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Zero Darkness

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"Ichimatsu-niisan, take a picture with me!" Todomatsu held out his cell phone in front of both of us.

I winced wondering why he incessantly felt compelled to point that thing anywhere near me.

"Why," my reply snapped, more of a command for cessation than a true inquiry.

"I don't have any with you!"

Of course he'd pout. That's been Todomatsu's calling card since day one. I all but ignored his puffed cheeks and puckered lips, feeling his eyes bore into me. There was no need for pictures with him. I don't care for dealing with his crocodile tears when I'm of the absolute most certainty that any efforts I put into his charade will be utterly fruitless when he's bound to cast me aside like something used and soiled. He's arrogant trash who only wants the satisfaction of marveling at comparing his looks to mine, and though we are undeniably identical he will manage to convince himself his charm points are infinitely superior to mine. Even though I know there isn't a shadow of a doubt he thinks he's better than me, I hid my smirk under my mask and oppositely felt above him. At least I wasn't so low as to delude myself into thinking I am not festering mound of decomposing waste.


I didn't think elaboration was necessary. Why should I waste my valueless time on the whims of my spoiled, two-faced brother? He huffed, clearly growing frustrated with my increasing despondency in regards to his ploys for attention. The cell phone flickered in the corner of my eye as Todomatsu shook it at me. The sort of behaviors my youngest brother toted as cute and endearing, I abjectly deemed horrifically undignified. It didn't matter, really, because his huffing and pouting usually gained him the things he sought after, so he was satisfied. His pathetic acts of lowering himself for petty gain held no sway over me, so I was satisfied.

"So I want one!" Todomatsu demanded, his voice squeaking as he whined.

Hiding a smirk was one thing, but now I had to hold back a wry laugh. It was funny, or at least I thought it was, that I found my time valueless and yet I wouldn't waste a waking moment of it on his selfish, juvenile requests. The harder I held back, the more I had to suppress my shoulders from giving me away. Still, Todomatsu is vain, not stupid, and began spitefully snapping what were sure to be remarkably unflattering pictures.

"Stop," I commanded flatly, exerting no effort whatsoever into my voice.

It was no surprise that he didn't. The clacking shutter of the camera resonated like an uneven, useless metronome. I vowed to bludgeon him if ever I saw my own hideous face in some impressively uglier angle posted on social media. I realized, however, this vow was empty because discovering it as such would require me to log in or even have accounts on any social media. I swatted at him, trying to knock the camera out of his clutches, but he was easily swifter than my stupid lazy arms and all that effort I'd claimed to refuse spending on him was spent anyway. My mind waltzed between feelings of aggravation and apathy over that. Mostly I just didn't want him to take the upper hand in an unspoken battle waged daily between myself, himself, and our four brothers. I quickly grew weary of the horrible clicking and crawled a bit before pulling myself upright to all out leave him. I could easily exist in idle futility elsewhere.


A tug to the hem of my pants was all it took to bring me back down to the floor. Of course he'd trip me, and of course I'd be clumsy and oafish and fall flat and hard. I groaned on the impact, irritated that now he was outright shaming me by continuing to take these ugly photos. He coiled around my leg, chanting my name and tugging at my sleeves to get me to respond. I lay flat on my face, refusing to turn towards the camera and grace him with a stiff, prosthetic smile that would assuredly look vile and mechanically transplanted on my features. Another click, another tug at my clothing, another demonic giggle at my expense.

"Todomatsu..." I ushered only enough emotion into my voice to convey a warning tone.

Never one to fall for idle threats, he ignored me, actively pressed into me, and the shutter incessantly went off. I didn't care for this. My indifference was becoming more cumbersome than actually assuaging him. Still, though, out of pettiness I had no desire whatsoever to turn around, smile, and be on with my life. Instead I chose to attempt a small effort in pleading for cessation.

"Why," I questioned him. "None of these have my face."

It was more than that. I'm sure they were all coming out off center and blurry and unusable except with the purpose of aggravating me in this moment. I lay still on my face, hoping that soon enough he'd realize he was no longer getting a rise out of me and would grow weary of this game. It was a slim hope. And yet, by some chance of a small miracle he paused. He paused for a suspicious duration, in fact. I felt my eyes narrow, growing leery of what he could possibly be doing.


His voice was low, thoughtful. Anxiety spiked high in my chest and I flipped over. He scrolled through the gallery of pictures he'd snapped. I watched his face twitch through a variety of subtle expression changes. Clearly he was mulling something over. He swiped through his phone relatively quickly, reviewing the images and giving pause and consideration to a few every once in awhile. I made a grunt, hoping it was enough to convey I was at least a little curious. He blinked, pulled from his reverie, and cast me a hollow glance before returning to the glowing screen. All mischief had been dropped and somehow this felt terrifying.

"Some of these..." Todomatsu began, but trailed off as he flipped between images. "They're... Really good, actually..."

Skepticism was certainly something I considered a strong suit, but any and every instance of it in my life prior to this moment paled in the extremity in which I doubted those words. I stared directly into him. I didn't know what I expected. I kicked him and he shook his head, as though physically dragging himself to return from his trance. He turned the phone to me, letting me see a few. As suspected, the images were blurry and entirely not of social media quality. What caught my attention and came as a peculiarity was that they were all of my lower body, and the back end at that. Confusion settled in my knit eyebrows. Todomatsu snatched his phone back.

"How did I never notice this before?"

He asked this aloud, but I hardly assumed he was directing this to me. His voice was eerily distant. I struggled to rationalize over how and why, but I suddenly felt vulnerable.

"Why doesn't mine look like this?"

This time I knew it was directed to me. I screwed up my face a bit. I had no idea what he meant. Todomatsu looked completely dazed. He seemed a mixture of jealous, angry, and hopeful all wrapped into a nerve wracking package. They called me the unreadable one, and at least this is result of absolute and perpetual indifference. Todomatsu, on the other hand, when unclear was a chaotic force to be reckoned with. I'm by no means intimidated by him but this doesn't mean he's incapable of manipulating any single one of us to his whims, for better or worse.

"Like what," I dared to seek confirmation.

Another surprise. He swung his legs over me abruptly, squatting over the backs of my knees to pin me in my position face down on the carpet. The shutter continued clicking, though without all the squirming I understood with certainty that he was taking pictures of my ass. Ice ran through my veins. I wanted to just kick him, hopefully forcing him to stop being strange, but instead I froze.

"So... Full!" Todomatsu's voice had a giddiness to it. "Seriously, why didn't I notice? I guess no one would suspect you to have a charm point."

Now I did kick, but he only crawled off of my knees when he saw it fit.

"It pains me to say it, niisan, but you have a cute little butt," he finally giggled.

My lips pulled in a few different directions as I searched myself, trying to discern just what this feeling was that I had been experiencing. I hated it, but I wanted him to elaborate and tell me more. He rolled onto his back, our shoulders side by side while I still lay flat on my stomach. Heads tilted towards each other, he scrolled through his gallery, showing me a few of the less blurred images.


I saw. I didn't know what to think, though. If this was what it felt like to be complimented, my inclination was to shoot him down and squash any pleasantry involved with the underlying fear of growing accustomed to kind yet strange words. I was loathe to fall into that pathetic way of being. More to the point, since I wasn't even certain if this was actually a compliment, I'd never until this point seen a picture of my own ass as such and that alone was unnerving. He didn't say more, but continued scrolling through the images and sneakily lowered his hand to cup the roundest part of my bottom. I bit my tongue to hold back a yelp. A wash of indifference coupled with inquisitiveness strangely engulfed me. He moved both hands diligently. The one flipped between images thoughtfully while the other made a movement that was not quite a grope and not quite an exploration in the way a child might be learning to use motor skills. He wasn't violating me in anyway other than examining me in a bizarre show of interest no one had ever displayed towards me until now. For awhile, I allowed it.

"I'm so mad right now," Todomatsu sulked, pinching the bulging side of my ass. "We are supposed to be identical. Mine really doesn't fill out like this."

I didn't want to bother explaining to him that none of him filled out the way I did. It wasn't as though my ass was the exclusive piece of my body that was thick. Thinking on this, I began to hate the attention. I squirmed a bit, shying away from his prying hand. He was nothing if not coy and observant, so I couldn't say his firm hand on my waistband came as a surprise.

"Sorry, wait. Please," he softly requested and I felt compelled to at least hear him out. "Just a few more pictures, Ichimatsu-niisan? For my goals. If yours can, I want mine to look like that."

I heaved a reluctant sigh with a nod and fell limp once more. I tried not to tense as he tugged at the waistband of my comfortable pants and began rearranging my briefs. I should have seen it coming, but I didn't. I was unwilling to go back on my approval, but my heart raced and I felt terribly exposed. My hips lifted seemingly on their own to allow proper movement and my pants hugged my thighs. The shutter of the camera haunted me with its every click and the resonation tingled through my nerves, making the tips of my ears burn in embarrassment. I hated that I lazily and foolishly agreed to this, but the way I felt his eyes burning into me, I couldn't find it within myself to call it off. A voice in the back of my mind hoped my undergarments weren't ripped or stained, though I rightfully feared they were. A competing voice berated myself for falling into a distorted sense of vanity that craved vehemently and suddenly to look good for him while enfeebled like this. I felt beyond embarrassed, in a new sense of warped pride and crushing humiliation. I didn't think I hated it. In fact, I was breathing so heavily I didn't think much at all.

"Hm, no..." Todomatsu mused and my blood ran cold. "I don't like this."

I buried my head shamefully into my arms. The heat burned in my face, feeling disgusting and wretched for foolishly believing this hadn't all been a cruel and elaborate build up to mock me. I tensed, though, agreeing with myself and my assessment. Why would anyone ever find anything remotely desirable about my slovenly form? Not only did I feel betrayed by the kind build up, but I felt let down and ridiculous for buying into such lies in the first place. I tried fruitlessly to bury myself deeper and prepared myself for was assuredly about to be an onslaught of criticisms.

"I'd never dress like this," Todomatsu continued on. "How am I supposed to imagine what I could look like if it's clearly pictures of you, Ichimatsu-niisan?"

I tensed impossibly further, absolutely taken aback by words I didn't expect. His words held one of two implications. With baited breath I wondered if he chose to relinquish me from his entertainment or if he'd ask me for more.

"One more favor? Will you try something on for me upstairs?"

Shocked that nothing condemning my sorry state came forth, I muttered a shy agreement into my elbows. Relief and shame flooded over me as I lay exposed and confused, mulling over what I'd agreed to. I felt awful, but this seemed innocuous. I was being the weird one, not him. I supposed that if I backed out now, I'd look suspicious.

"Just make it fast," I pulled myself up and righted my clothing.

Todomatsu gave me a look I struggled to read. Was he giddy? Was he grateful? Was he winding me up even further? He made it impossible to tell as he flipped yet again through his image gallery. He paused only to give me a once over as we made our way up the stairs. The way I couldn't decipher the mood intrigued me just enough to give in to his strange whim. Once in our room, he began rifling through a dresser drawer in search of something. He didn't immediately show me what he'd retrieved.

"Okay, promise not to tease me?" Todomatsu started, looking extremely nervous.

The tense energy transferred to me, despite my efforts to remain emotionally stagnant. His eyebrows knit deeply, creasing his forehead and for a moment I considered telling him I'd rather fuck off, for both our sakes. It's not like I had a big ass on purpose, so I could hardly be of assistance in his baffling quest. Even so, I gave the slightest raise of my shoulders in a shrug, signifying I hadn't teased him yet and probably wouldn't.

"Okay... Okay," he collected himself. "I wanted to get into some cam work, or maybe alternative gravure modeling, maybe, to make some extra money, and-and I had to buy some outfits!"

Without further explanation he raised the garment in question. Curiosity killed the cat, and as such for a fleeting moment I thought my heart would stop. I looked between the small clothes and him, eyes wider than I'd felt them open in years. I'm not sure what sort of thing I'd expected, but this was certainly not that.

"You want me to...?" I trailed off for fear of nervously stammering in a lack of desire to put words to this particular proposition.

"They don't fit me right!" Todomatsu defended his point immediately. "They sag in the back and I can't wear them, even though they looked so nice on the rack, and I just thought... Maybe if I could see them on the right shape, it'd... It'd maybe motivate me?"

Until that point I never considered the possibility of a blush to be contagious, but the longer I vacantly stared at him stammering and flushing a deep scarlet, I felt warmth pool in my belly and heat my flesh from the inside. Something about how forthright he'd been about this rather than his typical sneakiness was compelling. He had been entirely genuine, and I doubted even Sly Totty was putting on a complicated front in a devious scheme to humiliate me. I swallowed the thick lump in my throat and ran my tongue over my dry teeth, trying to ignore the grimy film that came with desperately needing to brush them. I took a step forward, and with a nod I took them from his hand.

"So... So you'll do it?" Todomatsu gasped then questioned me, voice wavering nervously.

I nodded again, afraid if I spoke my voice would crack. It was a combination of sincere curiosity and abject cruelty. A stressfully decadent part of myself I didn't wish to address in the time being was aching to see how I might look. It felt entirely vile and deplorable, to try on and parade around in a pair of my brother's panties. That sickening aspect alone was enough to wriggle its appeal into my mind, and I felt revoltingly pleased. And yet, I hadn't snuck around and come across them while snooping about in places I had no business. No, not at all. He'd come to me of his own volition with this less than savory request. Even though I was fully compliant and involved, I had less of a sense of waning pride than Todomatsu, and I knew if nothing else he could be readily and easily blackmailed in the future. This could even prove as a small ladling of the stew of my petty revenge for the times he'd had a smart mouth and insulted me.

"Yeah," I nodded, failing to repress the devious smirk forming in the corners of my mouth. "I'll do it."

He regarded me with the same nervous yet eager look of anticipation. I didn't begin changing straight away, but rather ran my fingers over the gossamer fabric. These certainly seemed something of little Totty's selection. I didn't know much about the quality or make of lingerie, but these felt nice. The pale rose mesh slipped easily between my fingers, showing my flesh easily through the sheer fabric as the mottled, seer-sucker pattern puckered and tickled the pads of each digit. It contrasted wonderfully against the less abstract texture of the elegant cream colored frills of lace outlining the entirety of the garment's waist and high cut legs. I plucked at the tiny, feminine bow adorning the center. I supposed it was meant to sit a bit below the navel and entice the eye to be drawn a bit lower to the naughty bits that lurked beneath, just barely hidden by the useless veil of pink mesh. Despite its design and intention, it already had me rapt with attention. It was a delicate shade of girlish lilac, and the color alone was enough to draw my eyes to it.

"Are you ready?" Todomatsu asked, fidgeting and clearly growing more anxious with each minute I procrastinated changing.

I looked up to him for a moment, but couldn't bare to make prolonged eye contact. It was disorienting, in that he was so sure he wanted to waste such sweet lace on a contemptuous being such as myself. Then again, this was an equally repugnant being who had the intentions of selling his body in a demeaning manner for the purpose of procuring a few extra bills each month. The most delectable part of such depravity was that he was by no means destitute and sought these extra spends for the sole purpose of piddling it away on more trendy or designer items. I hated how his materialism drove him to such levels of pathetic behavior, but I wasn't surprised in the slightest. He was my own flesh and blood, after all, inherently making him only a shade less filthy than absolute human garbage.

I ceased prolonging the matter any longer and placed the little panties to the side to begin stripping. I only removed the clothing from my lower body, but the chill of the air still gave me goosebumps. My back was turned to Todomatsu, but I still managed to feel entirely exposed and my nerves were shot, feeling his hopeful eyes on my bare flesh. I reminded myself I had no reason to feel like an uncomfortable mess and stepped my first leg into the lingerie. About to my knees, I pushed my other leg through the corresponding hole.

"I hope they fit," he chittered behind me and I paused to glare at him.

They weren't all the way up before their unfamiliar snugness began squeezing at my bloated flesh. I knew immediately they were far too small. My confidence sank as my petite counterpart's prior words resonated in my head. These were too big on him. Still I pulled them upright. The unforgiving lace strained where my thighs met my hips and the edges of the backside pressed into the fuller parts of my ass where the hem of no garment had graced until now. It was extremely uncomfortable and yet I had little desire to remove them. Clearly, these were not at all intended for the male form and my soft dick pressed firmly into the stretching confines of the mesh. The slim waistband bent and rolled over itself, crushing the pretty lilac bow. The combined effort of my genitals unsuited for the garment and my ample flesh elsewhere distorted the once darling shape of the thing and contorted it into something ugly. Even so, a piece of me burned to see the state of myself.

"Turn around," Todomatsu requested, spinning his finger in the air. "I want to see."

I took a few steps. The lace pinched my flesh with each movement and I suspected prolonged wear would result in chafing. Slowly and awkwardly, I shuffled in a small circle in the hopes this would quench his thirsts. I glanced up to him briefly and immediately wished I hadn't. His mouth hung open, twitching in a deranged half smile. His eyes flitted back and forth. I'd seen some of my other brothers make such faces, but never Todomatsu. To describe myself as unnerved was a gross understatement. I turned my back to him again, both to relieve myself from that look as well as give him a view of my ass, hoping that this would swiftly fulfill the request.

"It's perfect," he cooed in a hushed whisper. "What the fuck, Ichimatsu-niisan, this is so unfair."

I wished he didn't say things that like, embarrassing me and drawing attention to my body in ways I had no desires of growing accustomed to. My skin was crawling and nearly steaming with the ways I was sweating and blushing. I knew very well that I could cease this humiliation at any time and remove myself from it all, but I simultaneously felt as though a position of power had been placed over me and there was no way I could call it off until I'd been granted explicit permission. For a moment I marveled at the reality that a useless slip of inanimate fabric had a stronger will than a wretched creature such as myself. The revelation served only to further enchant me and let myself sink lower. My head bowed and my knees buckled as I tried to shrink in on myself, shying away from the power of the situation.

I listened to the sound of Todomatsu clanging around for his phone before he shuffled over and I felt his presence warm and tingling behind me. I tensed, and there was no way to hide it, because it happened as pure result from his fingers trailing the line of lace that was surely leaving a deep indentation on my buckling flesh. It didn't deter him and he slipped his fingers delicately underneath the folds and began pulling and tugging the panties to sit properly in place. My quickening breath grew more difficult to mask, much like my quickening inability to ascertain the growing enjoyment of being touched while wearing another person's panties. This wasn't supposed to be erotic, it was a benign favor. Knowing I was feeling the first tingles of absolutely forbidden arousal made me feel horrifically vile. Still, it was magnificent how readily I could and would succumb to the slimiest of things.

Todomatsu worked meticulously, hopefully unaware of the turmoil I was facing as each inadvertent caress sent icy shivers across my flesh. Each tug of the panties from behind had the fabric slithering across my cock. Each slide of mesh preceded a click of the camera shutter. Each picture solidified the knowledge that I was blatantly being objectified and idolized. Each step into further accepting this fact while the panties strained to stay in tact and hands fueled by the private desire to obtain my body ghosting along the curvatures of my skin ushered in a brand of debauchery I never could have believed I might experience. I bit my lip and shivered, obediently obeying for pose after pose if it meant I could enjoy the feel of someone tenderly touching my skin while wearing this sinful garment. The more disgusted I felt for violating these panties with my tainted flesh, the more my hunger grew to keep them for as long as imaginable. It became hard to tell if I had since stopped judging Todomatsu and heartily agreed that wearing such things had a niceness, or if I simply now hated each of us equally for turning out to be such perverse degenerates.

I wondered just how many images he needed, or if he was planning to take many and select only his favorites for reference. He moved me again, pushing at my back and pressing his hand between my thighs to spread my legs wider. His smooth fingertips lingered longer than before and I held my body stiff. They traced a small thoughtful circle on the inside of one of my thighs while I stood presenting and bent over. Todomatsu's hand crept up my backside, though I had no idea if this motion was meant to excite me or if it was merely tracing the path from my leg to my hoodie, which he then gripped. As troubling as it was, a dark part of me hoped it was the former.

"Can you take this off?"

He tugged on the end of my final piece of modesty. I looked over my shoulder, flustered and not particularly wishing to expose myself much further.

"It's ruined the shot in this angle," he explained plainly.

Unable and unwilling to explain that I hated how my upper body squished and folded in the most unflattering ways, I opted to simply concede and made to peel out of the warmth and comfort of my hoodie. My arms crossed and I drew it over my head. I felt my nostril hair practically curl at the stale scent of my own body hair and the stench of every unpleasant aroma that managed to cling to my unwashed skin and clothing. Yet somehow feeling unfortunate and undesirable added to the peculiar feeling of irresistibility that came from these tiny, ill fitting panties. I tossed my stretched out, filthy hoodie out of the camera's scrutinizing view.

"That's much better," his bright voice resonated while his warm palm slipped into the dip in my lower back.

He pushed me back to my former position. I hoped the thin fabric of my undershirt provided any amount of modesty and wouldn't give him a show of my hardened nipples. His wandering hands positioning my body to the ways he saw fit did my pooling arousal no favors. I wasn't hard, and that much was a blessing. But the gritty truth remained that if this activity progressed much longer I would be. My chest was heaving by the time the camera shuttered clicked a handful of times while he scurried around my backside, seeking the most desirable angles. Like one of Pavlov's dogs, the audio cue had become a trigger. In the case, each little snap pumped more blood lower in my body.

"These look incredible, Ichimatsu-niisan," he cooed softly, pausing to admire his work and my ugly body. "It's so form fitting on there, I can't believe how good it looks. I got the short end of the stick on this one, biologically speaking."

Biology, right. I rolled my eyes. It wasn't a matter of the gene pool in question here. I'm bigger than him, and it's not from nature. It's result of over two decades of being lazy and actively deciding to worsen myself through that laziness. Still, the unfamiliarity and jealousy were proving to be additional factors in my red face and swelling dick. I made a small, uncomfortable grunt.

"Are we almost done here?" I tried to mask the whine in my voice with an air of just a little more irritation than I actually felt.

"Hm? Oh. Just one more pose, please," he requested with an admittedly cute wink.

I wished he hadn't done that. I really didn't want to get caught in a position miraculously more compromising than being caught in panties alone. He had said one more pose, and that was that. I'd hurry through this wretched ordeal and could resume my suffering in solitude. The thought of enjoying some private time to myself after all of this sustained me.

"Okay," I nodded, gesturing for him to get on with it already.

He took a few short steps forward to stand directly in front of me. To my shock he began pushing me to the floor. His hand gripped my shoulder firmly and the aggression sent a pulse frantically through my cock. Please don't look down...

"Get on your knees," he demanded. "But keep your legs spread."

I obeyed, and balanced myself upright on my knees, legs spread wide enough I could have perched atop a horse in this position. He looked down on me and I made the mistake of looking up to his gaze. His eyes looked through me, viewing me in the same way a coupon savvy shopper might scrutinize a slice of discount meat, wondering if the purchase was truly worth the pricing label. He didn't touch me, he didn't look at my face, he didn't speak, and yet I had never felt more violated. I struggled and failed to swallow past the dryness of my mouth. The need to speak as something of a desperate ploy for him to look at my face was overwhelming. He licked his lips and I felt precum smear on my head and leak into the mesh.

"Is...this right?" I sounded pathetic.

He crouched low and began to turn over, lying on his back. Now I looked down on him. His bangs flipped up and I drank in the entirety of his face. It was remarkable, the way I could drink in every feature and still find him entirely unreadable. Scooting backward slowly, he raised the cell phone to his chest and gave me the comets of smirks.

"I need to be able to fit between your legs."

"I...what?" I squeaked, to my chagrin, and cringed at the high tone of my voice.

"I want a few close ups," he pushed his head between my legs.

My heart galloped behind the cage of my ribs. Icy beads of sweat trickled down my back as his hot breath tickled my balls. This was preposterously intimate and I wondered if this had been his plan from the earliest stages. He raised the phone between my legs and above his face with a deafening click of the shutter. My cock stood rigid, unlike my buckling knees straddling either side of his head. Control of my body escaped me. As if I'd had control over this putrid heap in the first place. Shallow gasps pushed through my parted lips and I fretted over how long it would be before I was caught. He had a full view of my ass, but a rush of relief hit me realizing he was possibly still far enough behind me to obstruct his vision of my throbbing cock being crushed by thin mesh and elegant lace.

My suspicions began to rise. Gossamer fingers teased my skin, plucking the lace and snapping it aggressively into the sensitive flesh dangerously close to my privates. I inadvertently shuddered at this and cursed myself as yet another tone emitted from the cell phone. A breathy laugh whispered against my trembling, exposed body.

"Did you think you'd enjoy wearing panties, niisan?" Todomatsu finally teased me.

Sly Totty emerged, it seemed. I bit the corner of my mouth, humiliated but still composed enough to suppress the shameful whine that threatened to escape my lips. If my dick pulsed any harder, I swore it would leap out from the rolled top of the panties, or worse yet shred clear through the flimsy material. He exhaled, hot and slow and intentional. By now we were both fully aware of the salacious situation I'd let myself grow into. Regret swept over me, and hindsight reminded me I'd been foolish to ever agree to winding down this crusty path of bizarre favors amongst brothers. Despite this, intrigue hit me as well. A yearning to feel another drawn out sigh against my ass was utterly sensationalized in my despicable mind. I should have taken this opportunity to kick him square in the shoulder, smash his phone into the floor, and immediately threaten him with blackmail. But I didn't want to. Instead, I pressed hard into the floor to maintain my stance. I wanted him to touch me and tease me more.

"I have never thought about wearing panties," I replied with as much conviction I could muster.

I felt satisfied with that response. It didn't confirm or negate anything, but it sufficiently answered the inquiry.

"It must be that much more surprising to you then, isn't it Ichimatsu-niisan?" Todomatsu spoke raggedly, accentuating every word in the obvious and effective game of wrapping me around his finger.

I'm not sure if my reply was a choke or a hiccup but I hated that it was exactly what he wanted.

"Don't feel bad," his soothing words belied his derogatory tone. "They're just underpants. Granted, they're very nice underpants. They're not for every day, of course, though I wear ones just like this often enough."

I was only vaguely aware of the trickle of drool running down my lip and onto my chin, virtually entranced by the seductive tone and the prickling feeling that ran down my limbs.

"Though if I had an ass like this," he paused the thought to cup and squeeze me before he tucked a finger into the snug hold of the hem, "I'd be very tempted to never take them off."

I quivered and moaned, despite myself. My cock ached and bulged in the ridiculous garment, swelling to a painful extent. I considered briefly that I might succumb and dip my hand into the frail threads and give myself a stroke or two, just enough for relief. I resisted. Even such a foul being such as myself had an ounce of lingering pride and dignity, regardless of the steamy voice of temptation flustering my nether regions. His fingers ran up and down inside the hem, making me shake and subconsciously slip lower and lower. Todomatsu's little nose grazed my backside and brushed it. I felt him take a deep inhale of my musky scent. The flash of arousal resulting from such a crass gesture nearly made me feel sick.

The warmth and heat that then pressed against my hole made my vision blur. The mottled fabric scrunched on my skin and dragged decadently across my flesh, slimy and hot from the aggressive force of his tongue pushing flat and wide against me. By now, regardless of the fleeting requests from my brain, my body could no longer resist the urges to grunt out an appreciative moan. I felt a small snicker, but the vibrations felt so blissful I couldn't bring myself to feel the heat of shame. He licked another fat stripe along the sheer panties, but this time blew on it, cooling the saliva and feeling exquisitely chilled compared to the rest of my burning body.

"To...Todomatsu..." I said his name in the beginnings of a thought that never truly formulated.

Another impish laugh titillated my crawling skin before his sneaky hands drew forward and curled around the thickness of my thighs. His tongue began probing me again and again, offering me no chance to respond to the newest groping. It slithered in long pulls against my hole, ceasing only for brief seconds to fill the air with hellish giggling. I stopped caring. The deviancy of the act alone was enough to propel my heightened arousal to ever growing states. My knees tensed on either side of his head. He pinched me, pulling at the more ample portions of my body while he lavished me in sloppy, careless laps that kept my dick aching despite their lazy application. Perhaps he intentionally used poor technique in the hopes of riling me further, finding his own satisfaction in my squirms of anticipation. I'd sank so low into the pits of depravity that I near eagerly acquiesced. I was greedy and neglected. My back arched and I veritably rutted against his face, urging his nasty tongue to work me harder. I felt the pull of his cheeks in a devious grin pressing firmly into my sweaty, supple flesh. Deciding the ridicule was worth the further ministrations, I pushed deeper into his mouth. He moved in kind and let his tongue slip vigorously along me, fighting against the resistance of the tight lingerie.

Finally we'd both had enough of this. He slipped the panties to one side and deftly plunged his tongue to my entrance. I bucked, riding into the serendipity of penetrative relief. The pleasure masked the pain of the bunched panties' narrow leg holes restricting my movements, but the pain of the constriction added a newfound wave of pleasure. I couldn't focus on any one particular feeling or object, absorbed in the wet, slippery writhing against my ass and the increasing pressure of crushing lace against my cock. I bounced into it, relishing each slick thrust of his tongue. When had I become precisely this exuberant about depriving myself of my dignity? When had I let myself slip into an inescapable void of unparalleled joy at the expense of my rational thought and lack of decency? It didn't matter. I didn't need anything now except the spittle and suction forcing its way into my degenerate, festering, squirming body.

Todomatsu began to jostle beneath me. Was I cutting off his air supply? It seemed that way, from his progressively less active motions and the way he slapped at my ass crushing into his face. A fire ignited and burned deep inside me, swirling and empowering me with newfound vigor. It was my turn to take the lead and I'd be damned if my dirty, grimy fingers wouldn't clutch this opportunity to expound on my every desire to turn the tables and exact my vengeance on both Todomatsu and these horrible panties for daring to tease and tantalize me with their wiles.

"Spank me," I demanded, low and gruff.

His legs kicked frivolously behind me. I sneered, waiting for him to obey. I lowered myself impossibly further, physically and morally. Every feature of his face imprinted deeply into the crevice of my plump ass. A weak hand raised and smacked me feebly. I gyrated, ensuring any possible chance of retreating was made an impossibility.

"Harder," I growled.

He thrashed, desperate and frantic. He struck me again with greater force. My entire body moved with the pulsation of the slap. I jiggled on top of him, hating the way my upper torso swayed on its own but loving how his hatred of this was exponentially greater than my own. Then he did it again, and again. Both hands clawed at the mounds of my flesh sitting on his face. I ground into him viciously, savoring his nails piercing into me and his teeth grazing my hole. In a tactical move of mercy, I arched my back and lifted my heaving body off his face. He gasped, high pitched and desperate for oxygen. I rearranged the sweat and saliva soaked panties back to a more sensible position over my ass and reeled backwards, now hovering above his lower torso. He choked, swallowing as much air as possible. Slobber and my own fluids stained his once sweet face, now red and splotched from the heft of my weight and a lack of oxygen intact. His eyes were blood shot and weeping freely. Hands available now, he began wiping his face off on the sleeves of his hoodie. With such a glorious distraction at hand, I'd be incredibly stupid not to strike at the opportunity. I was putrid, vile, and deplorable in every given facet of life, but stupidity was a factor that nary crossed the list of my shortcomings. I thusly dropped the entirety of my weight onto him, nearly knocking the wind out of him. He buckled under the force of my size and groaned, face scrunched up and in pain.

I relished in his anguish. He spluttered yet still I gave him no room for composure and rolled my hips into him. His dick felt soft under my ass and through the fabric, but that could hardly be helped. I dug myself into his tender body, pushing aggressively with my dead weight. He yelped, throwing an arm over his face. My cock ached watching him struggle, wiggling and clenching on him as his bit his lower lip.

"Don't...!" Todomatsu whined from behind his teeth.

Naturally I disobeyed and planted myself firmly into his dick.

"Don't do this?"

I couldn't restrain myself from tormenting him a little. I was sure I wasn't hurting him, and I violated him no more than he'd subjected me to earlier. I rolled again, smearing the saliva from my ass onto his groin. The pulse in my groin was prominent and burning. By now I was aching for relief. My compulsion to bring him into my world of suffering bubbled inside my gut. It felt only fair.

"No, I have to-to..." he trailed off, breathless and spluttering.

I squinted, failing to understand whatever he was trying to convey. I moved up and sat flatly on his stomach in a lazy yet cruel act of dominance.

"No, that's worse, I-" Todomatsu's face contorted painfully and then relaxed in strained relief as the pressure literally got to him.

Understanding flashed through my mind as wet heat pooled around my hips. The corners of my mouth pulled into a frown but I held my place on top of him. Saturated fabric chafed at the bare parts of my ass as the sopping pool grew between our bodies. His face twisted in humiliation and stained a harsh shade of blazing red. The piss sloshed against me, steaming hot and spreading rapidly. I cringed, yet I pressed into it. We sat together in a warm puddle of mutual degradation, smearing the fluids easily into the folds of fabric and flesh. Little Totty looked on the verge of tears, embarrassed beyond words from his accident. A grown man, struck down from his pedestal and reduced to a sorry heap of a person. His former self had withered and he was left to cry under the weight of his shameful brother and the weight of his shameful bladder. As for myself? I had no plausible ability to revel in his current misfortune. I'd been the one roped into this mess and allowed the heinous scene to unfold. It was infinitely more abysmal on my end, sitting atop my own brother in his once beautiful panties, befouled with not only my malodorous body but the slick drippings from my odious cock while swimming in now cooling piss that wasn't even my own. There were few levels of abject hell I could possibly slink further into. And yet...

Todomatsu turned his head away, unable to own his feelings and face me. I growled, low and guttural, and pulled myself up to his chest. I made sure to slide brutally slowly, dragging my saturated body along his and ensuring the piss stained all along his clothes and skin. He trembled as I approached, no longer able to withhold his whimpering.

"You pissed on me," I stated as a matter of fact.

He cringed and whined. I felt dizzy with arousal from salting the wounds in his fleeting pride. I crushed his rib cage with my weight. I waited for him to defend himself, to apologize, to reply in any fashion other than laying in a pathetic and despicable heap, even though I knew he wouldn't. I sat just low enough on his abdomen to pull him to sit up halfway in a position similar to doing a crunch. Not that I'd done crunches in well over a decade.

"Get this piss soaked thing off," I tugged at his hoodie and he let me undress him, sniveling the whole while.

Before I allowed him back down, I was struck with an idea. Though I had very little experience in the area of sitting up repeatedly, I was well versed in the art of being tied up repeatedly. Necessity breeds invention, and so before considering anything else I slung the wet hoodie around him and tied its arms in a quick knot to rest on his chest. Todomatsu was reasonably startled, but too embarrassed and frightened to retaliate much. I pushed him onto his back. It was clear that a flimsy cotton hoodie wrapped once around him could only provide a small amount of restraint, so I pinned his arms with the thick, heavy force of my thighs. It was about damn time these awful trunks found a decent use, even if it was for the sake of abject indecency. I sat on top of the flimsy knot, rutting my hole against the gently abrasive fabric. I squeezed him, looming over his face and crushing his chest.

"Wh...what are you doing?" Todomatsu squeaked, the worry deliciously apparent in his voice.

"You're going to apologize to me," I kept my voice free of emotion, showing neither my arousal nor cruelty nor satisfaction. "Isn't that fair?"

He nodded feebly, glancing between my cock and my stoney expression. He licked his dried lips in anxious anticipation, inadvertently telling me he fully understood precisely where I aimed to take this. My erection had waned a bit but I was still hard. I was still desperate and seeking gratification. I was determined to bring Totty down with me for all he'd done to me, and more importantly the way he lay degraded and sinful and ashamed was a powerful aphrodisiac. I rolled the defiled panties' waistband lower until my cock flopped out, bouncing heavy and thick on his chin. Face flushed with watering eyes, Todomatsu willingly submitted to me. The sight alone of his parched lips spreading and inviting me into the wetness of his mouth was enough to get my blood pumping again, pooling in my cock and fueling my rebirthing arousal. Even though it was likely unnecessary, I kept myself going with a few furtive pumps. My head lolled and I let the vile thoughts warp my sensibilities, or what little remained. A sharp hiss escaped my teeth, finding the relief of finally touching my dick overwhelming. I managed to position myself at the entrance of his mouth, running my head back and forth along the fullness of his lower lip.

"Are you sorry?" I crooned in a tone I normally wouldn't take, but this was in the name of condescension.

He shivered and nodded. He looked up to me with round eyes seeking approval and slowly lapped at the tip of my prick as if he was sampling the flavor. I decided I had little time for his cautiousness.

"Good," I hissed, gripping the sides of his head and forcing my way into the chasm of his mouth. "You're going to be."

Instantaneously he choked on my length. I expected it and as such it wasn't enough for me to cease ministrations. He spluttered and struggled to quickly adjust to my girth. His swirling tongue came in erratic darts over my shaft. I hardly realized my eyes had scrunched shut in the throes of thrusting into his heated mouth. I pulled in and out, forcing myself with vigor until the beads of sweat ran down my overheating back and mingled with the pooled fluids along my ass and lingerie. Stamina wearing quickly from being grotesquely out of shape, I slowed myself though I had no intentions of this becoming merciful. I pressed my dripping body forward, sheathing my cock entirely until my balls rested on his chin and my tip graced along the velveteen heat of the back of his throat. Saliva ran freely from his mouth, trickling down his chin and along my exposed flesh. Todomatsu undulated his tongue, both trying to accommodate and please me. His uvula tickled my foreskin, brushing back and forth as I wobbled above him and further engorged inside him. How easy it would be to steady myself and with one hand, pinch his nose shut to have him choke and gag on my dick. The horrible thought was immensely tempting, but there's more than one way to skin a cat. Instead I opted to thread my fingers into the silky strands of his hair and grip hard, gyrating into the back of his throat. The smooth skin and viscous fluids of his mouth drenched and surrounded my throbbing dick. It was all I could bear not to rip into him, pounding his face until I reached my limit, not to mention his. My toes began to curl at the mere notion.

Oh, the hell with this. Wanton desire outweighed coherent rationale at this point. My entire form keened into his stretched mouth, slipping in and out of cognizance, fueled by my burning flesh and the fire of my growing need to release. Little in the realm of humane thoughts stood capable of preventing me from utterly succumbing to my twisted desire of gagging him on the trembling force of my swollen cock. And so I fucked him viciously, savoring the feeling of his saliva pooling and dripping around me, mixing lavishly with the slick, salty precum leaking freely from my tip and sliding down his throat. The tears ran down his cheeks and he thrashed below me, yet he managed to remain simultaneously limp. His resistance was nearer to involuntary reaction than objection of the act. There was no question about it in the way he still managed to regard me with doe-like eyes in a sincerely demure expression. For every ounce of his body's natural response to resist, this sick fuck was enjoying his punishment. I thrust harder, empowered on the way I was destroying his tender throat.

The groans slipped from my open mouth freely now, engulfed in wave after wave of nauseating pleasure. I huffed and blinked past the sweat running into my hooded eyes. His jaw tensed. I was pushing him to his capacity. Teeth dragged sharply along my shaft as he began openly choking on the severity of my forcible penetration. But I was so close, there was no chance of retracting now. He bit down harder, gurgling around me. The pain was intense and intoxicating. Now I whined, the sting in my dick serving only to send tremors of ecstasy throughout my rippling body. Todomatsu abruptly lurched, completely losing control to the whims of his trembling and abused body. Aqueous fluid choked him further as putrid bile leaked from his mouth and nostrils. He spluttered, spraying flecks on his stomach acid to his cheeks. A grotesque mixture of stringy precum, saliva, and vomit enveloped my dick. I knew I had to pull out for his sake, as well as my creeping orgasm.

I was desperate for release and there was no resolve left in my aching, straining body to resist its call. I'd deal with the consequences once the benevolence of orgasm conquered me. Todomatsu flopped uselessly onto his back upon relinquishing him from my grasp, trails of fluid coating his chin and cheeks as he spluttered. I leaned back, allowing him to feebly squirm from the loosened knot tied in the arms of his irrevocably soiled hoodie. In his distraction, I gripped my slimy dick. My finish was painfully close. The unsavory concoction of warm vomit and thick saliva proved to be an acceptable makeshift replacement for proper lubricant. I had little necessity for decorum now. My balls clenched hard within the confines of the battered panties, and I slipped up and down my shaft in a feverish need to relieve myself from this hell. The sweat from my palms mingled in, slicking me impossibly further to make working myself that much more challenging. My poor technique had no sway over the voltage of the orgasm that gripped me, clenching deep within and surging voraciously throughout every vessel of my panting form. I spurted freely with little regard for my spunk's destination as I bucked into my grip, writhing under the absolute force of intense release. I was only vaguely aware of leaking myself on Todomatsu's quivering body, staining his hoodie and dripping on the sliver of exposed flesh under his rumpled shirt.

Silence filled the room, save for the gasps we both heaved to desperately calm our shaking. The ringing in my ears was absolutely deafening and I suffered from dizzying, disorienting vertigo. Despite my incessant quaking, I pulled myself upright to stand and peeled the used and soiled panties from my spent genitals. I paid only a moment's notice to the deep red lacerations in my flesh from the prolonged wear of a garment which never belonged on the likes of my repugnant body. I tossed them unceremoniously to his withered form.

"Give me your phone," I demanded, though my voice shook and lacked its intended venom.

Wearily, Todomatsu lifted his cell phone to pass it to me. With the way his enfeebled arm trembled, anyone would guess he was handing me a hefty barbell rather than a meager electronic. I snatched it and fumbled before opening the desired application and aimed it above him. I clicked the button a few times, filling the air with numerous clicks of the shutter as I snapped a few rounds of humiliating pictures to capture his shame. Carelessly, I dropped the cell phone to his chest and elicited an unappreciative grunt upon impact.

Before waiting for a response, I turned on my heel and began towards the door on buzzing limbs. I was too exhausted to bother about the fact that my lower body was entirely naked and on display. I'd hardly reached the door handle when he called to me.

"Hey...! Where are you going?"

I smirked, letting the degenerate sneer pull high on my lips as I regarded him.

"To buy some new panties."