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Sorry I'm not sorry

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“Where the hell did they go !” Octavia complained, raising her arms in the air in discouragement.

“Dunno. But I hope they’re not too far because my leg is hurting as fuck.” Raven echoed Octavia’s bad mood and sighed, tapping her knee like an old lady.

“And… Why are we looking for them at this hour of the night again ?”

“Because Abby wants to make sure Lexa doesn’t have HIV ?” Octavia answered shrugging “How could I possibly know what our crazy over-protective moma Griff wants from them ?”

“Wait you didn’t ask !?”

“Of course not ! She was making her ‘don’t mess with me’ eyes ! And you know more than anyone else that when the Griff order, the Griff obtains”

A shiver ran down Raven’s spine as memories of Clarke’s mother fixing her leg using questionable methods flashed into her mind “Indeed…”

They walked in the dark woods for another ten minutes before Raven complained again “No but seriously, that couldn’t wait until tom-“ the girl’s last word caught in her throat when Octavia pulled her down violently behind the nearest bush “AOUCH ! What the F-“ but the other brunette silenced her with a hand on her mouth.

“Shhhhh !”

“MhmhfMnf !?” Raven mumbled silently against Octavia’s palm and the girl rolled her eyes, pointing to the clearing. It took a moment for Raven to identify the two sitting silhouettes but eventually when she did she pushed her friend’s hand from her face and said “We found them. Good. Now let’s bring them back to Abby and go to bed” Raven was starting to stand when Octavia pulled her down again “Ouch again what !?”

“Hush and listen to me. Look at them.” Raven adjusted herself behind (or, at this point, in) the bush, spreading the leaves enough to have a clear view. The two girls were sitting on the clearing’s ground, head turned to the sky, probably contemplating the stars. The girl turned to her friend with a frown “So what ?”

With a mischievous smile, Octavia started to sing “I can se what’s happening…”

“What !?”

“And they don’t have a clue !”

“Who ?”

“They fell in love and here’s the bottom line”

Raven was starting to question her friend’s mental health when she finally recognized the lyrics “Oh…” Octavia smirked and Raven face palmed “Oh no O, we’re not doing this…”

But Octavia continued “Let’s have a little fun !”

Raven raised an eyebrow, not seeing what her friend found funny in sitting in a bush, singing old children songs while looking at their friend painfully flirting using the oldest trick in the universe: stargazing. But under Octavia’s insistent, way too enthusiastic look, Raven rolled her eyes and complied,, wanting to be over with this as soon as possible “The sweet caress of twilight, There’s magic everywhere.”

Octavia clapped in her hands in joy, reminding Raven of the black, big, long, leg deprived, cute sausage-looking animals from the old world she had seen in documentaries on the ark “And with all this romantic atmosphere, disaster’s in the air !”

Clarke raised a hand to point something in the sky and playfully nudged Lexa in the ribs, earning a silent chuckle.

Octavia grinned and Raven smiled, knowing she had lost this fight she followed her friend by chanting “Can you feel the love tonight, the peace the evening brings”

The two brunettes almost burst out laughing at the accuracy of the lyrics when they finally noticed the grey ball of fur on Lexa’s lap, probably some kind of animal. “The world for once, in perfect harmony with all its living things !” They had to put their hands on their mouths and wait for a few minutes to recover from their repressed laugh.

After a while Raven said “Look at Lexa, offering our girl her best heart eyes” Indeed, Lexa’s gaze was focused on the girl while the blonde was still talking about the sky and the stars and who knows what else, a small goofy smile tugging at her lips but tainted by some unsaid things and Octavia couldn’t help but chuckle when her voice dropped an octave to sing over dramatically “So many things to tell her, but how to make her see…” Lexa’s smile dropped slightly and the apprentice dubbing actress pursued “The truth about my past-“ Lexa’s eyes fell on the ground “Impossible !” then back on the girl, expressing all the affection they could again and Octavia would lie if she said her heart didn’t swell a at least a little at this “She’d turn away from me…”

Raven waited for Clarke to stop talking and finally look at the sad looking girl next to her to start singing her part “She’s holding back, she’s hiding” Clarke took a pained expression and Raven added “The worse is I know why…” Why she had she decided to change the lyrics, Raven didn’t know but somehow it felt more right and as Clarke’s expression was becoming darker she sang “Why can’t they see he girl I know she is, the girl I see inside…”

Octavia’s smile too had dropped. She and Raven knew more than anyone else what Clarke thought about the Commander, that she wasn’t as tough as she seemed and that the blonde’s dearest wish was for the world to recognize Lexa for the beautiful person she was and not just the fierce leader they all knew. Well the two brunettes were still frightened by Lexa though.

But something interesting happened, Clarke leaned closer to Lexa and whispered something. The brunette laughed lightly and the two girls behind the bush smiled at each other and started to sing together “Can you feel the love tonight, no need to look too far” both girls looked at each other with a knowing smile “Stealing through the night’s uncertainties, love is where they are” They chuckled, before looking back to the clearing to find the best moments to finish the song but… the two silhouettes had disappeared.

They looked everywhere until they heard a familiar voice sing “If you were doing, what I know you were…”

Raven and Octavia stilled then turned back to look up to the two girls they had been looking for. Clarke, raising an eyebrow, continued “Then it can be assumed…”

The blonde turned to Lexa and Clarke’s two friends felt their hearts stopped in her chest as the Commander crossed her arms on her chest before singing in a rather, surprisingly beautiful voice “I cannot let this affront unpunished.”

The two brunette gulped audibly, frozen in place, not knowing what to do, their eyes fixed on the angry Commander towering them. Clarke squat in front of her two friends and with a smirk she added “If I was you I’d run.”

Without another second of hesitation, Octavia and Raven ran away, first on all four then on their legs screaming “Sorry Commander but duty is calling us elsewhere, bye !”

Then Raven added “What about Abby !?”

“Screw it !”

Octavia shouted “We’re disappearing for the night !”

“Good plan !”


The two girls out of sight, Clarke stood and faced the Commander with a smile “That’s funny how of all the songs on earth, the one that managed to survive the apocalypse was this one.”

“That is because it was waiting for us to illustrate it” Lexa answered with a smug smirk and Clarke rolled her eyes .

“Don’t be too full of yourself Commander, or no ‘love tonight’” Clarke winked and Lexa chuckled lips curling at the implication.

“You seem playful. We should prank your loud friends more often” Lexa said, resting both of her hands on the blonde’s hips, pulling Clarke against her.

“Naaah, they wouldn’t survive it” the blonde slipped her arms around Lexa’s neck with a mischievous smile “And I don’t need them to put me in the mood to play with you Lexa.”

Lexa was about to kiss her favorite blonde (and more if Clarke’s dark eyes and the warmth between Lexa’s legs were any indication) when something tugged at her the leg of her pants. The brunette pulled back reluctantly and looked down. With a sigh, Lexa bent down to pick up the grey animal.

“But first, let’s bring this raccoon back to my mother. I fear she kills someone out of worry if we don’t.” Clarke said, stepping back.

“Why a raccoon ?”

Clarke smirked “Maybe it’s in our family’s genes…” Lexa frowned but the blonde cut her train of thoughts with a quick peck on her lips “Come on Commander or morning will catch us up and well, we don’t really want that, do we ?” she added, walking in the direction her friends had taken, before biting her lips, just to be sure her Commander would finally remember how to move her legs and rush home.

Lexa swallowed visibly before following Clarke’s lead with an almost timid “No we don’t.”