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An Autumn Break, and An Autumn Heat

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Mabel was fast asleep already laying in her bed, her arm hanging off the edge as she faced the wall. Dipper and Bill were snuggled on the floor together with several pillows and blankets. After Dipper had caught up to Mabel and sorted things out the two had come back into the house and the girl wasted no time in getting to know the cervitaur, and quickly invited him to spend the night. Not like Dipper had no complaints and Bill happily accepted. Granted the two were the only ones who knew about him being there, and the only two in general that knew about him outside of the forest. It was a little past 1AM when Bill woke up, whining quietly to himself knowing already why he was awake. Huffing he flickered his ears, Dipper was snuggled up to him and happily dozing off. Bill had to make the debate on whether he wished to wake him up or not, at first he had decided to just ignore it all and go back to sleep. But that idea was quickly shot out of the water after laying around for nearly twenty minutes.

His ears laid back flat as he whispered, nudging the human, “Pine Tree…?”

Dipper hummed but didn’t really wake up.

“Come on…” Bill whined quietly, moving him more so and whispering, “Pine Tree, Pine Tee…!” He placed a sweet kiss to his human’s forehead, “Dipper, please wake up…”

Dipper shifted, rubbing his eyes as he pushed the other a way a bit, “Bill… What did you, why did you wake me up…”

Bill had a helpless expression on his face, ears still dropped back. He sat up with his legs bent beneath himself as he toyed with his fingers, “Umm, I have… A problem…”

“Can it wait until morning?” he shook his head shyly, and Dipper sighed, “What is it?”

Bill didn’t really know how to exactly say it, but swallowed his pride and spoke it bluntly, as quietly as he could, “I’m horny, okay…”

“Still?” Dipper had to do his best not to allow his voice to rise too loud, Jesus fucking Christ. Really? He and Bill had sex not even 12 hours ago, and it wasn’t even just one time either.

The buck huffed and propped himself up with his front legs, folding his arms over his chest, “It’s not my fault I’m in heat, and it’s not my fault you decided to come here during it, and it’s not myfault I’m in this situation, it’s not my fault I’m spending the n-“

Bill stopped when he say Dipper stand up, mumbling something to himself as he took hold of one of the buck’s antlers and pulling him to follow. Bill was pulled out of the room and quietly but hastily down the hallway until he was shoved into the bathroom. Dipper flicked on the lights and locked the door, Bill looked down at him but before he could question the smaller man was speaking.

“Look, okay, we’ll do this once, just once and then we’re going back to bed,” Dipper whispered as he walked over to the bathtub, moving the curtain out of the way, “Just be quiet… Lay in the tub…”

Bill was confused but did as he was told, awkwardly fumbling to lay on his back in the tub, his upper body leaning against the slanted wall angle as he waited for what the human was going to do, watching with wide eyes that reminded Dipper of a doe. He snorted. Crawling into the tub with him he sat as best he could on top of him, straddling him awkwardly but oddly comfortably. He we seated on his lower ribs just below his front legs, the cevitaur moved to lazily hook them over Dipper’s own legs. Dipper bit his lip a bit, coyly walking his fingers up the front of the man’s button up until he reached the top button. Looking up at him to see that he was quite intent on watching what his fingers were doing. He began to slowly unbutton the shirt, one by on until he reached the last button. Both not saying a word to each other but instead watched Dipper trail his fingers from the base of the junction point, where the short fur started (or ended?) and moving upwards along the prominent trail all the way to the other’s navel. Dipper’s eyes flickered up again and pulled his hand away, getting Bill to look at him. He lifted his chin up and leaned forwards, wrapping his arms around the human’s torso and pulling him close for a kiss.

Dipper arched into him and the kiss, sliding up his chest before wrapping his arms around his neck. He could feel how warm the other already was even through his clothing, debating if he should take his own off before he felt an equally warm tongue prod at his lips. He swallowed before parting his lips just enough, whining more at the entire feeling of having the man’s tongue in his mouth than anything else. It was a peculiar feeling, and an even more peculiar taste. Something he couldn’t place- something that reminded him of the forest, mystery, and something more. Something that was entirely Bill, something he loved and craved more than he cared to realize. Wondering if he himself had a distinct taste, and how Bill felt about it. In short- The man loved it. Wanting to reach every inch that he could, never quite enough. Which was funny to himself, Bill was never a really kissing kind of guy until he met Pine Tree.

It was Dipper who pulled back from the kiss. Still no words were spoken as he looked at him with an almost shy look, as if they hadn’t done it before. Leaning back on his hands, one supporting his weight by holding onto the side of the bath, he reached behind himself to run his hand up and down the other’s lower half. Running over his stomach and never going too low, just enough to get a reaction. Bill whined quietly at such a mundane thing, his hind legs rearing closer to himself.

“Does it really feel good?” Dipper whispered, studying the other’s face, “I’m not even doing anything…”

Bill sighed contently, loosening his arms, “Yeah, it does. And you don’t even have to be doing really anything, its hormones and junk. Even your scent is a turn on for me right now…”

He didn’t know how to respond to that comment, instead he sat back further on the other, bringing his hand that was running up and down his stomach to grab onto one of his hands and guide him to slip it underneath his shirt, “You… Know, you can touch me… Right?”

Bill looked at him, a smile coming onto his face as his ears flicker. He moved his hand shortly up his human’s side before bringing both hands to his torso, “You know, you’re really cute.”

He smiled at those words and he didn’t know why. Bringing his hand back behind himself to run soft touches to the cervitaur’s stomach. When he felt Bill’s hands wander more and more up his torso to his chest, pinching none-too-lightly to one of his nipples he let out a sudden squeak, still trying to keep some sense of hush between them. His face flushed as Bill leaned closer to him, looking up at him as he ducked his chin down.

“Hey,” the man laughed a bit, “Did that feel good?”

Dipper didn’t answer him, balling his fingers into the other’s fur as best he could. He squeezed his eyes shut when he felt the other soothingly roll his thumb over the sensitive flesh, just as he was enjoying the gentle motions the other decided to once more roughly pinch and this time tug at his nipple, receiving a low huffed sigh.

“Haha~!” Bill smiled widely, “Oh Sapling, who knew~, you liked a little pain~.”

“This,” He gritted his teeth when the other didn’t stop his hand, bringing his other to do the same to the other side with a smile, “Is-n’t, about me…!”

Dipper moved his hand back more, fingertips brushing along his sensitive underside with a wide smile when he caught him sighing heavily at the touch. The human liked his lips as he coaxed the other, blindly running his hand up and down along his shaft. He felt a sense of pride over himself, watching the way the buck’s ears would flicker straight up before back down, his tail was probably twitching. He couldn’t help but snort at the thought, one of these days he’d have to see if he could get him wagging like a dog or something. His high however was short lived, caught up with his own thoughts he didn’t realize Bill had moved his hands down lower, slipping beneath the front waistband of his boxers and joggers, unsure fingers wrapping along his forming arousal so mimic the actions of his human. Dipper’s hand faltered a bit as he focused on the other’s hand movements. He sat up on his knees trying to get more room for Bill to work with before he sighed heavily. He shifted awkwardly as he wiggled out of his pants, leaning against Bill’s chest as he did so, his boxers following and being tossed carelessly to the floor somewhere. Instead of sitting back down on the other he stayed on his knees and braced himself with his hands placed firmly on his partner’s shoulders, allowing him to do as he wished for now. Oddly enough, the other’s unsure movements, the naïve touches and glances to make sure he was doing everything alright added charm and even turned him on more.

He had closed his eyes, taking to breathing through parted lips when he heard the man speak quietly, “So, do I use my fingers again like before…?”

“Mhm,” Bill looked up at him as he spoke, “Y-eah, okay, yeah, sure, we just did it earlier, you should be fine with just, spit, suck on your fingers okay?”

Bill gave him a curious look but sucked on three of his fingers nonetheless, after doing so he brought his hand back and easily pushed a finger inside of his human, humming to himself as he removed his hand from around his cock to hold onto his hip. Dipper whined but couldn’t complain too much when he felt the other wriggle his finger around to search for that odd bundle of nerves. When he did rub his finger against his Dipper pushed his hips back and breathed a whine, worrying his bottom lip. Bill leaned forwards as he decided to instead of wasting time to just add a second finger, kissing his human’s chest as he did so. Bill caught on quickly it seemed like, scissoring his fingers and then curling them against his sweet spot before pulling back only to push them back in, Dipper rolling his hips back without much though, placing sweet kisses and nips to wherever he could reach at his human’s chest. Soon after he added the third finger Dipper was pushing on his shoulders.

“O-kay, okay,” Dipper whispered, Bill pulled his hands away completely and waited for what the man was going to do next. Dipper wasn’t entirely sure how this would work truthfully, but he was willing to give it a try. Besides, if all else fails- he could just lean over the counter or the side of the bathtub.

He sat back until he was straddling his lower hips, Bill’s hind legs didn’t really hook around him like his front two did. But instead rested barely over his thighs, feeling his knees every now and again along the backs of his legs. He brought his hand back to grab the buck’s length, guiding him and himself just enough till he could bring both his hands back to rest against Bill’s abdomen and push himself back. Dipper was staring at his chest unfocused, and Bill took notice of it.

“Are you okay?”

Dipper’s eyes rose to meet the others, nodding a bit, “Yeah, yeah I’m fine. It’s just… Weird.”

“Good weird, or bad weird?”

“I don’t know kind of weird,” Dipper closed his eyes as he pushed himself down onto more of the other’s cock, “Definitely not a bad weird… A weird that I can get used to.”

He dug his fingertips into his stomach. He felt a lot fuller than before, it was perplexing to him as he wasn’t even fully in his lap yet. He moaned quietly. Bill was toying with his fingers again as he watched him, chewing his lip ever so slightly before he brought his hand up to pet at the brunette’s hair. His eyes fluttered open and looked up through his lashes to the other, who was giving him a small comforting smile. He breathed through his nose and pushed himself back completely on the other’s cock. When Bill felt him with his weight fully on him he dropped his hand down to cup his jaw, leaning forwards and pulling him closer a bit to place a kiss to his lips. Dipper’s fingers entwined with short fur as he leaned into the kiss, humming as he parted his lips for the man’s curious tongue. He was focused enough into the kiss that he pulled himself up a bit more without thinking, his body working on its own to push him back. Bill was the one who pulled back and broke the kiss, quickly flicking his tongue over his human’s lips before he was completely leaning back against the wall.

Dipper sat back completely again, experimentally rolling his hips to get the feel of the position; they hadn’t yet tried it this way truthfully. He let out a soft sigh as he closed his eyes again, gaining a little bit of confidence to pull himself up more and push himself back, the action made both of them sigh. Bill’s hind legs kicked slightly and caught Dipper’s attention, opening his eyes to look from the legs to Bill with a blank expression, though it wasn’t fully blank with a red hue drenching his face. He pulled his hands away from where he was bracing himself on his stomach and grabbed the cervitaur’s hind legs, pushing down on them and in turn pulling himself up before dropping himself down. It worked how he planned it to, or rather hoped it to. Keeping the buck from accidentally kicking him and help pull him up to ride him. The more comfortable he got the more he’d pull himself up, moaning quietly as he’d drop himself harder onto the other man’s cock. He watched with a lust filled gaze as Bill toyed with his own fingers, unsure what to do exactly, swallowing back his own whines as his ears laid flat, his face flushed.

Dipper let go of one of the other’s hind legs, reaching for a hand and grabbing to guide him, whispering heavily, “B-ill~… Tou-ch me, please, please…”

He opened his eyes, not even realizing that he had closed them to meet the needy expression of his human. Though he was learning quickly he enjoyed the comfort and the feeling of Dipper’s hand on top of his, guiding him along to shaft in a few slow pumps until he pulled away, allowing the man beneath him to pick up the rhythm as he’d focus on slamming his hips down. Before Dipper brought his hand back to help support himself, he moved to bite at his shirt to help stifle the whines that seemed to echo loudly through the small space- he prayed halfheartedly in the back of his mind that nobody would wake up, either because of them or to find them like this. But in a sense he didn’t care. He cared about himself at the moment, doing his best to bounce in the buck’s lap. And at the same time he cared about Bill, not allowing himself to forget that entire reason why he was doing this in the first place. He was doing this for Bill, doing this to get him off, doing this to help him, and doing this because he loved him.

With a particularly hard downward grind of his hips he choked on a moan, the man’s cock hitting his sweet spot and sending a wave of pleasure up his spine that had his shuddering a bit in his lap. Bill’s ears perked up at the sound and looked up at him from his focus on what his hand was doing along his human’s own arousal. He smiled at the flustered concentrated look on his face. Bill picked up his pace along the other’s cock, twisting his hand around his shaft before curiously and teasingly thumbing the leaking tip. Dipper keened, his hand gripping tighter around the other’s hind ankle, his other hand digging into his stomach as he tried to both push back on his cock and thrust his hips forwards into his hand. Bill noticed. Deciding to pump his hand down to the base when Dipper would pull himself up, pulling his hand back to the tip when he’d push his hips back down.

He cocked his head, watching the way his body would twitch slightly, whispering adoringly, “You know… It’s a shame I can’t hear those cute noises like before…”

Dipper flushed even more at the comment, huffing embarrassed before he ground his hips down harder and tightening around the other to get him to be quiet, speaking through his teeth that dug into the fabric of his shirt, “Sh-ut, keep, qui-et…”

Bill couldn’t complain, sighing a quiet moan as he smiled, bringing his free hand up to dig his fingertips into the other’s hip, “Ke-ep, doin’ that, ye-eaahh~, shit, I’m go-nna cum… Come on~…”

He didn’t reply, knowing that the burning heat in his stomach meant that he was also extremely close to his own orgasm, decided to flick his hair back out of his face he closed his eyes again and focused on the task at hand. He moaned to himself, toes curling slightly every time he’d drop done on the buck’s cock that rubbed against his sweet spot. The sloppy unskilled hand around his cock, granted he was getting better though, was making it easily too much.

He arched his back, dropping his spit soaked shirt from his mouth as he whispered the man’s name repeatedly as he came, his hips grounding less paced but harsher downwards in short rolls, cumming in the other’s hand and onto his torso. Bill pleaded him encouragement that fueled him to continue shifting his hips, “Come on, ye-eah, ple-ase, don’t stop for me, pleaseplease~, Dip-p-err~!”

They both whined, Dipper more of a quiet sharp gasp as Bill’s was more of a low moan when the cervitaur came not far after his human, cumming deep inside of him with an awkward upward jut of his hips. Dipper shuddered at the warm feeling but didn’t climb off of him, not yet.

Bill grabbed his wrist tightly and pulled him to fall into his chest before wrapping his arms around him, he rested his lips against the top of his head but didn’t speak. After a few minutes Dipper spoke, not moving as he did so, “You feel better?”

“So much better,” He tightened his arms and nuzzled into the brunette’s hair, “I wanna do it again…”

“No!” Dipper hissed at his request and got a laugh, “No, not again, I said once. And we did, now let’s go back to bed before Mabel wakes up, or anyone else for that matter…”

Bill huffed but didn’t argue, snuggling him, “I love you…”

“I love you too,” he buried his head into his chest a bit before speaking against his warm skin, “I’ll clean you up and we’ll go back to bed.”