug, probably because of her display of strength. “How are you not dying?!” he exclaims. “I thought they’d be back by now. I’m about to sweat to death.” He takes off his overshirt and wraps it around his waist.

“I run hotter than you, calm your tits, and stop trying to change the subject! Stiles, you didn’t see how he was while you were away. We all tried to get him to go on dates and he just told us that he wasn’t interested in anyone here. Lyds and Cora were the first ones to pick up on what was really going on,” she says with a grimace. “The way he’d come back all chipper and shit after your secret Skype dates, even though they weren’t really secret. He was totally smitten.”

“They weren’t dates. Anyways, that’s history. We’re actually in a relationship now,” Stiles says, staring off into the distance in that heart-eyed way he does whenever he’s thinking about his very own Derek Hale.

“Stop it. Your cutesy emotions are seeping into my bitchy exterior,” Erica scolds him with a smile.

They continue sweating and unpacking all of the supplies that had been delivered earlier in the day, all while Erica unashamedly talks about her and Boyd’s first time and then goes on about the mating bite they’d given each other. She shows it off proudly. Stiles confides in the blonde bombshell his fears about the bite, how he and Derek haven’t talked about it, and she quickly consoles him. “Dude, it’s been two weeks, you two haven’t had sex yet. Which, by the way, you’re dumb for doing. Don’t worry about it. It will happen eventually and you know it.” She jerks her head towards the front of the store and gives him a grin. “Your man is back. Thank god. I was starting to get a little warm myself.”

The bell over the front entrance rings, signalling Derek and Cora’s arrival, and then Derek is on him. His arms wrap around Stiles, nose pushing into his neck, his chest pressed securely against Stiles’ back. “You smell good,” Derek whispers into Stiles’ skin, the low timber of his voice causing the younger man to shiver against him.

“Really? I feel like I should reek. Please tell me you brought the part to fix this god forsaken AC,” Stiles laughs and pushes back against Derek’s chest. He stiffens (ha) when he feels Derek’s hard length pressing firmly against his backside. Derek rumbles delightedly behind him when he starts rocking back against him with little circular motions of his hips.

“I told you I would,” Derek whispers into Stiles’ ear. “You should really stop that before you start something we can’t finish here.” He grinds his hips forward against Stiles’ ass and nips at his neck, grinning when he gets Stiles to moan quietly.

“Ahem. Are you finished molesting my boss?” Cora chirps as she walks into the back room with a haughty-looking Erica, each of them holding two ice cream cones. “I’m starting to rethink my choice of treats for us.”

Stiles jerks out of Derek’s hold in embarrassment and snatches his triple chocolate marshmallow blizzard. “Thank ya, Cor, love of my life.” he continues cheerfully. This could turn out lovely, he thinks as he licks a long strip up the side of his ice cream cone. He grins when he sees Derek’s eyes bleed bright red in response.

“You guys should just fuck already,” Erica giggles and hands Derek his strawberry cone.

He takes it and then makes Stiles’ cheeks flush even more than the horrible heat had by using his tongue to catch the melting bits.

Cora finishes her cone first and then goes to fix the dead air conditioner. When it thrums back to life, Stiles praises her god-like abilities and goes back to work with the betas and their alpha, laughing and chatting away all the while.

* * *

It’s 8pm when they decide to stop for the night. With normal humans it would’ve taken three whole days to do what two betas, a witch and an alpha have done in an evening. The small group decides to pile all of the lingering trash by the dumpsters outside and then go back through and look at their progress. The shelves lined around the front of the store hold jars just waiting to be filled with products that Stiles has been crafting and developing since he left. Many of the recipes are close to a thousand years old, the ones he learned from forest spirits in Japan that were passed down to the witches of the age.

“I can’t wait to finally be open,” Stiles says smiling, running his fingers across the lids of several jars containing crushed, purple herbs.

“I can’t wait to test all the ones that smell good,” Erica smirks as she follows Stiles movements.

“The whole place reeks of your magic, Stiles. It smells good. Like nature. It reminds me of when Isaac and I were in the jungle in South America. It’s really earthy and rich,” Cora explains fondly.

“Are you going to explain to people how you got the recipes for the things you make?” Derek asks, and then continues. “I think that would be a good idea and it’d make it more personal for the buyers.”

“That is a good idea. I plan on making a lot of the products beforehand, but if they request something in particular then I want to make it while they wait and activate the magical properties to ensure it works. I’ll make it in the back so they can’t actually see my magic, but they will definitely know my products work. I’ll explain the function of everything I put into whatever they purchase,” Stiles explains while brandishing his arms excitedly. The look of complete adoration on Derek’s face doesn’t go unnoticed.

“You guys ready to go get some grub?” Erica pipes up, smiling shyly at Derek and Stiles’ joined hands. “As entertaining as it would be to stay here and let you guys drool all over each other, I’ve heard both of your stomachs growl in the past five minutes. Danny and Malia have both texted me, asking if we’re finished up here yet.”

“Isaac did, too. Let’s go. It’s taco night!” Cora says excitedly, leading the way outside. Derek turns off the lights and Stiles locks the door. They’re all in an excellent mood when they’re walking back to their separate cars, eager to rejoin the rest of their pack back at home.

* * *

- Thursday, June 28th, 2018 -

“Oh my god! What did she get into?” Stiles is shouting over Malia’s terrified, painful screams while Aiden holds her down, his face ashen. Scott comes barreling into the room, shirtless. He keeps his hand as far away from his body as possible, which holds his balled-up shirt.

“Holy shit…” Stiles breathes as he unwraps the shirt, looking down at the lime green flower. “Aiden, keep holding her down,” he instructs sternly as the twin lays her as gently as possible on Stiles’ work bench. He looks at the girl whose flesh seems to be melting away from her hands and wrists, climbing up her arms. “Malia, sweetie, I know you’re in pain. I know this hurts, but you have to be really still for me. I’m going to fix it, I promise.” He goes around the table, pushing Scott out of the way with an apologetic smile. “Call Derek and tell him what’s going on. If I could feel that something was wrong then he must have, too.”

Scott nods and heads out of the room, reaching into his pockets as he goes.

Stiles climbs on top of the table and straddles Malia’s flailing body, his eyes and hands glowing as he summons his magic. He grabs her hands and the thrashing stops, but her body is stuck in a taut arch. He starts whispering in a foreign tongue while massaging the coyote’s hands. Aiden just looks on in numb silence as Stiles works.

The flesh starts knitting itself back across the girl’s arms and hands while Stiles’ arms start to look red and irritated, smoking slightly as the glow of his magic recedes. When Stiles slumps sideways with his eyes rolled back in his head, Aiden catches him and holds him up straight.

“That was worse than I thought,” Stiles says after finally coming back to himself. He looks pale and a tad worse for wear.

“Is she alright?” Aiden asks, his voice shaky. He goes back to Malia’s side once he knows that Stiles can stand up on his own.

“She’ll be fine once she wakes up, which should be pretty soon,” he informs the depressed-looking twin. He knows that if Derek were the one passed out on the table, minutes after watching his flesh burn off, he wouldn’t be all unicorns and rainbows either.

“What the fuck is that?!” Aiden snarls at Stiles as the witch picks up the flower hidden in Scott’s folded shirt.

“This is a new breed of wolfsbane,” Stiles informs the beta while he studies the intricate petals in his hand. “Well, it’s not necessarily a new breed, it just happens to be new to this continent. The oldest strand documented to be exact. The original wolfsbane. This would’ve killed her in seconds had she ingested it. Her insides doing what you watched her arms do. Hell, this would’ve killed her by this time tomorrow just by touching it. Where is this even growing? Where was she?” Stiles inquires incredulously.

“We were burying the sacks you gave us where you told us to!” Aiden shouts angrily over the knocked-out girl.

Stiles takes a step back when there’s a roar from the door.

“Watch how you speak to him,” Derek snarls through bared fangs, eyes glowing dangerously.

Aiden cowers when Derek approaches the witch, placing a comforting hand at the base of his spine.

“I didn’t know Aiden, I swear. I’ll take care of it. This can’t happen again,” Stiles says softly, looking down at Malia’s sleeping face. “We got lucky this time.”

Malia starts to stir and Aiden scoops her up and is out the door before she can wake fully.

“Are you okay?” Derek asks gently, rubbing soothing circles into Stiles’ lower back. He tucks his face against the witch’s neck and takes deep breaths. “You smell like whatever you did hurt you.”

“I’m fine now. I had to absorb the poison and burn it out,” Stiles replies quietly, trying not to worry the alpha currently whining into his neck. “I don’t know how this got here. This hasn’t been seen in centuries. I’ve read about it in some of the books Deaton gave me, and Daiki’s grandmother told me stories about it when she taught me in the forest. I need to get all of it and destroy it. If the wrong people found this-“ Stiles chokes out, trying to subdue his panic.

“Calm down, baby. You’ve got to breathe with me. They got her to you in time and you fixed it. You are such a good mate, taking care of our pack like that. You smell so strong.” Derek’s eyes slowly turn red while he guides Stiles away from his panic attack, letting his wolf come out to comfort his mate, knowing just what to say to help him. He hears when Stiles’ heartbeat speeds up again, for a different reason this time. Stiles lets himself be held and leans into the chest of his alpha even more, not saying a word about Derek’s wolf calling him his mate. If Stiles had a wolf, he knows it would be rolling over to show Derek his belly, preening under the attention and affection.

* * *

“No one is to go back to where Malia was burying her sack today,” Derek commands the pack after dinner. “Stiles and Lydia are going tomorrow afternoon to destroy the wolfsbane.” He pauses. “As well as to bring some back here. Stiles has told you all what it can do and what kind it is. While there are no active hunters in the area, the mere idea of a hunter getting their hands on just one of these flowers pisses me the fuck off. With that said, Stiles and Lydia have done some research and they think they can make some type of vaccination from this strand since it is the oldest known type of wolfsbane.” At this, everyone starts talking at once and he directs their questions to Stiles and Lydia.

After Stiles explains how he believes he can alter the chemical composition of the flower, Lydia states that she will be formulating it into a vaccination for the wolves. They discuss it rather excitedly, asking everyone for their opinions and answering questions. Stiles leans back in his favorite chair and takes a gander around the room, at his pack. His gaze falls on Derek, his smiling features, how he’s cradling Petra to his chest securely. He starts to appreciate just how much Derek has changed from the angry, hollow, unsure young adult he was when they first met to the confident, respected, trusted alpha he is today.

Stiles feels a hot twist of desire as Derek catches him staring and grins shyly at him from across the room. He feels his cheeks heat up and looks away. He keeps thinking about how Derek called him his mate earlier when he was freaking out. Luckily, that got Stiles thinking about ways in which he could turn this bad mamma jamma around, now that he and Lydia will be working on a vaccine for it. He continues thinking about how Derek is perfect for him, and how he wants to give everything to Derek, his body first.


Stiles doesn’t realize how in his own head he’s gotten until Derek startles him by leaning over the back of his chair and nuzzling his neck from behind.

“You want to go to bed?” Derek asks delicately, somehow knowing just what Stiles has just been thinking about.

Stiles’ cheeks feel like they’re on fire when he looks at Derek and kisses him lightly on the lips. “Yeah. I do.”

* * *

When Derek kisses him, it’s like there’s a fire igniting in his soul. It’s somehow slow and fast, desperate and gentle all at once. Stiles pulls his shirt off first and then he slowly unbuttons his alpha’s. It’s hard to keep his eyes on Derek’s red ones as he marvels at the body before him. He can feel his heart beating almost too fast as Derek runs hands down his sides and against his back, pulling him closer to lay claim to his lips. He surrenders to the older man, letting Derek know that he’s giving everything to him in that kiss, giving him permission to take what has always been his, whether either of them knew it before or not.

Stiles isn’t sure how they wind up naked on the bed, Derek’s eyes still a deep ruby, his own the color of liquid amber. He does know that his body is covered in dark purple bruises, a symbol of Derek’s claiming. He rubs each one with a tenderness that has nothing to do with pain as Derek kisses over each of them again.

Derek settles himself between Stiles’ legs and looks up at the witch, a burning question clear in his eyes. Stiles just grins and runs his fingers through his hair. He takes that as a yes and continues nosing down Stiles’ body, making shivers run down Stiles’ spine. Derek leans over the witch and places kisses across both eyelids and breathes out, “Keep these closed.”

Stiles has never been one to give up control of anything. Ever. But this is Derek. He wants to do it for him, wants to give him everything he asks for, and probably will. He’s aware that some people may call that unhealthy, but fuck them.

He keeps his eyes closed and listens to Derek’s breathing, to the sweet things he’s saying, how each word is like a prayer to his body, and how Derek’s voice is like the voice of God to him. He feels Derek’s lips ghosting over parts of his body that he has never touched before. He feels the way Derek loves him in the way he presses his lips wherever they take him. He feels Derek’s shoulders lock under his thighs and runs his fingers through Derek’s hair, holding on for whatever the older man is about to do.

Stiles needs to hold on to Derek. Needs to stay grounded because the way Derek is massaging and touching and licking into his opening is making him feel way more exposed and cracked down to his core than he’s ever been before. He’s holding on when Derek’s fingers breach him. They take away every bad thing that has ever happened to him, take his heart and mold it into a shape that will fit inside the alpha’s, to keep it safe. He feels it when Derek takes his voice and replaces it with something he can’t even make out. It’s pleading, begging. Stiles isn’t sure because the only thing he’s seeing is black and white.

And red.

When Stiles opens his eyes, Derek is looking down at him, leaning down to nibble on his throat. When Stiles’ hearing finally comes back, though he wasn’t aware it had gone anywhere, he hears Derek praising him:

“Perfect. My mate, you were made for me. You feel like home. I want to claim you, I want to bite you. I want you to bite me, to let everyone know who I belong to. I want your mark to stay there, a declaration that we belong to each other. Such a good mate.”

Stiles can’t believe he hasn’t freaked out yet but everything about this feels right. He even feels like he should be pleading for Derek. “Please. Derek, please. I can’t wait to feel you inside of me, I need it. I need you in me. I want you to bite me. Please…”

Derek leans into Stiles’ space and kisses him deep, letting him taste himself on his tongue, before sitting back on his feet. He pushes Stiles’ legs back against his chest and starts rubbing his cock against Stiles’ hole, spreading his pre-cum around Stiles’ pink rim, lets his spit fall into Stiles’ opening. He looks down at the younger man as he finally slides in.

Stiles can’t breathe for a minute. It feels like too much, too big, too thick for his small opening. Derek’s draining his pain as he watches him struggle with his size at first, just enough to take the edge off.

“Breathe baby, I’ve got you. You’re doing so good. You’re perfect. You feel so good. You feel just right. I’m going to make you feel so fucking good. I’m gonna stay just like this until you tell me to move, baby. Don’t cover your mouth, I want to hear you,” the alpha whispers as he holds Stiles’ wrists by his sides.

Once Stiles’ breathing is back in his control, he can’t help but appreciate the fullness he feels with Derek fully seated inside of him. He feels whole, having Derek this close to him. He wants to feel this forever, like there’s a sun in his heart, one that shines just as bright as the moon in Derek’s. “Please move,” is all he can manage to say.

Derek starts rocking into Stiles slowly, dragging the head of his dick against Stiles’ prostate on every stroke. It should be impossible for Derek to be so perfectly attuned to Stiles’ every reaction, sigh, breath, gasp and wince. And yet it’s not. He already knows what drives the witch crazy and he does those things with a level of confidence that constantly brings Stiles to the edge and then pushes him away so as not to topple over without him. He leans down and kisses him and the friction of his furry abs against Stiles’ hard, leaking cock is almost too much for the younger man.

“I want you to bite me.” Stiles knows he’s driving the alpha crazy by whispering things in his ear, like he’s praying to his God, some holy being that only he knows, who has given him everything, more than he ever knew he needed.

Derek’s pace starts to increase and the sweat between them is adding more slide to Stiles’ leaking cock. When Derek’s fangs elongate and pierce Stiles’ neck, he comes with a moan, the pleasure spreading like the blood leaking from around Derek’s mouth. Stiles starts to feel hard again and when he feels Derek pounding relentlessly into his tight ass, he latches onto the space between Derek’s shoulder and the side of his neck and bites down hard. Derek’s blood fills his mouth and Stiles comes again.

Derek howls into Stiles neck as he grabs hold of him again with his fangs, releasing his seed deep into Stiles’ willing body. They lie there, licking each other’s wounds and kissing each other’s blood-stained lips, not caring about the coppery tang at all. They are bound now, by the exchanged blood flowing through their veins, by the mating magic joining with Stiles’ own magic, so thick it permeates the air they breathe, by the love that has brought them so far, which promises to carry them the rest of their way.

When the alpha and the witch finally fall asleep in each other’s arms, warm and safe, something ancient, dark and evil has been awakened across the sea.